Kanye West Opens "Yeezus" Pop Up Shop In Chicago

Kanye West brings "Yeezus Tour" merchandise to a Chicago pop up shop.

Kanye West's "Yeezus Tour" pop up shop has opened its doors in Chicago, Illinois.

The rapper's hometown shop can be found by visiting Chicago's 46 East Oak Street, as per hotnewhiphop.com

DONDA's Virgil Abloh posted an image of the store on Instagram. 

In October, Kanye West opened a pop up shop in Los Angeles, California

In November, West did the same in New York, New York, as per vibe.com.

West has spoken about the importance of fashion in his life. He has also discussed design in various interviews. During a recent talk at Harvard University, West elaborated on his belief in the power of design.

"I really do believe that the world can be saved through design and everything needs to actually be architected," West said. "And this is the reason why even some of the first DONDA employees were architects that started designing T-shirts instead of buildings." 

Abloh's Instagram post can be viewed below.

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  • John

    Well, I can only wish the BEST for Kanye and I am so proud of him as he dreams big and this is how we should all be instead of being haters....... I don't see any overprice there, there t-shirts for $1000 and yeah, so please let yeezus alone.... I know he will be very successful no matter the obstacles!!!

  • Eric Castillo

    til I looked at the receipt of $8355, I didn't believe ...that...my mom in-law could realie taking home money parttime from their laptop.. there neighbour has been doing this 4 only about seventeen months and resantly repayed the dept on their home and bought a new Mazda. you can find out more... www.FB39.com This is typical DX playing safe giving Lamar mc of the year. Dx knows giving Eminem will explode their site with haters.

  • Anonymous

    bitch how you aint the hobbit again?

  • Anonymous

    that stores lookin a little to white... LOL someone needs to run up in there and smear shit all over the floor and walls

  • Marta Prince

    just before I saw the bank draft ov $8616, I did not believe that my father in law woz like they say actualey erning money part-time on their laptop.. there sisters neighbour started doing this for under 22 months and just now paid the debts on their condo and bourt themselves a Volkswagen Golf GTI. check my source... www.Tec80.com he might cry about it and possibly threaten you with violence for not feeling his estrogen jams for the ladies.

  • Kanye West

    I read all your comments, and so far, some of y'all are thinking with your emotions. Don't let that cloud ya judgment. Listen up. The reason why I'm charging $100 or more for clothing is because I know the fans will gladly pay more for quality, and that's what we offer here at GOOD Music.

    • Anonymous

      you wouldnt know quality if it fucked your bitch on camera and killed your mom while giving her bigger titays! NOHOMO

  • Anonymous

    Chief Keef said his new mixtape was gonna raise the murder rate in Chicago so Kanye fires back saying his new t-shirts are going to raise the homosexual rate in Chi-Town

  • Anonymous

    man i love ye but really 100 t shirts for popping up in Chiraq is not needed. at least the quality has to be there I saw a hustle gang hoody cost a 100 dollars. Come on guys u influence the kids but the parents are the ones buying the actual music. I thought the whole process of these rants was to make it affordable and hot for the the working class. This kinda upsets me this dude grew up in a single parent household and making 100 dollar tshirts. what about the true fans ye wwhat about the starving artist remember when college dropout came out and u was talking about getting shit out the layawway. Look if the whole purpose of this it to make affordable trendy clothes but not urban inspired i can wear the same American Eagle, Polo, even old navy from ten years ago and it does not stand out like if i wear to pull out some old Rocawear, Fubu, and Iceberg. dude I aint saying have it Walmart for every Tom, Dick, and Jane but Ye they has to b a better way. And as a man with a family I cant justify paying a 100 dollars for a tee. In my younger days i might have spent maybe 40 on a T but am i going to b able to wear it in a interview. can u reach the masses with over priced product where they dont wont black people at period. on new slaves u say there are two types of racism and these shirts ARE NOT GOING TO HELP OUR COMMUNITY. yE MAN I DIG U AS A ARTIST A FULL ARTIST ALL AROUND. jUST COME ON MAN I BENN ROCKING WITH U SINCE THE DYNASTY ALBUM U SPEAK TO ME MORE THAN THIS b.S. OTHER RAPPERES I AM NOT A TRAPPER, i DONT SALE DOPE, i AM A EVERY MAN THE MAN TRYING NOT TO DO THE NEGATIVE. AND WE ALL KNOW HIP HOP FASHION IS FUELED BY ILLEGAL ACTIVITY HOW ELSE IS THE AVERAGE T.I. FAN AFFORD A 100 DOLLAR HOOD. aND 25% OF THE NEW JOBS ARE PART-TIME JOBS PAYING LESS THAN A FULL TIME JOB AND HAVING PEOPLE WORK JUST ENOUGH TO CUT OFF gOVERNMENT aSSISTANCE. PUTS PEOPLE IN A BIND

    • Anonymous

      and i love the Good music its something we can all be apart of the art i'm willing to except that as well i encourage this man to grow and be all he can be. All the great men he mentioned he idolizes he wants to be just as great because i called it 10 years ago

    • Anonymous

      300 a piece both have something that they will cherish and have memories of

    • Anonymous

      i wear what i want and im not spending 300 on j's. I spent 300 on a power wheel for my kids

    • Kanye West

      C'mon, nigga. How is a $100 t-shirt different than a pair of $300 Jordans y'all niggas kill each other over? I'm making GOOD money off of these GOOD clothes because we make GOOD music

    • Anonymous

      he also selling 1 single pair of cheaply made socks with a GOOD music logo on the side for like $35 a pair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I heard Chief Keef and GBE were first in line to get confederate flag t-shirts and they copped a metalica rip-off shirt while they were there #SWAG

  • Anonymous

    LOL what kind of fuckery is that? you need a whole store front for 1 rack of overpriced pre faded t-shirts?

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