Jay Z's Artistic Integrity Questioned By Millennials

A survey of more than 1,000 millennials says that Jay Z's partnership with Samsung was 2013's second-least popular celebrity marketing deal among consumers aged 13-31.

Jay Z’s integrity as an artist is being questioned by millennials, according to a story on businessinsider.com

Celebrity branding expert Jeetendr Sehdev’s research found that the Brooklyn rapper "scored 70% lower in the categories of trustworthiness and honesty than did celebrities like Morgan Freeman and Jennifer Lawrence, an issue Sehdev chalks up to Jay's intense focus on making money seemingly however he can," per businessinsider.com.

A survey of more than 1,000 millennials says that Jay Z’s partnership with Samsung to release his Magna Carta Holy Grail album was 2013’s second-least popular celebrity marketing deal among consumers aged 13-31, the story says. Justin Beiber’s pact with OPI was the most unpopular.

"Millennials question the exact nature of Jay Z’s role in the artistic process," Sehdev said, according to the business insider.com story. "Does he really write his own songs? Is he choosing the artists to collaborate with, or is he just the face of a money-making empire?"

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  • Renzo

    He's not an artist in the first place. He's a hustler that raps. Like Master P, 50 and Puffy.

  • MrMicgarnicle

    he's artistic integrity has been questioned since Pac died and he filled the void and came out with stuff like hard nock life, and Hov. fuck this over paid dik'ole

  • Jeff Eastland (First Dirt )

    Not surprised. But then again, not to be unexpected from Hov. He is, as he puts it, a BUSINESS man. Lol. It is what it is. 60East New Mixtape "Mood Muzik" out now on datpiff and soundcloud. Check it out and support tha real hip-hop ish, str8 from southern cali.... http://www.datpiff.com/60-East-Mood-Muzik-mixtape.550646.html https://soundcloud.com/60east Official Instagram : @60east @firstdirt Official Twitter : @60eastFD @firstdirt Website: firstdirt.com Blog: firstdirt.wordpress.com

  • Lupe Belongs To The GLAAD

    If he didn't pay Pete properly, he deserves to die

  • Anonymous

    Get your money Jay. Don't EVEN listen to these fools.

  • OK

    Articles like this only makes him more rich. Its all part of his plan!

  • Anonymous

    What "integrity"? What BLACK businesses does this house negro support or create?

    • Zzzz

      Which one does he support???? HE IS a black business dumb ass. He owns black businesses DUMB ASS. He employs black people DUMB ASS. He promotes black artist DUMB ASS. He's a sports agent to black athletes DUMB ASS. He's a BLACK philanthropist DUMB ASS. AND he's not running from the Barney's profiling issue either DUMB ASS he's addressing it in a real way and not posting bullshit talking points online like you. Fuck all the way outta' here.

    • Anonymous

      by the way....herman cain is the house negro

    • Anonymous

      Roca-Wear....wow...ur a hater

  • Shut UP

    Last time I checked ALL the "artist" want to get paid. If they say they don't they are LYING. Jay just happens to do it better. They want Kobe Bryant to take a bigger pay cut too. Same shit. BUT nobody is tripping on the label owners or the other billionaires who employ these millionaires.

  • Anonymous

    wtf...do they know???? all they need to know he's filthy rich....now get back to work, young bucks.

  • Anonymous

    This survey is for people who are commonly known as LOSERS.

  • Anonymous

    Ppl will justify JAY Z killing their own mothers with "he getting money though", pathetic. But wanna kill Kanye for wearing a kilt or some other random irrelevant shit, the class war is at an all time with y'all clowns. I'll respect JAY Z when he actually makes public statements in defense of something besides MONEY in the meantime y'all keep worshipping your false idol.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck this survey for real. They be asking 1000 (as if that is a representative number) people aged 13(!!!! thirteen yo they don't even understand Hovs lyrics) and 31 and make a news out of it. By the way, "Justin Bieber's partnership with OPI was the most hated" business move. I dint even know of anything like that. This survey is a bunch of bullshit.

  • Anonymous

    I'm 20, grew up on a lot of Jay Z's music and enjoyed the Magna Carta album. I don't actually give a fuck about his business deals. He be doing what he doing if he's making money off it. Aint nobody telling me they wouldn't do the same.

