Lord Jamar Says White People Gravitate To White Artists "Doing Black Music"

Lord Jamar calls Miley Cyrus a "white Rihanna," says Miley's "whiteness will propel her even further than Rihanna."

In a recent interview with Vlad TV, Brand Nubian rapper Lord Jamar briefly circled back to the topics discussed in his September 2013 interview with the website. In his September interview, the New York lyricist declared that white rappers “are guests in the house of Hip Hop” and in his most recent interview with Vlad TV, the New York emcee stated that that comment also goes for Eminem.

In addition to labeling Eminem a guest in Hip Hop, Jamar shared his belief that white artists need a co-sign from a black person in order to be successful in black music. Among the artists Jamar says received a co-sign are the Beastie Boys, Justin Timberlake, and Eminem. He also suggested that Vanilla Ice’s lack of a co-sign is the reason why the rapper wasn’t successful.

“If this is not black music then how come every white artist needs a co-sign from a black person? Beastie Boys had the co-sign from Run DMC,” Jamar said. “Eminem had the co-sign from Dr. Dre. Vanilla Ice didn’t have a co-sign. That’s why he didn’t fuckin last. Macklemore, see I don’t know who his co-sign is. Now he might be an exception to the rule, but I don’t know who his co-sign is. But at the same time, black peoples not really fucking with Macklemore like that.”

Prior to sharing his thoughts on co-signs, Lord Jamar offered his opinion on Miley Cyrus and revealed that the singer is trying to be a “white Rihanna.” He also stated that since Miley is white she’ll likely be more successful than Rihanna.

“She’s doing historically what a lot of artists have done,” he said. “You know what I mean? The ones that go for the shock value. But she’s also trying to pull from black music. Like to me, she’s trying to be the white Rihanna. She’s just pushing a little further. I mean, listen to her music. Listen to the way it sounds. The way she’s singing. Like she’s trying to sound like Rihanna right now. Like let’s keep it real. She cut her hair short trying to look like Rihanna. You dig what I’m saying? But she knows that that whiteness will propel her even further than Rihanna. Because in a country where white people are the majority, that’s what they want to see.”

Detroit wordsmith Eminem was later brought up during Jamar’s conversation on white artists and black music and was subsequently labeled a “guest in the house of Hip Hop.”

“Just like in Eminem. We had a lot of people talking about ‘Is Eminem a guest in the house of Hip Hop?’ You’re mothafuckin right he is,” Jamar said. “Just cause he sold the most records and all of that like…I fucks with Eminem, you know, as a lyricist and all of that, but it’s like we are in America. Okay? Where the majority of the people are white. Now the majority of the people in the world are not white. But here in America they’re white. So, when you have a white artist doing black music, white people just gravitate to that crazily. You know what I mean? But sales doesn’t equate to greatness.”

Following Lord Jamar’s comments about white rappers in September of last year, he’s shared his thoughts on artists both black and white. Last month, he offered advice to Chicago rapper Chief Keef and in the same month he demanded an apology from Alabama emcee Yelawolf after he informed Jamar to “shut the fuck up” during an interview with Vlad TV.

“I’m gonna give you a chance to publicly apologize,” he said. “And if you can do that I’ll leave you alone. If you don’t, if I ever see you it’s on on sight. I don’t have nothing to talk about. I’m running at you at a hundred miles an hour. On sight. That’s how I grew up. You know what I mean? So, that’s all I can say really. I’m not even emotional about it really. It’s nothing to me.”

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  • F

    Vanilla Ice almost had a co-sign -- Hammer -- but was called out on it by Arsenio Hall on his show in the 90s. Youtube it and watch.

  • CriticXtreme

    He's so right with this comment. Look at the last Grammy awards. This year will definitely be an invasion of white artists from the UK. Some of you folks give Eminem a ghetto pass but you miss verses like this from him and others: "I am the worst thing since Elvis Presley, to do Black Music so selfishly and use it to get myself wealthy (Hey) there's a concept that works...." Do many of you remember that Rock and Roll used to be a Black Music thing? Hip hop and other black creations are slowly being consumed by white artists and in a couple of years (or months), the world will only recognize hip hop as a white creation. Just like the white world has you thinking that the people of Kemet (egypt) were white which is a straight-up lie. Their take over is in full effect.

  • thurmond albert

    yo brothers at this mag. You need the words of the people where our music is born. It is out of social injustice and perceived opportunities that feelings create soul music. Hip Hop music is soul music to me. I am a 64year old black man and a Viet nam Era Veteran. People who make a living voicing their opinion about what the people want can not report accurately what they feel unless you give them an opportunity to be heard. We small people don't have money to get in front of the mic to say what we know and feel.Media reports on strife and use words that offend . Peacemaking words are sorely needed to stop dividing America. Black People need a spokes person to represent peace and promote understanding. We don't need diplomas to prove we are intelligent and everyone has feelings.That is why I try to chose my word wisely. How to mend the wounds that hurtful words have caused is easy. Stop using them. Stop expecting a rapper or musician or anyone who has isolated themselves from walking among the public because they aren't apart of the public

  • judi online

    I'm very fans to riri, she is beauty and good voice..

  • Anonymous


  • Meow Mix Please Deliver

    When did washed up Lord Bigot become the hip hop spokesman on race relations? The guy is obsessed with white people and homosexuality. Someone get Dr. Phil on line 1.

  • Al

    After seeing this dude comment on a variety of issues he cannot help but bring race into everything and cannot bring himself to adknowledge white people can take credit for anything.Lord Jamar how about thanking white people for inventing the sampler,without it would hip hop even exist?Oh and when whiteboys from Germany called Kraftwerk are sampled heavily in whats regarded as one of the early hip hop tracks in "planet rock" how can they be considered guests?,we're in the foundations of the house!

    • Anonymous

      stop talking about what black or white people did. These are individuals. We need to stop throwing myths around and nasty words. The color of John Lennons skin did not have anything to do with the love in his heart. I AM A BLACK MAN 64 years old. I don't care what you look like. I am interested in peace, love and helping the poor, I believe in humanity's love of life. Charity. Action. As a veteran of the US Army I learned how to get along and cooperate with all types of young people. As young innocent citizens of this country we were taught HOW to work together and saw the logic and good acquired when united in equality. America is getting in to a bad habit of saying words designed to cause division. I want to unite for peace and do it with words of wisdom


    With regards to the Miley thing, he is dead on. Miley has appropriated from different parts of hip hop/ratchet culture but she has borrowed HEAVILY from Rihanna. It has taken Rihanna 8 years to really cultivate her brand and her persona. Now I know Miley was a Disney puppet from childhood but the album before she turned into bootleg Rihanna flopped. Prior to the career changing VMA performance she was just a tabloid star seemingly looking like she has headed for a breakdown. As of now she was the most talked about celebrity of 2013. The impact of the new image (Bootleg Rihanna) coupled with controversial antics have set a precedence. Her being white is a major factor for why she has achieved so much in such a short time. In entertainment white is right.

  • f hhdx

    fuck hhdx staff you motherfucking cock suckers

  • guestPASS

    and miley wont be more successful than Rihanna, just because she white, I mean, I believe in privilege but, RiRi a livin legend who been putting in work that u cant finish overnight.

  • guestPASS

    as racist as I am, I have to disagree with u LORD JAMAR, don't marginalize hip-hop to something only black people can contribute to. (although we did create it).as far as hip hop goes white people need black people, and black people need white people, to keep hip hop alive and the MOST IMPORTANT GENRE OF MUSIC, as it is today.

