B.o.B Says Trinidad James' New York Comments Came From The Wrong Person

B.o.B responds to Trinidad James' comments about New York rap, says his words should have come from somebody in New York.

Days after Atlanta rapper and Hustle Gang helmsman T.I. shared his thoughts on Trinidad James’ comments about New York rap being dominated by the South, B.o.B has offered his opinion on the matter and did so during an interview with Philadelphia’s Power 99.

According to B.o.B, who just released his third studio album titled Underground Luxury, Trinidad’s statement about the South running New York rap came from the wrong person and was also worded in a way he says he wouldn’t have gone with.

The Grand Hustle rapper further went on to state that instead of running New York rap, the South has served as an influence for music of all genres.

“I mean, I wouldn’t word it that way,” said B.o.B. “I would say that the music from the South has influenced music in general. You know what I mean? Just like how the West Coast is starting to influence music all around. Especially Mustard, man. He’s really producing a lot of records that even people from the South, you know, from Jeezy, 2 Chainz, Rich Homie Quan. So, I think like people just recognize that the Southern influence, but I mean, you know, I think that whole thing was just the wrong person delivering the wrong [message].”

After stating that Trinidad’s message came from the wrong person, B.o.B was later asked who he believes should have delivered such remarks. In response, B.o.B revealed that those kinds of comments would be better off being shared by an artist from New York.

“Somebody from New York,” said the rapper when asked who Trinidad’s message should have come from. “I mean, I wouldn’t advise it. It’s kinda like you know how like in your family like an outsider or stranger may come up and say something about you. Like ‘Nah, don’t you say that about my family. Only I can say that.’ It’s like that.”

With the release of B.o.B’s Underground Luxury LP now several days in the past, sales projections for the album are beginning to circulate. According to Hits Daily Double, the album is only expected to move between 35,000 and 40,000 units in its first week, a number that is far less than the 76,000 copies B.o.B’s Strange Clouds album sold in the U.S. last year during its first week.

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