E-40 Shares New Details On Biggie Setup

E-40 says he called off a possible hit on Notorious B.I.G., says the incident resulted in a shout out in the "Life After Death" album notes.

Following the release of a DVD titled Notorious B.I.G.: Bigger Than Life, West Coast rapper E-40 has continued to speak on an incident featured on the DVD that involved both himself and the late Notorious B.I.G. E-40 spoke vaguely on the incident in 2010 and shared that while Biggie was in town, a few of his associates “got at him” following comments the Brooklyn wordsmith made about E-40 in a magazine interview.

E-40 shed even more light on the incident during an interview with Complex.com this week. He again stated that he took no part in the fake concert that was booked for Biggie in Sacramento and also shared the details of a phone call he received while Biggie was in town.

According to E-40, he received a phone call late at night from a man claiming to be in the same area as Biggie. The man then asked E-40 if he wanted him to do anything to the rapper.

“But a concert was booked that I didn’t book,” E-40 said. “And I wanna tell y’all this. I got a call like 11 at night. ‘40, I got this nigga Biggie Smalls down here woo wopty woo woo. What you want me to do with him?’ You gotta understand. Just being upset cause somebody said they ain’t fuckin with your music that ain’t enough to try to do somebody in. That’s not cool. That’s some bitch shit. That ain’t cool. I got on the phone with dude. I was like ‘I didn’t know you felt like that’…Anyway, to make a long story short, I got him home safe. Got him back to the hotel safe. I didn’t book that concert. That’s the main thing I want to say. But the shit that went down as far as my folks on his head, they was. And I called it off.”

E-40 again explained that the entire incident was brought about due to comments Biggie made during an interview with a Canadian magazine. When asked to rank a handful of West Coast artists on a scale from one to 10, E-40 says Biggie gave him a zero.

“A lot of people know about the Biggie incident,” E-40 said. “When he came to Northern California. Some of my folks was highly upset that he had did an article—I was upset that he did an article in a Canadian magazine…They asked him from a scale to one to 10 what do you feel about these artists. So, he would say Spice 1. I don’t know if it was a three, a four, or a two. Ice Cube, I don’t know what he gave him, but I know he gave me a zero. Right? And I’m a fixture out there on my soil, right? West Coast, and they fuck with me in New York at the time too as well. So, I was like ‘okay.’ Of course I was upset about that. My dudes seen that. Everybody was upset about that.”

E-40 says his cordial interaction with Biggie as a result of the incident led to the rapper giving him a shout out in the album notes for Life After Death.

In an interview with Hip Hop Wired last year, E-40 said his encounter with Biggie in Sacramento was one he didn’t speak on until Biggie’s people brought it to light.

“So [Biggie's people] hit me, we pow-wowed, got him back safe and that was that, man…you know that I'm so real that I never even spoke on it,” he said. “His folks spoke on that, I never brought it up."



  • Anonymous

    "Nevertheless, the point remains the same: doing your research before making such claims is always useful" E-40 went platinum once, In A Major Way. He's gone gold 3 other times which I guess one might find impressive, but looking over his discography, there are a handful of other albums that didn't sell. His most recent albums debuted in the 100's. Once again, he hasn't sold millions. Hope this was useful.

    • Triple OG

      So, you have to sell millions or records to be good? Rappers are ranked on the number of albums sold. This is people's way of thinking, which is why Hip Hop has went to shit.

  • Frofted

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  • Anonymous

    East vs. West = The West won

  • eBRO

    "Yo E40 I gotta hit on Biggie what you want me to do? Boogety woogety woogety wamp wamp do bamp". I'll tell you what you clueless, hyphy rappers should do: start reading Hooked on Phonics, because your English is as terrible as your rapping.

  • Yo Daddy

    Numbers Dont lie Right ???? Notorious BIG aka Chris Wallace Millionaire Dead @26. 2 Albums Over 15 Million Sold 2pac Shakur Millionaire Dead @ 26 Over 100 Million Sold Earl E40 Stevens Millionaire Alive @ 46 20 Albums Released . Millions Sold And Still Going. PERIOD you hatin bitches. fuck outta here

    • Anonymous

      E-40 has sold at least a million in every decade he's been involved. His second album ALONE got his first million, then the next two another. Remember, this is still the pre-2k era. "My Ghetto Report Card" from 2k6 went Gold, while "Ball Street Journal" was real close(~450k), so let's take it another rough million, as (obviously) the former wasn't sold exactly 500k units. (But even if we are not that generous, he still has another 2 or 3 albums from that time, so ...) Speaking about nowadays, his 4-part "Revenue Retrievin" series alone sold overall 960k, and we haven't even included the Block Brochure series, whose first instalment alone sold ~70+k in first week ... And that's coming from somebody who hasn't listened a whole E-40 album in his whole life. Nevertheless, the point remains the same: doing your research before making such claims is always useful.

    • Anonymous

      E-40 hasn't sold millions.

    • Anonymous

      sales say nothing about quality, dumb fucker. E40 is average

  • Litheir

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  • Fuck the Bay 2

    Who gives a shit if his slang got propagated...he's still whack as shit. I could only ever tolerate "Sprinkle Me" and "Tell Me When to Go". Notorious B.I.G. and E-40 shouldn't even be mentioned in the same breath. Biggie held the entire game in his hands and if he had lived he be Jay-Z right now. E-40 has been in the game for 20 years and is still considered a B-rated rapper at best. Bay Area niggaz are myopic...you're the only ones who like your shit. Trust me, I've lived everywhere and I know. You won't even hear it in L.A.

