Lord Jamar Says Drake Would Not Have Made It In The '80s & '90s

Lord Jamar says that would have been deemed too soft by the rap world of the 1980s and 1990s.

Lord Jamar says that Hip Hop culture was made by the leaders in the community, and that artists who are popular today, including Drake, would not have been embraced by the Rap community several years ago.

“This Hip Hop shit was made by masculine black and Latino males,” Lord Jamar says during an interview with VladTV. "This is the Alpha male shit, not even the Beta male, who they’re pushing at us now, your Drakes and your fucking Kendrick Lamars and all these softer type of dudes. [Drake], he can rhyme and all that, but trust me, he wouldn’t have popped off in the ‘80s or ‘90s. Dudes would have looked at him as too soft.”

Lord Jamar says he has particular reasons why Rap fans in the 1980s and 1990s would have deemed Drake too soft to be respected.

“All that falsetto singing and that type of shit,” Lord Jamar said, "dudes would have been like, ‘What the fuck?’ even if he could sing good.”

Despite his criticisms of Drake, Lord Jamar says that the rapper-singer has skill.

“I think he can rhyme his ass off,” Lord Jamar says. "He got a nice singing voice and all of that, but does he represent the Alpha males? No. Is he the type you could see on the block runnin’ some shit? No. Was he one of those dudes running around the hood and got his name ringing bells and all that shit? No.”

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  • John Roger Bell

    "Drake wouldn't have made it in the 90's" Please see career of Ja Rule.

  • gotta give him props

    I may not believe in everything Jamar says, most of it i do, but i gotta give him props for speaking his mind and not just accepting shit so he can ride the pop/mainstream train and falling for the propaganda being shoved in our faces and minds these days. If the majority are hating then it shows he aint following that crowd and thats what we need in hip hop, not followers.

  • God DAMMIT

    I am fucking SICK of seeing this dumbass lord farquad running his mouth about EVERYthing and EVERYone, especially when i had to do 30 minutes of fucking research to find out who the hell he is.

    • Rashad

      We ain't hip hop cause we don't know this bitch boy Lord Jamar? Bruh I'm 22 and was born in 1991 this niggas group formed in '89. His old ass has no say in what's considered good music today so he can shut the fuck up and go back to criticizing 80's/early 90's artists. Of course people are gonna say music from that generation was better cause that's what they were raised with and are biased to liking it better. Real "alpha males" don't have to listen to songs exclusively about killing niggas or selling crack, be comfortable with yourself and just listen to whatever sounds good to you. If that isn't drizzy then go back to listening to the "hard" rappers out today like gucci and other wack niggas like that. Music changed just like we as a people changed. Aint nobody care what this denture wearing, prune juice drinking, old fuck has to say, or anyone who thinks brand nubian made better music than drake. Fuck outta here.

    • Go back to pop

      If you had to research who he was then you aint hip hop imo, you really didnt know who he was? your kidding right?

  • Christopher

    It's Hip-hop man, let it go. These two are always trying to say something that's controversial. It's not working, your not relevant anymore. Hip-hop has grown of you old heads are ridiculous. Hip-hop hope is going to a bigger and better place...This is no longer the 80's or 90's....

  • Big 18th Street Gang, E'z up to the homiez worldwide!

    "Lord Jamar Says Drake Would Not Have Made It In The '80s & '90s" I was thinking this exact same thing quite a while back and not just Drake but most of your favorite WACK ASS, FAGGOT ASS so called rappers of today. Great minds think alike. E'z up!

    • Anonymous

      definitely wouldnt be no fake ass rent a cop niggas eating off rap in the 90s. Ross probably would have got murdered after his second album

  • Yssup Kidz

    I prefer Brand Nubian shit over any of Drake's shit, but this dude's salty as fuck. He may be right, but its that attitude that made him irrelevant in the 00's and 10's. Like the earlier posts, there have always been "Drakes" in the game. Its just a different genre of this music. And btw, those pioneers of rap they hardly seemed masculine.

