Casual Says Eminem Gave Him His Demo

Exclusive: Casual also explains dissing Eminem over "Rap God."

Casual, a founding member of the Hieroglyphics collective who dissed Eminem on "He Still Think He Rap God," recently spoke with HipHopDX about why he addressed Marshall Mathers on wax. 

“Actually, He Think He Rap God, if they don't know, was an album I dropped in 2011,” Casual said in an interview with HipHopDX. “I just reiterated it by doing it over Eminem's ‘Rap God.’ Basically, I was just trying to make the brother aware that there is already a Rap God. You can't do that. You can't get aloof in Hip Hop and get on this level where you so big above your peers and think that you thought of a new concept or try to come out with it and find out that one of your peers is already running that. Well, that's a point of conflict." 

While there in lies a point of conflict for Casual, he is also quick to celebrate Eminem's skills. 

“Eminem is remarkable,” Casual said. “No one is trying to take anything from him, lyrically. It ain’t even about that. That's not the circumstance. Eminem has done what he's done in Hip Hop. That's untouchable.”

He also said that his track was released in order to show that he wouldn't disregard the "Rap God" label.

"Honestly if you listen to it, my lyrics, I wasn't a hundred percent just going at [Eminem]," Casual said. "I just had to say the few things to let you know that you just stepping on my toes and I don't think my fans would respect me if I simply disregarded the fact that I’m Rap God and I just let you take off with it."

According to Casual, he did what many emcees are scared to do.  

"A lot of emcees would've just disregarded the fact and would've surrendered ‘Rap God’ to Eminem because they feel his power is so much higher than theirs," Casual said. "All these rappers are scared of him. Let's keep it 100."

Soon after releasing the track, Casual was criticized by some who said he was not as prominent as Eminem. Casual said this is irrelevant and noted that Eminem understands who he is and what he has contributed to Hip Hop. 

"It takes somebody of my caliber to even be able to put him in his place," he said. "Eminem gave me his demo so anybody talking about, ‘Eminem don't know who Casual is,' is just foolish. They don't know the intricacies of this industry. Straight up, but it's like that. In Detroit, standing by the backstage when I was about to perform before he came out. Eminem [is] 42 [years old]. I'm 38. I came out at 17 years old...I got a record deal at 17-years-old and he must've been 22 when he gave me his demo. So nobody can speak to what my prowess might look like to him. Hopefully, I'm still respected by Eminem and even more after I just rapped over his ‘Rap God,’ because he should know, like I said, the God is still here."

Casual said he remembers listening to Eminem's demo in awe.  

“I remember," he said. "This is one of the most remarkable demos I've ever heard. We hopped in a van leaving Detroit. He had it on a blue tape and we popped that blue tape in the van riding and the first song that came on was...It wasn't Dre's version of [The Slim Shady LP]. This was before he got with Dre...He was like, 'I'm an M-80, you little like that Kim lady.’ 

"As soon as we heard that lyric, everybody in the van was like, 'Oh,'" Casual added. "I'm not one of these artists who's gon' be like, trying to disrespect someone who I'm up against 'cause that'll make me look so weak that I got time to go against a person who weak. Period. I ain't got time." 

Casual's raps over "Rap God" contained lines about Eminem and other emcees.

"Your whole career you on some devilish shit," Casual raps on the selection. "So if I let you claim Rap God, Heaven will split."

"Claim the Son of Rap God and I won’t abuse my child," the Oakland, California emcee also rhymes on the track. "Listen, Biggie used to use my style / Homie, this ain’t 8 Mile / Now everybody feeling the rhymes, the real Rap God / Out-rap that fraud."   

Eminem released his most recent music video, "The Monster," a clip that also features Rihanna. It can be viewed on HipHopDX here

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  • Anonymous

    Stop playing games and keep it 100 he said he's not taking anything from Eminem lyrically..he's saying that Eminem cannot possibly be the God of anything by his very nature...but just like Europeans always do..take something that they weren't originally a part of and lay claim to it as if they made it up....FOH!!

  • Heiro vs. Hobo Battle

    Just because one is not well rounded as far as emcee careers goes doesn't mean throwing shade has to be the response. Shit always has to go way past friendly competition or a simple like or a critique of why one dislikes an emcee. Where has the intelligence in crticism gone these days??