  • Anonymous

    It doesn't matter if your white or black... Good music is GOOD music... Hip Hop is a form of art to express yourself as an artist and to get your message heard... It doesn't matter what race created it... Everything evolves and the only thing that matters is to keep hip hop alive and strong... By the way Jamar, have you ever heard of Def Jam... One of the biggest hip hop labels when hip hop was making it's breakthrough to wider audiences... It was founded by a black man AND a white man... Cut this guest shit out cuz you sir don't own hip hop... Nobody does... As long as hip hop stays as versatile as it is then it will remain one of the greatest forms of music... ALL different races that participate in the hip hop culture keep it versatile... Long Live Hip Hop!!!!!

  • Real nigga shit

    real nigga right here. He supports real niggas like gucci and chief sosa. He disrespects these wiggers like mgk and and yelawolf thats a real nigga straight up g.

  • Hilary Harris

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  • ola dioss

    Jamar is getting misquoted and the media are lapping it up. And this is coming from a Caucasian. And he's right, most white rappers which have come out have needed a co-sign in order to be successful (back in the day at least) that's a fact. Second of all he DID talk about blacks being guests in the NBA...so at least he is not quoting double standards. I don't agree with everything he says, but Brand Nubian are old legends of some sorts in Hip-Hop and I respect his opinion whether I agree with it or not.. People getting really butt-hurt I see. p.s Miley will never stay in the game long enough.

    • Anonymous

      Co signed, now you can be white rapper too lol. If he was lying nobody would pay it any attention. I mean Donald Trump be saying some crazy shit calling it facts and no one pays it any mind because it doesn't hold weight AND HE'S RICH! So why should anybody be butthurt if LJ is such a nobody then? But they are and the only thing they can say to dismiss it is that he's old or irrelevant, like that makes what he says less valid. I'm yet to read anybody really breaking down how he's wrong just catty remarks like hoes.

  • Thes1948

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  • Anonymous

    White men invented basketball but it's not considered a white sport. Chew on that one and stop being racist.

    • Anonymous

      "White men invented basketball but it's not considered a white sport." That is a greater point than you realize.

    • Anonymous

      White people invented picking cotton too and it wasn't considered a white occupation either. Swallow that and then count all black nba majority team owners (you can do it in one hand), so at the end of the day basketball is still white sport and blacks are just the help and product.



  • Underground78


  • Sam Snead

    Matter of fact, when is Brand Nubian ever going back on tour?? I think it is time to see how hard, jamar really is

  • Anonymous

    I bet his breath smells like weiners

  • Money First

    Brand Nubian will forever be classic but dude is really F'ing up the brand! He puts his foot in his mouth so some of his message that is true gets lost.

  • This Just In

    Lord Jamar wilding out and acting racist because he is broke and no one listens to Brand Nubian anymore. Enjoy your dark-skinned chickenhead hood-rats while Macklemore and Eminem rape your culture you jiggaboo motherfucker.

  • joja

    People are equal at the core...

  • Anonymous

    When people of color say whites aren't allowed, then it's reverse racism to them. But remember when caucasions thought the earth was flat? lol Greeks and Romans went to Africa to learn math and science. Then we taught you about spirituality and religion. They shitted when we showed them how to make fire.

    • BrownPowerRider

      Actually Brown Arab & Brown North Africa (Egyptians, Algerians, Moroccans, Libyans, Tunisians)people taught White People Math and Science not Black People. Common Black Africans were still slaves under the Rich Black Africans(Who sold out there own people) and Brown Arabs.

    • Anonymous

      Actually it's 2014

    • Anonymous

      who cares what happened thousands of years ago? The past is irrelevant except to learn from. It's 2013 , we're here now.

    • KVC

      There is no such thing as "reverse racism". It doesn't matter if it's black on white, white on black, purple on yellow, it's all racism. You don't have to make special phrases for racism against different people.

  • Anonymous

    Who co-signed Waka Flocka,T-Pain,Rick Ross,Meek Mill and all the other wack artists who just happen to be both black and wack as fuck !!!!


      What I am enjoying are these idiotic fanboys getting all up in their feelings about the TRUTH. Eminem was a struggling rapper, I think he may have gotten signed and then dropped prior to Dre connection. Once Dre got on-board and cosigned that is when his career took off. Em's handlers including Dre knew fully well that once the content, talent and all the manipulated controversies surrounding Em's persona were in place, the music buying public - The WHITE music buying public would fall into line. Just like Elvis clearly was not a superior talent compared to the black artists he stole from, the same can be said of Em. He is good but not great. Like Jamal said millions of records sold doesn't equate to greatness. In entertainment white is right.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ lol the labels??

  • MIC

    This fool Jamar is talkin' out of his ass. You don't hear anybody bitchin' and moanin' about Darius Rucker singing country. Black people can do white music, but its a big thing when white people do black music? Nah scratch that. There ain't no such THING as "White music" or "Black music". Music is universal. If you feel it in your soul, do it. Fuck what this fall off says. I cant count on all my fingers the number of WHITE MCs who have 100x more success than this Lord Jamar guy. Its ignorant to say that kind of shit. I don't understand why race always being brought up in hip-hop still. We are ALL equal in the sense of music. If you got the skill, the work ethic, and the love for hip-hop, then you good. Nothing wrong with white rappers at all unless they really pop off with some whack shit. The day a legitimate white MC starts referring to himself as a "Nigga", THEN you got something to worry about. Until then, Jamar just needs to step off. Us white rappers are not "guests" in this house of hip-hop. People of all races and ethnicitys should be welcome into it. For someone who's ancestors were segregated against, Jamar sure is seeming like a racial bigot. Im sure he's paid his dues, but that dont mean you can go off with some racist ass shit and then try to mark it as not so. It's very racist to say that white rappers don't have "the right as [he] feel[s] to voice [his] opinion". THATS ignorant.

    • Anonymous

      Can you count on any fingers currently successful BLACK country singers? Do you think the country music industry is welcoming black singers with open arms? Their version of Lord Jamar is probably in KKK and doing a good job.

    • R.Pgh

      I'd be willing to bet Darius Rucker received his fair share of racism in his early days. He didn't start singing country until after he was big, so it's not exactly the same comparison.

  • Anonymous

    Without people of color... the white race would not exist. Since 2pac is gone I guess the faggish community can rise to power without much opposition. Eminem is trash. A real MC like Ghostface would smash marshall. I also believe that Juicy J's camp ran a train on Miley Cyrus lol. ODB said an the Nigga Please album that white people was tryin' to take over this rap shit. From the Beastie boys to Iggy Azelia... they all try to act like they wear dark skin.

    • AaronCaine

      Sounds like your on his dick.. I guess in your eyes music should have boundaries? Maybe only boundaries for the mexicans, and the blacks. How would i look if i said and ment that shit? Seems thats this guy sees a boundary for only the whites in music. To me thats straight racist. This is not ok, why are you quoting this guy. This guy might of wrote some cool lyrics in the past and in his time did his thing, but is obiviously ignorant. This man is shitting on any black man that fought for equality.

  • IMhO

    I havnt been to this site in a few weeksbec of shit articles trying to stir shit up like this..i decide to give a break and come back and whats the 1st article in my face?? another lord jamar article ...and this is the last time ill be back again.. I found better hiphop sites don't throw up race shit just bec itll get a click.

