Diddy Says Beyonce Will Reach Diana Ross Fame

Diddy reveals that REVOLT TV isn't "big on just the reality shows," hopes to make dreams come true with the network.

As part of REVOLT TV’s “State Of Revolt: The Chairman Talks” special, the cable television network’s owner, Diddy, addressed a handful of major music events that have happened this year. Among the most recent happenings Diddy discussed was Beyonce’s newly-released album, Beyonce.

The Houston songstress released the surprise album on iTunes on December 13. Despite the unexpectedness of the project, Beyonce currently serves as one of the year’s biggest releases and one of Beyonce’s “best albums” according to Diddy.

During the “State Of Revolt: The Chairman Talks” special, Diddy gave credit to Beyonce for creating a body of work with her new album and revealed that the singer will one day be up there with the likes of Diana Ross and The Rolling Stones.

“I would just motivate more artists and more producers to create a body of work, man,” said Diddy. “You know what I’m saying? You don’t have to do 20 joints. Create a body of work that stands for something and that you want to see stand for yourself 10 years from now. And I think that she didn’t go after making radio records. Like we got, I think, one of the best albums from Beyonce. And also just from an innovation level she’s a different type of artist. She’s up there with the great ones. And everybody should aspire to be up there. Her name will be said with Diana Ross. It will be said with The Rolling Stones.”

Diddy also spoke briefly on his goals for REVOLT TV and what can be expected from the network in the future. The Hip Hop entrepreneur emphasized that REVOLT TV is a network created to uplift artists and not “tear them down.”

“We’re focused on playing the videos and having original programming,” Diddy said. “We’re not really big on just the reality shows and things like that. We want to be known for our journalistic credibility. I want to be there to motivate and inspire artists. I want to be there to believe in them when no one else believed in them…I want to make sure that we don’t try to—with our news we cover the news and we get the opinions from the fans, but it’s not a personal REVOLT thing…I want us to have the power to be a platform to make people’s dreams come true. Not in no way tear them down.”

Released less than two weeks ago, Beyonce’s self-titled album is quickly reaching the one-million mark for the number of copies sold in the United States. News of Beyonce’s latest sales feat, comes days after Target spokesperson Erica Julkowsk informed Billboard.com that the retailer would not sell physical copies of Beyonce.

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  • Anonymous

    Actually the HOLLYWOOD BOWL was 18,000 People. That's a crowd of nearly 20,000 people and Miss Diana Ross was SOLD OUT!! Diana Ross is in a class all by herself. Nobody can be compared with Miss Ross The BOSS, and not one female artist out today will EVER be on the same level that Diana Ross is. I'm pulling for Taylor Swift because she seems to have more class than the rest of the ass-shaking vulgar females out today I.E (Beyonc, Rihanna, Miley, Gaga etc.) Miss Ross made her success at a time when Blacks were not even considered human, but yet Miss Ross kicked the door in and blew the roof off! Diana Ross made her platinum and gold without the help of MTV, ITUNES, and Social Media Hype to sell records and yet Miss Ross broke every record there was! Today she is still "THE MOST SUCCESSFUL FEMALE MUSIC ARTIST IN HISTORY" Diana Ross performed for 1 MILLION people in Central Park where she sang in pouring rain and thunder storms with wind guts up to 60mph. Hair blowing and cape flying behind her like a true Goddess. Now I see where Beyonc and all the others get their little wind fans to give the same Miss Ross Effect. Even the cobalt blue Jumpsuit that Beyonc is wearing on her current tour is the same as Diana's in her 1983 Central Park Concert in Orange. There will NEVER be another DIANA ROSS!

  • Wil

    Diana Ross is the Supreme Queen Diva. No female artist can touch her.

  • clcrow

    R&B/pop music girl group wise... The Supremes are the greatest ever hands down. Imagine if technology was back then as it is today. The Supremes would've dominated. The Supremes were second only to The Beatles in their day. You can't argue what the girls were and always will be. I'd take second to the Beatles any day as would any group past, present or future. Talent back in the day was better than what is out now.

