Lupe Fiasco Praises Joey Bada$$ As A Backpack Rapper

Lupe Fiasco says "Tetsuo & Youth" will feature guest appearances from Rick Ross, Trae Tha Truth and others.

According to Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco, where Food & Liquor II may have lacked any big name features, his upcoming album, Tetsuo & Youth, will likely make up for the lack of features on his last LP.

Lupe rattled off the list of guest features on Tetsuo & Youth during an interview with DJ Whoo Kid, and among the artists he says are currently featured on the album are Rick Ross, Big K.R.I.T. and Trae Tha Truth.

While speaking on the artists featured on his upcoming project, the Windy City emcee says he chose to recruit the artists mentioned to prove that his circle doesn’t consist of “a bunch of nerds and lames.”

“The one thing that I did do on this album, which I was hesitant to do on my last album, was I opened up my feature box,” Lupe said. “So, I got Rick Ross on the album. But I got Rick Ross and Big K.R.I.T. on the same song. I got a joint called ‘Chopper.’ I got my man Billy Blue on there. I got Yung Buk from Psychodrama. Not Young Buck from G-Unit. The OG Yung Buk from Psychodrama is on there. My man Trouble Trouble is on there. My man Glasses Malone is on there. My man Family is on there. Who else is on that joint? It’s like six niggas on there. My man Trae Tha Truth is on there. But it’s like real dudes that I know in the industry…It’s like ‘Yo, let’s do a record.’ Cause these people don’t think that it’s Gs in my circle. They think it’s like a bunch of nerds and lames running around. So, let me just do a little something to show these niggas I got a few, few hitters in my crew.”

After speaking on Tetsuo & Youth, both Lupe and DJ Whoo Kid spoke on the introduction of the hipster rapper and the lack of backpack rappers. During the conversation, Lupe revealed that there still are backpack rappers out there and even cited Joey Bada$$, who recently expressed his frustration with being pigeonholed as a 90s rapper, and Pro Era as a group of artists who represent the backpacker niche.

“Nah, they still there,” Lupe said. “I think you got like Pro Era and Joey Bada$$ and his whole crew. Like for me they keeping that backpack—that grimy, high school, Timberlands. To me, when I look at a crew I look at people who doing it today who have that kind of essence of the '90s. What I grew up [in]. What I grew up rapping as and rapping towards. I always go back to Joey and kids who nice, but still got like a certain authenticity about themselves.”

With Tetsuo & Youth scheduled for release next year, Lupe recently promoted the album thanks to his “Tetsuo & Youth Preview Tour,” which concluded earlier this month. Since the announcement of Tetsuo & Youth at the top of the year, Lupe has previewed a handful of tracks on the album and recently spoke on the project being less political than past albums.

“It ain’t gonna be a party album…I did like the first interview for the album, I think it was either with Rolling Stone or Billboard, and just told them like, you know, on purpose there’s no politics on the record,” Lupe said during an interview with 97.9 The Box. “I feel like people—I’ve said what I had to say and people replied how they had to reply.”

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  • Chilly

    This fool needs a verse from BISHOP G 1500! He used to tour everywhere with him, but he only got one verse on the cool....

  • The_Observer

    Lupe you are real lyricist but you doing the same bullshit that Nas and Eminem do...feature non-lyrical rappers so you can shine above all When you going to feature a Nas, Talib, Pharoah, Canibus, Mos Def on your album?

  • Anonymous

    rmember how bad lazers was LOL

  • CP

    wasted talent. don't deny the guy's talent, deny he has any common sense left, he's gone when he starts working with rick ross, completely gone. could've been top 5, literally, of all time. nothing worse than wasted talent

  • Anonymous

    Lupe sold the F out! Get outta here with sh*ttin on your mans dem just so you can get some hype

  • MC Enoch

    "on purpose theres no politics on the record" He's pretty much saying If you were one of my fans before, don't waste your time on this album, I made it for the brainless slobs who worship radio rap.

  • Contra

    I'm reading comments from a bunch of overly emotional fans or whatever you are supposed to be...understand that Lupe is a human being who obviously realizes that his anti everything musically rants are played out at this stage in his career so it seems hes choosing to be more open minded...hes not selling out..hes just getting over himself... and for those who think Ross is a fake or pretender, you must not be from Miami or anywhere in Fl for that matter b/c I assure you is not rapping about someone else's life...dont let the correctional officer stuff throw u off...he is no fraud homie...done

    • Anonymous

      yes he is. its been confirmed. i see no one coming out to co-sign ross past life except gunplay and that nigga is on his pay roll. sure real niggas fuck with him but thats only cause he gives them money and feeds a bunch of niggas but they will be the first to tell you he was never bout that life

    • Anonymous

      yeah okay Contra because you're a butler for Ross and have access to his daily operation. GTFOH idiot!