  • this

    is why my grandparets don't use social media..they are to out of touch with the changes and progression in life they shouldn't have a valid opinion..let alone a 2nd rate bullshit website has to publish 2 get a lick.

  • 8oo8ie-doo

    The LGBT liberals were Macklemore's co-sign. Hip-Hop is not a "Black" Culture, it's a Caucasoid brand. For honest brothas like Lord Jamar(PBUH) of course you all are gonna scrutinize him. Its only because the Liberal agenda of so-called "Hip-Hop" has desensitized us from the abnormal and now not only melanated people, but caucasoids and people all over the world no longer have a proper grid to put things in it's perspective. we also lost our spines in favor of "Equality"...we're not "Equal" as we know it. We are an unequal people MADE equally.

  • Anonymous

    He's a butt lover

  • Anonymous

    Damn, his gay levels are reaching pretty close to Drake right about now

  • Anonymous

    This dude's a fucking clown, I hear he reads these little comment sections too. Your an ass clown man, no one gives a fuck what you think about anything.

  • Anonymous

    LMAO, he's actually gay, I wonder if DX will run that story too

  • AaronCaine

    Should music have boundaries? Maybe only boundaries for the mexicans, and the blacks. How would i look if i said and ment that shit? Seems thats this guy sees a boundary for only the whites in music. To me thats straight racist. This is not ok, why are you quoting this guy. This guy might of wrote some cool lyrics in the past and in his time did his thing, but is obiviously ignorant. This man is shitting on any black man that fought for equality.

  • Make1

    Seriously HipHopDX, stop giving this guy exposure. I'm about to stop giving traffic to this site if you all continue to play into his game.

    • Anonymous

      I agree but we all keep posting & they are eating it up, I really wish there was a decent hip hop site, this one is all Lord Jamar, Mayne, Drake, Miley & Beyonce



  • Anonymous

    Hahahaha, just heard on the radio that Lord Jamar is homosexual, his "lover" has a sex tape & texts. Hopefully he will go somewhere & did now

  • Anonymous

    If you are dark skinned and say nigga on every track do you not know you are disrespecting your ancestors now he has the nerve to say white people don't belong in hip-hop fuck you you ain't hip-hop you don't speak for the genre no one does let it grow stop spreading bullshit spread love for the ladies and respect for yourself and others now comment some bullshit and spread more hate.

  • Anonymous

    need Eminem diss for this Lord Jamar and I don't even like Eminem

  • Anonymous

    I seriously can't believe no one has fucked this cat up already

  • Real Talk

    Let's be honest...most Black rappers have rhymed the word nigga with nigga at least 50 times. Some have entire verses where they rap nigga with nigga over and over again. From Jay-Z, to Mobb Deep, to Danny Brown, to Pusha T, to Kanye, to Drake, and the list goes on. That ain't skill. That's some bullshit. Lazy niggas. As a Black man that disgusts me. Most rappers of other races don't use lazy ass "nigga" verses. I respect Black rappers who never go that route. That's some real talk...NIGGA! Hahaha!

    • Real Talk

      NO SHIT! And it's still LAZY! SO IS THIS: yo motha owe me nigga yo brotha paid me nigga yo sista laid me nigga and i made your wife suck my weezy f. babies nigga im still crazy nigga fuckin right im wildin nigga i just made a hundred fucking million dollars nigga i aint even gotta rhyme, nigga i just made a hundred fuckin million dollars From Lil Wayne - Magic Lazy niggas.

    • Anonymous

      It's the word that comes BEFORE "nigga", nigga. Is that what's got you so mad? For example: I built a big old spaceship, nigga Bitches all on my AIDS dick, nigga I eat dog food all day, nigga Don't worry 'bout the bill, I'll pay, nigga I got a 60 on my exam and I'm frustrated, nigga I got a car with 20 inch rims, so you must hate it, nigga

  • Anonymous

    I can't wait until someone smashes this nigga face

  • R.Pgh

    I'll always respect Brand Nubian for the work they've created. One For All was a classic album and The Foundation was one of my favorite Golden Era albums (I don't count In God We Trust or Everything Is Everything since Grand Puba wasn't involved). That being said, Lord Jamar sounds like a bitter ass old man making contradictory and asinine statements. Good music is good music, and bad music is bad music. It shouldn't matter what color skin a person has making said music. If it sounds good to you or speaks to you, the persons appearance is irrelevant. For a guy who's spoken a number of times over his career about being profiled or prejudged, why the fuck would he turn around and do the same exact thing?

  • Anonymous

    Mr Jamar is just a racist old 5%r whining for attention who should make music with his mouth rather than irrelevant noise. This will be the last comment I leave on an article related to this halfway hasbeen.

  • Anonymous

    "Macklemore, see I dont know who his co-sign is. Now he might be an exception to the rule, but I dont know who his co-sign is. " YEAH LORD JAFAR IS RIGHT MACKLEMORE WILL NEVER BE POPULAR...................................

  • Anonymous

    Wow this dude made a weak rap record 100 years ago and now he is every week in the hip hop dx news section? Eminem, Yelawolf, Action Bronson are fucking killing hip hop with some real hip hop fuck Jamar the black rappers that are popular are Drake, minaj, Flo Ridah, Wiz Khalifa? that is the most pop rap shit ever! Fuck jamar and his stupid opinions he talk shit that don't make any sence!

    • R.Pgh

      Not for nothing, but that 'weak' record you speak of is one of the highest critically acclaimed albums from the golden era of hip hop. I agree that Jamar is talking out of his ass half the time, but the dude is still part of a legendary crew.

  • Anonymous

    When somebody tell the truth black start calling the man names and hating on him. He make valid points and have the right to his opinion, and since he's still poppin up on valid tv, some people seem to agree.

  • sam snead

    Or Rihanna is like the caribbean Lady Gaga, or they all borrow from Madonna. Hiphopdx needs to quit posting this guys articles. It's not like this guy is Rakim,KRS-one,or Q-tip or something.

  • We are at War

    Big up Lord Jamar for pushing record sales for Macklemore's White Privilege. And for in essence co-signing Macklemore. I see what you did there big homie. Mack got beef with Yela and so do you. Make money. Action!

  • TimFCB

    dirk nowitzki is the best basketball player

  • Anonymous

    HipHopDX must be making a killing off the money they are charging this dude to continue to post his "news" stories.

  • rg

    This shiteater's comments make KKK sympathetic.

  • /

    You drive a car right? Invented by whites!! Don't see you saying nothing about that?! HMMMMMMM You think you intelligent you're a waste of air on this earth. The past is the past leave it be, look to the future. (Well for you that's most likely be working in Mac D'S) HAHAHA Weak minded people latch onto things that have no place. Its all attention. Fuck you

  • BraveHeart

    Lord Jamar. You're a FAGGOT!!! Eat a dick. You're a NO BODY!!!! You stand for NOTHING.

  • Anonymous

    Lord Jamar just really needs to stop talking altogether.

  • mastablasta

    Yo Lord jamar tell it to Mr. Freeze or Mc Serch. ohh yeah and stop segregate people that was back in tha days... If i'm not wrong bam said way before that he create hip hop to all People. Nowaydays nobody fuck with you u know why cuz u released 1 good album 15 years ago. But those it's just a past... You are stupid man and nothing change it...

