E-40: "Can't Any Rapper Teach Me Anything"

E-40 also says that age does not matter in rap.

E-40, who released his debut album, Federal, in 1993, recently said he feels age doesn't have an impact on rap.

"I’m 46," 40 said in an interview with xxlmag.com. "I tell them age ain’t nothing but mind over matter. You don’t mind, it don’t matter. I rap circles around these fools and spit some real knowledge and some game behind it. It ain’t just got to be punch lines and metaphors. I really paint pictures with my rhymes where you can visualize it. I know too much. Can’t any rapper teach me anything. All they can teach me is about the latest fashion, probably. I was the first rapper talking about choppers, triple beam scales, drought season. I got the foundation down for the streets." 

E-40 recently spoke with HipHopDX about his ability to remain active and up to date in Hip Hop.

"You gotta grip through it, and you gotta grind through it," E-40 said. "It's all mind control. You just say, 'I'ma just do what I do.' Just be throwed, throwed like you been throwed, and just say some throwed-ass shit that means something, but it's throwed...That's me."

In 2011, E-40 also said that he continues to make music the way he has in the past.

"So basically I just make music like we used to," 40 said to DX in 2011. "We go in there and just make good music. I mean I'll send some songs out to the radio, but I'm not trying to make a big smash hit or something. I put that in God's hands. I'm just doing E-40, the one that everybody grew up with and loved. That's where I'm at. I got 'Mr. Flamboyant Pt. 2' on my album. I took it back on the roots thing." 

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  • Mike

    Respect unto one of the living legends. been pumping him here in South Africa since then.

  • gr

    First album I ever stole was Hall of Game. Is that on topic?

  • Whatever

    Dude been around a long time. Nuff said. However, I don't like how he be complaining like "Dre never called me to on Detox", or "why nobody consider me one of the top MCs". Nevermind. U got peoples that fuck with U and U making money; some people just ain't feeling your style of flow that's all. Like Too $hort - he's much loved and a legend, but no one would say he's one of the best Rappers ever.

  • Sarita Guay

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  • 805'r

    All these Haters prolly think that Drake and who ever is hot at this very minute is real Hip Hop. You dont have to like 40's style..but this dude brought us Hurricane, Captain Save a hoe, players ball...etc. He's one of the bigs in hip hop. Not just locally. Suck on that

  • Anonymous

    OK, but maybe you should take an English 101 course ;)

  • Anonymous

    Da fuk? DX deleting alot of posts here

  • TRU

    God damn, nothin but faggot 90s babies talkin shit bout 40 Fonzarelli on hhdx. Can't believe even your fav new age homo rappers that yall listen to got more sense in recognizing a legend to all coasts than yall.

    • Anonymous

      we talking to a bunch of heads who are local themselves trying to downplay this man's success somewhere down the line you gotta remember dorks from west bubble-f*ck America be here trying to act like they know Hip Hop because they got a couple of gigs of music on their computer and visit websites

  • Anonymous

    everything ive ever heard from him was extremely bad and annoying. like why does he rap like that?

  • katherine

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  • L

    He can rap, but only a fucking idiot believes that they can't be taught anything.

  • GOD

    I will never forgive E-40 for whooping my ass on Def Jam Icon. Fuck this nigga

  • black45

    learn from Nas' illmatic and go only ten tracks deep...instead of 148 tracks on each album...filler

  • Anonymous

    this dude sounds so boring. Do you really wanna listen to 80 songs about hustlin

  • RealTalk

    I can't believe the amount of people who say 40 can't rap. You can not like him but if you actually think he can't spit go and listen to another genre.

  • None of your business

    What is he bragging about being the first nigga talking about a chopper or a triple beam scale for? He acts like selling dope and killing your own kind is something to be proud of. This nigga has been talking real reckless lately. First, he's hating on Yo Gotti for shouting out Mac Dre in a song, now this bullshit. You wouldn't catch me dead rapping on stage at 46, especially if I wasn't in great shape like LL or somebody. I ain't hating, I just don't get why this fool sounds so jaded.

    • Anonymous Too

      @Anon #1 You are dumb as FUCK!

    • Anonymous

      Wtf? My first reply just got deleted

    • OAK

      @GOD There is no "case" against 40 and if there was he wouldnt need my help son. Anyone interested in real rap fuck wit 40

    • Anonymous

      he pretty much is a local rapper... no one else fucks with him like that

    • GOD

      You don't exactly help his case when you say "ask anyone in the bay" makes him seem like a local rapper

    • OAK

      "He acts like selling dope and killing your own kind is something to be proud of. This nigga has been talking real reckless lately." Huh?Like the other 98% of rappers out there? This isn't some new news and nobody is forcing u to listen to him, fuckin bitch. " You wouldn't catch me dead rapping on stage at 46, especially if I wasn't in great shape like LL or somebody." What?This is about music u fuckin queer. That right there proves ur a gay azz fuckboy, smh what a faggot. Ask anybody in the bay, 40 is the realest.