  • fiamoka2009

    Okay first of all guys, it's rather obvious that Casual it a little jealous. You really cant contest that. However, he is the king (I know people debate that) of underground rap which people think is better than mainstream rap. It's kind of like the cool kids have a party but don't invite the losers and the losers are like Well I don't care! We'll start our own party, a party for losers, and it'll be a cooler than youuuu. It's rather childish and hilarious if you ask me. But yes Casual = legend in one of those worlds. That being said...for anyone that attacks someones music yet claims "there ain't no beef" is full of it. If you're really upset by his outrageous claim of being rap god and think that he's full of himself then stand up and own it. Why would you be shy about stating your frustration? Oh yeah because you ARE scared of him. Casual claims he's better than Eminem,that he came before Eminem and has bigger power in the game. Well if you're so high and mighty, why try to hide your anger? You obviously see yourself as the best thing ever to happen to humans, so you dont need to be submissive to anyone right? It's hard to justify criticizing someone but kissing there ass at the same time. The arrogance this guy has overwhelms me and sometimes even outshines his amazing lyrical skill. He may be well known by a close system of true hip hop fans, but Eminem is beloved all around the world. And if you say that "well everyone listens to mainstream crap because they're stupid but we listen to underground rap because it's better and smarter", then you're no better because that's narcissistic as well. (Again remember the party metaphor). If you really believe that the majority of the world is wrong and you and the small culture you're part of is better than nearly EVERYONE ELSE, then that clearly reflects on your negative outlook and your close mindedness. I don't judge on that though because most people who think badly of everyone else has had a lot of stuff happen to them and that's why they see the world in that way. Regardless, even if you are someone that doesn't trust people because of unfortunate past experiences, I'm willing to bet that most of you aren't an egotistical person, you have a sense of humility. I mean, youve had lots of adversity so you know not to take things for granted. "I'M the rap god...only someone of MY caliber can put Eminem in his place...I'll do what rappers are afraid to do because I'm not afraid..." Isn't it ironic that Casual is acting in the same exact way that he's complaining Eminem is doing? You have to understand people, fans of underground hip-hop are fiercely loyal so to them, Casual IS god. It's a tootally different world than what most of us are familiar with. But...that does NOT does NOT make underground better than mainstream and vice versa. It's subjective. Think about it, everyone has different favorite kinds of foods. Are you going to call someone egotistical and sold-out and blah blah blah because they don't worship the craft of mac n cheese the way you do? No, everyone has different tastes. Also, the argument that people in the mainstream rap about stupid stuff and that underground people rap about knowledge and skills confuses me. The way I see it, Eminem and other rappers rap about issues that are pressing and popular in the mainstream cultures whereas underground can be more condensed and about Greeks or chemical reactions of carbon dioxide or...whatever the hell they like. So both subjects are important to it's own culture so I don't think it makes sense for anyone to criticize the music content in the opposite culture. It's like the same as liking different kinds of foods; there are also different kinds of things that people like to talk about. Don't you guys have friends who hate talking about life and all that spiritual crap but you also have friends who do nothing but talk about that stuff? And you love them both don't you? By the way Big 18th whatever you are, you made me laugh when you said faggot because Eminem's been receiving a lot of heat for using that word. And as he explains it, it stems from his background in the world of underground rap. Gasp! Worlds fusing together! Its better to respect the uniqueness of a culture different than your own than to just dump on it because it's not what you like. In fact, I'm pretty sure that's the reason behind racism. Finally, last few points, when you call someone a fraud you are not only accusing recent comments or what not, you're challenging their entire career and what it's based on. Casual and no one else for that matter has the right to penalize someone who recycles old ideas. I mean, that's what the whole culture is about isn't it?! Taking the beauty of the craft of some great rapper before you and then infusing it with your own creativity to show off your amazing talent? That's all Eminem is doing, and Casual is doing the same thing too by making his own remix of the song Rap God. The whole theme of Casual accusing Eminem of the same thing that he's doing cannot be stressed enough. I actually like both of these rappers and I recognize and respect their incredible talent, but to me both of them are rap gods BUT IN DIFFERENT CONTEXTS! Eminem is king on the billboard and sales and Casual is literally among the highest rung on the underground latter. Maybe both of them have massively inflated egos but I don't agree with Casual that he has this "duty" to bring Eminem down. People in glass houses shouldn't throw bricks, and people also shouldn't think that their own personal choices are better than another person. Hey, maybe I don't want to listen to rap about Phoenicians. No offense, it's just not interesting to me. Don't judge me on that because you have no right. You don't see me saying, ohhh well at least when I listen to Eminem's music it doesn't feel like I'm in a history class! No, that's rude and not true because, guys, accept that there is amazing rap in both cultures. One more thing, Eminem is 41 not 42. That also irked me a little.