  • adgh

    But if a white person says that "black people gravitate toward free stuff and financial irresponsibility," then he get blasted for making a hate speech. Let me be clear that I AM NOT A RACIST, I'm just making a point. And honestly, I've been a hip hop fan since I was a little kid. I listen to nothing bu hip hop and r&b. The only white artists in my collection are Copywrite and Jedi Mind Tricks, accounting for a grand total of about five of my 500+ albums. I'm not a wigger, and I'm not a self-loathing white person. I simply gravitate toward what I like. This guy needs to be knocked out.

    • drizzy!

      He's an idiot, plan and simple. I'm Black and I love me some Brother Ali, Aesop Rock, Evidence, Alchemist, El-P, Ill Bill, Copywrite, Apathy, Beastie Boys, Action Bronson ETC. I like dope artists period. Alchemist and El-P are two of the dopest producers in hip-hop history and both rep the "culture of hip-hop" correctly.

  • Underground78

    What about cypress hill, house of pain , lordz of brooklyn, did they have your permission, are they invited to ??!!! you can t not say something is yours, black people bla bla bla, you re just crazy and ignorant man....and always the story of the poor little !!!

  • Underground78

    The logic of this stupid !!! You guys are invited almost in everything else, you're a fucking ignorant and racist, that's for sure !!! why does someone lets you speak ... and your ignorant friend was drinking Vodka on the ohter video, he shouldn't be drinkin it wihtout permision, because he din t invented that, there should be a russian thug so he can pay for is permision....MSHC


    Should we say black people are guests in the world of business? They need a co sign from white people to even own their own clothes. fucking retardation goin on round here. leave it be bitch. hip hop is now for everyone who wants to be part of it.. that is what makes it great white rihanna.. bahahahhahah. JAMAL RACIST LIL BITCH


    One of the dumbest motherfuckers iv seen poppin up. Bitch ass.. keep embarrassing yourself

  • Anonymous

    lord jamar tru don see white kids catching feelings hip hop is for black people

  • Fish

    There are so many flaws in everything this fucker says that I have come to realise that he's just trolling. For future reference, all Lord Jamar articles should read 'Washed up has been who has no longer has any ability to sell records blames the fictional "white man" instead of admitting his own flaws'

  • Rich

    He calls Eminem a guest in the "house" of hip hop, yet, he's not running the "house" nor the owner. Lord Jamar has done nothing memorable in rap music, the one album labeled classic (by The Source) that he's been on is by Brand Nubian...and nobody even remembers that. He's not a proper authority to label anybody anything in hip hop. Contribute some dope ness first, some substantially dope material to the art form and then make judgments. Other wise, I agree with some of his shit, especially about the homosexual shit. That never has a place in rap.


    I have done more than him for Hip Hop culture during 25 years buy graffiting and break dancing...I am White ...older than him, not guest just activist...culture belongs to everyone...Basketball was created by White people...does It mean Jordan was a guest? think about it... no matter where you from or what color you are ...the most important is what you bring and what you give to the culture !!! lord Jamar is an ignorant !!! he is a "has been"...I correct "has never been " person Rip Brand Nubian...peace UNITY love and having fun...

  • DanTheMan

    I swear black people are more racist than white people, all they ever talk about is race... No one gives a fuck

    • Anonymous

      Its just old black people, all the young cats black & white are the ones that don't give a fuck. This guy is like 50. In 20 years his ass is gone to make more room for forward thinking people of all color.

  • Anonymous

    Stupde Hater.. Cry More Jamar Cry MOre..

  • Anonymous

    I call Rihanna the WHITE Britney Spears! Fuck of Lord Jamar bitter old ass broke nigga

  • Anonymous

    Somehow I doubt Miley will be more successful than Rihanna.

    • Anonymous

      She's worth way more.

    • Anonymous

      ^ you lost me with that clean her own virgina comment. wow.

    • Eastcomments

      Miley never needed to sing or get in the spotlight born with a golden spoon in her mouth!!! Shes acting like that by been a spoiled bratt!!!!.........nothing more nothing less!!!...shes a singing and dancing Paris Hilton bitch who cant cook nore clean her own virgina!!!..da fuck outta here

  • realhiphop360

    not a truer word spoken... 2014 and upwards

  • realhiphop360

    Have to agree with this, this is not racist either just truth...

  • smh....

    this guy is stoned out of his mind....please take a moment and put this video in full screen so you can see the dialated pupils and gallons of sweat on this mans face... to quote the second king of new york..."popped a molly im sweating- WOOOO!"

  • Anonymous

    shout out to vlad to using this racist prick as a view magnet though...he asks so many racially charged questions its comical more than anything to watch this dummy take the bait on every question....

  • Anonymous

    btw hes high as fuck in this shit lmao.......

  • Tony

    this guy is real butthurt that eminem is better than him n everyone he knows lmao he sounds like a whiny bitch

  • Shannon Taylor

    Racism is a cunt act no matter what reason you use to justify it.

  • real nigga

    fuck you white kids and fake niggas. Hiphop was made by us to enjoy and portray the black colture. Now you whites and fakes are making a mockery of it

    • Anonymous

      I don't get why you say "us" name a few of your songs please, the ones that started the movement. Il wait

    • Idiot^

      Hip hop was made to give a voice for everyone to hear, wether or not it was started by black culture it has become an Urban American culture which extends beyond race or ethnicity. He has the right to voice his opinion and he's either going for "shock value" or just simply never evolved.

  • Hank Hill

    The dude is racist homophobic jackass, BUT what he's saying here is true. All you have to do is think about it. The same thing happened to rock. People naturally gravitate to artists they relate to. And since white people are the majority in this country it makes sense that any music or trend created by a minority group will eventually be taken over by the majority.

  • Really

    does it really matter im black but im like really. white black mexican music is music just listen

  • Anonymous

    A lot of y'all are sounding MAD IGNORANT on this post. Lord Jamar is on point. The gentrification of Black music is getting way out of hand and finally when a Black artist like Lord Jamar addresses it, he gets hated on, or people say he's jealous. For what? Who really wants to live the live of Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber and Robin Thicke. At least Lord Jamar is more down to earth, close to the underground and in touch with the roots of Hip Hop music more so than these wannabes that I just listed. Just straight up CARBON COPIES! Love our stuffs but hate on the ones who have contributed to Hip Hop. Y'all are some straight up DELUSIONAL HYPOCRITES acting like we live in a post racial society.


      We have got a bunch of macklemore, Em and general black sellouts here commenting that's why. Jamar was speaking NOTHING but truth but these 14 year old HipHop fans have no clue.

    • Web

      If he's on point then how did Run-DMC co-sign the Beastie Boys Nothing this guy says make sense and what you just said is stupid. Hip Hop=Music Music has no gender, size, or age, anybody can perform and anyone can listen. Segregating musical genres is idiotic

  • Anonymous

    WHO CAAAAAAAARES!!! all these rappers out here dyin and this asshole still walkin around...

  • hmm

    its not about race or ethnicity, it is about whether you sell your soul to the illuminati that determines your success.

  • Shannon Taylor

    Fuck his racist arse, fucking dick head, suck a dick you racist cunt Lord Jamar and any other ignorant piece of shit that feels the same as he does.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck you hammer can rap and still can will eat you now lol

  • Mastadon

    Is this guy retarded? Honest question.


    real niggas from the south listen to gucci mane. They know 99 percent of these rappers are all fake and not about that life like a real nigga like big gucci. All the fake niggas cant appreciate a real nigga doing real nigga shit. You white boys swag fags and all other fake niggas will never relate to the life that real niggas live. Keep supporting fakes and phonies while never hustling a day in your life and being about that real nigga life.

