2 Chainz Facing Jail Time Following August Arrest

2 Chainz facing up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine following August arrest in Oklahoma City.

Although it’s been four months since Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz and his entourage were arrested in Oklahoma City following an appearance at Lil Wayne’s "America’s Most Wanted" show at Chesapeake Energy Arena, it now appears that 2 Chainz is looking at possible jail time and a $1,000 fine as a result of the arrest.

According to AllHipHop.com, 2 Chainz was hit with a misdemeanor charge this week for obstructing an officer. The rapper shared his thoughts on the charge in a tweet sent earlier today (December 24).

The Oklahoma City arrest took place August 21 when 2 Chainz and those on his tour bus refused to let authorities search their bus after reportedly being pulled over for a broken taillight. Hours after being pulled over, 2 Chainz and nine others on the bus were arrested.

News of 2 Chainz’ misdemeanor charge comes weeks after the rapper declared that he would be going “cold turkey on all criminal activities” during an interview on MTV’s “RapFix Live.” While speaking with the show’s host, Chainz also revealed that he doesn’t want the notoriety that comes with taking mug shots and going to jail.

“And then for me I made so many mistakes…I made mistakes when I was like previous to being in this position,” said the rapper. “To where I don’t wanna do mug shots. I don’t wanna be on these TMZs and these news [outlets]. I’m not trying to portray that. I don’t wanna be the rapper that’s tryna sell albums to go to jail or whatever it is.”

NewsOK.com reports that Oklahoma City attorney Mack Martin, who represents 2 Chainz and the three other men charged, is “hoping to have the matter resolved in the very near future.”

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  • Anonymous

    "this is a scenario where they were looking for drugs and guns and found absolutely nothing and had no motive to search the bus outside of it being a rapper and his entourage on board" People don't face prison time for doing nothing. Even if you get pulled over and have nothing on you, but you decide to resist arrest, or fight the cop, then guess what? You're arrested and face doing some time when they dig some other shit up to charge you with. Shit that you did voluntarily.

  • Anonymous

    On September 14 2012, J-Diggs and three other Thizz Entertainment members were arrested for assault and attempted murder in Hawaii. On June 9 2013, Washington County Sheriffs Office arrested Jamal Diggs on a felony warrant out of Hawaii, and for drug and drug-related charges. In 2005, he was involved in a feud with rapper J-Kwon. In February 2011, J-Diggs released a diss track at ex-Funk Mobb member Mac Shawn called Rat Shawn. Volume 2 features Mac Dre, E40, The Jacka, Nate Dogg, Mitchy Slick, Messy Marv, The Hood Starz, Rich The Factor, Boy Big, Matt Blaque, Crest Creepas and more. GUCCI WHO? Bitch nigga gucci

  • Nate Higgers

    LOL that nigga looks like a peen

  • Anonymous

    This wack fuck most get life sentence for his wack music or the death penalty

  • goodlooking

    If you were in his shoes,you'll do worse

  • Disclosure

    Hope he stays there in jail for a while his music is ruining our communities and society as a whole him with along these other rappers portraying an image we all can't survive and make

    • Disclosure

      Who said I was white? Lol,idiot. Btw certain people deserve jail regardless of skin color. You sound dumb.

    • Anonymous

      I don't wish incarceration on any man of color especially over some music, I don't understand why you whites always blame HipHop music and rap entertainers for the problems and issues that plague communities and society.

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  • kennyken

    they found nothing. 2 chainz is right, the devil is busy

  • Anonymous

    Ain't really no way sound it, these white folks will always profile us and try to keep us in their system, we just need to infiltrate that shit so we can take care of our own like they take care of theirs.

    • LMAO

      "Africa takes care of each other" Yet back in the 18th and 19th centuries, africans were selling africans as slaves. There is still mass genocide in african countries from armed militias, africans killing africans. Fucking ignorant nig. You wish it was that simple.

    • Anonymous

      Africa is bouncing back slowly but surely, colonialization, imperialism and Apartheid along with Europe under developing her has slowed her rise but she will rise again. Rules apply to everyone but it's a proven fact that Law Enforcment profile and target non-whites and this is a scenario where they were looking for drugs and guns and found absolutely nothing and had no motive to search the bus outside of it being a rapper and his entourage on board.

    • Anonymous

      It's easy to profile people when they act like the rules don't apply to them.

    • Anonymous

      Africa takes care of each other

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