    • youdon'tevengetit

      why are you saying that Casual is jealous and all these other bullshit half ass assumptions. Casual is on a whole other level. See you don't understand what all the hieroglyphic albums were talking about so that's why you even begin to make all these assumptions. Maybe research what even their fucking album name "third eye vision" means and you'll understand the whole hiero crew have no egos to begin with which is why Casual isn't jealous or scared. That's why Casual talks big game because he can fucking walk it. And jesus christ calling Casual close-minded. Again if you understood what hiero's songs were about it would be apparent they're more open-minded, but more so in reality than %98 of the world which is why they say "Fuck popular opinion." Get some fuckin knowledge before you try and critique shit.

  • F. p.

    Any one who do'nt know about casual dont know much about hip hop simple.hiero and him have making classic music for years, he was 17teen when he came out in 1994 and he was on that battle ish back then. if we could talk to em i'm sure he would tell you he is a fan of cas. they are two champs in this rap game one on the over ground and one on the please respect a legend.

  • God

    Lol none of these cats alive today are rap gods... Casual sounds like a gay name and M&M's are sweet... what more could I say? These nikkas are both wanabes... The only rap god is Tupac and always will be.

    • Anonymous

      Eminem is better and will always ne better than 2pac, pac comes second he cant compare to Eminem and fuck casual ive never even heard of that asshole so how can he judge a god

  • Ken

    em started off as an emcee with all his freestyle battles.. he is mainstream but also you gotta remember all the crap he took and how many times did he get sued? his label told him to switch it up and change his lyrics.. but did he? most of these *pop stars* rap about money,cars.guns,drugs, and women...oh yea and dances... most artist have to change to their style in order to sale records.. eminem didnt have to change.. people bought his cause of him.. em raps about the same shit he has always rapped about even in infinite.. you cannot compare Tribe, wutang,rakim etc to this casual guy.. i heard of his crew.. and honestly listen to his version of rap god (if you can sit through it) dude is ok but wack as fu** compared to them and eminem.. flow is all off balanced. the rhymesayers crew kills this guy, so does Mac leathal or even Tech nine and Hopsin.. this guy is trying to make a name for him self.. he knows em would tear his ass up, why you think he said there is no beef? look what ICE TEA and ICE CUBE or even RAKIM say about eminem.. thinks he is the best ever even though he is white(ice tea), says lyrically he is a beast(ice cube), and he would be the Malcolm X of Rap if he was black (rakim)

    • Anonymous

      KEN EATS DICK fuck u learn ur rap asshole u cant handle the fact that Eminem is a white guy who took the throne of 2pac and shoved it up his ass Eminem is the best rapper alive and ever fuck pac fuck biggie fuck ja rule pussy motherfucking cunts

    • Ken eats a dick

      Hieroglyphics is one of the greatest rap groups of all time. You sound ridiculous saying they can't be compared to greats, let alone lil new niggas like hopsin. You killed all credibility with that statement. They birthed cats like that. And Eminem used to sit with Proof and rap using Hieroglyphic's styles, so for all that shit you talking on Casual and Hiero, know that Eminem is actually a fan of theirs. Learn your hip hop before you say dumb shit

    • agree

      The game and royce da 5'9 have both called him the best of all time multiple times and nas said "he contributes so much musically and lyrically hes amazing"...ALL THE HATERS NEED TO SEE

  • Anonymous

    aye..woo stick jay from philly

  • ReadDeal

    Eminem = Pop Star (same as Miley Cyrus, Ke$ha, Lady Gaga) Casual = REAL hip-hop artist (same as Tribe, Wu Tang, Rakim) Billboard hits have nothing to do with it. End of story. Obviously this site is for teenie bopper pop music fans.

    • Anonymous

      Real deal so jayz kanye Royce da 59 and everyone say hes the best that ever lived its obvious ur sad coz u thought there wasn't gonna be anyone better than 2pac but then came slim shady pac never stood against anything Eminem took on the world and is still here now shady vs everybody

    • Big Bad 18th Street Gang, E'z up to the homiez worldwide!

      ReadDeal, I agree with you 100%, good comment.

