YG Defends Suge Knight's Stance On The N-Word

YG says the use of the n-word by others is tolerable if it isn't used in a disrespectful way.

Shortly after former Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight declared that he prefers to be called “the n-word” over “African American,” Compton rapper YG has come forward to share his thoughts on the controversial word.

While speaking with TMZ this month, YG stated that he understands and acknowledges the history of the word, but feels the use of the word by others is acceptable if it isn’t used in a disrespectful manner.

“I feel like this…That word it got a lot of history,” said YG. “It got a lot of people that, you feel me, been through a lot of shit behind that word. You feel me? But I feel like people use the word anyways on an everyday basis. The word is based off of friendship. When you say the ‘n-word’, ‘that’s my n-word,’ you saying ‘that’s my homie.’ So, this how I feel about it a little bit too. If the people using that word as a word to like uplift they friend or like say ‘that’s my homie, that’s my friend,’ I feel like it’s love. Because they ain’t using it in a disrespectful way.”

YG, who released an alternate version of his single “My Nigga,” titled “My Hitta,” further commented on the use of the n-word as he revealed that people will continue to use the word despite what others may think.

“The word got history to it. A lot of people been through a lot of stuff over that word,” said the Compton wordsmith. “So, I feel where the people who be tripping off of it, I feel where they coming from. But at the same time you gotta understand that word. Regardless if people don’t like other people using it and saying it, people saying it anyways. You feel me? And it’s like ain’t nobody gonna do nothing about it. You feel me? Unless they use it in a disrespectful way.”

Although both the “My Nigga” and “My Hitta” music videos were posted on YouTube on September 6 of this year, YG’s “My Nigga” video has received over 30 million more views than the “My Hitta” video.

In his interview with TMZ, Suge Knight stated, “A lot of times when people say the n-word, I like that better than African American. We're not from Africa. We're black. Even Africans don't call themselves African.”

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  • Negro Tha God!

    Peace, my nigg*s. The god Negro gonna spit some knowledge on yall uneducated nigg*s. The nigga YG is correct, nigg*. African nigg*s don't call they selves Africans, they call each other Indian or brown, nigg*. And because the European man stole us from our huts, nigg*, we have to thank the white man for helping to introduce the word nigg* into the modern African American lexicon, my nigg*. That's right. Because of the negative connotation of the word nigg**, which is already an offensive term in and of itself, the word has gone on to evolve into a term of endearment among black folks, nigg*. Alright that's my time and I hope y'all niggas enjoyed this history lesson, nigg**. Peace and god bless, nigg**. Nig**.

  • Marta Prince

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  • ETK

    This whole hypocrisy kills me everyday. You white folks invented the word, you used for a long time and still use it to this day (mostly behind closed doors) so why you act like we took it and you can't say that anymore?? It's your word, not ours.

  • Anonymous

    thats ma nigga though

  • Anonymous

    "A lot of times when people say the n-word, I like that better than African American. We're not from Africa. We're black. Even Africans don't call themselves African" LMAO!!! That Sambo really said this? Well guess what, NIGGA? You're not treated as an American, you're not respected as an American, and yes, you ARE African

  • Anonymous

    white people need to start walking around like what good my crack@?

  • Anonymous

    this nigga needs to stfu

  • Realest

    If your not from our state... Suge actually drives around by himself in a low rider. If you drive around long enough you will seem him around most hoods in LA. I dont know of any other famous person who goes around with that much respect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • p

    since when africans don't call them selves africans? africans are not africans they are black? suge is such a waste of space

  • Anonymous

    the n word lol like thats even a problem

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, gets overused and played out way to much pretty derogatory!

  • Anonymous

    where re u from then?

  • Silver Nodon

    ...We're not from Africa. We're black. Even Africans don't call themselves African. Suge Knight don't even know any African people!? I like Us Hip Hop But sometime...The Americans should learn to know the world: Europe, Africa and other. Africa existed before slavery.

  • Nancy Erbe

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  • Anonymous

    The N word gotta be the most overused / played-out word in the world.

    • Anonymous

      We whipped their backs so badly that now they call each other N*****. Jews dont call each other racial slurs they call each other friend.

  • Anonymous

    The N word is what they are and I just call it like I see it and say it like I see it.

  • Anonymous

    I am white and I grew up with my white parents using the N Word and my grandparents using the N word, I love the word. My great grandfather was a high ranking Klansman who participated in the lynching of two separate N----rs. Im just proud of the fact that we brainwashed the N----rs so badly that they refer to each other as N---er. Whites won N----rs LOST.

  • Sarcasim

    Awwww shit! I'm officially allowed to use the n-word now! 2014 is my year!!

    • Anonymous

      If Suge Knight says it's okay then it must be okay!

    • Anonymous

      We have always been allowed to use it, its just that some people are offended by it. I use it in reference to the Blacks all the time and enjoy when the Blacks use it in their music.

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