Hopsin Says "Yeezus" Is Wack, But Kanye West Isn't

Hopsin criticizes Kanye West's "Yeezus," says the album "sounded like something a local producer would have made."

Los Angeles rapper Hopsin is sticking to comments he made in regards to Kanye West on his Knock Madness track, “Hop Is Back.” On the song, Hop initially expresses excitement at the thought of buying Ye’s sixth studio album, but becomes frustrated after hearing the project.

“I was ecstatic to buy Yeezus / But I burned it first / Heard it and snapped in five pieces / Man, Kanye on that bullshit,” Hopsin raps.

Nearly two months after “Hop Is Back” was released, the West Coast wordsmith still feels Yeezus was a “wack” release. Hopsin elaborated further on his thoughts about Yeezus during an interview on MTV’s “RapFix Live” this week.

“That album was wack. It was—and I tell everybody this, being creative is like a clock,” said Hopsin. “So, a clock only has 12 notches. He went all the way around like he was at the one then went all the way to 12. And then you go so far to where you just end up back at one again. That’s what he did. And one is bad. But in his mind I can tell he’s like, ‘I’m getting so creative. I’mma spin laps around this clock.’ But it’s like ‘Yo, you’re really going back to zero every time.’ The album sounded like he tried to get so creative where he maxed out and went to back zero. To where it just sounded like something a local producer would have made in my neighborhood. Or from my high school or something.”

Despite Hopsin’s critique of Yeezus, the rapper still expressed his confidence in Kanye as an artist and went on to clarify the fact that he feels Yeezus was wack and not Kanye.

“He’s a producer, so you can’t underestimate someone like him because he’s made a lot of great music in the past and he knows the formula to everything great that he’s ever been a part of,” said Hopsin. “So, it’s not like someone else did it for him. He’s a producer, so he knows many formulas. And if it came down to it I’m sure he can bring out the old school and old school sound. He can bring out shit that sounded like it was from six years ago. He knows so many things. He can’t be wack. He’s not a wack artist. Just that project in particular was wack.”

Following the release of Yeezus in June of this year, the LP was met with favorable reviews. Kanye’s album received a 4.5 rating on HipHopDX and secured the #2 spot on Rolling Stone’s "50 Best Albums of 2013" list.

Additionally, Kanye received Grammy nominations for both Best Rap Song and Best Rap Album. The Chicago rapper recently criticized his lack of Grammy nominations during a show in Phoenix, Arizona this week as he proclaimed, “Fuck those nominations.”

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  • Anonymous

    "To where it just sounded like something a local producer would have made in my neighborhood. Or from my high school or something. Personally i found that kind of amusing,as the other day i was going through some old ropey beats i made about 5 years ago on FL Studio and my friend came in asking i was listening to Yeezus. Each to their own though music is subjective some will love it some will hate. Reading through some Rick Rubin interviews though it did seem like he left it till last minute

  • Anonymous

    u know whos wack...hopsin

  • jasonnns


  • Anonymous

    Hopsin needs to find his niche in the game because his clock is ticking. Yeezus ain't a bad album at all, but everybody has an opinion and a lot of those opinions are based off of feelings, not actual facts.

  • Anonymous

    game says,hospin says,tech 9 says

  • VoiceofReason

    This guy is so fucking thirsty it's ridiculous

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  • GOD

    Yeezus and Wolf are my favorite releases this year and I honestly think you need to listen to many genres to like Yeezus, granted I think Yeezus is his worst release but its not a bad album by any means. I'm In It and Send It Up are the only skippable tracks. Btw I firmly believe the lot of you are so blinded with hate for this dude that you'll hate anything he puts out regardless of greatness.

  • Jacoby

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  • 666

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  • Dave

    Someone please tell me how this motherfucker Hop has almost 2 million likes on Facebook, millions and millions of views on YouTube and he only sold like 16,000 copies of his new album so far?? WTF is going on? I think it was under shipped. It didn't really become available in stores until this week basically.