  • Knowledge Born

    Yes! Listen Hip Hop DX we need MORE LORD JAMAR ARTICLES! Dude gets the views and comments section poppin everytime. Kinda like how you ran those "Lupe Says" articles non stop until people stopped caring. But this is different.. Lord Jamar is a Hip Hop Elder that brings nothing but real talk. Peace to the Gods!

  • Devon

    Another dumb ass comment from a unknown ny rapper. Nigga how you know he wouldnt of lasted? so what was keith, Ginuwinue, teddy Riley etc? nigga shut up. Fuck new york rappers. Ignorant fucks.

    • ignorant

      Unknown rapper? haha smh the youth of today, if only they learnt how to respect the pioneers, the music probably wouldnt be if it wasnt for MC's like this.

    • Anonymous

      Those are R&B singers not rappers lets focus here. A good example of what LJ is talking about is PM Dawn where are they now? C&C music factory, Snap, Arrested Development, UTFO they all gone now despite having hits, major tours, and awards.

    • Anonymous

      Fuck Wu-Tang, right?

  • Mario

    Lord jamar is lost , i still like brand nubian but he is a confused brotha first of all your not god if you are free all political prisoners ...to start with, second of all didnt pm dawn make it then lol , dela soul and shh even softer than drake and brand nubian wasnt no G shhh neither they became irrelevant when west coast real street shh kicked that fake science shh off the map....the last cd of brand nubian was hot was foundation ummm dude over 15 years ago.....lol cut it out and stop worring about Drake , white people, gays .....goofie and get back to making dope music , if your not washed up....and also dude stop fronting you was a Jehovahs witness passing out watch towers...your not no street dude for real

  • Rebecca Zavala

    til I saw the draft that said $4669, I did not believe that...my... brothers friend could trully bringing in money in their spare time from their computer.. there friend brother has done this for less than 7 months and just now paid the dept on their place and purchased themselves a Alfa Romeo. check this... www.Fb39.com Why? Because he ain't hip-hop. Niggas in the streets listen to real shit like Benzino, M.O.P., Kool G Rap etc. Street niggas are waiting on that new Benzino record, and don't give a fuck about Eminem!

  • Anonymous

    shit even Rick Ross would have been laughed out of the 90's with his lying corectional officer ass

  • me

    son is misinformed. Force MDs were mid 80s, singing and rapping. same with Whistle. same with Full Force. these dudes talking out the side of their neck. i get it, the 80s and 90s hip hop scene was more aggressive and street. but don't act like Force MDs, Whistle or Full Force didn't happen in that era.

    • Anonymous

      Those groups were around back then true but see long they lasted? They aren't even talked about like they're even legends,how long they lasted is about how long you would expect Drake to last back then. That's your historical data right there to support what the god said. You just helped make the point stronger.

  • Anonymous

    Drake is not a good singer. He's a mildly decent rapper with questionable lyrical content.

  • Castro

    Drakes my fav artist but he's right cuz i wouldnt even listen to RnB when i was young running wild in the streets. I was into Ice Cube, Eazy-E, NWA, Mobb deep, Kool G rap n shit like that..Just how a group like M.O.P was nice back then, they wouldnt be able to make it today with there style

  • Violator

    I have been saying this for so long. Plus Drake doesn't even sing well enough to have gone against the likes of rapper singers like Lauren Hill, Nate Dogg His melodies aren't as versatile as 3 stacks.

  • Drake runs rap

    fuck outta here 90s was full of fake thugs and wanna be gangsters trying to rap. None of them were really about that life which is why 2 of the top rappers died for boasting about a life they never were about. Drake would still be the king of the rap shit. If drake came out in the 90s he would have diamond albums and be the highest selling rapper of all time. Drake runs this rap shit he is the king right now and for the next 20 years. Get used to drake as the face of rap you hating bitch internet nerd virgins with no hope of pussy.