  • eminem

    eminem is better . more album sales, more billboard hits

  • Gary

    Ummm... I thought Rakim was the G.O.D... Rakim Allah. Think that covers whom the "peers" are. So Cas and Em are(according to Casual) in the wrong for the Rap God thing. Check out "My Melody" from 1987 of off Paid in Full. To which I'm a fan of all, but I give the God thing to Ra. Peace goes out.

  • Anonymous

    HIEROGLYPHICS ARE DOPE That's why nobody heard of this dude, you people are too busy jacking off to Breezy records on the radio to know who Casual is. You guys don't know him because he's not all over the media like your favourite rappers. Hieroglyphics are well known and well respected by the hip hop heads who dig deeper than the airwaves for their shit.

    • Big Bad 18th Street Gang, E'z up to the homiez worldwide!

      Fuck your life if you don't know who Casual is. I would say most of you twats on here are wannabe hip-hop fans anyway. I was buying up Kane, Slick rick and Hiero records when most of you were still sucking on nipple. "That's how it was and that's how it is!"

    • Anonymous

      casual we still dont know u

  • Anonymous

    1st If you dont know who Hieroglyphics are your a bandwagon hip hop fan 2nd rap has always been about knowledge and lyrics read a book you ignorant mfs

  • Anonymous

    Hieroglyphics aint gangsta rap

    • Anonymous

      nobody is beefing like they are a gangsta rap you idiots! its just a track taking friendly jabs at em, thats it. damn you fools are so dumb and illogical with your responses it hurts!

    • Anonymous

      apparently he beefing like he a gangsta rapper...yeah but u make a point even bow wow beefs

  • ....

    who the fuck is casual? im not even talking shit, seriously who the fuck is this dude?

    • Anonymous

      He was/is a dude from Oakland. Part of the Hieroglyphics crew: Souls of Mischief, Del The Funky Homosapien. Youtube his earlier stuff. He was pretty ill

  • Truetalk

    A nobody attempting to gain some fame off of Em's success

  • WhoiSCasual

    No 1 knows this fool. #nuffSaid

  • Anonymous

    been listening to and saving thousands of mixtapes... how is it weve never heard of casual.. are u a gangster rapper? fuk kind of name is casual on a gangsta ni99a? might as well call yourself Downy

    • Anonymous

      Who said anything about Gangsta Rap? Not every artist puts out mixtapes jackass. Youtube his stuff and you might be surprised at what you find



  • Anonymous

    we've casually never heard of u bruh, but hey enjoy your own diss track lol

  • Anonymous

    Casual go home and die...u shoot dust out of ur ass

  • Cealix

    Why call yourself a "rap god" when only a handful of people understand shit like this: A Carthaginian Killa, Phoenician; Philistine/ Spark the semi for skrilla, I'm beasting, Guerrilla mayne/ Stilla swing the Easton Villa in the Philippines- Bill Fold in a Manilla Fold er ill rap Real Cold and i'm still a soldier said "Make a style that will break him down then take a bow" know I'm kneeling over I'd say 90% of rap fans don't even know where Carthaginian is or what a Phoenician is. All y'all do is scream "OOO...LYRICAL...HE KILLED HIM" and have NO idea what he's talking about. That's like those fans that claims Infinite was the first Eminem album they've listened to. There, I attacked both sides.

    • Nathan

      The Carthiginians were an ancient empire situated in Northern Africa, and the Phoenicians were a seafaring ......... actually I only have a rough idea of who they were, but I get the point.

  • Larmachagne Tha Dog

    "Got What You Need" by Eve > Both these niggas careers.

  • JusTalu

    Rakim started the whole rap god/god emcee concept before both of them no?? then why is it even a problem, cause he's kinda contradicting himself

  • Anonymous

    he Jell or what? shut the fuck up

  • Anonymous

    Ni99a, kanye is a genitalia I mean genius..

  • Anonymous

    Then diss Kanye too. The dude thinks he is a god, literally. lol

  • Slimturk

    Who is Casual? lmao!! Eminem is a rap god and is known world wide!! This is the first that I am ever hearing about someone named Casual...lmao