  • ed

    im not surprised that they keep posting shit this guy says.. i mean, apparently slimthug's vasectomy and removing of corns was serious hiphop news to these people.. you guys have really gone down hill since 2004, im jussayin

    • Mastadon

      Its gotta be reeeeaaaaaalllllly depressing to cover stories, I say "stories" very loosely, like the two you mentioned if you were an actual journalist. I wouldn't call this a "news" site anymore

  • q

    While it's true (generally speaking) that people of color are worse off to begin, the music industry will recognize talent regardless of color. If you try to use gimmicks instead of actual content then color and how culturally relatable a person is has a far greater effect. If we all just focused on the music we wouldnt even be having this discussion

  • Anonymous

    is this all this guy ever talks about?

  • The REAL Rik Rozz

    SAD STORI: *Rick Ross in Rehab* Counselor: Wats it like, not bein able to hav it? RickRoss: Me head hurtz, mi fingerz hurt, my lipz git cold, me legz cramp, me belly growlz. Counselor: Wat else? RickRoss: Me emoshuns, i cri, am sad, am in luv wit it. Counselor: Itz not good 4 yu. Let it goe RickRoss: I kno Counselor: So wat u planing to do nao? RickRoss: Am switchin frum KFC.....to Chik-fill-a Comment if you cried.

  • The Original man

    Thank you lord Jamar keep telling the truth brotha everybody else scared to keep on mashin on 'em

  • Harry Bahls

    Everytime lord jamar queefs a black man in chicago is gunned down

  • Anonymous

    I think Macklemore was cosigned by Talib kweli.

  • Anonymous

    I'm white and fuck infact I'm Irish and watch another interview with Lord Jamar and he basically was like ta don't gotta agree with what Im saying but he got a right to say it and respect what he has done and shit and I was like fair enough like, and with this I feel people should open their eyes their is a white privilege in a way and fuck it listen to White America by Em, Listen to certain lyrics in Rap god, Listen to Macklemore White privilege or Awake honestly predominately I fuck with Black rappers Kendrick, Jigga, Kanye, PE, Outkast, Game, Snoop, Etc but I do Fuck with Em he is a god and my personal number 1 and I fuck with Mack the heist is dope yela is alright but people need to realise the transformation of the music and the culture and the orgins

  • Anonymous

    Now he's bitching about a rich white girl who makes more in an hour than Jamar has made in the past 15 years. A lot of female artists copy Beyonc. Is that ok because most are black?

  • Doug

    Jamar is still on this backwards shit? If he doesn't stop this and his drinking he's gonna be an alcoholic rapper who fell off. Watch out Jamar, you're doing it to yourself and we like you.

  • Butt Hurt Boyee

    LMAO @ this ignorant idiot. It's like, he's arguing his own paranoid, racist opinions with himself, because no one else is listening/agreeing/giving a shit. It's like, you would say "It's cold out" and he'd say "I bet white people are at the car wash letting niggas wax on wax off, though!"

  • Shay

    Hi, my name is Shay, and I'm from New Rochelle and, I just don't understand, why you so mad. (yo, yo) Like what are you so mad about?

  • Anonymous

    did he ever kick yellow-wolfs behind?

  • Anonymous

    I do ? you tell what I think ?

  • 513

    Didn't N.W.A get a pass from Jerry Heller? an he was white if i recall

  • Anonymous

    Lord Jamar won the award for best Internet troll of 2013, and I see he's making an early effort to win the crown again this year

  • David

    This dude is not thinking about what he's saying, trying to make a statement that's highly controversial "Good music is good music no matter what you look like" Even though hip hops background is "black" you have white artist still involved and it will always be like that as long as money is there, not all of jamars statements are correct got to think for yourself

  • Anonymous

    it's so funny how this actually offends some white people. Like open your damn eyes. (i'm white)

    • awfull

      Are you the one who got beaten up at school by black people and feel sorry, didn't fight back cause you thought it'd be racist? Stop being a victim, a fool man... I feel ashamed that some people actually think he's right. It's as idiot as a electro-club guy who'd say that black people are guest in a musical genre that is white. The day some white guy will be rapping about how hard it is to be black yeah then he would be a guest.

  • adamdagr81

    Lord Jamar is a fucking idiot! Yelawolf will slap his black ass.

  • gunzo

    I have been saying this for years! idk if to call it racism or just the fact that the white majority gravitates who they relate to but when white artist go mainstream with black genres they succeed more than the blacks do . even in reggae..do your research informer by snow ( a white toronto artist) is one of the if not the best selling reggae song of all time, R&B has not been profitable for the artists these past few years but robin thicke and justin timberlake have had remarkable success in the genre...its not racism its just the truth. I was telling someone if macklemore was black and made the same exact type of music, he wouldnt be as successful

    • Anonymous

      RT & JT make great music though; look at the record Beyonce just released, terrific album, great album sales. Great music wins.

  • Anonymous

    this fool is ignorant. MLK is turning in his grave listening to this segregation propaganda

  • N/A

    It's always light skinned brothers that are the most racist. Kanye is the exception though. It's like Ralphie May said..."they're just mad at the world because people talk spanish to them all the time thinking that they're Puerto Rican".

  • Gary

    Lord Jamar, Part of your money earned during the '90's is from white kids like me that wanted to know more about how your sound and thoughts were. Listening to the passion for your brothers and sisters in your music was/is (for the time) refreshing. You and others like Public Enemy taught me a lot about life, not just the culture but your music is in a category of Hip Hop and Rap and neither know, or ever knew what race was started Hip Hop when it started. She only knows she was started So I listened to it and learned. I also listen to West Coast Vet Paris, T-K.A.S.H and other political rhyme sayers. I absorb all of it cause I do see the struggle still continues but not because of me. I have supported Hip Hop and Rap since '82. I was twelve and saw these people (I'll call them Humans) having an amazing time listening to music and dancing in ways that I was gravitated to and researched what the deal was low and behold Hip Hop found me and hasn't let go. My grave stone will say "I am Hip Hop". Before my own religion, I am Hip Hop, before my family I am Hip Hop. before anything I am Hip Hop. I am what I am. No body owes me anything. But I owe Hip Hop everything. PaceWon has his joint "Hip-Hop" and his chorus is amazing "Hip Hop, was set out in the park, yeah thats a quote from MC Shan, without it I'd be an empty man". That is me all day To say I don't belong and that I need the acceptance is a disgrace to what Hip Hop stood for before Brand Nubian came out I guess the people that rhode with he Civil Rights Groups of the '50s and '60s should not have come together to create change and try to rid the country of racist acts. Its not perfect, but together they were trying to eradicate racism or at least build tolerance for others no matter the human.

    • Gary

      Peace HNIC, I didn't quote Shan, I quoted PaceWon. And I'll give it to you that I strayed off topic (that good kush for ya), but the fact is this... Lord Jamar is saying white fans will back a white artists that "act" black... That's pure trash. I followed because I saw a chance to learn something that my parents, school or gov. wouldn't talk about in '82. As much as segregation was gone (still happening, but abolished by law) when I was born in 1970, I could only look at history books from the gov. that showed a very small glimpse of what the real story was. My parents always pointed me in the direction of helping others and studying what others have gone through so I don't continue the "trend" and buck the system... but that did not mean they were going to show me... I discovered it on my own. Fell in love and never let go. With or without a co-sign. Back in the day when I was blasting my boombox round my hood and I heard a white dude rep, yeah, I had the feeling that whites should sit in the background... But now that Hip Hop is as global as it is... Here I am and here we are. Peace goes out.