    • Big Figgaz

      LMAO. 90s was full of fake thugs. Yeah, tell that to Big L, Fat Joe, 50, Nore, Cormega, MOP, BIG and the other REAL rappers that did come from the grime. From Lefrak here, remember seeing Nore on a milkcrate for years slinging krillz. Jay-z is a certified G in Marcy, confirmed that homie moved bricks in and out of state. Those artists listed and MORE earned REAL street stripes before stepping into a booth. And they stepped into a booth because they dreamed of being rappers...of making M's without having to worry about the boys or getting popped. It's every hood niggas dream to either be a ball player or a rapper...BIG said it "you either slinging crack rock or you got a wicked jump shot"... Then saying that Drake would go Diamond...lmfao. Niggas in LA and NYC woulda laughed at a soft ass light skinned nigga from TORONTO (those wicked mean streets) coming out singing on his own hooks. Dont get me wrong...I think Drake is a NASTY lyricist. The kid has uber talent...but he would have flopped in the 90s, big time...

    • Potato_with_Jive

      He has a point tho. If you were REALLY in these streets thugging and making the money they CLAIMED to me, why would they be in a recording studio...making...songs...that rhyme. I love hip hop new and old but if were to keep it really real? Much of the personas these rappers adopt is an act. The "real" thugs are in jail or dead. The creative ones aren't wasting time pretending to be criminals. Real Talk.

    • Anonymous

      Pull your skirt up.

  • late negus

    how do you know where you are going,,, if you dont know where you been, lord jamar is relevant because he was there,,the reason some of yall dont care about the 80s and 90s is because you werent there, but if you knew how it was and what it stood for most of yall would appreciate what jamar and number one fuck boy are speaking of,,,, the wrong people are feeding the masses the wrong ingredients of hiphop the feeling is lost,,,,and now its a free for all at the expense,,,of the original meaning and once again,, something created and supported by the african american community is being sanitized,,yeah white heads have been down with hiphop,,,but how many of them are saying stop the violence and kick the science?,,,how many label heads care about the community from which hiphop came from? NONE,,,,as long as money is being made black and white artist will do anything for that paper all in the name of hiphop,,,and that my freinds is the problem in a nutshell

    • Big 18th Street Gang, E'z up to all the homiez worldwide!

      late negus, I know exactly what your saying. Good comment. To the anonymous tit directly above my comment, yea, there was a lot of violent lyrics but what you expect?? Most of the top rappers at the time were from the ghetto. NYC has cleaned up a ton since then, but queens, brooklyn, bronx etc were rough hoods back in the 90s.

    • Anonymous

      Be fucking real; most of 90s hip hop was extremely materialistic, violent and destructive to the community, and Mr. Jamar isn't complaining about any of that music.

  • Anonymous

    Now he's just sounding bitter and petty. 80's and 90's were decades ago. Nobody cares! Drake's making it now and you aren't. Get over it. I'm not even talking about Drake here. This is strictly about a dude who is bitter and has nothing else to do.


    Seriously, how much is this dude paying HHDX to keep posting lame ass stories about a washed up rapper? WHO THE FUCK CARES ABOUT THIS MAN'S OPINION? Irrelevant as fuck.

  • Potatoe_with_Jive

    I was a fan of Lord Jamar back in the "Punks Jump Up" days. Brand Nubian had some joints. That said, why is it that every few weeks this guys name pop up on this site? Has HipHopDx run out of people to interview? Guy hasn't dropped anything significant in over 2 decades. Let that one settle in. This guys views so far, has amounted to no more than "these new guys ain't as tough as we used to pretend to be". Why does this guys (dated) opinion matter AT ALL? Hey HipHopDx, maybe yall can holler at Chubb Rock or Mad Lion next!

  • donnis mac

    There was too much talent out there. If Jay, RZA & GZA had to wait there's a good chance Drake wouldn't have ever got a contract then. You had the emcees Rakim, Kool G Rap, KRS, Chuck D, Ice Cube, and singers like New Edition/BBD, Aaron Hall/Guy, Johnny Gill (would NEW Edition have overlooked Johnny for Drake? Think about it) and Jodeci on the come-up. Drake may of had some "remember this guy?" music but he definitely wouldn't be "that guy" like now. And that's when the "they dumbed it down" conversation starts because someone like me can see how y'all have settled for what you've been conditioned to accept.