  • hello


  • COCA


  • yeah

    I aint really like mdtf it sounded kinda overblown and whitewash(kinda like stankonia as a whole) to me but yezzus I actually fucked with..its spotty in some places but I think its the most progressive major release concerning hiphop in a long time and I support the progression hopefully more artist start taking creative liberties cuz the genre is stagnating

  • mario

    Kanye can lie to his self and the critics did what they thought was a popular wave with all the Edm music and w Kanye and his rants but everybody knows Yeezus was truly wack.Noone is bumping that shhh.....if this record was by an aspiring artist trying to get signed he would of got walked out the label by security....now he is doing the goofy w rick rubin on the next cd...smmfh...nicka go back home to chicago and find some young hungry fuckin musicians that play organic instruments and do some real shhh let their hunger breathe on you...your being experimental because you can and your too dumb to realize nicka the hunger you had before you made it, you couldnt do no goofy shh...had to be dope....or no doors...you did yeezus just because and you knew your name would sell that and people want to like it because its kanye west ......lol i tried to like it myself....not enjoyable and sounds microwave as hell.....nicka good music can be enjoyed even in your living room....tribe called quest dilla dr dre lauryn hill..... fuck was you on molly

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Really

    Hey Hop, you wanna know what is really fxckin wack? Knock Madness. That ish was straight garbage. Sounded like some old recycled Hopsin tracks that didn't make the last album. That's comin from someone that liked your past two joints. Now Yeezus... that sounded like something Kanye has never done. After he dropped FIVE hip-hop classics. You name people that drop 5 classics? It's hard and you can count them on one of your hands. #kanye>hopsin

    • Anonymous

      hahah some fan you are Hopsin>>>>>>>>>kanye

    • Boligrapho

      i think you would fuck kanye if you had the chance. just because it sold doesn't mean its a classic. thats like saying lil wayne albums are classic, britny spears, GUCCI MANE. SALES DONT MEAN NOTHING

    • Anonymous

      First three were classics, after that is in serious question

    • hit boy

      5 classics? im a die hard Kanye fan but I dunno about 5 classics man...I don't call 808s a classic and its heard to give Kanye credit for a classic on Watch The Throne since it wasn't his solo album so where do you get 5? college dropout late registration graduation my beautiful dark twisted fantasy (classic, questionable, great album but I dunno bout classic) so where 5? 808s- no yeezus - no (I do like it, not love it.. and plus no classic only has 10 tracks) WTT- dou with jay where jigga takes the vocal lead on most songs cruel summer- compilation cd ( love it but not a Kanye album or a classic)

  • Jeff

    Holy shit he's out of his motherfucking mind for saying that. Yeezus has some of the most cutting edge production that hip hop has EVER fucking seen and he compares it to a local producer's project. Wow.

  • Anonymous

    I really thought yeezus was gonna be good after his last two albums but its just not.Near every track sucked shit. Cant believe its even done as well as what it has. He must have some really loyal fans is all I can say.

  • The REAL Rik Rozz

    TRUE STORI: *Rappers visit with Santa* Santa: Wat U want fur christmaz? 2Chainz: 1 chane, 2 chanez Santa: And U? BigSean: HOE SHUT TEH FUK UP Santa: Wat abowt U? JayZ: Karrot kake, klown kake, ka ka ka ka ka kake Santa: Wat U want? RickRoss: 8 peece buket of KFC suk off teh meat an lik me fingerz clean Santa: Wat U want Ye? Kanye: CROISSANTS! Santa: And U? Birdman: Get high, stay fly, jet time, stunt nigga Santa: Wat U want Drake? Drake: Me ex back Santa: Fuk dis. Merry Christmaz Niggs

  • Anonymous

    Hopsin is whack as fuck and mad suspect with those faggy contacts

  • R

    Yeezus IS wack. Kanye goes on like it's illmatic or something. It's his worst album and doesn't dserve the pedestal he has it on. The guy has lost his mind.

    • YouFknIdiot

      Ye never said it was fxckin Illmatic. He never compared any of his albums to Illmatic you trash azz bastard. In fact, he has been critical of his last album sayin he can drop a gem anytime he wants to and it took him only 3 months to record Yeezus. Do you fools even listen to music or do you just skim through it?

  • True Ish

    He's right Yeezus is terrible !

  • The REAL Rik Rozz

    *Christmaz Carolz* Twas teh nite before christmaz wen all threw KFC not a nigga wuz stirren except officer ricky Teh chikin waz cooked by ricky at last he ate teh 12 peece Like an fukin fatass HHHHRRRRRRUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH! Merry Christmaz Niggs

  • Anonymous

    Yeezus is a next level album..Only simple minded folk think its wack.