    • HNIC

      Oh stop it Gary, you've digressed from his main points. You quote MC shan and claim to listen to PE, yet willfully ignore the fundamental truths in Lord Jamar's statements....SMH, again.

  • olds--kewl / T-rap-star

    its people like Lord Jamar that make the rap game that i grew up lovin turn into nothing more than a joke these days. btw ( im black ) and totally disagree with just about everything this clown sayin.

    • james task

      you sellout. if there were more outspoken people like jamar in the game, hip hop would be better off

    • vinnyvenetta

      so i guess from your perspective Merengue isn't Dominican... it's also Chinese.. And if Dominicanos try to say it is Dominican music they are all clowns...

  • HTG

    Apparently the majority of Americans don't understand the definition of racism. Jamar's statements are prejudice not racist. Racism is the institution that oppresses people considered non white in this country ala Jim Crow laws, or the more recent stop and frisk laws also the stand your ground law. Do your research. There is a fellow by the name of Tim Wise on youtube who breaks racism down to a science and guess what he is white with mainly white followers.

    • Anonymous

      the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, esp. so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.

    • Anonymous

      Tim Wise is awesome, he writes as well. I suggest all white American's check out his books, you will learn a lot about the realities of racism and white privilege that you might not even be aware of.

    • Web

      He's not racist, he's just very stupid

  • Anonymous

    HHDX posts this shit for views. No regard for content, which is why I actively talk about how shitty this site has become.

    • Anonymous


  • ab

    this guy is just starving for attention he cant get it lyrically or musically..lost in the 90's..no one care about you..maybe sadat x..eat a dick..a white one since you seem to be so fascinated with it..

  • mike

    TMI Jamar. Point blank, dude is mad..

  • seduction

    Race does not matter look i am hispanic I don't like miley cyrus, macklemore and mac miller, i like eminem but my favorite rapper is lupe fiasco and pop artist is b.o.b, so what does that make me?

    • Anonymous

      I know, why is he listening to a positive rapper like Lupe. He needs to listen to more Gucci. Gucci's music uplifts the community.

    • Anonymous

      If you consider yourself "hispanic", and you listen to them lame ass rappers... you my friend are a TIO TOMAS SMH

  • name

    Maybe if more black rappers upped their vocabulary instead putting "nigga" wherever they can't fit a word, more people would respect black rappers. Nigga this nigga that nigga nigga nigga. I can't listen to that bull shit. THEY AIN'T SAYIN NOTHIN'!

  • Web

    Rick Rubin founded Def Jam records. Rubin was a DJ for the Beastie Boys for some of their early shows and when Rubin founded Def Jam, he began producing their music. Where'd Run-DMC co-sign? LL Cool J would of never of been discovered without the help of Mike Diamond(Beastie Boys Mike D)who handed Rick and Russell LL's demo tape. So LL needed a white man to co-sign him? So what, not a big deal at all Yes, Eminem needed Dee to be successful, did Snoop or DOC not need him either?? Stupid Jamar, try again

    • Anonymous

      ^ who cares? Yall sound old as fuck

    • web

      Here dickhead http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZJh6Q2h7Po

    • Anonymous

      Jazzy Jay???? Rush Simmons??????? FOH

    • HNIC

      WOW. Is this whiteboy really trying to rewrite the history books as we speak? SMH

    • Web

      Actually Adrock found his demo and showed it to Rick I believe, not Mike D

    • Web

      I didn't mention those names, I was responding to LM's dumb comment about Run DMC needing to co-sign for the Beastie Boys. Also yes they did, who handed Rick Rubin LL's demo? Mike D did, look it up, they were friends growing up

    • ushort

      ah...you are too too young...I can tell...because you are so wrong about the history of hip hop period ...check on grandmaster melle mel, grandmaster flash, furious five, duke bootee, dj kool herc, the last poets,dj marley marl, dj disco whiz, you need to get the album, cd, tapes those white dudes had nothing to do with ll cool j success, not at all...know you history of our black culture first then you speak the truth and back is up with hip hop...take a tour to the bronx and brooklyn ..you need to read ll cool j auto bio and he will tell you himself ..stick with your jim crow movement sh** and watch it get destroyed

  • thetruth

    Lord Jamar you are sooooooooooooooooooooooo right.about white ...its like a adopted child trying to blend in with a black family ..its still black music...its all black music r&b, pop, jazz, blues, rock n roll, hip hop, rap house-music, soul, folk country...etc destroy our game

  • Anonymous

    I'm white, i don't like miley cyrus, i'm not really a fan of eminem, and i don't like mac miller. what does that make me?

  • Johnny Blayze

    Elvis doing black music, most popular (Rock) Eminem doing black music, most popular (Rap) Countless females: Christina Aguilera, Amy Whitehouse, Miley, etc (R&B/Jazz/Pop) Countless House DJs (Yes, house was started by Black people in USA) This is known for over half a century, nothing new, he's just adding the newest artist to the long list. If anyone knows there music history they know what he said is accurate.

  • Anonymous

    can someone off this fool already, honestly, whats up with black musicians talking so much shit about white people lately or just black people talking soo much shit lately. Im Brazilian if we had this problem in brazil we would either get along or we would kill each other until one side remains. You Black/White people talk TOO much

    • james task

      You are a damn foooool!!! You're Brazilian, but I don't know who asked you that. you don't have to agree with what he is saying, but if you're going to speak on it, do so accordingly

  • rah

    he is absolutely right...to be honest

  • Anonymous

    This is not news, this is gossip!

    • Anonymous

      Word. I respect Lord Jamar for his contributions to the music and I respect his opinions but seriously, it's getting to the point where this site is not too far removed from a hip hop version of TMZ. There are so many other relevant moves happening concerning hip hop artists, especially those that are using their music as a vehicle to raise some kind of awareness,

  • Anonymous

    This guy has no idea what he is talking about. I'm white as fuck and I hate most white rappers I love the "black people music" hip hop is for people who like hip hop why the fuck does it have to be segregated if a song is dope its dope who gives a fuck if the guys black or white?

  • WC17


    • HNIC

      Stop it whiteboy, you clearly lack the ability to refute my very true statement with any logical comparisons. electricity....religion.....wurd? Brainstorm again, but don't try so hard next time, it shows.

    • Anonymous

      wait you said culture my bad so since I'm the same color as jewish people i am pretty much a rabi? oo santas white does that make me father christmas? i usually only take responsibility for things i actually did but this is way more empowering thanks

    • Anonymous

      so HNIC since you share the same skin color as the originators, you are equally responsible for its creation? with that logic i am responsible for electricity? sweet I'm like a scientist or something

    • HNIC

      Are you really trying to equate sports with my beloved culture...really? Im not even going to entertain that starfruit-kiwi comparison. What exactly did he say that was racist? I know it hurts you to be a guest, because hiphop you consider yourself a head. But you gotta man up and accept the truth. The sooner you do that, the sooner you can make yourself more comfortable in our house so that we can jam together. The more you run from the truth , the less welcomed you are. Verrrryyyy simple.