  • Anonymous

    why do u guys copy and paste articles from other sites and headline them? Nobody gives a shit about this guy or his opinion on anything hes just some old ass black dude whos stuck in his crack days.

  • dazeone

    Lyrically u not messing with POS from Dela

  • dazeone

    Stop hating Drake can actually rhyme and better than you 3rd maybe 4th member of Brand Nubian Alimo might rhyme better...you got one verse on punks jump up and you the man stop it...why you hating on them...let the youg cats live and eat...and im not a young buck Im 41...

    • AJ

      When he said Kendrick, I knew he didnt know what the fuck he was talkin about. Thing about music is you cant always determine who will make it and who wouldnt, thats why this comment is igorant and biased.

  • Anonymous

    real talk!!!!!!!!!! scroll down to chilthrillz comment read it and STFU end of story!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I finally agree with this clown about something, what a day.

    • AJ

      If that were the case, Digital Underground,Mase, Will Smith, JaRule..the list goes on. These dudes woulnt have had careers back then either. Pac & Biggie werent the only rap artistt pple were listening to then and they wouldnt be now. Why the hell does everybody single out Drake for shit?

    • A9amis

      I guess artists like LL Cool J never existed right? He's running his mouth for attention and it's sad they keep on posting these articles and giving it to him SMH. it's not even interesting anymore I only clicked on it to see the comments; even dumbass ones like this one...

  • Anonymous

    It's 2013, everything grows up Jamar, you can too

  • Anonymous

    I'm trying to school you kiddies, but yall can't see the forest because the trees. Think about it

  • dont talk it on a blog do something

    i never thought i would see a day where,fans would be so, bitchafied about the next man and his music every nigga talking shit about the rap game do something about it, your comments are useless unless you make something happen oh!! mad bad yall bitch ass niggas cant, so yall make your lil willie lynch ass comments to discredit a nigga who been in the game for a while,,to make yourself feel relevant, but none of you niggas are buying music anyway so what the fuck!!!! yall nigga think white boys rapping and this internet shit made shit equal,,,, but time is the great equalizer

  • Anonymous

    Why is this article even posted...who cares? Its 2013

  • Anonymous

    You dudes have no idea what you are talking. Jamar isn't mad, pissed or hating on today's rappers, he's fed up with the continual raping of the culture just like so many other fans and artists who respects music in general. Who is going to protect the integrity of Hip Hip culture? This shit has nothing to do with race, motherfuckers are tired of shit being packaged and labeled as Hip Hop and has no fucking resemblance to any part of the culture. These clown ass so-called artist and media conglomerates don't even pay respect to those who started the culture or even know who about Pete DJ Jones being a inspiration to the New York Park DJ's

    • dtrain7

      Well said man and cats are asking him questions.... He is sick of the "man" telling us who the leaders in music are and the soft ass man in society... I'm 43 yrs old and still into the culture but only the real stuff not the Rick Ross Kanye crap.... Our culture has been sucked dry by cats who have no business in it... Only the soft shoe cats are getting props these day....I have no problem with diversity but now the man is week with skinny jeans and acting like females.....

    • Tim

      Well when people (meaning fans and artists!!!) collectively get together to change rap music, then shit will remain the same!!! The independent scene is alive and well, and Hip-Hop overseas is popping. Rap music in the commercial scene is what it is, a shell of itself. Integrity got thrown under the bus a long time ago!!!

    • anon

      I understand fully what hes saying, but most of these rappers do respect the culture of past and draw inspiration from the legends before them and made their own sound. Everything evolves and changes, hiphop started out as just fun and light-hearted, then evolved into gangster rap. Shit just changes, doesn't mean the culture is being "raped"

  • Anonymous

    that's it. its all about this. fucking wankstas. rap would be better without these soft ass mothafuckers

  • Anonymous

    we all know that...a lot of rappers would not have made it

  • stevadore

    What about PM Dawn, Arrested Development, Kwame, De La Soul and Q-tip? Rap in the 80s and 90s wasn't all gold and guns.

