Action Bronson & Party Supplies Announce "Blue Chips 2 Tour" Second Leg Dates

Update #2: Additional Action Bronson and Party Supplies' "Blue Chips 2 Tour" dates have been announced.

Action Bronson and Party Supplies have released the dates for their “Blue Chips 2 Tour" via Instagram. "Grencoscience presents... BLUE CHIPS 2 TOUR FIRST RUN," the post says. "I CANT FUCKIN WAIT!!!!"

The trek is slated to kick off with the first of two shows January 10 at Irving Plaza in New York, New York and conclude February 10 at The Republik in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Released in November, “Blue Chips 2” was named one of “The Most Important Mixtapes Of 2013” by HipHopDX. 

"Many emcees have predicted their future fame and fortune,” we wrote in our “The Most Important Mixtapes Of 2013” editorial. "Few have predicted the weather. After declaring that the follow-up to his highly successful 2012 mixtape 'Blue Chips' would be released on 'The First Day it rains in November,' the chef-turned-rapper-turned-professional hype man got lucky when his native Queens, New York saw a drizzle on November 1. The 'masterpiece theatre' which he promised his fans, however, was the result of hard work and a continued chemistry with production team Party Supplies. The usual bragging and boasting can be found on nearly all 19 tracks of 'Blue Chips 2,' along with his expected mix of sports and cooking references, curse words and grandiose remarks about things he may or may not have done with prostitutes."

The “Blue Chips 2 Tour” Instagram post and itinerary are as follows.

01.10  New York, NY  Irving Plaza

01.11  New York, NY  Irving Plaza

01.17  Boston, MA  Paradise

01.18  Philadelphia, PA  TLA

01.20  Washington, D.C.  Howard Theatre

01.22  Cleveland, Ohio  House Of Blues

01.23  Columbus, Ohio  A&R Bar

01.24  Chicago, IL  Metro

01.26  St. Louis, MO  Pops 261H

01.28  Denver, CO  Cervantes

01.30  Salt Lake City, UT  Complex

01.31  Boise, ID  Revolution Center

02.01  Seattle, WA  Neptune

02.03  Portland, OR  Pete’s Room At Roseland

02.05  San Francisco, CA  Slims

02.06  Los Angeles, CA  Echoplex

02.07  Santa Ana, CA  Observatory

02.10  Honolulu, Hawaii  The Republik

(December 30)

UPDATE: Action Bronson has announced new dates. On March 3, Bronson is set to hit New Orleans, Louisiana. Bronson has also announced the May 24-26 tour dates featuring Eminem, slated to take place in Detroit, Michigan. The infomercial-like announcement can be found below. 

(January 15)

UPDATE #2: Action Bronson has announced South African tour dates, as well as the Second Leg of his Blue Chips 2 Tour, both of which are below.  


02.26  Cape Town  Cape Town Stadium

03.01  Johannesburg  Ellis PArk Stadium 


03.18  New Orleans, LA  Maison

03.20  Miami, FL  Grand Central

03.21  Tampa, FL  Tampa Pro AM Skate

03.22  Atlanta, GA  Masquerade

03.24  Baltimore, MD  Soundstage

03.25  Stage College, PA  Levels Nightclub

03.26  New York, NY  Best Buy - Hot 97

03.29  Albany, NY  Upstate Music Hall

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