Mac Miller Compares This Era To Rap's "Golden Age"

Mac Miller: "Artists right now are making some of my favorite music in Hip Hop that's ever been made."

Mac Miller, who released Watching Movies With The Sound Off this year, recently spoke about how he feels about this era in Hip Hop. 

“Artists right now are making some of my favorite music in Hip Hop that’s ever been made,” Miller said in an interview with“I think that in many years this year will be looked back on as a very special time and there hasn’t been anything that as a movement has been as big as this since the quote-unquote Golden Age.”

Miller said part of this is due to rappers inspiring one another.  

“Everyone’s albums are incredible and I think it’s because the bar gets raised and people just want to do something special,” Miller said. “No one wants to let anybody outdo them.”

Watching Movies With The Sound Off was a runner-up for HipHopDX's "Album of the Year" category in its Year-End Awards.

Beyond Watching Movies With The Sound Off, Miller also dropped Live From Space with The Internet and Delusional Thomas this year. 

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  • Big 18th Street Gang, E'zup to the homiez worldwide!

    Just another gay rapper talking out his ass. Who the FVCK is Mac Miller anyway?

  • HH

    #FACEPALM Mac Mller is was born in 92. How much did he really take in?? Sadly, 90s were the yrs creativity peaked from rhyming to production. Arguably one the best producers in hip hop HISTORY, DJ Premier once said that he hit his stride in 1994 when Hard To Earn dropped. MM was 3. What about all the radio mix shows that existed back then who laid the foundation for this magical run?? They were just as much part of the music's maturation - and they've been gone for YEARS. MM even missed the best of the indie label explosion led by Rawkus et al... that was almost over when MM turned 10. Back then, you had tons of cats competing and pushing each other. That's not the case @ present. The problem is that the current crop of 'big' acts are trying to justify their place in history, which is sadly not far from the bottom when you're talking HISTORY. I speak as someone who bought the wax back then, who lined up on thursdays to grab the rare pieces, who bought REAL mixtapes w/ exclusives remixes (not the trash that's all over soundcloud now). I didn't even get into the EU indie label scene that was releasing amazing records from US acts (Groove Attack anyone??) The truth hurts in this case, but you cannot rewrite history, only acknowledge it and try for the best. And the best isn't what's coming out now and is certainly not able to measure up to a period that was simply the foundation of a sound. Good luck MM. You have some living scholars who simply aren't convinced, and who lived and matured during that period.

  • Anonymous

    TELL IT LIKE IT IS MAC THIS IS THE WHITE MAN GAME NOW ^ there you go white man own up and admit that once you put your hands on it you fvcked it up, lol

  • Bryce Huffman

    I don't fully agree with Mac on this one, but I do see what he is TRYING to say. No, he's not crazy, he is just very much apart of this era of rap. It's almost like if Lebron or Kobe said they are playing in a better era of basketball than Jordan. Is it true, probably not, but since they are apart of this modern era, they are going to think it's better in most cases. Don't pretend like there weren't some WACK ASS RAPPERS back in the 90's just like there are no. The difference is that now it is much easier for wack ass niggas to get radio play then they did back in the 90's. Mac may be over embellishing a little bit, but don't pretend like he's crazy for having an opinion on some of the talent that is in the rap game now (some of which rappers are BETTER than some rappers from the Golden Era). The man has an opinion, that doesn't make him stupid.

  • Will

    I definitely don't agree. Although there are a few good rappers these days, this era just doesn't compare to the "Golden Era". The only thing that blows my mind though, is how people don't think there will EVER be a rapper as good as Tupac or Biggie! I just don't understand this. Now, there might not ever be 2 rappers more INFLUENTIAL to hip-hop than Tupac or Biggie, but to say there will NEVER be anybody as good as them, I just don't get it. Am I the only person who thinks this way??

  • TheRealness

    He gotta be smoking that loud. Stupid.