    • WC17

      Homie check how hypocritical you and this dude are. Basketball, football, baseball were ALL invented and predominantly played by whites for many years, it's never once crossed my mind that they are 'guests', it's racist as fuck but only whites can be racist according to nearly everyone.

    • HNIC

      hahaha...whiteboy can't handle the truth.

  • Anonymous

    When does this guy ever have something to say that doesn't relate to him making statements about white people??? Every article I see associated with Lord Jamar has him saying something about white people. Dude needs to find something else to talk about cuz I'm sick of hearing about some shit that doesn't even matter at this point... NEXT!!!!!

  • GreenNYC

    He's saying a lot of things a lot of other rappers/artist from any genre can't say. And you can deny it all you want but it's true. White ppl can get mad all y'all want. Y'all don't have to buy another record. Hiphop will be fine without your dollars. All the artists he mentioned makes black music. Y'all can cry and moan forever but it's true. And for all the comments that he's a racist. How? Since when does speaking a fact is racist. And we'll stop being a guest in America when you stop being a guest in America.

    • HNIC

      @GreenNYC You don't owe these mindless gnomes any explanations. Lord Jamar articulated fundamental truths that only an ignorant mob of whiteboys would deny, or in this case, ignore. You're speaking to blind ignorance.

    • GreenNYC

      How am I a racist. I'm not persecuting/killing/denying any race from advancing. We talking about music. What your really saying is how can jamar speak about your white privilege. Why are y'all so dumb and numb to the fact that what he speaks is the truth. Like I said before. Keep your dollars. I'm not into giving my money to fools. Etc. Rick Ross, lil Wayne the list goes on. Last time I checked it's the company's who make all the money I'm not helping the rich get richer. Hiphop use to have some meaning. Now it's a bunch of liars who never lived any of what they rapped about. You can fool yourself that jamar is a racist or whatever. You can ask any artist who's not drugged up or some hidden agenda and they'll agree with everything jamar said. Maybe not in public but I guarantee they'll agree with him

    • Web

      Haha this guys a big crybaby, stop trying to segregate musical genres ya dork.

    • It's On

      I am shocked, you are siding with racism, are you an idiot, like Jamar? Speaking a fact, bitch please, he only jealous, because Eminem made more money out of the "black community" then he has in a longer time. It is racist and jealousy.

    • marvthedad

      Hiphop does need white people and especially their dollars.

  • Andre

    You know how damn long Lord Jamar been living under rock? when he thinks the majority of the people listening to Hip/Hop are white people and thats why white artist are making more money... Nah dumb fuck its because the majority of your hip-hop fans are niggas from the streets, living pay check to paycheck & most of us would rather spend 160$ on some new Jordans than spend 12$ to buy an artists album. Record labels are only going to cater to the audience that pays them, so yea they want white artist, doing black music & talking a bunch of bullshit, because shit these white kids with money they can waste, at least buy the fuckin albums. I remember back in the days when niggas liked an artists so bad, they wouldn't even hesitate to spend their last 12$ on their new album and eat Ramen Noodles for a damn week... Now niggas see that you can just download music for free and take that route instead... and then you hear these grimy ass niggas like Lord Jamar talk about white people taking black music... Nah nigga its black people who are giving it AWAY!! every dollar you spend is a vote... if y'all dumbfucks weren't so damn concerned about these bullshit ass fashion trends and more worried about the art of Hip/hop, guarantee we'd still have Nas bumping up and down the block, with Mos Def & kweli banging your car stereo on the 5'oclock radio mix on your way home.

  • Anonymous

    he probably has a new album out

  • Anonymous

    what a racist idiot

  • A Trillionaire

    Lord Jamar said sales don't equate to greatness... HAHAHA! He would say some self-conscious shit like that. Brand Nubian came out in a time when people actually BOUGHT albums and the highest they ever charted #12! He must think of himself as the reverse-Vanilla Ice.

    • A Trillionaire

      How are you going to use Jay Z as an example of how sales don't equal greatness? Ineffectively, that's how you are using it.

    • Anonymous

      Sales don't determine greatness. Jay Z has sold millions, only 3 of his of his 13 albums are above average or great.

  • A Trillionaire

    I should win the Nobel Peace Prize because I just discovered the way to end racism. We wait for about another 100 years or so until Lord Jamar and everyone like him have died off and natural selection has left only those who have evolved beyond racism to live in peace & harmony. Send my trophy to the White House and put it next to Obama's. Thank you. And you're welcome.

  • Your Name

    I smell an Eminem and Yelawolf collab dissing Jamar soon! I already expected one from the threats to Yela and so forth, but now? Em will show him who the real landLORD is, and that if it wasn't for many white rappers, the house of rap could possibly have been foreclosed.

  • RC

    White folk will bitch & moan but end of the day they can't deny the charges. Jamar can pull dozens upon dozens of these examples from the past right up to present day Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Bee-Gees, Vanilla Ice, Miley Cyrus, hell I'd even put Justin Timberlake on the list, end of day white folk may hate to own it but it's true, there ain't no denying it.

    • It's On

      And I wonder if this stems for jealousy, because all the artists you just listed have sold more than Brand Nubian or Jamar himself.

  • Anonymous

    can someone just give him some crack already so that he can shut the fuck UP! SOME black people are the most racist people on earth! Fuck this aggin! Sadat x, Grand Puba and Alamo are laughing at this dude.

  • Anonymous

    this is ust plain racist bullshit.

  • Hurley

    How is this not racist?.. am I the only one who doesn't think Miley Cyrus has even considered Rhianna during her career? I don't think Miley has ever thought WOW I WANNA BE MORE LIKE RHIANNA... someone get this guy off the crack pipe. Guests in the house of hip hop?... well thats a funny statement.. white people have been involved in hip hop and are a huge part of the reason it blew up in the late 80's.... Blacks need to co sign white artists?... PFFT... If Beastie Boys didn't break down barriers and Aerosmith didn't record with Run DMC in the late 80s and make Hip Hop palatable for white people... NONE of the hip hop artists BLACK OR WHITE would be eating right now! White people account for the vast majority of hip hop album and single buyers.. If your music doesn't cater to a white audience... you stay broke.. Sad but true... So... Guess what Lord Jamar... White artists might seem to need to be co signed by a black one... But HIP HOP needed to be co signed by the white audience.. sit the fuck down you crackhead

    • asdasd

      You are proving his point because as you said the only reason white people are a part of hip hop or had anything to do with hip hop was because they easily sold so many records due to the white population in america. He is saying that these white artist are profiting off the white people in this country who want to latch on to hip hop culture and not at all from the true hip hop fans and culture which is the black community usually.

    • Hurley

      asdas does the guy even HAVE a point? Hes just angry that hes no longer relevant and white artists are making more cash then he ever could. How does the fact that I have shown that white people have been involved in the fact hip hop even blew up prove his dribble that white people are guests... You can't be guests in something you helped build... If white people are guests in hip hop.. black people are guests in america.. You don't like the sounds of that do you? No .. ofcourse not.. because blacks ARE NOT guests in america and whites ARE NOT guests in hip hop. Hip Hop would just be a few guys freestyling on a stoop if whites didn't buy the shit.

    • It's On

      Agreed, Miley Cyrus doesn't give a fuck about Rhianna, her main aim is to stay relevant. But Jamar is a racist.

    • asdas

      You are proving his point retard.

