Wale Says Beyonce's Album Saved People's Careers

Wale reveals his plans to be more choosy with media, says he'd like more control with his career.

D.C. rapper Wale continued to address his now notorious phone call to the Complex offices during an appearance on Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds’ Juan Epstein podcast. Wale revealed that as a result of the incident he plans on being less carefree with those he chooses to do media for.

Wale’s conversation with Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds quickly changed direction as the Maybach Music Group rapper spoke on Beyonce’s newly-released album and how the project has saved the sanity and careers of a lot of people.

“One thing I’m gonna change now is I’m not gonna do media for everybody now. Cause I don’t think it’s worth it,” said Wale. “You got treat this shit like an expensive pair of sneakers dog or a good jacket or some shit…I think the labels gotta wake up. Beyonce did—she saved a lot of people’s careers, man, with that move, dog. She saved a lot of people’s sanity I’ll say because no rollout. Just—it’s about the art. Like obviously, niggas gon’ still have they rollout, but she made it so it’s like less focused on the rollout and more about the music.”

Wale continued to speak on album rollouts as he addressed his third studio album, The Gifted. Released in June of this year, The Gifted is a project the rapper says could have had a better rollout.

“The one thing I wish I could change about The Gifted rollout…I wasn’t doing the things that I wanted to do with my time,” said the MMG emcee. “I was doing like a little in-store [in] a little, small city for like five people. With bad promotion nobody came. And it was just like ‘Yo, why am I here? When I could be—or doing a radio interview.’ Which is odd. Radio is super important. I super have respect for it, but it’s like I could have been shooting two or three videos in that time. Before my album came out. And let them videos fall when they may. Now I didn’t have no time. I went right on tour. I didn’t have no time to shoot no videos. So it’s like hindsight, 20/20, and all that, but I wanna take more control over what I do and what I don’t do.”

Following a phone conversation in which Wale threatened Complex staff after not being included on the publication's Top 50 Albums of 2013 list, he shared his belief that he wasn’t added to the list due to a beef with fellow artist Kid Cudi.

“I’m a bit of conspiracy theorist a little bit,” said Wale during an interview with Hot 97. “So, I believe that me and [Kid Cudi’s] fallout had something to do with a lack of support [from Complex].”

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  • Anonymous

    whats gonna save Whales career

  • d-nucks

    not so fast with this "no roll out" shit. I hope a bunch of niggaz don't think they can do what beyonce did.....beyonce is on that level of stardom...she sung at the presidents inauguration and did the superbowl halftime within a month...she is that huge....any artist cant' drop a suprise album and sale like that.

    • Anonymous

      u right from a marketing standpoint beyonce has established a massive fan base for over a decade plus..including the work shes has with destinys child, movies books and television appearances... not to mention she got a deal with pepsi cover girl deron clothing line and fragrances and a partnership/marriage to jay-z

  • Elsie Ward

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  • Anonymous

    go make a song with gaga you pos

  • Anonymous

    who is this guy.i never heard dat guy or c him b4

  • Adrianne Poole

    til I looked at the receipt that said $8351, I have faith that my brother could realy bringing in money parttime at there computar.. there aunts neighbour haz done this for less than 23 months and resently took care of the depts on there villa and got a new Land Rover Range Rover. read the article... www.Tec80.com y favorite non hip-hop aoty would be Mayday - Believers or Linkin Park - Recharged. I am suprised Mayday wasnt at least a runner up.

  • sxxx9


  • sxxx9


  • yourdad

    This nigga is wack as fuck... I have not heard ONE song from this guy- I don't care to- but this dude is always bitching about something in his interviews.

  • Anonymous

    Beyonce is so much prettier as a white, glad she made the switch, it can only help her sales.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    fuck wale, jay z, nas, eminem, and especially tupac. check out my lyricall diss http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RaqcNEeIUu8&list=TLveTp8mFgTjlIxg54kBP73cmkLd2EDkmC

  • Anonymous

    FUCK EMINEM, TUPAC, NAS, JAY Z, AND EVERY OTHER RAPPER. CHECK OUT MY DISS BITCH http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RaqcNEeIUu8&list=TLveTp8mFgTjlIxg54kBP73cmkLd2EDkmC

  • Anonymous

    Whoopi wants her style back

  • bpitts

    What a great year in music!!!!!!! Seriously, I don't like Wale, but this year, artists have stepped up and started changing the game. Nipsey Hustle, Beyonce, Troy Ave, Kanye and Jay-Z. They all changed the game this year by making their own moves.

