Lox "The Trinity" Release Date, Cover Art, Tracklist & EP Stream

UPDATE: Jadakiss, Styles P and Sheek Louch release the stream for their surprise EP "The Trinity."

Lox has released an iTunes exclusive EP, The Trinity, without pre-release promotion and without a publicized release date.

The Trinity is an EP that consists of four selections, including "Faded," "Talk About It," "Love Me Or Leave Me Alone" and "Three Kings."

Tyler Woods and Dyce Payne are the guest appearances on the project, which is available for $3.96 as a D-Block release via iTunes. The set's tracks are also available for individual purchase at $.99 each.

The tracklist for the project can be found below. 

1. "Faded" (f. Tyler Woods)
2. "Talk About It"
3. "Love Me Or Leave Me Alone"
4. "Three Kings" (f. Dyce Payne)

(December 19)

UPDATE: Lox's The Trinity EP is available to stream via Spotify.

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  • Anonymous

    4 songs though ? now doubt it will be hard though

  • Anonymous

    Four songs? lol These dudes are done.

  • smitty

    ppl on here talk like they got money but cant afford less than 4 bucks for an ep get a job or sumthing yall a joke


    who the fuck cares about an EP? niggas lazy as fuck puttin out 4 songs like anyone cares. ny stay taking l's

  • Clara Estrada

    before I looked at the receipt which was of $9308, I didnt believe ...that...my brothers friend woz like actualie taking home money in there spare time on there computar.. there sisters neighbour has been doing this for only seven months and just cleared the dept on there place and got Alfa Romeo. try this site... www.Tec80.com Sorry for Rapsody, but this is the NBA and there's really no women in the league who are also not stripped down cheerleaders.

  • Anonymous

    old lame ass niggas still talking about guns and bitches. Get a life! You aint 18 anymore!

  • Anonymous

    I can't even remember them all. Checkout thegrandreport, they got some good hiphop and viral videos on there

  • Anonymous

    These niggas been rapping since 1998 and never made a classic, they always fuck up there albums although they not bad rappers but ALSO NOT GREAT

  • Anonymous

    fuck spotify for hatin on canada

  • Heroin Bars

    just copped it off iTunes its dope put out the full album no one is expecting the lox to sell much but the core fans n real hip hop heads are fiending for that real street shit

  • y.o

    My fav hip hop group of all time so im buying it but we need that album a good 20 tracks of them just goin in over banging beats get alchemist to exec produce

  • ss

    Its a very good EP...shame it wasnt longer

  • Elsie Ward

    up to I looked at the paycheck which was of $8732, I have faith that...my... neighbour woz really receiving money part time at their computer.. there best friend has been doing this for only about twenty two months and as of now took care of the debts on their house and got a new Maserati. Read Full Report... www.Fb39.com what rapper wouldn't want to make a song guaranteed to be heard by millions of fans in the most profitable demographic, pre-teens and females?

  • Adrianne Poole

    til I looked at the receipt that said $8351, I have faith that my brother could realy bringing in money parttime at there computar.. there aunts neighbour haz done this for less than 23 months and resently took care of the depts on there villa and got a new Land Rover Range Rover. read the article... www.Tec80.com y favorite non hip-hop aoty would be Mayday - Believers or Linkin Park - Recharged. I am suprised Mayday wasnt at least a runner up.

  • anonymous

    As long as the quality makes up for the quantity it's cool. Just don't let Jadakiss do fake sign language interpretations again. I swear that was him last week.

  • Anonymous

    that cover art looks like it says ZOX

  • lox disappoint

    So after 13 years these lazy bums made an EP with 4 songs?

    • No 1. Hater

      Exactly what I said down @ the bottom. Lox should just call it quits if they finna waste our time like this. SMH

    • Anonymous

      i know right. like not even a free mixtape after they promised us a new LOX album like 4 summers ago when they put out that get my paper song

  • Anonymous

    i know $4 aint shit but is it worth it?

  • Harlem's Reckoning

    Shit is dope too

    • Harlem's Reckoning

      No. 1 Hater says it all

    • No. 1 Hater

      Pfft. Whatever y'all say lol. Until we see the PHYSICAL releases of Child Rebel Soldier's debut album, Dr Dre's Detox, Fabolous' Loso's Way 2,and The Lox's next album, then we can talk.

    • Harlem's Reckoning

      What you said would be true if Beyonce were the first artist to ever drop an album out of nowhere, but she's not. As far as the EP being well received or not, that isn't an indication of knowing your Hip Hop. If anything, it makes a nod to your moniker. This being the first "official" LOX group effort in over a decade will satisfy those of us who've been waiting for that long. Just ride with it. If they don't drop a album, so be it. The way time was passing, I would've told you that a EP was outta the question. And I would've been wrong.

    • Anonymous

      newsflash homie. beyonce isnt the first to do that

    • No. 1 Hater

      No, actually I got logged off. I didn't get to finish my sentence. What I was trying to say was that they're copycats because they're doing exactly what Beyonc did except there's only 4 songs on the EP and knowing my hip hop, this will be poorly received, not to mention the fact that the Lox will not be coming out with an album anytime soon. We'll all have to wait another 13 years just for them to drop anything.



  • COCA


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