E-40 Donates $10,000 To Salvation Army

E-40 says he's "trying to give back" to his community.

E-40 has donated $10,000 to The Salvation Army in his hometown, Vallejo, California, according to timesheraldonline.com. The rapper explained that his donation stemmed from childhood experiences with the organization. 

"My mother and father divorced when I was [eight]," E-40 said. "They did what they could do. When times got heavy, me and mom had to come over here [to the Salvation Army]...I knew I had to come out to my soil. I'm trying to give back."

E-40 also spoke about how giving back is something everyone can do.

"I'm no better than anyone else," 40 said. "I'm just playing my part. I can't save the world, but I do what I can to save my community."

An image from the event can be found below, via timesheraldonline.com

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  • Anonymous

    not to many people do this... even if it benefits him in some type of way...be grateful for it.. artist are now seeing the error in their ways..

  • Jacc

    LOL you niggas just love to hate, it's like my dawg Bashar said: you can drop a million dollars in the hood; someone'll still be mad cause you ain't dropped a million and one

  • black people

    we only give back if the cameras rolling!

  • Anonymous

    The sad part was the 10k was all in one dollar bills, stolen from a stripper.

  • Gucci The ROAT

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  • Stanucci

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  • Anonymous

    publicity stunt, he just dropped an album, so you know the truth

  • Albert Kennedy

    10 gs should be a drop in the bucket. Broke ass nigga.

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