  • Fuck the Bay 2

    BTW...I'm sitting in Oakland International Airport so I can talk that Town Biz....

  • Fuck the Bay 2

    The Bay Area is America's worst Hip-Hop cultural epicenter. Their music is crappy and repetitive and they still can't get over Hyphy. No one else in America is down with that movement. Drake will take a DJ Mustard beat for the clubs, but no one is looking to NorCal for production outside of the occaisonal Bay Area co-op. E-40 represents the lowered bar for talent in NorCal. He rhymes fast and off beat and uses a bunch of slang to force people to listen, but who is really running out for that E-40 feature? Has he been on any of Hip-Hop's big album projects? Has he created a real classic? No. The last classic album out of the Bay Area belongs to the Heiroglyphics (93 Til Infinity) and outside of that, the Bay Area can only produce cookie cutter dreadheadz bouncing side to side to the same Hyphy one-two. It works in the Bay....no one else wants to hear it...

    • Anonymous

      Yes, he was featured on 2 Pac's opus All Eyes on Me and The Last Don.

    • eBRO

      I like the way you think, Fuck The Bay, I really do. Keep informing these ignorant youngsters the real truth.

    • yo daddy bitch

      kill yo self bitch. people who ran out there for an E40 feature.... 2pac, LIL WAYNE, Hot boys BABY, Juvenile, Ol Dirty Bastard, Jodeci, Lil Jon , Tpain, Petey Pablo, Busta Rhymes, Mystikal, SNOOP DOGG, YG, TI, CHRIS Brown, 50 cent, Tech N9ne, Ice Cube and ANYONE IN THE BAY. fuck outta here with these fuckin haters

  • Fuck the bay

    Biggie was right. E40 is fucking wack. In fact you aint a 0 ur a -0.

  • sxxx4


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  • Youth Movement from coast to coast

    Biggie Smalls was an overrated rapper. Puffy has the people on the east coast trained to think, if you you dissing Biggie, then you dissing the whole east coast. Puffy got some game. However, the people on east coast under 30 years old ain't feeling that foolishness. It reminds of how young white folks down south, ain't buying into the racists philosophies of their parents and grandparents.

  • Anonymous

    lol Biggie gave this wack fuck a zero. This old lame ass thinks he is good while only in the bay area they listen to his crap

  • Anonymous

    This nigga is acting if he is some maffia don getting some publicity because he is talking about Biggie. Biggie stayed cool during the whole incident. So fuck you and get rid of those glasses. Do you wann look intelligent?

    • East Bay Funk"

      on E-40's glasses..."I just look like this but I'm really about my scratch, see what it is I want the po-po's to think that I'm just as square as a box of apple jacks" (Lifestyles)

    • Anonymous

      actually the glasses was a bay thing... they wanted to not look like thugs cause they was selling drugs. not like the fake rappers you prob listen to who just rap about it.

    • Biggie wasn't no gangster

      I'm sure Biggie Smalls was scared out of his mind. If Biggie was so hard he wouldn't been available for a phone call. He would have had them cats in dirt. Funny how you equate being in the Italian mafia with being something special lol. You don't have to be an Italian mafioso to be able to get someone murdered. Stop watching movies and put your toes down on the turf. You a typing thug and monitor mobster.

  • demon dave

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  • The South killed Hip-Hop

    Biggie Was right about one thing the South ultimately did sink Hip Hop This doesn't include groups like OutKast, T.I, UGK,etc cause that's talent and passion...but those one hit wonders who can't hold an album down like Young joc, ying yang twins, plies, etc.

    • Chris Wallace was mediocre

      No, New York crowning Biggie their king lowered the standards of New York rap.

    • Fareast

      Nope, Puffy killed hip hop. You think that sampling Blondie, Bee Gees, Sting, Tears For Fears and any AOR or disco artist IS THE HIP HOP THING TO DO?

  • Glock 9 45

    I know he loved out in the bay n is respected I just cant get into the way he raps all the random stutterin n noises nigga sounds like a fuckin beluga whale

  • yall some squares

    If you don't think 40 had some of the hardest beats and classic lyrics on earlier albums like federal, in a major way, and the element of surprise than you have no taste in music.

    • Anonymous

      you say dude makes no sense....then WHY THE FUCK does every single rapper in the game right now use words or phrases that E-40 created? you are an idiot sir. Go hate somewhere else

    • Anonymous

      1. you mean the producers who made the beats had some of the hardest beats. 2. he's wack get your ears cleaned all he does is studder. dudes make no sense

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Biggie! E-40 WAY Better then that Boring-ass flow Biggie.

  • PayJay

    Lol @ "woo wopty woo woo". Only E-40 would say something like that. Some of you guys might of forgot how long E-40 has been in the game, and the style and slang he contributed to Hip Hop. I don't think he is the best, but some of his music is alri

  • Andy

    Biggie was right to give e40 a zero... I give everyone a chance but e40 is and always will be wack... Biggie for the Win

  • Anonymous

    i will give e 40 a zero too. that guy is corny as fuck.

  • riv216

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  • riv216

    E-40 a g out here huh?

  • Anonymous

    I would give him a zero as well

  • whodi

    My weebelization I'm bout to call the lebowitz up, you giving up too much info

  • imean

    fuck the catchphrases listen to the message

  • CornbreadG'dUp

    E-40 is a real ni99a.Nobody fuks with e-40.He too real

  • Anonymous

    woo wopty woo woo we pow-wowed

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