  • clcrow

    Beyonc is a great entertainer. Comparing artist today to past legends is blasphemy. The talent of that genre is by far greater than what is out today. No record label can and never will touch what the 1960's "sound of young America" the Motown sound accomplished. That era of music laid the ground work for artist today. The sound is historic as is all of rock and roll from days past.

  • Anonymous

    nice try diddy for making Dianna feel important and keeping yourself relevant..you may have sampled her song "coming out" but lately miss ross cant even book a show....

    • mic

      Pls stop lying. Diana Ross sold out the Hollywood Bowl just 2 months ago. That would be 9,000 folks. She had a sold out tour of South America this summer. Just stop lying. I saw her in San Francisco in September and she sold out 2 nights at the Golden Gate Theater. Please...........

  • Anonymous

    "That's like saying Peyton Manning is the greatest QB when you can't even hit a WR in today's game" He's thrown 51 TD's lol

  • Yo!

    Diana Ross while legendary was never as famous as Beyonce. Just like The Supremes were no where near as huge as Destiny's Child and that's with them having way more #1's. How can someone make hot at the moment songs and their 17 years into their career? I for one am so sick of people trying to bash Beyonce and knock her accomplishments, while prasing way less talented artist. So what if she doesn't have a set signature hit,she doesn't need one at this point. Whitney has never had a tour outdo a Beyonce Tour. I will always love you was written years before she recorded it. Plus for people who listen to Hip-Hop and have the nerve to say her lyrics are 3rd grade lyrics..Most of Hip-Hop most complex lines could've been written by a witty 5th grader. Give the woman her props and stop hating.

    • Wil

      Beyonce will never be as great as Miss Diana Ross!!! Miss Ross is too fabulous!!! She's the Supreme Diva!!!

    • Anonymous

      Nobody listens to them anymore, are you sure about that? Guess, you'll say the same thing about Donny Hataway, and before you answer everybody from MJ to Beyonce and Ms. Keys even rappers, have borrowed something from him and Ross, and Marvin, you get the point.

    • Lyonel

      "They had 12 number one songs that have stood the test of time" Not at all. Sure they had number one songs, but let's keep it a 100: don't nobody listen to them anymore

    • David

      Yo! - you don't know what you're talking about. The Supremes were called the female Beatles at the time. They had 12 number one songs that have stood the test of time. Destiny Child only had 4 number ones lol and were no bigger than TLC. Get your facts straight. Diana has also had more number ones than Beyonce.

  • PayPay

    I really think Beyonce's more famous than Diana right now. She might be one of the only artists who came up in the late 90's and is known by people of all ages.

    • Mic

      Sorry my friend. Diana Ross was the first female African Amer. global pop culture icon. 50 yrs. later she still sells out all over the world. Beyonce will never be a Diana Ross because she lacks the personal charisma and intelligence. When people make movies, broadway plays, based on Beyonce's life we can talk. When she gets a Tony, and British Academy Award, and is called most successful female artist of the 20th Century by the Guiness Book of World Records (1994), plus a Kennedy Center Award, and has 18 # ones, and more then one classis album. and the list of her awards goes on and on. Beyonce can only shake her ass. Diana famously said: I never had to shake my ass to get a man. Real talk.

  • Myra

    i think dey wrong for arresting 2chainz.....if u didnt find anything in the car why arrest him dats 2 stupid i kno if i had money like dat i wouldve got a really good lawyer ...like dey dnt kno he guilty untill dey find sumthin 2chainz crazy ikno i wouldve been out f jail already dey cant prove he guilty with no evidence...let me go mii nerves too bad duces

  • Anonymous

    shut up puff daddy p.diddy diddy whatever the fuck your called u snake bastard...... nobody respects you

  • YouAllSuck

    Everyone in this comment section is fucking lame. Beyonce her an amazing voice, powerful bravado and falsetto range. A strong 3.6 octaves, perhaps not as many as Mariah Carey, but then again who's the has been in this situation? She can sing, only idiots that have never seen one performance form her try to dispute that. She can most certainly dance, as she has been since the age of 5 I believe. She is a very sexual being, and there's nothing wrong with that. She has some raunchy songs, many power ballads, some jazzy songs, some contemporary pop sensations, some dance numbers, many R&B numbers, so there's no point in disputing how diverse she is as an artist either.