  • Tex6

    Used to be a Hopsin fan but he's right...but then again his album is CORNY AS FUCK as well! nigga can do better then that

  • Anonymous

    Who ever this dude is he's right. Yeezus been wack.

  • Anonymous

    yall hate hopsin because he calls out the gay swag fag rappers ruining hip hop

  • Anonymous

    Gotta preach Hov to him "Niggas want my old shit, buy my old album" I respect Hopsin but Yeezus was just above his level

  • Anonymous

    Hopsin haters are hilarious

  • jasonnns


  • micheal myers mask devils


  • So Icy Boi!

    as I personal friend of Lil Wayne I can confirm Hopsin is right. he will sign to "YMCMB Australia" to make hot YMCMB singles to Australian niggas and hip hop fans. EU, USA and AU is disappointed in that wack ass album Yeezus... worst pop album of the year, especially when I think how Kanye made it. Rick Rubin was fucking Kanye from behind while he was making the beats, thats why it sounds like a gay sex. YMCMB we the best label and team. swag

  • Anonymous

    i agree with hopsin

  • Tennille Goble

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  • Anonymous

    All you kids do today is complain. PERIOD.

  • Anonymous

    Yeezus was wack - the industry sucked dick and called it a 5 star album.. I aint met a black person yet that said they was feeling Yeezus. Just the Jew writers on DX



  • Anonymous

    I didnt like Yeezus either but its better then the record this emo faggot put out. "Woe is me, my life is so hard because I have to rhyme words together to make a living". You can tell this pussy lived with his momma and never worked a real job till rap popped off. This dude cries and complains about shit he should be grateful for. There are few rappers more annoying then Kanye West, but this bitch is definatly one of them. Move to australia already and go away crybaby.

    • Anonymous

      a rapper is an attention whore for doing an interview for publicity> LOL you dont say! all rappers and entertainers are attention whores.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares what this contact wearing faggot thinks?

  • Kanye West

    Ladies & gentlemen, what you have here is a hater in the flesh. Yeezus is that new God flow, that Donda music. It transcends your typical rap album. Yeezus will challenge you to open the depths of your mind and think, not to mention open your eyes to the ugly truths of this world. It's beauty, it's fire, it's ice. More importantly, it's NOT the work of a corny, wannabe horrorcore "artist" that wears white contacts just for shock value. P.S. What exactly is that trash he's wearing? Looks like something a burnt out hipster would wear. What's he name of your clothing line, Hop? It ain't Ralph. What's the name of your clothing line? We don't know.

    • Anon2

      Yeezus seems like a half ass effort. Now I'm not a Hopsin fan at all but he was right in saying it sounds like an amateur made the album, that's exactly what I thought when I heard it. It's like kanye got really lazy on Yeezus and just threw that ish together.

    • Anonymous

      Hmm, So sexual release is the key to appreciating this album? Thanks for that, I knew there was a trick!

    • Kanye West

      @anon #2 another hater? damn, man. learn to appreciate art. as you people here at hiphopx are always saying, "you might wanna give this another listen or clean your ears out." I deserved that 4.5 rating because I experimented with an array of sounds, coming up with a masterpiece that will not only illuminate the culture, but also be remembered by many generations to come.

    • East

      It is deep. YOu just need to get laid in order to see that.

    • Anonymous

      Damn this had to really be Kanye at the top, Only he could appreciate his own garbage. Every song I've heard on the album is fucking terrible. He may think its some "Deep" shit that you have to "open your minds" to understand but its not, He's not some kind of Genius, He's just rich and famous and now everyone kisses his ass so much that he can't see reality anymore.

    • Kanye West/ Aquaman

      Hold up, bitch tell me again how you not the hobbit?

    • Anonymous

      "P.S. What exactly is that trash he's wearing? Looks like something a burnt out hipster would wear. " Yeah he needs to get some of those pre ripped jeans and a dirty old flannel lumberjack shirt! thats swag!

  • riv216

    What!? Hopsin talking good about somebody...that's whats up ... come check out my new music video "The Clever Pt. 3" in High Definition here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68yefpfOpGo

  • Anonymous

    i gotta disagree! kanye is most def wack

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