Kanye West Says His Music's Profound & Addresses Profanity Complaints

Kanye West says he is on a mission with his music.

Kanye West, whose Yeezus album became available for free on GooglePlay yesterday (December 26), recently spoke about his attention to detail when crafting lyrics. 

"[My lyrics] are already studied with a magnifying glass," West said in an interview with rickeysmileymorningshow.com. "I don't think there's a person who dissects their lyrics more than me.

"This is a mission that I'm on," West continued. "I was on 'Ellen,' and she was like 'It's cursin' here.' I think it's more profane to have an album with no profanity that's not talkin' about nothin' than to be as profound with profanity." 

West said that his comment regarding the matter was impressive. 

"I mean, it was cold because it was an alliteration also," West says. "The p-r-o and then the f and everything. It was too cold. Too fresh." 

An alliteration is "the use of words that begin with the same sound near one another," as per merriam-webster.com.

Kanye West appeared on "Ellen" earlier this year and premiered "Bound 2," a selection off Yeezus, on the television talk showYeezus was a runner-up for HipHopDX's Album Of The Year, ending behind Run The Jewels' self-titled debut album.

More from West's interview with "The Rickey Smiley Morning Show" can be viewed below.

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  • LEON

    That was pretty dope. haha...

  • Really?!!?

    I like how you cite the definition of alliteration for your dumb readers...

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    Kanye West knows how to stay relevant and in the headlines.

  • Anonymous

    For real he s impressed by his own comment ?

    • Anonymous

      If you say something smart or profound, there is still no need to gaz yourself over it, it still makes you look like a douche. Profound people don't run around trying to convince people about how clever they are. Now Have a nice day and eat a dick "lil nigga". And don't bother answering thanks.

    • Anonymous

      Well, actually, it isn't 'right after something was said'. I'm pretty sure he said that shit on Ellen back in November, more than a month ago, so you point falls apart. Furthermore, he was bringing it back up to prove a point about his "mission". Now shut the fuck and gon about your business, lil nigga. Let the grown ups talk.

    • Anonymous

      I ve never commented on anything I ve just said like it was some next level shit No. Especially with something as trivial as Kanye's "alliteration". Bigging up yourself right after saying something just makes you look like a douchebag. Do you understand now or should I go on ? Have a nice day.

    • Anonymous

      You've never been impressed by anything you've done? You must live a sad life

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