    • fuccya

      I'd rather watch fuckin football with no blackouts. AND this is a hip-hop site, rly expecting to find love here for a popstar is kinda stupid.

  • Anonymous

    This bitch can't even sing or dance. Maybe she should get into porn. If she'll fuck GayZ she'll fuck anybody.

    • mary jackson

      stop you are mad you will never get any where in life go get your self help that is what you need you jealous person

  • Anonymous

    When it comes to music. Beyonce is no Badu or Jill Scott. Especially when it comes to writing. Beyonce wrote this album and it's on a third grade reading level. When I hear her speak I completely understand why she writes the junk she does.

  • stef215

    more like Whitney Houston. she's already third for most Grammy award winners by a female artist, one behind Aretha Franklin ( if we're judging by merit) Diana ross has never even won one yet. Not discounting the legend that is Diana Ross. Facts are Facts tho

    • Anonymous

      lol at counting awards, do u even really know how that works?

    • Anonymous

      Grammy's mean nothing today. Especially with all the categories they have now. That's like saying Peyton Manning is the greatest QB when you can't even hit a WR in today's game. The rules have changed.

    • Anonymous

      She can't sing like Whitney. Stop it. She's Diana Ross. She started from a group and became a pop sensation. That won't have a bunch of hits being played forever. You can hear a Whitney song on your local old head RnB station multiple times a day. Diana Ross. Not so much. She's Diana because her songs are made for that time. Fast food music. Like Diana in the disco era. Diana Ross when she went solo music is pretty forgettable. Even though it was hot at the time. That's Beyonce's music. Out of all the hits Beyonce has the only song that may stand the test of time is love on top. Which no one will think is on any level of any Whitney Houston Ballad. She's Diana. Big star for her time with forgettable music.

  • The Rock

    The Rock says Diddy is a bitch.

  • Anonymous

    She'll never be Diana Ross. That said, right now there's nobody bigger than her in the R&B genre. She just needs to stop acting like an image whore.

  • T'wiz

    DIANA ROSS is a Legend with 50+ Years of Status. Diana Ross has managed to have a life long career that didn't require shaking her ass, being slutty on stage and in her music videos, or using profanity in her lyrics like Beyonc. Diana Ross has #18 Number One BillBoard Hit Singles and is an Academy Nominated Actress for her very first film. Diana Ross has class, style, beauty and grace and again she has managed to have it all without lowering her standards like some two bit stripper in a night club humping and pussy poppin around like some freak on stage. Diana Ross is CLASS and DIANA ROSS is Forever and she will always be "THE MOST SUCCESSFUL FEMALE MUSIC ARTIST IN THE HISTORY OF MUSIC" as honored by the Guiness Book of World Records.

    • vicg

      Beyonc will never reach Diana Ross' longevity. 50 years later and she is still selling out concert halls around the world with all her classic hit songs. What will Beyonc be singing in concert at 69 years old?? Will she still be shaking her ass and saying put a ring on it.. LOL

  • Anonymous

    Listen, hip hop ain't dead, it's gay, and diddy is the prime culprit in this transition...

    • Anonymous

      I blame Biggie. He gave Diddy his pass. Along with giving us material rap which we will never be able to get rid of because it's too easy to do. See Jay Z.

  • hh


  • Anonymous

    i swear this nigga a idiot...he was prolly in basic skills in high school

  • myers myers myers


  • 666

    hey diddy u facker u mother bitchh

  • 666

    fuk diddy and fuk beyonce

  • Katherine Thomas

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  • Ribbon


  • Anonymous

    who is Diana Ross?

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