    • georgel

      I know Casual and he was alright but next to eminem hes a joke. Eminem came up in the underground and did rap battles and all that. Eminem is what real hip hop is about because of how hard he worked to over come being white. How many times in the world do you hear "over come being white".. but its true. hip hop was and still is a black mans job for the most part. Before eminem what white rapper was really respected. Vanilla ice set whites back 20 years lol... I didnt take eminem seriously when his first album came out. But i saw dr dre was behind it and had to listen. Eminem did not think of casual when making rap god i am sure of that. Kanye west even make the song "i am a god".. its just something people are saying and its a song showing off his skills and making a name for himself as one of the greatest. Everyone who is no longer making relevant music feels like they have to comment about eminem, kanye or whoever is hot so they can get their names in the news. Lastly i must say these people who hate eminem cause hes white, or whites hating any rapper cause they are black are pathetic losers. Lord jamars probably a dumb ass muslim piece of racist shit just judging by the comments he made. So many muslims preach hate and i hope those people who preach hate get anal cancer cause we dont need them in this world. Not all muslims but the ones who believe "death to infidels and those who dont believe in allah".. i cant stand hardcore religious freaks cause they spread more hate then love

    • Anonymous

      15 years of listening to rap and i never heard of Casual

    • Anonymous

      just proves you don't know the hip hop culture :)

  • wolf mask freddy jump roap girls 666

    one two

  • wolf mask freddy jump roap girls 666

    666 devils

  • Nick T

    It's "cool" to be black as long as there is money to be made off the culture. Just look at flat ass Miley Cyrus. She got dumb asses across the globe thinking she invented "twerkin"..smh! White folks will steal stank off shit if you let them. Now, every white boy think he can rap, and every Becky wanna big ass/lips and to suck a big black D!CK! It's sickening..Stay in your lane all you cornballs and POSERS! Paul Mooney said it best, "Everybody wanna be a NIIIGGA, but don't nobody wanna be a NIIGGA!

  • HAHA


  • Nancy Erbe

    until I saw the bank draft that said $7264, I didn't believe neighbours mother was like realie receiving money part time on their apple laptop.. there moms best frend started doing this 4 only about twenty one months and resently paid for the dept on their appartment and bought themselves a Ford Mustang. visit the site... its ultimately falls on parents/older siblings to censor what the youth have access too and consumers to decided what we'll allow to become popular

  • Halfway Crook

    I'm not really a crook I just steal from my fat momma Shit I love cock and once I cum I'm good for another round of ass baggin

  • Halfway Crook

    But what do I really know about rap shiity I love penis

  • Da Real Rap God

    Str8 from deep streets I will beat tha living shit out of Casual b'cus this ho owes my uncle some bread for a lawn mower!!! Use a bitch ass nigga non rappin wantin credit bitch ass!!!! $$$$$$ Renttymemudafuka!!!

  • Halfway Crook

    Damn that was sub-par. Casual is a dope emcee, but that wasn't his best. He's just trying to get his name back on hip hop's radar...guess you can't fault him for that.

  • J. Dupri

    Yo Casual hop off my dick bitch

  • Eminem

    Yo Casual let's battle This Em!

  • Durty dawg of adetroit

    Fuk Casual This bitch still stay wit his mom I can show u that he works at Home Depots He Da manager up in that muthafukas reel tawk


    Fuk casual bitch AZZ Fuk hip hop dx Fuk ya mama And fuk anybody who say fuk me Fukyabiiiisssshhhhhhh

  • Anonymous

    Casual been that nigga get off eminem dick pole joustin ass niggaz

  • Big afro

    Casual shit on that white boy.

  • Anonymous

    when we speak on rap gods in not in a abrahamic one god sense.. its more like the hindu culture where there are many gods.

  • Anonymous

    dude need to shut the fuck up already. every ideas been done a million times already. its about who does it better and more creatively. your just grasping at straws casual. smh. u jus shitted on ur own legacy by lookin salty

  • stabler420

    You want to know why hip hop sucks now? It's because these young fucks think that an emcees skills are reflected by the size of their bank account. How about you listen to Casuals version first. Then come back and say it's whack. Dude has skills. Keep thinking people suck because their not rich and we will lose hip hop to pop music. Fuck too late already.

    • Anonymous

      go listen to the last one, dune methane, one life one love (all off the hiero 3rd eye vision album), then the whole fear itself album and his guest verse on checkin out the rivarly from del....then come back and tell us with a straight face that hes awful. stop fronting. you know hes dope and lyrically hes proven he could hold his own against just about anyone.

    • Anonymous

      @Anonymous you say he is awful don't explain why. you juust like everyone else who just saying hes bad because he took jabs at eminem. its real easy to say someone is bad using broad statements without actually breaking it down lyrically and flow-wise why hes bad. i have yet to hear 1 good argument for why his lyrics are bad let alone his flow. NOBODY was saying casual sucked or was awful before this track. now ppl wanna front on casual just for him DARING to take jabs at a artist who has more dickriders in hip hop than any other artists. hes awful? BULLSHIT! you couldn't even explain how and why. casual could out-rap eminem off the top, a area eminem is not very good at. FOH!