  • BGG

    is it just me or does wale be talking out his ass...everytime he opens his mouth its a royal fuck up

  • khordkutta

    Soooo, dude been in the game @ least 10 years and he NOW just figuring this ish out. C'MON SUN

  • Anonymous

    You remember when Wale went after the NBA commentator during the game because dude made a comment about him? Wale got out of his seat and stepped to dude while he was calling the game. He went after a 54 year old dude

    • Anonymous

      verbally checked by an over emotional rapper mad that someone didnt know who he was in his own city LOLOL

    • Anonymous

      Matt Devlin is not 54 he is just white so he ages terribly he is in his early 40s and got verbally checked by a rapper, no big deal we check yall on the daily.

    • Anonymous

      a white canadian sports announcer! LOL wale is so damn hard. he really caught feelings cause they had no idea who he was and said he's no drake... who is probably 1 of only 5 rappers those dudes know!

  • WhiteBoy

    I wish this talentless fuck would just quit the rap game! He's garbage and his rant about Complex was like a fucking baby throwing it's toys out of the pram! Your album was WACK, that's why it didn't make the top 50 list, and what business do you have mentioning Beyonce? I'll bet she doesn't even know who this fool is!

  • COCA


  • BadJet_413

    MMG is the State Property of todays music lables.

    • Anonymous

      Try to look at it from a Black males perspective.

    • Anonymous

      biggest difference I see is Beanie Sigel goes to jail and Ross locks them up

    • Anonymous

      Bad analogy, State Property never reached the success of MMG and as the leader of State property Beanie Sigel failed to handle his business and groom his team for success. State Property had too much infighting but they did have a moderately successful clothing line and dropped some classic music. MMG has surpassed them in catalog, branding, longevity and success but there might be one or two people who make this comparison due to Meek being from Philly.

    • @SmeezeF

      State Prop made soulful street music with a lot of feeling & emotion. I wouldn't compare MMG to them at all.

    • Anonymous

      without the street cred

  • Anonymous

    Wale just dropped a crazy freestyl.


    Of course Wale had to say that. He is under Roc Nation Management since they offered him the best deal. If he had rightfully said that beyonce's album was shit, jay z would have kicked his ass out.

  • Fuck Washington, D.C.

    Local Rapper Who's Not Drake Says Beyonce's Album Saved People's Careers.

  • Anonymous

    Yawl posting all this dumb shit about this dude but he can spit. The album is good. But then again how many of yawl are the "real" hip-hop heads you say you are?

  • Fire Shanahhan

    I fucks with some of Wale music he aint hipster or pop so he get a lil play in the ride I fucks with Trel, Glizzy, Taco Pete, Cobain, Jab and Tabi too. Wale be spittin some flambe with sick metaphors but most peeps only know bout his slow songs.

  • Anonymous

    No time to promote your album? Bullshit.

    • Wale MMG

      Promo touring sucks monkey balls, you gotta go on all the corny TV shows and radio stations and you aint getting paid like you doing an actual show.

  • Anonymous

    Wale looks like Whoopi Goldberg

  • dentaldamboy

    As a young money groupie bitch with no accounting skills, I can confirm that while beyonce has saved many careers with this album she could not save anyone on young money. This is because the music at young money is trash that only 12 year old girls buy. Beyonce is real music and i suck cocks.

  • Anonymous

    Wale got his own sound. hip hop dx just post any dumb pic they can google of an artist ..... i think he need to work outside of MMG and work on better concepts with real songwriters

    • Anonymous

      Wale doesnt work with any in-house MMG producers, he has been working outside of MMG every since he signed to MMG. He is under Roc Nation management are brainless idiots going to suggest the he work outside of Roc Nation now?

  • Anonymous

    If you dont like Wales music then please dont force yourself to listen to it, go listen to Riff Raff or Tyler.

  • Anon

    man this dude is dumb. im from VA but was workin in DC in June and July this year. somewhere while i was sittin in traffic, from a distance i saw a billboard with an ad for his album. im no Wale fan, never have been but i wanted to see what it said when i got close enough. by the time traffic was moving again i forgot all about it. i think thats what happened with most people they just simply forgot about this faggot and his album and didnt really care in the 1st place he said small city and 5 people showed up. so im guessing 10-15 would have shown up at a major city. Wale is garbage. Like Sean P said "I dont Wale with the new niggaz" lmao

  • whale

    i have to post this on every wale article to be consistent. WALEYYYYYYYYYYYYY DOUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH?????????????

