Game Discusses Tax Write-Offs, Forbes Debunks His Claims

Game claims that rappers can write off Jordans, medical marijuana, and "making it rain" in the strip club.

With tax filing season set to begin on January 31, 2014, Compton rapper Game took some time to share a few tax tips while speaking with TMZ. When asked to reveal the craziest thing a rapper can write off on their taxes, Game went on to list Jordans, medical marijuana, and “making it rain” at the strip club as alleged write offs.

“I be writing off—you can damn near write off anything, man,” Game said. “You can write off strip club, making it rain. You can write that off. That’s number one…Number two, you can write off J’s. Buying Jordans. Number three, you can write off buying medical marijuana…It’s a write off. I’m trying to keep myself alive out here.”

Shortly following Game’s remarks on tax write offs, Forbes published a news story discrediting Game’s rapper write-off claims.

According to Forbes’ writer Kelly Phillips Erb, “To claim a deduction for business expenses, the Internal Revenue Service requires, at Section 162 of the Tax Code, that it be ‘ordinary and necessary.’” The writer later states that while a strip club visit may be considered “ordinary” for Game due to his career, it’s unclear if such a visit falls under the “necessary” category.

Additionally, Jordans can only be considered a write off if they’re for business purposes and as far as medical marijuana is concerned, Forbes reports that “you generally can’t deduct expenses which are illegal.”

While Game’s list of items rappers can write off on their taxes may not be completely accurate, the rapper does stand a chance of possibly writing off his charitable contributions when tax season does begin. Game has donated his money to a number of people and organizations this year including the family of a six-year-old girl killed in Los Angeles, and Anna Angel, a woman whose family perished in a house fire earlier this year.

In addition to his various charitable contributions this year, Game may possibly end the year as an artist signed to Cash Money Records. The rapper spoke on a possible deal with the label during an interview with this month.

“It definitely could work,” he said, “I got a relationship with Wayne, Drizzy, and Stunna. It’s just trying to figure out what’s the best for Cash Money and what’s the best for Game at this point in his career. That’s pretty much family and that’s where I’m at at this point. Of course, nothing is written in stone, but that’s where I’m leaning, so, we’ll see.”

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  • ribbon

    game is yummy...and funny.

  • Anonymous

    This nigga just dry snitched. Stupid fuck. the Game sucks ass as a rapper and a business man surprise surprise.

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  • Anonymous

    Just read a story on yahoo that a dude bought a warehouse and tried cooking meth, a cooker caused a fire that gutted the building and he was able to write off the expense of the property.

  • Me again


  • Anonymous

    your career has been a tax write off ever since LAX

  • Anonymous

    when will he go solo been doing we are the world albums since he came out never had a solo hit NEVER.

  • Anyone else?

    In a one on one fight Game would beat the fuck outta most rappers cause he big n stays hitting the gym only few niggas could scrap with him 50 Cent Sheek Louch LL Cool J

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  • Come On

    What?? I thought the Game already signed to cash money a couple months ago?

  • Royal

    you'd be surprised what you can right off with the right Tax accountant. Rich people get bullshit write offs every year. Random things have worked as write offs; Sex-change, private jet, cat food, body oil for professional body builder, implants, etc. *Source: MSN Money*

    • dubs

      except "sex change" (cuz that's a real medical thing that trans ppl deal with)... the other stuff people get away with all the time

  • LOL

    Glad to see that Wesley Snipes' financial planner is still getting work. This type of tax strategy should work out really well for Game in the long run.

  • Anonymous

    Good to know Forbes is paying extra special attention to Game.

  • rappers r corporate owned

    Gee, thanks Game. We know the goverment been trying to find ways to take our tax refund away. Now you gonna have everybody trying to do this. Its bad enough obama care is dippin into our refund.