  • Naz

    This has to be the DUMBEST shit I've ever read! Black men just can't prosper without being discredited smh

  • Mike

    DON'T BE FOOLED PEOPLE. [White]Man of power are afraid of Jay. TO take him down they want his core fans to turn on him.

  • Stanucci

    Jay-Z is just a clown who in Brooklyn can confirm his story that he was a hustler? Nobody!I mean my nigga Gucci is always in the news for shooting and beating people up. Jay-Z is scared to death if he would meet Gucci, he knows Gucci aint to be fucked with. I mean Gucci rolls with thugs and Jigga rolls with faggots like: Kanye, wayne, drake, big sean etc.

    • kai

      bitch stfu who the fuck you think you are. don't you ever call big sean a fag. Ain't no rappers from the D fags. fuck new york and fuck the south keep big sean out ya mouth you fucking bitch

    • Bigg Snaxx

      Gucci? your an idiot for even saying that.

  • bigga

    Jay-Z can't write for shit, listen to Swagger Jacker on YouTube

  • sxxx9


  • fuck ashanti fuck the aw babby rock with you song


  • Anonymous

    They are so quick to forget http://www.theworldsbestever.com/2013/06/17/jay-z-and-nokia-team-up-to-release-the-black-album/

  • ghn0


  • ghn0


  • ghn0


  • Anonymous

    I mean what are we really debating here his role in the artistic process or is he a good businessman. Yea we can argue that his music has changed as his money has grew but u cant deny him being a good businessman. Who cares if it wasn't a popular deal, least he tried something new. Weak ass article

  • ghn0


  • Dante

    I never questioned shit.

  • TheyreRight

    These millennials are right though. He's the face of a money makin empire and he puts people on as long as he can eat off them. Very rarely he'll show love to someone he's not eatin off of (Rick Ross) but thats cuz dudes like Rick Ross & him share the commonality of almost tapping into that higher society livin. Jay-Z is worried about lining his pockets because he feels he transcended the whole race thing and views the division of our world by wealth and classes. Think about it. People like you and I see racism as a problem but when someone has the wealth to erase the color lines their battle shifts its focus to the wealthier people that are blockin out the less wealthy (but still wealthy) people like Jay-Z. Basically Jay-Z wants to get in with the most powerful people so he can figure out the chess moves for the world so he can save himself and his family

    • Logic

      Welcome to the wonderful world of business. You must not be very successful in life if you find intelligence in investing in people or endeavors who don't give returns. People need to drop the BS. "He doesn't look out." IF you have a job...do you think the company would keep you employed if you couldn't perform the job, simply because you were a nice guy with some friends up there? Let's be serious.

    • Anonymous

      Eating off people meaning using them to get him some street credibility, taking marketing and manufacturing schemes to a whole other level. Tru-Life and Beanie Sigel were apparently as real as it gets, i think jay made business decisions to cut them off but seems like his whole career is based on this stuff

  • 666


  • Money First

    People are goofy as hell and the fact that a "Q" rating is even important goes to show what America has really become: A High School type popularity contest...GTFOH!! Just enjoy the music/art and keep it movin'!! Fuck the stupid debates!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Manny

    Nas wins end of argument.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck jay Z and his chick that sounds like she never made it past the third grade.

  • the doc

    listen to his lyrics u dont need no guyd damn survey....dis man only about paper and nothin else.....he poisoned by that green. come on yall...... For real tho

  • Anonymous

    All ya'll posting is ad hominems. You aren't actually dealing with the situation in question. The moment you partner with a huge, multi-million dollar corporation that's only interested in getting into the culture to make money off it, you start losing artistic integrity. End of story

    • Mike

      @GTFOHWTBS...you're comparing making a movie to business ventures. Completely different. Acting isn't a business venture, starting a production studio is a venture. @It's Dark...

    • Anonymous

      ^^^Shut your stupid ass up!!!

    • It's Dark, and It's Probably Because that Fucking Mouse got in My Wire Feed Again

      ever heard of main stream rap music?? notice how the majority of them suck to people that actually know music? lol Jayz is clearly untalented but he makes so much much money because all of his fans are retarded and brainwashed by the mainstream media...he doesnt give a fuk about his fans lol... all the fans are doing is supplying his pocket with cash that he always raps and yaps about... dmx on the other hand he never changed he was hungry when he sold over 30 mill and still is!!!!!!!!!


      truth. but it depends on the person. 2pac was no less himself after he started making movies. ernest dickenson put him in "Juice" knowing he'd help sell the movie.and he hadnt really blew yet.dig?