  • Big 18th Street Gang. E'z up to the homiez worldwide!

    Who gives a FUCK about Beyonce! This is supposed to be a dedicated hip-hop website, is it not??

  • LOL

    LOL so whos gonna save Wales??? THIS DUDE AWFUL

  • Anonymous

    Radio is super important. I super have respect for it l0l

  • Anonymous

    Did he just meant to say that if he dropped an album out the sky like Beyonce, he would sell more?! BUhahahahaha

  • Cole World

    Wale is a BITCH ASS NIGGA!!!! He played u Peter, and u still give him shine on ur show????? FUCK WALE MAN!!!! he aint even a good rapper

  • Mashonda

    Wale really cares about his fans, hes one of the few rappers that interacts with his fans in a personal fashion, he came to my school and kicked it like he went their, I love me some Wale.

  • Anonymous

    Funny he would say that because his first album killed a whole bunch of careers over at Interscope!

  • Anonymous

    waleeyyyyyy dough?

  • LOL


  • LOL

    the gifted....dude get of that shit....next....next.....next...wale garbage

  • LOL

    LOL Wale just stop talking, ya album was trash, now stop name dropping to save yourself.. cant people be themselves anymore,.....fuck these wannabes

    • de

      Leave it to a Wale fan to get butt hurt over someone they never met.....why he talking Beyonce now though?????????? ohhhhh yah to just name drop about her album...hmmmmm....if i talk about famous people in the media, maybe i will be famous? LOL NOT Wale is just as garbage as his music....NEXT

    • Wale Forever

      Hey LOSER they asked him a question about Beyonce because its big news in the music world! Get off his dick.

  • Anonymous

    Beyonce's formula would work for her as an established brand... its Beyonce, not everybody can pull that and get away with it... unknown artists release music everyday without announcing... So if Wale pulled that off, i doubt he would come close to the fan fare even being an know artist... and if its really about the art and music, it will outshine... Kendrick's album was good and saw/still see the response... so the gifted mustve not been a great album... contrary to Kanye's thoughts... you don't need to argue over genius work

  • Anonymous

    So suddenly Wale is somehow relevant again because he threw a tantrum about not making a list?

    • Anonymous

      Wale is neither relevant or irrelevant he is just another artist making a living doing something he loves, he will become irrelevant when you discontinue to talk about him..lets make it happen

    • LOL

      LOL exactly....but to correct you hes never really been relevant, dont get why people bump this dudes music....compare him now to when he first came into music....shit so embarrassing fuck MMG and Wale

  • Anonymous

    You lying sack of shit of I could wrap my hands around your throat I would throttle you until your younger turned blue and your eyes pop out.

  • Anonymous

    Wale is super talented but he cares too much about the music, get money my nigga fuck the music.

    • Anonymous

      The wackjob that keeps chanting bruthadee is a 45 year old fat chick, I seen her profile on another website, she used to limp around our forum chanting dudes names and ages trying to hook up with them, its her gimmick.

    • Anonymous

      Btw, why EVERYTHING is bloody in Britain? It's enough that their accent sounds like shit, but everything has to be bloody..

    • Truth Hurts

      I was 95% sure that was BruthaDee... now I know! 40 year old dude making british kid impressions on a hip-hop website cause someone made fun of an MMG rapper. Living the dream bro.

    • Anonymous

      I got the fagggot to reply! I knew he would! Now bugger off girlyboy.

    • Anonymous

      cool impression bro! no one really talks like that tho

    • Anonymous

      Blimey! What bollocks you bloody gobby why do you think you overweight Americans are such a shithole of a country? Are you off your Trolley?! All you care about is bloody money and war, well you can kiss my arse and kiss Wales Black arse because he wont stop caring about his poetry because some wazzock like you says he should care more about money. A wanker like you spewing this type of Tosh needs to be pummeled you daft cow, I will shove my todger up your mums fanny for being such a chav. You American pigs are cheeky blokes untill a Brit with Grit puts you on your bum.

  • Juicy JayBurd

    Wale is a vile and violent human being who uses his status to sexually abuse Black women and attack Black male journalists.

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