    • Anonymous

      If anything, look at how PM Dawn is PROOF he wouldn't have been accepted then and their music was similar to his. Their fame in the Hip Hop world is getting thrown off stage by KRS/BDP, not their music. And KRS wasn't all gold & guns either.

  • chilthrillz

    this comment section is filled with a whole bunch of,,,fuc bois that finally have a place to voice their weak ass comments,,,jamar is old jamar is this and that,,,,sound like a bunch of bitch ass niggas,that wouldnt get the time of day in person,,,and i know most of you faggots are white boys that would get slapped up in person,,and the rest are a bunch of dick riding homos,,fuck your opinion nigga!!!!,,,,,weak niggas cant handle the truth,,,,and the truth is,,,,,,if it wasnt for hiphop period alll yall fucking weirdos would have no voice at all,,, walk them blocks dunnny show up at nigga show and talk that talk,,,,,yeah free speech niggas,,,,,but back that shit up,,, why dont one of yall pussies go fuck lord jamar up,,,,,all yall nigga is soft,,,,,,this blog shit is making pussy niggas smell their own dick,,,,AND DONT RESPOND TO ME,,,,,GET OUT THERE AND PUT IN SOME WORK,,,,THEN YALL WEAK ASS COMMENT WILL HAVE SOME MERIT. LIL DUMB MOTHERFUCKERS!!

    • Anonymous

      "hit them streets make you name ring bells" - is this a product of the "Science" that Jamar kicks?

    • Caveman

      From your response and your writing, you are obviously quite the scholar. Why does someone's opinion have to be backed up by trying to prove how tough you are? If someone is tired of hearing Jamar talk, why can't they say it without beating your ass first? Trying to make things physical on an anonymous site makes you look like a complete idiot.

    • you must think im a lil nigga

      like a sucker you fell for the bait ,,,,,like i said dont respond ,,,put in some work i was waiting for a bitch like you to respond you sound real hard on this blog son son,,,if you live in new york we can link up then you can show and prove,,,,,you are exactly the type of nigga i was talking bout and you went for it,,,,,,dummy!!! your heart is behind the computer screen hit them streets make you name ring bells,,lol,,,,punk ass dirty ass white boy

    • lol.

      im a 'white boy' and i'd bet you all you own (not much, admittedly) i'd knock you the fuck out, with ease too. Didn't really read your shitty comment, but 'niggas' (your word, not mine) who are racist then complain about being treated in a racist manner are dumb as fuck.

  • ffff

    I just want to know why HiphopDX put Lord Jamar's opinion every single day. Another day, another Lord Jamar shit.

  • Anonymous

    Hiphop music in its origins was very hyper masculine because it was the voice of young Black males in the inner city where exuding manhood and machismo is a part of life. Even rappers like LL who made rap ballads for the ladies would balance his craft with hardcore songs for the brothers. Drake does not have that balance that LL, Kane and other rappers from the 90's had who rapped for the ladies but then again Drake isn't an African American or from the inner city so he does not have the same pedigree as a Nelly who can have a similiar formula without the same level of backlash. Drake is a Canadian mullatto Jew from a privelaged background and he would have made a great R&B artist back in the day but as a rapper I doubt he would have had any success.

    • Anonymous

      "go back to Africa bruh" - you & Jamar need to hug it out

    • Anonymous

      All humans originated in Africa so you need to be more specific, telling me to go back to Cuba may be more sensible for someone like you to say.

    • Anonymous

      go back to Africa bruh

    • Anonymous

      @blkviper HipHop has always been dominated by African American males and Drake is not an African American. Of course Jews have always been apart of the music business so it only makes sense that they were a part of the rap music business. I can't think of another bi-racial rapper that had a succesful mainstream rap career or a Canadian for that matter but it's a new era where the music is bi-racial and the fashion is bi-racial and Young Money is leading the movement with its bi-racial Nicki, Tyga and Drake and LiL Wayne's biracial image.

