Dr. Dre Reveals He Doesn't Listen To His Music After It's Released

Dr. Dre also speaks about his chemistry with Eminem.

Dr. Dre is notoriously reclusive when it comes to media coverage, but recently the legendary producer opened up about a number of things in an interview with Esquire.

Dre spoke about how the creative process sometimes gets a hold of him. "I’ve gone seventy-nine hours without sleep, creating," he said. "When that flow is going, it’s almost like a high. You don’t want it to stop. You don’t want to go to sleep for fear of missing something."

Dre also revealed that he only listens to his music during the creative process, not after it's been completed. "I don’t even listen to the records after they come out," said Dre. "It’s outlawed in my house. My wife and my kids can’t play any of my music around me. Once it comes out, for me, it’s just business. Numbers."

Dr. Dre also spoke about arguably his most famous pupil, Eminem, focusing on the duo's chemistry. "The race factor was just a minuscule part of what I was doing with Eminem," he said. "It was really about the music and how well we worked together. When me and Marshall got in the studio, it instantly clicked. I put the track on, we had a little bit of idle chitchat, I put on the beat, and maybe five seconds in—I swear to God—he goes, 'Hi, my name is.' That was it. And it’s still clicking. There’s something about our thing that’s just magical."

Dr. Dre recently revealed a new beat through a Beats By Dre commercial with Kendrick Lamar.

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  • Michal

    Never forget about An(Dr.)Dre(DD?)

  • Anonymous

    Most yall dont even know that he didn't play that big a part in the first marshall mathers lp. The best beats on there was from the bass bros. and some other ppl.

    • damn

      Definitely!! It's a shame they didn't link back up for #2. Would've preferred the Bass Bros over Rick Rubin 1,000,000%

  • former Drefan

    Ive gone seventy-nine hours without sleep, creating," he said. "When that flow is going, its almost like a high. That's a long time ago doe. He hasn't produced a classic track since 2006. He lost his touch. Sad but true. I would never thought he would lose it but he did.

    • adrian street

      Get you some is good, but far from classic and kinda similar to his more recent beats (uses the same piano/bass technique) It's funny you mentioned "Boss Life". I spoke about Dre always ripping off nottz earlier lol. lol. That beat is just a Nottz rip. He took that same sample that nottz used for busta rhymes first song on extinction level event "everybody rise". listen to tha track then tell me what you think. So i'm gonna have to say his last really good beat was before 2006, but i couldn't tell you what it was. Lol. maybe "role model" - eminem, year 1999. LOl (just kidding)

    • former Drefan

      Dont know if they're classics, but he produced some very good tracks for Busta Rhymes and Snoop in 2006. Tracks like "Get you Sum" and "Boss Life" are almost classic.

    • Adrian Street

      I might even have to ask you what classic track in 2006 that was? lol

  • adrian street

    A lot of you guys don't even know that this dude didn't even really make chronic 2001, it was "Mel-Man". That album was pretty much, all Mel-Man, that's why they fell out after that album. Dre always has co-producers or uses another producer and pretends he made the beat. he did this with Nottz too. Dr. Dre and Eminem are the most overrated in the game. Both had fire when they first started off their individual careers, but now they suck, and are more popular than ever. What a world...

    • adrian street

      Dude got black balled...That's what happens in hip-hop. All these guys do it when shit hits the fan. Jay-z and 50 cent do it all the time. But it's funny that you said that, because what has Dr. Dre done since him and Mel Man fell out. Nothing (maybe a couple of tracks a year... nothing). And when you look at his credits for production post mel-man take note if he always has a co-producer (mark batson, mike eldorado or something like that), just like kanye west. Clearly you don't know...

    • Whatever

      And what had Mel-Man done since then?

  • adrian street

    Well it's not that hard to believe, even I don't listen to Dr. Dre songs after they are released... Come on now, when was his last really good beat? All these new hip hop fans always use the excuse "oh that rapper is too old" or "that guy is irrelevant" but for some reason that doesn't apply to the mainstream artists. this old irrelevant guy is at the forefront of all these new hip hop fans minds for some odd reason. Look, Dr. Dre and DJ QUIK have always been compared to each other. Anybody who knows anything would tell you, Quik is waaay better, but then, this clown, who hasn't released an album since 1999 gets all the credit and west coast credibility. "The media needs to stop feeding this Dr. Dre HYPE MACHINE!"


