TDE To Release Six Albums In 2014

Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith says TDE "ran 2013 without dropping [one] album."

Top Dawg Entertainment's Chief Executive Officer, Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith, has announced that the label is set to release six albums in 2014. 

Tiffith, who runs the imprint, whose roster includes Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q and Ab-Soul, made this announcement via Twitter, saying that the label "ran 2013" despite not releasing an album this year. 

Tiffith's tweet can be viewed below.

TDE has confirmed that ScHoolboy Q's Oxymoron is slated to be released February 25, an announcement that was made earlier this month.  

No other official confirmation has been made regarding TDE album releases. 

In October, Ab-Soul spoke about finalizing a new album. Although the project was initially believed to be titled Black Lip Pastor, the TDE emcee has said that the upcoming album has no confirmed name. A release date has yet to be announced for this collection, but it's likely one of the six releases Top Dawg referenced in his Twitter announcement.  

Speculation is that TDE plans to release an album by every member of its roster in 2014, since the company features six artists, including ScHoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, SZA and Isaiah Rashad. Another option may lie in a Black Hippy album, which has been discussed for years.  

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  • NZ

    I like rappers till they make a couple mil, then its all androgynous baller rapping like jay-z's kingdom come yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick Lamar has an annoying voice, he's might have the best lyrics in the game but I'll never know it because I cant stand listening to him rap.

    • Anonymous

      OP, you are a faggot with insecurity issues.

    • Anonymous

      I remember people saying that about Eminem when The Slim Shady LP dropped. I'm not saying Kendrick is going to sell 80 million records or be putting up diamond plaques anytime soon...just saying tho...

  • sam snead

    Most rappers best albums are the first or second major release with Pac being an exception

  • Katherine Thomas

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  • Anonymous

    Love Kendrick's music. But I got to say. I'm a bigger fan of Ab-Soul. His shit is a little deeper.

  • Anonymous

    6 albums. Maybe 1 goes gold or platinum.

  • Anonymous

    hhahah funny this is not the 90s this will be a waste of time look at mmg and young money the last crew that sold across the board was g-unit ab wood j rock wood q wood Kenny probably wont go gold

  • Anonymous

    Oh shit! I'm dumb stupid hype about 2014 now. OH shit! Im losing it right now. 6 albums?

  • billibone

    only care about kendrick tbh, will probably release another certified classic

  • sxxx9

  • sxxx9

  • Anon

    Lol at people saying Kendrick lamar is all hype and he's weak, I'm sorry can you link me a bad song by him? thank you.

  • fuck drake

    Remember birdman used to say this every 6 months. I got Kendrick n jay rocks albums n they were dope but I don't see tde selling units apart from kendrick. schoolboy n ab-soul aint shit n jay rock prolly too street for the fruity niggaz these days

  • Death Is Certain, Life Is Not

    Niccas stay promising

  • Rap Zombie

    I seriously doubt there ever being a :Black Hippie" album, but it would be cool. I hope that they will all release a project next year. It would be a good year for hip hop.

  • Anonymous

    j cole and kendrick wouldnt be counted on this label or will they

  • philly!!

    i hope all 6 are from Kendrick

  • Drake runs rap

    all 6 combined wont sell as much as drake. Drake shits on this wack ass label and wanna be rappers. Drake is global superstar while kendrick and the rest of the hasbins rap to please these nerd virgins that spew nonsense over the internet. Drake is a real artist with real fans.

  • thejdog

    kendrick's next album better sound like gkmc and not s80

  • smh

    What do you "when I drop 6" fuck nigga, you're just a header you ain't the essay hoe

  • YazminStarlingkoa

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  • YazminStarlingkoa

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  • Anonymous

    trolls, if you hate on kendrick i will be forced to respond.


    Hmm..we shall see... Follow Endless Ambition Streetwear. Dropping real soon. IG: endlessambition_streetwear Twitter: @Gwillisjr89 @EA_StreetWear @Kongo4488


    they all gonna deliver, specially kendrick who is working with the right producers again.

  • hitomisima

    kendrick is too dangerous right now, dude cares a lot about his craft.

  • colemaidzt

    got a feeling that kdot gonna drop his third fantastic album in a row, obamawhew

  • knifegrpro

    kendrick and jay rock bout to bless us again

  • Krusty

    can't wait for kendrick next album, the production looks promising !!! dj quik, alchemist, warren G, Q tip, oh god, kendrick gonna deliver again

  • Cinaed

    can't wait, 6 classics confirmed.

    • sam snead

      I guess it would be in to relation to what he considers a classic, there has not been prolly 6 classics in the last 6 years

    • Anonymous

      pfft. I thought i was a tde dick rider but your throwing around classic for each member gtfo black hippy is better than the other two by a long shot.

  • karismg12

    heard kendrick snippets, god this album is another classic, dude got 3 in a row !!!!

    • sam snead

      classic is getting overly used towards him, he is the best of the new artists imo but in comparison with the last 20 years, idk bout classic. It's like eating long john silvers all the time and then someone takes you to red lobster and your like damn this is the best seafood restaurant in the world

    • Firstname Lastname

      lol but they're not classics though. EP is a solid 4/5 and OD is probly the same, not close to classics.

    • Anonymous

      5 in a row, listen to overly dedicated and kendrick lamar EP they don't get the cred bcuz thats b4 he was big but they dope.

  • fbvfdjknfdm5

    i need that cole Kendrick joint to drop. streets r hungry killaz

  • Anonymous

    Black nerds are popular witin Hipster culture.