    • Anonymous

      @ANON-2 Who the fuck cares who "coined" a phrase or what his name is, this isnt a gay dating website you fuckin fag try to give some insight or input instead of being a fagboy looking for a lover.

    • Anonymous

      I know its BruthaDee cause he coined "Canadian mulatto Jew" and uses it very frequently

    • blkviper

      Thing is, Him being Biracial with Jewish heritage really would not have been a problem, Jews were at the start of hiphop, go checkout Jay-z's fade to black video, he introduced you to 2 of them, and Drake can flat out rap, I'm sure the subject matter would have been different but the flow is still the flow. besides drake just looks like a light skinned black dude. he would not have had problems, maybe the subject matter would have been weird but all in all he would have been nice even then.

  • the truth

    The same goes for wack clowns like: * 50 cent * game * 2chainz * camron * lil wayne * drake *future * wale * big sean * kanye west * etc these are all wack rappers and would never have excist in the 80 or 90's

    • Anonymous

      50 went pop trying to be like Ja Rule and lost all his fans and now his career is over.

    • Anonymous

      Only people who think 50 is pop & was never accepted in the community are suburb nerds who only knew about him once he stood next to Eminem.

    • Anonymous

      you retard CAMRON came out in the 90's you fucking moron get your shit right your fucking retarded go kill yourself...

    • Anonymous

      50 is the most pop out of all the rappers on that list, Drake is more Rhythm & Blues, Kanye is all over the place with his sound LiL Wayne is Rock, and Pop Wale is GoGo Future is auto tune The HipHop community never accepted 50Cent which is why he had beef with the whole hiphop community

    • SonnyC

      50 Cent came out in the 90s bro and was even more accepted in the streets and hip hop community in general than he was after he blew with Get Rich Or Die Tryin....

  • Anonymous

    Quit promoting anything this never has been says, nobody cares. You are ruining the credibility of this site the more you post these ignorant thoughts.

  • trillTALK

    Not a drake fan but this fool is delusional, lol talkin bout alpha male and shit, dont forget about diddy and them niggaz, they weren't exactly hardcore thugz!

  • Yessir


  • Anonymous

    and Lord Jamar didnt make it in the 2000s

  • Prevster

    And that is ok actually

  • Anonymous

    Times change my friend. A lot of rappers from today may not have been able to make it back then because artists tend to vibe off of what is currently relevant with the culture, society and life in general. You can apply this train of thought to athletes and actors/actresses as well. Lord Jamar has been talking a lot lately. He seems to be very pissed off about life in general. I used to like Jamar back in the day when he was making music, but this is getting crazy.

  • Anonymous

    You kiddies don't understand and will never get it. This is the truth and Drake will even agree with Jamar on this point. How many of yall are teenagers? like 13 and 14, If so that's an excellent age to study the origins of Hip Hop, so when someone speaks the truth on a particular matter relating the history of the art form or culture you will know not to say stupid shit and you understand the basis in which the comment was made. You also will have an appreciation for the history of Hip Hop and be able to spot a real Break-Boy or Hip Hop Head when you see or hear one.

    • @just a person

      brand nubian where not down with the native tongues it was the era,,,black medallion black fist era,,,hsbc,,,the pharcyde from cali where on that vibe as well,,,,thats the problem with the game now not enough balance,,in hiphop the powers that be dont want that positive strong black man hiphop,,,,if you can go back further really curtis blow was the first rapper to rap and sing remember the song daydreaming,,, stay thirsty may friend hiphop is a great form of music once you do the research,,,,peace

    • Just A Person

      Yeah there's probably teens here...but I'm not. And lemme fact check you old head...Um Lord Jamar was in Brand Nubian was he not? And they were extended members of the Native Tongues were they not? So then what gives him the right to point to De La Soul...when ALL THEM NATIVE TONGUES dudes was probably getting looked at crazy rock stuff that spoke to a strong African history, when dressing like an NY dope dealer was more in vogue? So in a way he paved the way for Drake in a way too. I know my hip hop history, and I'm sure some of these "teens" do too. Don't pigeon hole people.