  • Anonymous

    I respect the old school artists and I actually prefer their stuff over a lot of todays commercial stuff, but this dude needs to shut his racist ass up. This is like the 4th article I've seen regarding him talking bout some irrelevant thing that didn't even need to be brought up. Dude is desperate for attention and just want to stay relevant

    • Anonymous

      It isnt racist, it is marketing. The same reason why you see almost 10 to 1 white models over blacks on billboards, why their is more white actors in films etc. This country is white, and white people want to see other white people. It doesnt mean they have anything against black people.

  • It's On

    This old man, better keep his gob shut, I am a fan of Brand Nubian, but dickhead's comments are racist as fuck, as a white man, if I said the same about a black man, it would be deemed racist, but because it is "apparently a black world hip hop" he can run his mouth and get away with it, come to the UK and think you are as hard, a dude from my area would smack the shit out of you, regardless who you claim to be or bring with you, you will all be treated the same.

  • asdas

    The funny thing is he is right.. it doesnt mean eminem is any less of a rapper but america is 70 percent white... It is marketing 101, think about how many black main characters in videogames there are? When you sell something in america you are selling to a majority white market. Its not racism really, just peopel are more comfortable and can relate easier to people of their own skin.

  • hahaha

    'Miley Cyrus ehm.... she's 1000000000x times richer than me.'

  • True

    The God is back! Yes HHDX more Lord Jamar articles!! He speaks the truth and gets these racists all riled up.

  • Gadzooks

    If white rappers are guests in the house of hip hop, black players are guests in the house of basketball.

  • White Entertainment Television

    Racist faggot

  • Lord Jamar

    LOL you dumb motherfuckers. Ya'll know Vlad pays me to say this shit, you know HHDX pays me to post this shit. They gonna keep doing it too, my articles attract the most attention, this is all business, namsayin.

  • 5th

    Jamar, sit the fuck down fam... You're making yourself look ridiculous...

  • Anonymous

    Music doesn't have a color,

  • stevie e

    Man i respect the legends and all that but this dude holds 0 weight in the hip hop community imo. Early signs of altimeters or some shit

    • 1984

      Yeah thats definitely as sign of altimeters. I mean Lord Jamar suffers from not knowing what his current altitude is...YOU FUCKIN IDIOT ITS ALZHEIMERS!

  • conyac

    keyboard warriors will be out in force on this one, and the bigots!! as usual lol

  • Anonymous

    why you keep posting lord jamars comments, hhdx do you have something against white artists?

  • cp3

    Basketball was invented by a white dude from Canada. So I guess all black people are a guest in basketball? Sounds pretty stupid to me.

  • RealTalk

    this guy needs to quit. we've all had enough of his racist generalizations.

  • UmadHo

    A lot of white devils on here commenting lmao. This dude may be old but he is speaking the TRUTH.

    • fool ^

      White devils? Go back to the jungle wit ur 5% friends. And dnt shout racism from me cos ur comment is itself racist

  • Joseph Young

    People say this about Jazz a lot too. That white musicians are a novelty but the real music was made by Black men and only black men. It's a crazy statement in Jazz and it's crazy in Hip Hop. What about Brother Ali? Aesop Rock? This guy has a biased view and is popular enough to have people listen to his racist shit.

  • cp3

    Why does VLAD keep on giving this guy a platform to speak on? Dude is obviously sour that his rap career is long and gone and has nothing better to do than hate on successful people and stir ish up.

  • The REAL Rik Rozz

    TRUE STORI: *Lord Jamar daily schedule* - Wake up - Eet sum seerial - Take me weeklee showur - Interview wit dj vlad - Eet lunch - Interview wit dj vlad - Attend blak panthur partee - Interview wit dj vlad - Play sum video gmaez - Fone call interview wit dj vlad - Plai wit me ballz n cok - chek mi twittur - watch teh notebook - fall asleep cryin cuz am rasist

  • Ryan Collins

    Fuck Lord Jamar

  • Nate Higgers

    Jamar says, jamar says, jamar says, nigga jamar gossips like a female.

  • Bandidos

    I agreed with some of the stuff he said before but now he just sounds like a racist idiot

  • Jigga

    HE'S right. and as a white man I can say it annoys the fuck outta me

  • wade

    f*** this ignorant racist i dont care how much of a legend he is he should go jump in a grave

  • Anonymous

    This dude sounds fucking ignorant. Who the fuck is this guy?

  • Nik

    Who the fuck is Lord Jamar and why does anybody care about the opinion of old, outdated & irrelevant rappers?



  • Slumerican

    Even he said it white people are the majority...so theres not a chance that some of them are in the ghetto as well? living side by side with other races? this dude has a one track mind and its hellbent on being racist to white people. we stopped the KKK for a reason.

  • Slumerican

    again...this racist mother fucker... Its not black music. its street music. Get your terms right. If he called it street music this whole interview would be thrown out the window. Its about who is living on the streets. Black people are NOT the only ones on the streets. like for real put yourself in someone elses shoes for once you fucking hypocrital bitch.

    • Anonymous

      White people always steals from the black man though - pretty sure that's the other way around and crime statistics will back that up

    • Jake Steed beeyotch

      I agree with Bitchpleeez. Im white, I personally would not want to dress like beeners or asians or nerds. Blacks are the most immitated, from fashion down to music and wordplay for a reason, they have style and they set trends through originality. Blacks are amongst the best athletes in the world in a variety of sports. I've been wearing basketball shoes from black nba players all my life. I've been listening to black rappers all my life.

    • Bitchpleeez

      Last time I check Hip Hop was invented by BLACK PEOPLE. White people always steals from the black man though. The black man is the most imitated person on the planet. Deal with it.

  • Anonymous

    if i could, i would kill this faggot, and im black believe it or not....goddamn this muhfucka never shuts his mouth

  • son of a sax

    So whut sayin Lord J?!?! Yes, blacks set the trends. We all know that and its been like that for awhile now. We say its fresh and the whole world gravitates to it. You aint saying nuthin new. Blacks invented rock n roll. Elvis comes along, blows up and gets the credit. 1nce again, nuthin new. History repeats itself. It seems, as of lately, you got alot to say. The way you're coming off seems kinda bitter. Just relax. Oh yeah, 3rd Bass didn't have a co-sign either and we loved'em. And Serch (along with other) co-signed Nas

  • Anonymous

    I usually don't do this,but fuck it...props to Lord Jamar for putting his name out there again,real genius move from him,wonder when his album's dropping LMAO

    • Anonymous

      Putting lol or lmao at the end of the post doesnt make you appear confident in what you said or makes us like your sarcasm. I guess he cant be interviewed and say what he feels. I guess he was supposed to say "i love all white rappers" to satisfy people like you? And not what he said (cuz he didnt spit out hate either, fyi!). People decided to spin it around so therefor he has to keep coming back & correct it time & time again. Of course Vlad knows his spins & these interviews gets him hits, which he loves. Hence why he keeps interviewing him & asking him about it. Doesnt negate Jamar's answers though.

  • Anonymous

    hes so dumb this guy its crazy. why they are giving him a platform is beyond me

  • youngkelzct

    this nigga is the most racist homophobic black guy i've ever seen.. stfu up already go back to being a "legend" pussy

  • Jay fan


  • my god

    hes still going on? please stop giving this man his 15 this is why I stop coming to this site cuz of bs articles like this..smh

  • DAD

    He's just mad these white folks are more relevant than himself

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