  • DrewDown91

    This dude is mentally handicapped. What the fugg is he thinking? Respeckognize your elders. Even EM wouldn't claim that his era 99-04 could touch 93-96. So there is no comparison to today. It is not even a conversation. #eggonyourface. There is way too many fans rapping & Riff-Raffs out there pretenda-stuntin.

  • Anonymous

    i want a hit of whatever this clown is smoking

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    excuse Mac Miller, he's so high he doesn't know what he's saying or what he is listening to, all he knows is that he is high and he likes it.

  • Anonymous

    How is the bar being raised when every project gets delayed? When albums finally do come out most suck, or have maybe 2-3 good songs. If anything, the bar has been lowered, and expectations are gone.

  • Anonymous

    this guy has no fucking idea what the hell he is talking about. which is why i dont listen to his weak ass shit.

  • riv216

    That's a big statement.... Listen to my new music project "Progression": stream or download

  • Anonymous

    Maybe for you but, Sorry mac cant agree on that one. Wheres the movement, wheres the paying fan base for the music, the feds dont fear you they cheer you(meaning hiphop is not affecting society in positive movement way), The beats are pre-made, i respect yall love for the music but learn what the real "golden era" meant or maybe he doesnt understand. peace

  • Big 18th Street Gang, E'zup to the homiez worldwide!

    Good joke, you fucking cock face. Think real hard before you talk a bunch of bullshit, you perra.

  • Drizzaveli

    In 10 years "wutang" won't be known as a rap group but instead known as a hit song by Drake. Only time will tell who the real legends are


    Definitely going into an era of hyper individualism, a kind of poetic renaissance style to it. All them artists playin it safe ain't gon make it in 2014. Uniqueness and niche will mean more than it ever has in the rap game. Them big machines won't work unless you got indie appeal.

  • Anonymous

    Here we go, another whit male who's going to tell us who and what about our music and history. Last week Phil from Duck Dynasty said we were cool with the bigotry. Now the year Mac himself, Eminem, and Macklemore sell it's comparable to an actual era

  • Anonymous

    lol this hillbilly is outta his mind

  • Anonymous

    Get this piece of shit the fuck out of here.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    His music is trash and this is more like the dark ages in hip hop and rap with a few beacons of light. He certainly isn't one of them.

  • sam snead

    Drake and Kendrick are the most popular from the new era. Drake&Kendrick

    • sam snead

      I like Kendrick but sorry, Kendrick is not better than Nas,2pac,eminem,biggie,etc. Maybe 5 years from now we can compare him with those artists though I doubt it. If he says it enough times you guys will talk about it, like how Lil Wayne said he was the best over and over and the sheeple started saying it as well.

    • Anonymous

      now lets take drake out of the equation and the now wins!

    • sam snead

      Chronic 2001-1999 Slim Shady-1999

    • Anonymous

      Aftermath didn't pop in the golden era, more like 2000-2006

    • sam snead

      So that being said: Drake&Kendrick Vs. 2pac&Biggie, I take East Vs West Drake&Kendrick Vs. Jay-z&Nas, I take the NYC guys Drake&Kendrick Vs. Eminem(aftermath)&Mos Def(rawkus), I will take the Aftermath&Rawkus

  • sam snead

    First of all this guy is corny as fuck, that is why I don't listen to him or macklemore. I just can't do it, they are lame. It's like not even so much about being white, its being corny. Like Paul Wall, I was never really into his music but he wasn't super corny, maybe a little wiggerish. Vinnie Paz is a white guy that seems like he would eat your children and eminem is eminem. I can fuck with eminem n vinnie paz. second, even though I might want to give it a few years before I judge this era. The golden era of hip-hop was 94-02. 2pac,biggie,nas,wu-tang,eminem,jay-z,bone thugs,mos def,common,ice cube,dr.dre,etc. Who are in this era- Kendrick,drake,joey badass,Mac miller,etc. I like a kendrick and joey and a couple more from this "new Era" but there are still not as many dope mc's. I'm no drake fan but he is most popular new era rapper. Drake&Kendrick