  • Hardrock

    Drake has them hard bars that make other niggas dicks hard.

  • Anonymous

    Drake is half white and from Canada so what do you expect?

  • Anonymous

    I have to agree, Drake would have been an R&B artist who raps instead of a rapper that sings if he came out in the 80s and 90s. But Eminem is the biggest selling rapper in the world and he dressed up as a woman in multiple music videos so once that type of shit is allowed anything will be accepted..

  • room2roam

    stop giving this attention wh0re a platform pls. there has always been hip-pop since the beginning of hip hop. mc search, beastie boys, mc hammer, de la soul etc.. the list goes on. it just a certain group of ppl that always hate on it.

    • glaffpis

      How was any of those artists you mentioned pop besides mc hammer? mc search never was pop, most casual fans dont know who he is. just because beastie boys were popular i would never compare them to drake, same with de la soul. but lord jamar also made comments about eminem right? hes an idiot racist and probably a muslim i bet. they always have tons of hate in their body. hell their bible even states death to infidels so fuck them that believe in that statement. i dont like drakes music but dont tell me people werent signing back in the 90's at all, remember domino with the song ghetto jam? That was the closest thing to drakes style with signing there is.

  • Anonymous

    ja rule gon slap jamal for talkin shit bout his lil cousino dreezy drake.

  • bishh

    I really hope he comes around yela and his crew.... they'd fuck up this old faggot.

  • Anonymous

    YELAWOLF WOULD FUCK UP LORD JAMAR. he is such a bitch. I am not a drake fan but i understand his relevance. And he would have made it back then.... remember will smith/ fresh prince who never even swore and he went platinum. Yela and Drake, keep doing your thing dont let old jealous faggots try to bring you down. LOL lord jamar fkin pussy. .

  • Anonymous

    I don't get why jamar mentioned and dissed Kendrick, lol how is Kendrick in the same sentence with Drake? Now he's just sounding like an old bitter rapper who never made it.

  • Anonymous

    YELAWOLF WOULD FUCK UP LORD JAMAR. he is such a bitch. I am not a drake fan but i understand his relevance. And he would have made it back then.... remember will smith/ fresh prince who never even swore and he went platinum. Yela and Drake, keep doing your thing dont let old jealous faggots try to bring you down. LOL lord jamar fkin pussy.

  • Glen J

    80s and 90s? Fool quit living in the past, you're not there anymore. Boo fucking hoo, I see this guy pop up in the hip hop headlines section with his irrelevant opinions. Bitch you probably wouldn't have made if the African American civil rights movement didn't take place. See what I did there?

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  • This guy again

    Fuck. This dude again. I see this cunt every week now bitching or whining about something else, trying to recapture some of his old glory. Don't get me wrong I am a huge Brand Nubian fan but the way Jamar is acting lately is embarrassing, I still respect and love the music he makes but intensely dislike him as a person. The guy is meant to be a mature male and he seems to have a huge inferiority complex regarding what is masculine and not gay and is making ignorant immature comments given every chance. Very suspect if you ask me. I hate Drake as much as the next person and think his music is terrible but Jamar just needs to seriously shut the fuck up, yeah he's getting a little bit of limelight by talking his shit but when this all blows over he will still be irrelevant and people will still listen to and highly rate Brand Nubian only this time around they will think Jamar is a dick.

  • tnb

    who gives a fuck. that shit is as stupid as saying "nobody would've bought an old ass siemens phone from the 90's to day" - its kinda of fucking obvious that time changes. fuck lord jamar i've lost my respect for that big ass cry baby

    • Anonymous

      Co-sign. If he wants to speak the truth, a lot of artists from back in the day couldn't be relevant today either! sp what's your point?

  • shimmy

    is lord jamar a bottom? if so this explains why he hatin on drake, we all know it was drake who started as a bottom and jamar is jus jelly cus he old and nobody want his old azz no more

    • glafwodos

      WTF, siemens phone. that is a completely random comparison, what did u work for the company. just wondering where that comparison came from since many people dont know that brand anyway.