  • MK

    Whoopi Goldberg lookin ass nigga

  • Anonymous

    who is young buk wtf get buck n why did you think anyone wanted a ross ft big krit

  • Anonymous

    a bunch of whack niggaz and K.R.I.T.? cool?haha cmon you might as well grab keef

  • Anonymous

    Lupe is only working with William Roberts to tap into his Correctional Officer connections on the inside so he can help out his partner Chilly Mack who's serving 44 years.

  • Eric Castillo

    til I looked at the receipt of $8351, I didn't believe mom in-law could realie taking home money parttime from their laptop.. there neighbour has been doing this 4 only about seventeen months and resantly repayed the dept on their home and bought a new Mazda. you can find out more... This is typical DX playing safe giving Lamar mc of the year. Dx knows giving Eminem will explode their site with haters.

  • Anonymous

    Lupe = The worlds biggest Fake Revolutionary. Dude is soo trash. People call it deep - I call it confused faith based fake rebellious bullshit music...

    • ETK read this, and shut the fuck up people call it deep cause your ass is ignorant

  • A-Game

    I find it funny that people criticize Lupe for having a track with Rick Ross, but when other so called "real rappers" like Nas does a track with Ross it's perfectly fine. You can argue that at times Nas and Lupe have similar positive subject matters, so why won't these "real hip-hop" fans call Nas out on it but will turn around and bitch about Lupe collaborating with Ross? Apparently those same people complaining must've forgotten about that "Rich Decisions" track with Ross, Wale, and Lupe on it. Did Lupe go against any of his morals on that track? No, he was still positive. So instead of whining, why don't you wait and hear the track first before forming an opinion on it. People are so quick nowadays to say somebody "sold out", I swear.

    • Anonymous

      "sellout" is an overused phony term. The only person who can decide whether it is selling out is the artist. U don't what they stand for... we all growth and cahnge our opinions... To u it seems like selling out - to the person it may just be growth....

    • Anonymous

      Nas will do a song with anyone for $$$$. His ex and the IRS left him nearly bankrupt so he gets a pass!

    • Anonymous

      Nas was definitely criticized for making that song with Officer Ricky. Nas is still a sellout but we got over it and chalked it up to a brother trying to eat. We will get over Lupe being a sell out too.

  • Anonymous

    I'm also surprised that going into 2014 people that arent signed to MMG or DJ Khaled are still going to Ross for features. He's not even hot like that anymore! He can't make his own singles hot and his shit got pushed back cause it ain't buzzin. Hopefully it will just be an itunes bonus track or some shit.

  • Not Impressed

    A Rick Ross feature on a Lupe Fiasco album? That's pretty funny cause I swear he's been makin side jabs at Ross on his records but now he has him on his album?? Smh.. this industry man......I'm not impressed!

  • Marta Prince

    just before I saw the bank draft ov $8616, I did not believe that my father in law woz like they say actualey erning money part-time on their laptop.. there sisters neighbour started doing this for under 22 months and just now paid the debts on their condo and bourt themselves a Volkswagen Golf GTI. check my source... he might cry about it and possibly threaten you with violence for not feeling his estrogen jams for the ladies.

  • goodlookingsammy

    Yeah sure,It's a business but a ross feature doesn't guarantee sales so what's your point?

    • Anonymous

      are stupid??

    • Anonymous

      U don;t like Rick Ross?? Are stupid?? Rick Ross can rap man. Whether he sold drugs or not is one thing - but dude can rap. I imagine he will murder Lupe on whatever song that is...

    • Anonymous

      I would actually think it does the complete opposite! I know I wont support any artist who puts that fat slob on their album. I download it for free then delete the Ross song!

  • goodlooking

    He's a big hypocrite and a pretender!

    • BP

      what true fans? you mean fans with sticks up their asses who keep tabs on what rappers have said months or years ago? Lupe doesn't need these motherfuckers. he can do a track with whoever the fuck he wants. niggas out here actin like they his mama

    • Anonymous

      alienating your true fans has never been good for business

    • Jack

      every now and again, people change. It is imminent. I still feel like lupe is still the realest mc out there. Yeah sure collaborating with Ross maybe seem a bit hypocritical but at the end of the day business is strictly business. Can't wait for his album though.

  • Anonymous

    I don't understand how a guy like this can be so outspoken about shit and then go and do songs with Rick Ross of all people....

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