Doe B's Management Releases Statement Regarding Rapper's Passing

Exclusive: DJ Frank White, Doe B's manager, has released a statement regarding the death of the Grand Hustle emcee. The Blueprint Group also issued a statement on the rapper's passing.

Doe B's management team member DJ Frank White has issued a statement to HipHopDX about the Grand Hustle rapper's passing, which was reported on earlier today (December 28). 

"The world has lost a great person and a genius artist way to soon," DJ Frank White says in a statement to HipHopDX.

In the statement, DJ Frank White also says that there is more music by Doe B which has yet to be released. 

"Doe's work ethic was incredible," DJ Frank White says. "He still has over 200 unreleased hits. His memory will live on."

DJ Frank White also confirmed that Doe B was shot three times.

The Blueprint Group Issues Statement On Doe B's Passing

Others have also extended their condolences. The Blueprint Group, which has worked with Doe B, issued a statement on the rapper's passing as well.

"Doe B was an amazing young man, in every sense of the word," The Blueprint Group says in a statement. "A truly talented artist, a loving father and a dedicated member of the Hip Hop community at large, he touched the lives of the many people who had the privilege of knowing him. The Blueprint Group offers our condolences to our Doe B label partners Interscope / Hustle Gang, his management DJ Frank White and Brooklyn Knights, and most of all his family, friends and fans at this very difficult time. We ask that you remember him not by his untimely death, but by his love of life and the music he left behind."

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  • Anonymous

    "does Sylvester Stalone and all those other action stars from The Expendables that kill people throughout the whole movie deserve to die in real life?" They're acting. That's totally different. To make that comparison shows you just don't get it.

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  • Anonymous

    Let's stop dancing around the subject, he glorified murder and gun violence and his chickens came home to roost. The same folks supporting murder music should stop fronting like they care because they listen to this every single day. Same as when Biggie died, fools running around crying when biggie glorified the very thing that did him in. Let' stop pretending these people are Malcolm X or someone respectable. Now TI and the rest of these guys will cry about rest in peace when they help promote violent crime in the first place. By the way anyone think TI is cursed, or bad luck, people around him don't do very well.

    • Anonymous

      RIP to the innocent 21 year old girl just out celebrating her birthday who got killed by some cowards who too afraid to throw hands outside like men

    • G.O.D.

      Have you heard any of his music? and if he was rapping about guns and street stuff does that mean he deserved to die? He died senselessly at the hands of another envious black man. I get tired of people blaming subject matter in someone's music for there death. It's f*cking entertainment. I'm sure you watch violent movies. does Sylvester Stalone and all those other action stars from The Expendables that kill people throughout the whole movie deserve to die in real life? Shut up and sit down somewhere.

  • FlashFixter

    Let's be clear. This young brother did not "pass away" as the reports and articles are saying. Doe B was shot and killed which means he was murdered. There is a world of difference between "passing away" and being murdered. HipHopDX is sadly and unintentionally or intentionally attempting to minimize the act or manner which resulted in the loss of this man life. It is sad, horrific, tragic and troublesome to see another case of life being taken senselessly. Even worse, it has become yet another statistic for young black men.

  • Il swing or stab u up first

    Pretty fucked up when sumone will gun u down just because he's angry that u have a nicer chain bunch of savages out here that's y I don't give a fuck if I don't know u well don't run up on me. A random 22 year old girl caught one in the head as well

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