  • Anonymous

    Let's see. We know Oxymoron is coming out, and we know Soul is working on his album. I think we know that SZA has an album coming out after the EP series. Then I assume Jay Rock has some shit coming up, cause it's about time. I don't think Kendrick will drop yet, they will probably still try to work gkmc next year. On the other hand, I think Isaiah Rashad is working on a mixtape, but maybe the album will follow shortly after. Then there's also the possible Black Hippy album. Or a producer album but that seems unlikely.

  • Man

    Everyone is doubting Q but im telling you the man is gunna come through with a good album, definitely the most slept on rapper in black hippy.

  • Anonymous

    Tde made a crucial mistake when they didn't drop jay rocks album after kendrick. Even tho jayrock already released a album, I feel like people want to hear him. Collard greens was one of the worst songs of the year who the fuck pick that as a single

  • Well

    As far a solo project from Kendrick i doubt it, but maybe a black hippy album... that would be interesting

  • jack nic

    stttrrrannnge music

  • Anonymous

    Lol didnt Birdman say YMCMB was gunna release like 15 albums at the beginning of 2013. dont get why executives say shit like this damn well knowing the shit aint possible.

  • dude cmon

    6 albums? its taken the whole year for Schoolboy q to release just the RELEASE DATE for his album. i highly doubt they 're gunna push 6 in 12 months.

  • we'll see

    TDE as a collective didnt run shit this year, kendrick and Q ran shit this year. the other member were quiet as motherfucker.


    Pfft. Good luck to all of them, I suppose, but here's the real truth: -SchoolBoy Q will flop because Collard Greens was hot garbage, that's why they're pushing his album back(that should give him enough time to shop around for more rainbow bucket hats. Ha) -Kendrick Lamar won't be able to live up to everyone's expectations. (Kind of hard to do when everybody was all on his dick a year ago and reciting his average lyrics) -SZA is one hot piece of chocolate meat, and will probably be reduced to modeling for and appear as eye candy in a wanna be trap rapper's video. -Ab-Soul will probably NEVER see an album release date because he doesn't appeal to the mainstream that well(and I wouldn't either if I had lips as black as frying pans) -Jay Rock is signed to Strange Music, and because he's signed to an indie vanity label, will probably sell 1,200 copies of his weed plate (all independent artists do.) -Isaah Rashad will have two jobs, one being Kedrick's roadie, the other carrying the entire Top Dawg roster's weed.

    • klq

      I'm a big kdot fan, I have been following him since 2005 and gkmc is indeed his best work... if you udnerstand hip hop, you know gkmc > OD > s80

    • Anonymous

      if u were a real kendrick fan you would know good kid maad city may not even be his best work. You could make an argument for section80, overly dedicated, or the kendrick lamar EP over it.

    • rasta87

      TDE are all great rappers, kdot might be the best but jay rock is a close sond here. Kendrick > jay rock > ab soul > Q > isaiah

    • bigqray

      hopefully they can step their game up and live to the gkmc hype, probably the only classic of this gen. and lets hope ab soul step his game up coz hes the worst in the group atm

    • weezybab11

      kdot lyrics are too complex for simple minds tbh.

    • Irony

      Ironic how Jay Rock was the main member of TDE back in the day, Kendrick was his hype man lol, Rock been killing it for time but doesn't release enough shit nor have enough hype, label needs to push his music more, sorely under rated and damn sure he's better, lyrically, anyways than Q. Ab-Soul is probably the most talented in the group when it comes to lyrics, Kendrick a close second, he speaks for himself. Schoolboy, the party boy who makes some meaningful songs when he wants to, not that great but appeals heavily to the mainstream audience. SZA and I.R - fuck knows, not seen anything from them yet.

    • billibone

      I dont like kendrick but he might be the best lyricist I have seen since Nas in 1994. way more complex than lupe fiasco at painting pictures

    • RockHome

      Every Strange Music album this year (except lolprozak) made it on the top 200 first week which was more than any other label. So pretty sure Jay Rock will be just fine.

    • Anonymous

      I NEVER respond to these type of posts, but I don't even think you're trolling just misinformed. Let me start off by saying aside from Good Kid Mad City, I don't have any TDE albums, but with that said I'll make this point: - Schoolboy Q - having sample clearance issues, I don't think they really care about a hot radio single, they're looking for something organic that will lead to album sales, not track sales. He sold 4K albums digitally in less than a week and by the time it was released physically, he sold 6.5K albums. That's not a whole lot, but completely independently and majority digital, that's a nice chunk of change. - Kendrick - I'm hard pressed to agree. May not be able to top the last one. I also don't think he's exceptionally lyrical when it comes to wordplay, just makes very good introspective music. - SZA & Issiah - who knows. - Ab-Soul - he's already released a few projects for sale. His last one, Control System, sold 5.3K first week. - Jay Rock - I think you're way off with this even though he's the least relevant on TDE right now. He also sold 5.3K first week and Stange Music albums don't tend to flop.

  • Clara Estrada

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  • Anonymous

    hopefully Kendrick will never take after his mentor #Dr. Dre #Detox

  • Anonymous

    First release then talk bitches.

  • Anonymous

    That means one release from each artist signed to TDE. Although there is a huge chance that they won't release 6 albums in one year.

  • Jackie

    To be very honest only looking forward to Ab-Souls and Isaiah Rashad's albums. Q's album won't be that great in my opinion but we shall see. Kendrcik wont live up to the hype but he may release a good album, we shall see again. A Jay Rock album would be nice too and SZA will just do her thing. They have certainly made their mark though and solidified their position when it comes to ranking hip hop groups in todays generation. I still think Roc Nation is still number one although TDE may have it come 2014 unless Jay Electronica doesn't drop a fucking album.

  • Anonymous

    u have 6 artist.... not really hard to figure out who is realeasing this 6 albums. My guess is Kendrick's releasing 3.

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