    • RandomComment

      It's all dope .. the Old School Hip Hop, the early Mainstream Rap, Underground Movement, 80s/90s, Hybrid, Today .. There are ALWAYS gems and talent .. sometimes you need to just find it and connect to whatever music speaks to you -- it can be different for everyone, but only those with talent will sustain those fans .. It's all just dope though and all I know FOR SURE is that Yelawolf is putting out some of the DOPEST music I have ever heard .. every piece from the Catalog .. quite a show and through his music, I've re-discovered music that mattered to me from the past and also even more new stuff based on the inspirations and connections of the select few artists I follow closely and blindly trust ..

    • donnis mac

      cosign 86-94 although the reality being the debate entails 20+ years of music that broke down worldwide barriers if I even considered Mac's opinion with credibility I would be making myself look like a fool

    • JimmyJones

      You can't just decide when your own Golden Era was, lol The Golden Era is an actual thing that is agreed on by music scholars/authors/journalists, etc. It's from 1986-1994.

    • jthesnake7

      Agree 100%. That's my favorite Era as well however true golden age has to be 86-2002 b-c the following in their primes (86-92) LL Cool J, Rakim, Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, KRS-One, Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Organized Confusion (Pharoahe Monch & Prince Po), EPMD, Das EFEX, Beastie Boys (not great rappers but ground breaking and entertaining early stuff), Run DMC, NWA, Geto Boys (Scarface especially) Masta Ace, Shan etc I'm with you though that 94-2002 is the best Era but I'll make it 93-2002 since 93 was a sick year of hip hop (I turn 31 Jan 8 so I was 11-19 during that time. No ERA top to bottom can touch that era when you look at the following list of MCs in their prime: Wu-Tang, Nas, Biggie, Pac, Jay, AZ, Pharoahe Monch, Common, Mos Def, Talib, Eminem, Mobb Deep, Outkast, Lox (minus Sheek ha), Big L, Big Pun, Cormega, Elzhi (slept on lyrical legend from Detroit...Peep Slum Village, ELmatic, The Preface if you haven't already), Black Thought (Roots), Bone Thugs, Twista, UGK, Scarface, Louis Logic, Apathy, Tonedeff, Juice (who beat Eminem in 97 Scribble Jam Finals) Percee-P, Copywrite, Diabolic, Ras Kass, Xzibit, Hieroglyphics (Souls of Mischiefs, Del, Casual, etc), Snoop's first album, Midnight Marauders from TBC, Wu's 36th Chambers...So many dope MCS dropped classics in the 10 year period of 1993-2002. I don't think any 10 year period beats that period. 90% of the best stuff today is underground... Just my 2 (more like 30) cents

    • sam snead

      so does your mom, ha ha ha...fag

    • Anonymous

      so do you tho

    • sam snead

      They both have being corny in common

    • sam snead

      Golden Era- Most site either the mid 80's or early 90's as when it started so it's relative. 94-02 is just my fav time in the era

    • TYBO2020

      94-02 WAS ONE OF THE GOLDEN ERAS..(74-79,82-86,87-93,94-2002)

    • Krill

      The golden era actually started earlier than '94 man.

    • Anonymous

      "First of all this guy is corny as fuck, that is why I don't listen to him or macklemore. I just can't do it, they are lame" the only thing mac miller and macklemore have in common is their skin color

  • HNIC

    LMAO, he just tried to compare a diamond rock to an igneous rock. SMH

  • Krill

    Kind of funny that he referred to the era as the "quote unquote golden age." It's only fair to compare then and now when you have a proper context. Mac Miller wasn't even alive when hip hop reached that apex. While there's definitely a nice crop of talent out right now, the comparison in of itself is very mistaken.

  • Bruce_Jackson

    I'll agree to heavily disagree

  • Anonymous

    what does a young white kid know.

  • ribbon

    not shocking. this is how he feels but it's not fact...I thought milli villi was the sh it, but they weren't's the beginning of the end.

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