Chuck D Addresses Suge Knight's Comments Regarding N-Word

Public Enemy's Chuck D discusses the historical context of the "n-word."

Chuck D was asked to address Suge Knight's recent declaration that he prefers to be called “the n-word” over “African American.” The Public Enemy emcee spoke on the historical context of the n-word. 

"Being called Black in America is the struggle to keep us moving and breathing over bloody water," Chuck said to "Being a nigger or [nigga] without the context of history is like drowning in bloody water, dragging down those yet knowing to swim."

YG was also recently asked to address Knight's comments

"That word, it got a lot of history,” YG said. “It got a lot of people that, you feel me, been through a lot of shit behind that word. You feel me? But I feel like people use the word anyways on an everyday basis. The word is based off of friendship. When you say the ‘n-word’, ‘that’s my n-word,’ you saying ‘that’s my homie.’ So, this how I feel about it a little bit too. If the people using that word as a word to like uplift they friend or like say ‘that’s my homie, that’s my friend,’ I feel like it’s love. Because they ain’t using it in a disrespectful way.”

Suge Knight spoke about the "n-word" recently, saying he dislikes the term "African American."

“A lot of times when people say the n-word, I like that better than African American," Knight said. "We're not from Africa. We're black. Even Africans don't call themselves African.”

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  • Anonymous

    listen fuck tards. Many people have fought and died for blacks to be treated equal and for the right to be addressed by their birth name. You idiots call each other that nonsense is disrespecting those that died fighting for your freedom and equal rights. No one should use any variation of the N word.

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  • The Power

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  • Anonymous

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    • JD

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  • Negro Tha God

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  • Wow

    I've come to find out that black people expect white people to understand the black community when they don't even understand themselves. How can white people understand the N word when black people can't even figure it out. Past generations know the negativity behind that word cuz they were raised to interpret that word in one way people are raised to believe it's acceptable sometimes and hear it a millions times every single day as a "term of endearment". The black community needs to stop looking for white people to blame until they solve "their" problems first. Every other race has acknowledged and overcome their own race's setbacks without simply defelcting to another race.

    • trillTalk

      Shit, well im hispanic, grew up in a predominantly black neighborhood, half of my homies are black, I used the word, never used it in a disrespectful way, never had one single black person tell me I couldnt use it or that it was wrong, now all of a sudden everybody feels threaten by it cuz of the media and shit, there is bigger problems at hand than using the N word now a days!

    • Anonymous

      how many races are suffering from identity crisis, meaning had your identity stolen from white over 450 years ago and kept in servitude at bottom class by design. Its not a case of blame, if a system isn't working you look at the reality of the facts

    • Yoda

      Im black and dont blame whites for anything.. This is a Hip Hop site, if you aren't happy with the actions of African Americans, dont frequent a site that depicts our beautiful Hip Hop culture. We are exceptional when it comes to this music ish, which is why you are here in the first place. There is no other form of music which has had such a huge influence on the world in general, not just a region or demographic. Hip Hop and Black reign is forever.

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  • son of a sax

    When I was younger, I used to say the (n word) I view it as a term of endearment. But ALOT of people didnt (like my pops) Now that I'm older and see that the word has stretched well beyond the inner city circle. I choose not to say it. Point blank!!!Whether "er" or "a" there still a negative conotation connected to the word. No matter how you spin it.

  • White Lord

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  • Moot

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  • Anonymous

    We took something the white cowards meant to down us and switched it to a term of endearment

    • Anonymous

      Don't say, "we" switched it because not every black person uses the word. The word has way too much negative history to ever be changed to a term of endearment not matter who uses it. It's a negative term and should not be used by anybody. What would you say if your 4 year old son, daughter, niece or nephew used the word in public? Would you condone it?

    • Anonymous

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