    • Anonymous

      that may be true, but thats just as true for any label that isn't non-profit. they're in it to make money, so theres something lost. at the same time, just cause a corp is in it to make money, it doesn't necessarily mean they're going to want creative control over the product. leadership is about delegation and putting the right people in position to make you money, regardless. and sometimes good quality art just sells.

  • Anonymous

    :/.....People are dumb.

  • Anonymous

    I'm 20 and enjoyed the album for free, thanks


      glad you did. but again you would be the wrong person to poll about a 40+ yr old. with a whole set of issues you couldnt possibly relate to in '96 or now


    The oldest group of people polled Are 31 yr olds. This means that when reasonable doubt dropped, they were 14 And the youngest polled were not born yet...this is bullshit on so many levels... Neither group fully grasped the album that told you what he is here for when it dropped. So they polled A whole group of people who are unqualified to even have an real opinion let alone a conversation about jay-z...if you could've "gotten" him then...you would "get" him now.fin


      you stated that "your logic is terrible" i was quoting you.- work cited

    • anonymous

      Why did you put logic in quotations?


      lol... let me brk it down for you since you obviously didnt understand the 6 lines i originally posted. the oldest group polled were 14 when his 1st album dropped. the reason i brought up reasonable doubt is because (this is the 3rd time ive stated this)--> he told you from day one what he is about.(so yes,of course i know its not a critique of said album)in which a 14 yr old is not going to fully grasp.so questioning artistic integrity shows they know next nothing about him.(4xs now ITS BEEN ABOUT MONEY FROM DAY 1ST,NOT INTEGRITY) For example--i tell you im gonna be at home for the rest of the day so call me at 4pm. but instead you call me at 3:58pm and you feel a way because im not at the barber shop. i told u i was at home dog! I quoted the end of the article in my second reply.go back and read it. 1. if you know jay-z you know he "writes" all his lyrics himself (freestyling mostly) 2.if "they" think he doesnt pick artists to appear on his albums himself. they are smoking that NEW shit. 3. yes,he is the "face of a money-making empire".. his own. if they were paying attn. they would know all this but the people polled apparently do not its not about understanding the music so much as it is knowing whats really going/went on in the streets and knowing the history(knowing what your talking about). so who are they polling? DING DING DING people who dont know what theyre talking about. and thats why its bullshit..irrelevant? how? 6 lines told u all of this but i guess you couldnt put it together? "dick riders,this aint got nothing to do with rap" - Imaginary Players 1997 maybe these people polled thought he was just playing? LOLercaust

    • Anonymous

      GTFOWTBS, let's ignore that most of your original comment is irrelevant to the article, but I wasn't born when Ice T started rapping, I still understand his albums and what he and hip hop was at that time. The people polled aren't critiquing the album, they are critiquing the marketing move - An album made in 5 minutes for an extra few rooms on his house.


      So you did get it!!! He's about money and been slangin that traprap for 2 decades. it started out about hiphop but it was always money motivated.but the article quotes "Does he really write his own songs? Is he choosing the artists to collaborate with, or is he just the face of a money-making empire?" this is what the 13-31 yr old "millenials" they polled are thinking?!!?!? they obviously dont "know" him or or his history. which is why i posted in the first place. dig?

    • Anonymous

      What's to get. He's a scab just like any other rapper that profits off of selling drug dealer dreams. Fuck Jay Z. I could give him a pass if there was any sort of balance in his music. But it never was.


      If my "logic" is terrible. explain then,how its teribble. I stated facts period.

    • Anonymous

      Your logic is terrible

  • Skull & Bones

    Our disciple is fine... you must trust him more... he & John Kerry are your friends... they are illuminating the world with their good works... ... Novus Ordo Seclorum

    • the TRUTH

      please....u mufuckas steal everything from us then associate successful niggaz with u old money meat suckin cave men...save that black illuminati shit for the lost ones...of course millennials will say that about jay because he is somewhat the definition of success for our culture and do u really think that if u wanted to control a mass of ppl...wouldn't u lie about the ones who succeeded???? say that they're part of a secret society that never had niggaz apart of it...but all of a sudden when we become successful we illuminati or something secret..."cuz u know the negroes can't have all that without the man condoning it...i'm just saying tho....lol

  • Anonymous

    Oh no please, anyone but the millennials!