  • Anonymous

    Age does matter a 46 years old must not rap about selling coke and bustings gunz, thats shit for teenagers, oh and e40 is not a legend he never made a classic, maybe locally he is a legend.

    • The "Dumb Ass Comment" Committee

      We want to says congrats to you for posting the dumbest comment ever on this site, you stupid fuck!

    • Anonymous

      West coast legend, last seen by me last night on the 2013 Soul Train Music Awards that ain't an attribute of a local rapper

  • Fuck the Bay

    This guy sounds like he's taking a shit when he rhymes. E40 please hang up the mic. You fucking cock gobbler.

    • I shit on the bay

      Fuck E40. Tell him to take that dick out his mouth.

    • Fuck the Bay/Boy

      I can't decide which name to use...I'm distracted by the shemale from The Hangover II behind me fucking me in the ass!

    • Fuck the Boy

      Yes I do you fucking idiot. You dont say what I do or dont listen you fucking HOMO.. E-40 is wack and thats a fact, he better hang up the mic this old ass nigga better off doing gay porn.

    • Johnny Blaze

      your an idiot that probably didn't even listen to his album...dudes beyond talented and has a huge fan base..he don't rap for haters like you, he raps for the many people that are like me and are already looking forward to his next album even though he just dropped 3 fucking albums 3 days ago.

  • bill

    yeah, they can't teach you how to rap either with your off the beat retarded stupid ass.

  • lion

    one of hiphop greats.....

  • Anonymous

    E 40 is a real as nigga yall young mother fuckers better show respect shit we showed yall homos the game bitch

  • Dick HandCock

    allhiphop is worse they runnin out of good shit to post and talking about old shit with old rappers cause aint really shit going on in Hiphop right now..so they bring up old bullshit.

  • youngsta

    sorry grandpa. age does matter. nobody wants to hear a 50 year old rapper still talking about trapping in he streets. the younger niggas do it in a much better way and soon we evolve from that, always trying new styles that are creative and fresh. that's why the younger rappers are more popular than these old niggas.

    • youngsta

      Mama, I can't find my new onesie you bought me...the one with Hello Kitty on it!

    • Johnny Blaze

      and you 2 annonomous motherfuckers are dumb..not all the young rappers are the same, your just going by what you hear on the radio..I myself will rap cirlces around the young mainstream rappers and Im more of a producer then a rapper.

    • Johnny Blaze

      you DO realize that every single rapper (including the young-ens) in the game right now either bites this guys style, or uses words or phrases that he created....ever hear a rapper use the words popo? thank e-40 for that....i bet you hear the term "captain save a ho" a lot. trhank e 40 for that...what about the expressions "its all goood" and "you feel me?"..it might sound like common language that a lot of rappers and everyday people use everyday, but e-40 coined those terms...probably the most popular word he ever created was fo'shizzle....everyone assumes snoop dogg invented that, but e 40 was sayin that shit years before "Doggystyle" was even a thought in snoop n dres head..if yall lack the knowledge and intelligence to listen and comprehend this guy, dont go blaming that shit on him.

    • Anonymous

      These young boys need to stay in school and leave the rap game to the talented niggaz

    • Anonymous

      your full of shit you little cunt! these dim whit little shits lack content and all sound the same.the youth are just turning into simple minded homos more worried about callin out brand names than having any substance.

  • Gucci the general

    hey fat boy you think you hard. You think your bout that life like big gucci is. Fat boy if u ever disrespect big gucci he will straight kill you show some respect for a real nigga.

    • Anonymous

      he disrespected gucci because Gucci brings out Mac Dre's name for the sole purpose of gaining more fans, rather then giving him a shout out.. Gucci has never met Mac Dre, neither has Drake..40 waters just telling the truth man

    • yo daddy

      40 werked with Gucci Mane years ago, wtf these idiots talking bout

    • daddy

      broke bitches disprespect everything. real ones respect real. think about it.

  • Anonymous

    "I was the first rapper talking about choppers, triple beam scales, drought season. I got the foundation down for the streets." These young weak ass nigglets need to understand n respect that shit since all they doin is imitating that same shit today

    • youngsta

      I'm thirty...where my mama titty at?

    • Anonymous

      you keep talkin about being more creative but most of these bitches coming out have small vocabularies and dont use words with more than three syllables. and they dress like fags

    • youngsta

      but we do it so much better than these old niggas. we got more creativity and always flipping old topics in a new way. respect the young generation.

  • R.I.P. Hiphopdx

    Can anybody suggest some credible hip-hop sites to visit for news? All Dx seems to do these days is to take quotes from rappers twitter feeds or interviews and blow them up like they are relevant articles. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    • TRE

      Thats just the dude named Illseed, hes wack as fuck. But if you avoid anything written by him allhiphop is a great site

    • Anonymous

      AllHipHop is even worse man! They got a fucking rumor section where the guy basically makes shit up or says he got an inside story but wont even say who its about.

    • Anonymous

      AllHipHop is the best for news and HipHopGame is the best for new music, HipHopDX is the best for trolls and to meet gay males.

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