    Dre's music Droped the Biggest sh!t ever when his sh!t poppd off...If he ever does it again the hiphop industry better have alota toilet tissue to wipe themselves off again hahaha

  • GertrudeJBrice

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  • Anonymous

    if he releasing something that isn't a classic beats will take a big hit and thats why he's afraid to drop detox.

  • Brand

    haha..he doesn't have any other music for him to even listen to. he's so focused on these damn headphones that music is just secondary to him now. i would kill to hear detox..i bet it's gonna be sick when and/or if it ever sees the light of day

  • 0000000

    rappers singers acters put hits on ppl. ppl after them and u fagget spys

  • Tennille Goble

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  • west west

    dj quik is still better ..

  • Anonymous

    I bet he seriously doesn't even listen to Hip-hop at all anymore.

  • Anonymous

    Shut yo ass up Dre, you ain't stay awake not 3 days without sleeping. I'm a college student and have to stay up all night plenty. After two days, anyone will just pass out. I love your music, but keep yo mouth shut.

    • Anonymous

      thats cuz you are doing fuckin studying and shit or writing a paper and you get soooo tired and bored because of that but Dr. Dre is doing something he loves and thats why he can go longer.

    • Adam

      Fuck you're retarded. You can stay up for a week if you've got the will power you dumb fuck. 3 days without sleep is nothing, sure you might get tired, but it's not fucking impossible.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck this overrated nigga.I liked Dre's shit growin up, but the nigga always had a safety net of producers and musicians around him-which means he was helped out on everything.You leave that nigga alone with a keyboard,computer, and just himself and he aint gonna do shit.

    • theone

      Word. This dude has cats surrounding him during the NWA days, through the Chronic (Daz and the DOC), Doggystyle (same niggas) and Chronic 2001 (Scott Storch). This dude is afraid to drop anything now cause he'd be exposed.

  • Anonymous

    Lol that new beat is trash. Like a fuckin minute long brass hit lol!!

  • dj mart

    No one gives a damn about dre anymore, he lost his magic touch a while ago, the best thing about dre beats were the live instruments, dre has stopped using those instruments and instead makes fruity loops trap beats!

  • Anonymous

    I don't listen to Dre's music after it's out either...

  • So Icy Boi!

    Im a close friend of Game and Lil Wayne so I can confirm Dr Dre never produces his songs. so once he wroked with Lil Wayne in da studio and screamed "Chris Bosh is here".... Wayne is a true blood so he started to search that fake nigga to kill him after NBA disrespected him. while Weezy was away Dre fast called his ghost producers Boi-1da and 40 to make hot beats for Weezy's amazing acapella. but Weezy noticed this cheat and he credited his songs to the real producers. Game was dumb cause 50 Cent raped him in the ears so he created his debut album to Dre and he took Game's money.... swag

  • Anonymous

    in 2013 we just forgot about dre

  • ghostproducer

    Which music? You used ghostproducers back in the days: - sam sneed - warren g - daz - that dude from Above The law - Mel Man - etc.

  • Anonymous

    What music? Lazy nigga didnt made an album since 1999

  • monniebucks

    You guys always make it sound like Dr. Dre became big overnight just by dropping "only two solo albums". Check this man's discography for a second, dude's been doing this since like '84/85. That's 3 f**n decades! Trust me you can't play all of his catalogue in one whole week! Now i want to see one person in this forum who'd say they never had to nod their head to any Dre music (solo, produced by, mixed by, whatever), just one person. I usually don't get the whole Dre bashing...seriously. It's not nearly as easy as you may imagine to not listen to one's own creative work, especially when you've made such huge success out of it. That definitely shows two things - discipline and humility; the exact same reasons the man has remained consistently successful. Pay dues where it's due.

  • Anonymous

    dr dre forgot that he never released detox in his mind he had released it.

  • Anonymous

    well since he released only two solo albums and produces merely one track each year there is not much to listen afterwards

  • Drizzaveli

    looking for that papi feature on that detox doc!!

  • facts

    Well what we've heard from you so far Dre, maybe you should go back & listen to The Chronic & 2001. Under pressure no thank you, I Need a Doctor try again, Kush weak & loved the beat to that Beats ad with Kendrick but what the fuck was placed over it...

  • Larmachagne Tha Dog

    My (white) wife and my (white) kids cant play any of my (white) music around me. Once it comes out, for me, its just business. Numbers.

  • Dr. Dre

    I don't listen to my music after it's mastered, and neither will you. Fuck you fans. Oh, and don't forget to buy Beats headphones :)

  • Mortis

    Nobody listens to Dre's music anymore. we forgot about your old ass

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