Lil Boosie To Be Released From Prison August 2014

Lil Boosie's prison sentence to come to an end on August 18, 2014, will remain under supervision until 2018.

According to a recent news report from New Orleans’ The Times-Picayune, it appears that Baton Rouge rapper Lil Boosie will be released from prison on August 18, 2014. News of an official end to Boosie’s prison sentence comes amidst a number of rumors about the rapper’s impending release. reports that rapper Rick Ross previously revealed in a radio interview that Boosie, whose incarceration spurred a #FreeBoosie campaign on social media, would be released from prison in November, while lawyers for the incarcerated emcee stated that he could see a release in early 2014.

News of Boosie’s August 18, 2014 release from the Louisiana State Penitentiary (commonly known as Angola) comes directly from information obtained from the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections on behalf of The Times-Picayune. It is also reported that the Louisiana rapper will be under supervision until June 17, 2018.

Incarcerated since 2009, Boosie was initially sent to prison on probation violation and marijuana possession charges, but was later hit with an extended sentence after pleading guilty to attempting to smuggle in narcotics.

Additionally, in 2012 Lil Boosie was found not guilty of the murder of Terry Boyd, a 35-year-old man who was shot to death outside of his home in 2009. If Boosie was found guilty in Boyd's murder, he could have possibly faced the death penalty.

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  • One

    His ass could have been out earlier than that if it wasn't for that drug shit. Boosie should have laid his ass down when he started to do this bid. Overall, I'm happy for him. Hopefully he doesn't fuck up on his papers.

  • jim jim

    about time waiting on dude

  • jooce

    Why are you idots saying that he is real because he went to prison? A lot of people go to prison and are far from being stand up niggas. All I know is he is in there thinking he's going to put the game on fire when he comes home and he is in for a huge surprise lol wipe me down was a long time ago

    • Anonymous

      dam you hating b4 he gets out smdh .. who the hell says he even wants to do music when he gets out ..maybe just chill with fam ..

    • trillTalk

      Dont worry @jooce, only real street niggaz fuck wit boosie, you dont have to worry bout him replacing your beloved drake, or whatever the fuck yo punk ass listen to!

    • Anonymous

      he showed himself to be real BEFORE he went to prison.. real meaning an everyday round the way not manufactured by some record company type dude

    • Anonymous

      i wonder if he's listened to kendrick enough to know how good he is and heard all the shit. , ipods aint allowed in there.

    • J dirty

      U might be right...with Miley Cyrus and 2 chainz running the rap game now, he might be in trouble...Aint no room for real mufuckers in hip hop no more.We get emo shit like drake,Or police rappin ass rick ross.

  • Elsie Ward

    up to I looked at the paycheck which was of $8732, I have faith neighbour woz really receiving money part time at their computer.. there best friend has been doing this for only about twenty two months and as of now took care of the debts on their house and got a new Maserati. Read Full Report... what rapper wouldn't want to make a song guaranteed to be heard by millions of fans in the most profitable demographic, pre-teens and females?

  • Adrianne Poole

    til I looked at the receipt that said $8351, I have faith that my brother could realy bringing in money parttime at there computar.. there aunts neighbour haz done this for less than 23 months and resently took care of the depts on there villa and got a new Land Rover Range Rover. read the article... y favorite non hip-hop aoty would be Mayday - Believers or Linkin Park - Recharged. I am suprised Mayday wasnt at least a runner up.

  • Top 5 fake niggas in rap

    1. Rick ross - obvious 2. Lil wayne - obvious 3. Nicki minaj- everything from gimmick to ass to face is fake 4. soulja boy - acts hard he was never bout that 5. Tupac --- reasons being fake gangster a balerina who wanst bout that life ended up getting killed for acting like a thug which he clearly wasnt about it.

    • Edubb

      With Pac's mother being a black panther, of course Pac wouldnt be about that life. He was not taught that. You act like its cool to be about that life. Thats why I cant stand it when you little knuckleheaded muthafuckas talk about Pac. You simplify who the man was and what he was about. Grow up!!!!

    • Anonymous

      he shot one in the ass

    • top 5 real niggas in rap

      pac shot in an act of insanity. He was so bad at shooting he didnt even hit the cops he just shot everywhere cus he was scared for his life and was delusional. Pac thought everyone was out to kill him he was never about that life its fact.

    • Anonymous

      pac shot 2 off duty cops so that makes him realer than a lot of niggas

  • Top 5 real niggas in rap

    1. Gucci Mane 2. Lil Boosie 3. Beanie Seagul 4. Max B 5. DMX


    this nigga is the second realest nigga to ever rap behind big gucci. Shame that 1 real nigga gets out the ops trade big gucci in for the deed. FREE THE REALEST NIGGA TO EVER HOLD A MIC. FREE BIG GUCCI

  • Lil Wayne's Best Friend

    as a close friend of Weezy the King of Hip Hop - I can confirm Lil Bossie will sign to YMCMB and his next Visual album will outsell Jay-Z's weak record. swag

    • Anonymous

      Boosie signing with YMCMB? Really? Never would that happen. Boosie may not even want to rap when he gets out. If he does, he will most likely rap just how he was before. He is no where near YMCMB's style or flow for that matter. Two completely different types of music. Boosie talks about real shit, YMCMB rap about nonsense.

    • Anonymous

      DentalDamBoy, or should I say DentalDumbass, we know that's you in disguise. Give it up peasant.

  • No 1 Hater

    Good. Best news I heard all week. Let this little roach complete his sentence already. Sick of hearing rumors of his release and seeing "Free Boosie" on the comments section of every website. Black people celebrate the wrong fucking thing sometimes.

  • Anonymous

    "rapper Rick Ross previously revealed in a radio interview that Boosie, whose incarceration spurred a #FreeBoosie campaign on social media, would be released from prison in November," Ross used his connections with the department of justice to get the inside scoop but he was wrong LOL thats a fail!

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