  • Candid_bk

    C'mon man. I thought he TOLD you characters he's not a rapper. Can he LIVE? He told you '96 that he came to take this shit, and he DID, handle'is BIZ. He scrambles like Randall with his... Jay Z doesn't and hasn't hidden any of his intentions, ever. So the opinions and speculation really don't matter when he clearly tells it to you straight. If he wasn't rappin' he'd be getting money another way, LIKE HE'S BEEN DOING. -Candid.

    • Anonymous

      Yup. Profiting off of telling black people to be like me. Sell drugs. Fuck up your neighborhood and fuck your education. All he needs is a KKK mask.

    • Laurence Bellinger

      The best reply, response, rebuttal ever...its funny when its a black man making business move successfully its deemed shrewd and deceitful, but what about all these others out here exploiting the masses to mere hunger and homelessness...he's a business man first who happens to rap, and he said he gon make it, hustle his way to the top...in business you gotta be something else, but fuck...that nigga is always at the threshold of any artistic argument or something... "...Still they put me on they cover cause I earn for them Soon as I sell too much, watch them turn on him Cause that seem to be the shit that'll earn for them" prophesied back in '99

  • Anonymous

    What fucking "integrity" does this asshole love to "lose"? That's aside from liking or disliking his mostly cornball raps and records. Still, I hope there's a third Jay-Z/R. Kelly album, the first two were so 'great.' And hey, doesn't Jay "own" the Nets? Integrity his dick!!

    • RealTalk

      I can't tell if you are being sarcastic or not, but those R Kelly Jay albums were wack. R Kelly is a lot better making solo albums than teaming up with a washed up overrated rapper.

  • Born God Allah

    All this generation cares about are skinny jeans, jordans and social networks, like seriously who are they to judge? This is the same generation that elevated rappers like Chief Keef to prominence. That guy sounds half retarded with nothing intelligible to communicate. This is the complete dumbing down of a youth culture. Hov is a hustler and I hope he gets all the money he can get because at the end of the day he's taking some brothers & sisters off the street and it's good to see a Blackman getting his due legally.

  • Fred W

    Thank you. I'm surprised Millenials can judge trust worthiness in anyone other than themselves at all, since they are so busy taking selfies all the damn time.

  • sandniggaspeaks

    I thought we already knew jay z is the devils bitch... He doesn't care about anything but money...

  • Negro Tha God

    Don't nobody give a fuck about integruity, especially Jay Z. Sold his soul? How about I sell y'all my dick? Look here, negros and negrettes, the best artists have to sell their paintings at some point in time. Helps to keep that bread on the table. I don't see anybody talking about artistic integrity when said artist dies and their work accumulates a grandoise amount of money at an auction. Shit, what people gotta understand is it's okay to be an artist who creates quality music and be a businessman at the same time. So what's wrong with wanting to partner up with a corporation like Samsung? What these artsy weirdos gotta understand is that Jigga is a business first, and an artist LAST. It helps to sell Jay'z brand, and in return, Samsung cashes in on the profits and they sell phones (no pun intended). See how that all works out?

    • Negrodamus

      Obviously, your dumb ass can't comprehend what I'm saying, otherwise you wouldn't run off at the mouth like the anonymous little PUNK that you are. Did I copy and paste a link to his bank statements? NO. Did I claim to be his accountant? NO. So how in the FUCK am I vouching for what's in his pockets? All I'M doing is stating the cold, hard facts: Jay-Z is a motherfucking BUSINESSMAN. He could give FUCK LESS bout artistic integrity, and you would know that if you weren't so quick to jump to jump to such conclusions like the little BITCH that you are. Read the comments above about you, and I'm pretty sure a lot of them share my exact sentiments. They've known this from day one. So, thank you and have a nice day.

    • Anonymous

      Let Jay-Z worry bout his own pockets and take his dick out your mouth. People just want to hear some good music that sounds like the artist actually cared about the product they put out. If the album wasn't average bet they wouldn't care but you just wanna vouch for another man's bank account like a hoe

  • ac'

    Hell yeah, most of these people probably think old school hip hop is pre 2006

  • Jeff

    Is this really fucking news? Do you guys even consider who the fuck they polled?

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