    • Anonymous

      @stabler420 nigga please...this Casual dude cant hold a fuckin light to Eminem...i've listened to some tracks and i gotta say...he is awful(flow,lyrics n shit)...a snob rapper as i like to call it

    • Anonymous

      stabler420 I agree with you man!

    • Anonymous

      U need a bank account to buy your own albums and grammy nominations duh

    • JPipe

      i haven't heard nothing from dude but everything else you said was real shit

  • 666

  • MC Pause

    nigga we'll knw who u are ''IF'' em responds

  • Brandy Townsend

    just before I looked at the bank draft 4 $7331, I be certain brother woz like they say trully erning money in their spare time online.. there friend brother started doing this for only seven months and by now paid the loans on their home and got themselves a Acura. visit here... Quit taking your own opinion so seriously, only thing Em fucked up are his internet props, something I'm sure he gives 0 fucks about

  • Anonymous

    Paul Wall should diss him for wearing that hat that says "Peoples Champ" in that picture..... Makes about as much sense as his own complaint.

  • Just Because

    Crazy comments below, shows how much ppl really know about hip hop/rap... Hieroglyphics and Casual have done some amazing things... too bad people think that platinum or sale reflect talent.... Casual has done pretty much everything after figuring the INDUSTRY ... give props where props are due

  • Anonymous

    At that point Em was so broke I'm sure he'd of gave MC Hammer his demo lol

  • Anonymous

    Eminem [is] 42 [years old]. I'm 38. I came out at 17 years old...I got a record deal at 17-years-old and he must've been 22 when he gave me his demo. *21 and 1 question: why you look older than eminem?

  • Anonymous

    LOL @ the dude down below who said Em "Fucked up his career" Dude is a 42 year old hasbeen and still put out the bestselling rap album of the year in 2013, I'd say his career is just fine. Quit taking your own opinion so seriously, only thing Em fucked up are his internet props, something I'm sure he gives 0 fucks about

  • Anonymous

    I'm sure Em yawned when his butler told him about this situation

  • Anonymous

    new em has no essence he tried but failed and every one thinks its the best shit hes put out

  • Anonymous

    Casual is a real emcee all yall dumb fucks asking who who woodsey the owl face ass mutha fucka its Heiro!!!!

  • Anonymous

    yeezus is whack too

  • Anonymous

    if u r 38 & he is 42.then when u wer 17, he must hav been '21'.lol

  • Anonymous

    em was finished when he released encore ...fack

  • Anonymous

    watched much music top ten music videos of 2013 and i have to say hiphop fuckn sucks underground 4 life

  • Anonymous

    and casual more hiphop than eminem em just a lyricist now not makin raw hip hop i dont get why em is still shown love he done fucked up his career but infinite and the eminem show are crazy

    • Anonymous

      fucked up his career? are you on crack? some of the best flows and lyrics were on mmlp2 ground hog day alone shits on anything this clown has to offer. I heard his version of rap god how many of his fans (family members still alive) actually understood what he was saying? fling that bitch from your finger tips hope it lands on another rap singers lips who can't think of shit anything of whit that's interesting to spit yo whos king of this fucking English lit ..I think ems still got it

    • Anonymous

      love game is whack dont get kendricks hype either both are fantastic rappers but they both stink creatively bring back hiphop to (and i hate to say this) back to the 90's , back when afu ra was on mtv i dont even know if i can ssay i like hip hop any more be lies , cant listen to one mainstream rapper its all whack underground and classic gems for life ..thats what i like back when yo mtv raps was on back when method man was the man

  • Anonymous

    casual should be more famous then del casual so much better del misses a lot of rhymes

  • prez

    who the fuck is casual?

  • Anonymous

    casual so slept on its about syllables

  • Anonymous

    Hot Stylz put out their Eminem diss around the same time and stole his thunder, I almost forgot about it lol


    so then Rakim has to step in and dog you? SIT DOWN OLD NIGGA! hes not saying he is THE rap god or THE god of rap its about getting to a point in ur career where you begin to feel like A rap god like many pioneers before him.dumb old niggaz today.smh.shyne,lord jamar & casual should drop an album together called "GRUMPY OLD MEN".

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