Chris Brown's Probation Revoked

Chris Brown is also ordered not to use medical marijuana anymore.

Chris Brown's probation has been revoked by the judge in his Rihanna assault case due to more recent assault charges filed against Brown in Washington D.C., according to  

The judge believes the criminal complain in D.C. proves Brown has not obeyed all laws, a requirement of his probation. 

Brown was not taken into custody, according to, because of progress he's made while in anger management rehabilitation. The judge is set to hold a hearing in February and could sentence Brown to prison time then. 

Brown was also ordered not to use medical marijuana, according to He has reportedly been making progress using psychotropic drugs, which have improved his ability to "emotionally regulate himself," according to progress report documents published by

In October, Brown was allegedly involved in a fight in Washington D.C. when he was approached by two women who wanted to take a picture with him. When two men attempted to get in the photograph as well, Brown allegedly used a slur towards gay people before punching the alleged victim.

The singer is facing a misdemeanor assault charge from the incident. 

Brown has reportedly said that he did not punch the alleged victim. Instead, Brown has reportedly said that his bodyguard handled the matter on his own. Conflicting police reports have also been filed regarding the first punch thrown

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  • Anonymous

    he cat use medical marijuana for his health?

  • drake runs rap

    I fantasize about Drake and Chris Brown.

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  • ARO

    Lol Chris Brown tryin out that slim shady look wit his hair but it just makes him look more insane

  • Anonymous

    this nicca is such a moron. all he had to do was lay low for a while and not be on the news every month on some angry nigga shit but he couldnt even do that! he throwing chairs threw windows, getting in fights and throwing bottles in the club LOL... throwing rocks at his moms car in rehab!!!! he deserves to go to jail

  • Anonymous

    a judge is not a doctor and cannot tell you what prescriptions you can and cannot take. brown got bullied by the court on that one... but fuck em anyway lol

  • drake runs rap

    Drake stays winning. He had a tough life as a gangster while Chris Brown came from a rich family. Drake greets women while chris brown beats them. Chris Brown makes Kayne look like a human being in comparison.

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