  • Anonymous

    Game be trolling you suckers and you fall for it, bottom line

    • Anonymous

      but the special agent testified the point still stands, Game may be a character but it don't mean he don't know people, it's an outsider/inexperienced mind who would think different because they feed into the internet sh*t that is all

    • Anonymous

      jimmy henchman is a certified snitch

    • Anonymous

      let me help you out even l.e. knows he has affiliations, the Jimmy Henchman files tell you that like an experienced person can tell you Game is a character, we read this and say "lol, Game f*cking with them" and keep it moving, knowing he can still have connects.

    • Anonymous

      the only people hes fooling are the people who think hes really a blood gang banger

  • Anonymous

    Dis niggas last 2 albums were a tax write off for Interscope

  • MeSonMe

    hmmm I don't know why the Forbes guy even commented if The Game gets paid to appear at a strip club it becomes a business expense ... Jordan's for performances/photo/video shoots business expense and medical marijuana wouldn't that be like any medical expense ... which again in California isn't illegal ... Now I know the jordan's and club expense can be covered by grant money so I assume in the USA you can write them off as a business expense

    • Civics 101

      A federal tax return is just that. Federal. Federal law still holds Marijuana as a Schedule 1 Narcotic. You can not use that it's legal in your state as a defense in Federal Court, and in Marijuana cases the precedent is quite clear. It's what's landed Ed Rosenthal in and out of Federal Court since the early 2000s, and the reason congress has tried to pass the Truth in Trials Act.

  • Anonymous

    The Game who is supposed to be a man family man and who takes pride in providing for his children and flossing on the net has just been busted, so he posted this picture below: Trying stunt on Instagram, but I think he forgot most of IG users are part time P.I.s. After some investigation it has been revealed that he stole the pic from this guy who posted it a month ago. His followers, didnt mind putting The Game on Blast for his shenanigans either.. Im starting to think he does good deeds for recognition. He seems to always need a pat on the back. I remember when he lied about giving a waiter a $5000 tip. Had the man pose with the money so he could post a pic on IG and everything. Come to find out it was $200. Who does that?

  • Fake It Till You Make It

    Every Hip Hop rapper has a addiction that they can't kick, from the trendiest (and sterile) paraphernalia, to helping the community by spending their hard earned money in the strips clubs, and for rapper The Game, the story is no different, however his addiction lies with fake ballin on Instagram. Yet again The Game has been caught stealing pictures from others and claiming it as his own, and it's not no minor 'copy and paste this pic for my art project', in fact his act of copyright infringement consists of stealing wealthy peoples belongings and lying about his physical worth. The story this time, is that The Game was confronted by a friend, saying that if he keeps giving money away for his charity he will end up broke, so The Game thought about it, went home, opened his safe and said 'i think im good' and even took a picture to show you what he meant: Now before anyone congratulated The Game on his ability to save in this economy, many were skeptical as they were already once tricked by the boy who cried wolf, and did not want to be tricked again, and they were right in being a skeptic, as the original upload of the huge cash was Instagram user danbilzerian, a whole good month ago: From fake pics with 2pac to fake champagne bottles and luxury watches, The Game's list of lies deserve a mixtape of their own, whatever the case, the more money The Game gives out for 'charitable' causes the more The Game sounds like a practicing pr agent. What is really going on? Well perhaps someone over at YMCMB knows the answer to that one.

  • Anonymous



    Game got exposed again last week for stealing another rich white boys instagram picture and trying to pass them off ass his own with made up captions!! This time he posted the inside of a safe with stacks of cash talkin bout how he good and ain't going broke but some 30 year old billionaire posted the same pic 6 weeks before! What kind of grown man does this?

  • Anonymous

    Im sure its a joke - hello! Jesus christ. Always seems like rappers or even Game cant say shit without people taking it out of context, like the 2pac picture that people really took out of context or the million of other things.

  • Anonymous

    BUT at the same time every rapper write off when they make it rain & thats a fact. Not sure about the weed thing but thats why you stay seeing alot of rappers do it with pictures being taken while whiny cats online cry about why they do it like they owe people anything.

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