DJ Premier Working With Slaughterhouse, M.O.P. & Lady Of Rage

DJ Premier says it's hard to label today's artists "dope," comments on their lyrics being weak.

Producer DJ Premier has put in decades worth of work in Hip Hop as both a producer and a deejay, but the Brooklyn musician seemingly has no plans on slowing down. During an interview with the French-based OFIVE, Premier rattled down a lengthy list of artist he’s currently working with.

Consisting of artists from “different generations,” Premier’s list of artists he’s currently collaborating with includes teen emcee Joey Bada$$, Brownsville, Brooklyn duo M.O.P. and former Death Row Records lyricist Lady Of Rage, among others.

“Just did a couple of joints for Busta Rhymes for his new album…I did Slaughterhouse,” Premier said. “We’re about to drop a record for the streets. So, lookout for that. I’m working with Joey Bada$$ on his new album. So, we’ll be doing some new stuff that we got rocking with. M.O.P. album. New M.O.P. album, we’re working on that. Also, working with Lady Of Rage, who used to be on Death Row. But she’s doing an album too with me and Snoop Dogg is gonna help executive produce that and oversee the project. So, I’m looking out for that. Also, MC Eiht from Compton’s Most Wanted. We’re doing an album. So, you see I work with different generations.”

DJ Premier also criticized the current generation of rap artists and commented on the bar his generation set constantly being lowered.

“It’s hard to say a lot of artists are dope these days cause they just—their lyrics is just weak,” said the producer. “You know what I’m saying? Because we still where we set the bar way up here. Now they set the bar very low. And there has to be a skill to your rapping, your beats, your deejaying, everything. No one even scratches their own records anymore, but we do because that’s the way we were brought up on. With hearing scratching, rhyming, and dope beats.”

Although DJ Premier got his start in music in the '80s, the producer continues to work with a number of current artists. Premier produced Game’s The R.E.D. Album track “Born In The Trap” and is reportedly working on projects from Nas and Harlem wordsmith Immortal Technique. Premier also produced Joey Bada$$’ Summer Knights single “Unorthodox.”

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  • Janet Suitt

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  • street hop

    after two years of trolling there finally saying what im sayin Its hard to say a lot of artists are dope these days cause they justtheir lyrics is just weak, - dj premier

  • street hop

    cant wait to see what premo does wit slaughterhouse royce and premo go hand in hand

    • sam snead

      Co-sign, with premier and jus blaze on the slaughterhouse album maybe I will get to hear what I wanted to hear on the last album, just keep eminem and his evanscense hooks away from the boards and have him just rap on a track or two

  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

    If you hate Premo 4 speaking up on this pop soda bubble gum rap these days.....Than you just went full RETARD, so from now on your name will be Simple Jack and its ok for people to bitchslap some sense in to you. I think there's a gay take over going on, the pink mafia is on the rise. They dont want that alpha male shit, it scares them. They dont wanna here kings on the Mic, they want queers and cheers...FUCK THAT!!

  • Big 18th Street Gang, E'z up to the homiez worldwide!

    I couldn't agree more with Premo. I'm starting to notice more and more LEGENDS in hip-hop speaking out about the so called rappers in the game nowadays. Keep it coming. These so called rappers of today are nothing but a bunch of CLOWNS with no skills whatsoever. Everybody thinks they a rapper now but the truth is 99.9% of the so called hip-hop music dropping now is GARBAGE. Unfortunately, hip-hop culture is completely in shambles. Welcome to the generation of faggot rappers and faggot fans of these rappers.

  • MrMusicIndustry

    I never thought I'd see so much hating on the esteemed DJ Premier, especially on a hip hop website. I guess our plans are working.


    Primo is right, and its not even the artists fault to a degree, its this generation and stupid retarded fans and trolls that cosign the bullshit rhyming, making the artists think thats the way to pop

  • Anonymous

    U aint a producer! You just steal other peoples music by sampling. You aint a musian!. Do you play instruments? No!!! Stop lying you aint a producer.

  • old man retire

    DJ Premier says it's hard to label today's artists "dope," comments on their lyrics being weak. Says a producer who worked with Christina Aguliera and other popartists. Fuckin sellout. Stop talking bullshit you old man and retire. You beats still always sound the same its 2013 and not 1994

    • Anonymous

      he made one track with a pop artist, you callin him sellout His entire catalog is hiphop. Easy to hate if you dont know shit

  • rap fan

    WHERES THIS TUPAC SONG???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • rap fan


  • rap fan


  • Jhunt

    Niggas can never be happy...At least shit will sound DOPE instead of trap or stripper club music!! Keep listening to today's drivel that you deem "music"...and saying my post is "irrelevant" or "hate" discredits your claims on what is "DOPE MUSIC"...get back to studying, you young dumb fucks...

    • Anonymous

      christina can actually sing too unlike most of these bitches... i heard the song he did for her werent even that bad...

    • Anonymous

      generation of today thinks hiphop is like pop. The street form of rap has its own unique style and sound. Even the hardcore grimey rappers paved the way for them. It sure as hell wasnt Will smith that kept hiphop alive.

  • Anonymous

    like to see premier work on more projects with jadakiss

  • junMaf*ckn

    Lady of Rage and Mc Eiht Sound Like DOPE Album Collabs. Would LOVE To Hear Preemo Work Wit Roc Marciano. LOX Would Sound REAL DOPE Over Preem Right About Now. Nas N Jay Over Preem Ca Bring NY Back By ITSELF!!!!

  • Anonymous

    man fuck you! You've been saying that shit for years!! Whereare these projects.. -Nas -NYGz -KALEEL (dude from Houston) -PETE ROCK vs DJ PREMIER _KRS ONE BOOM BIP Drop one of these project first asshole! Stop working on new projects and work on the ones you said were dropping 5 years ago.

  • stop it

    "Brooklyn musician??" This dude has lived in Queens since the early nineties. People need to get their facts straight.

  • Anonymous

    A DJ Premier-Slaughterhouse collab is dropping soon? Hell yeah!!!

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