  • kkkkk

    fuck drake, errbody know he a pussboy. But this closeted homo Jamar is a bigger pussboy for getting on all these articles talking shit to try and stay relevant, like he some kind of father of hiphop or sum shit gtfoh. make sum music or else go to a fuckin nail salon to gossip like the bitch u have become

  • black45

    much in the same way as lord jamar can't make it right now, but he's getting a little attention and that's all he cares about

  • UWM

    Drakes a bitch, period. You look at rappers like Pun, Nas, Dre, Biggie ect. they rappin about the harsh realities of life on the streets and what you got to do to survive and they rappers that you can sit on the L train wit your headphones in an close your eyes and see what they sayin and if you can relate you know that thats real hip hop. Drake on the other hand be singing, not rapping, singing about relationships and fuckin at partys and shit that appeals to mostly bitches. Thats why Drake wouldnt have made it in the 80s and 90s, cause thats the time period where the ruff made their names and made hip hop what it is at soul.

    • Anonymous

      street life isnt real you idiot its an act like pretending to be a police officer...being a gangster is like the skin of a chameleon...it doesnt represent the things true colors

    • Anonymous

      LL Cool J spanned a 20 year career making music mostly for the ladies!

    • Anonymous

      Drake wouldn't have made it the 90s because he's generic. He's a terrible singer and a mediocre rapper at best, back in the 90s you had have more concepts, an image, and skills than that to be successful. Because that's what sold back then, now it's all generic/corny punch lines, half ass braggadocio about money and pussy, swagger jacking, and simplistic/repetitious "trap beats". A Drake is very fitting now in this circus.

    • Trey

      someone just got put in their place lol

    • Anonymous

      oh shut the fuck up u idiot

  • Anonymous

    Pusha t is the only rapper I can see who is popular now that would have made it in the 90s. Yeah you have joey badass, action bronson etc But they wouldn't be big names in the 90s just background noise. Kendrick aswell. There were way too many big emcees in the 90s I couldn't imagine anyone from the last 10 years making it in the 90s or 80s

  • asdas

    I actually agree with this old fuck for the first time.. DAMN

  • Anonymous

    It's a good thing hip hop has moved away from that mentality. Granted, Drake is wack, but more variety is never a bad thing. I'd never listen to stuff that soft I don't think but others can.

    • Anonymous

      "kris kross" Lol u fuckin faggot

    • Anonymous

      There was way more variety I the 90s and 80s. There's no variety now. You have drake, kendrick, jay z, lil Wayne, eminem and nicki minaj. That's the most popular artists now. In the 90s you had Biggie, naughty by nature, wu tang clan, Nas, 2pac, heavy d, ll cool j, tribe called quest, bone thugs n harmony, da brat, kris kross, coolio, outkast, krs one, The fugees, snoop doggy dogg, dr dre, onyx etc That's hardcore rappers, conscience rappers, commercial rappers etc But all were big popular artists of the 90s. Compare that to now and it's really sad how hip hop has gone.


    Lets look at the list of rappers drake bodied and made irrelevent. Luda was bodied now he stopped rapping, drake bodied common now hes irrelevent, He bodied dmx now he goes around hiding in jails acting stupid to stay away from drake cause he knows if drake ever sees him face to face hes getting knocked out.

    • Amisto

      fuck anyone who says Drake killed Common.Drake s stil a kid and he doesnt hav half the skill and intelligence Common has,so compare the lil kid to boys his age please.

  • Anonymous

    Jamar is wrong about this. Run DMC, Beasties, etc,.. attracted whites. Pharcyde, Souls of Mischief, etc.. were not ultra masculine. Slick Rick was singing his ass off!

  • Drake Til Infinity

    Drake will go down as one the best to ever do it. Last time I checked DJ Jazzy Jeff/Will Smith, De La Soul and ATCQ & Beastie Boys weren't street dudes. The latter 3 acts have made quite a few classic albums. Today people like Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Aesop Rock, Phonte, Evidence, Kendrick etc. are making great music and they weren't selling drugs. This 5% dickhead tries to hard to act hard. Ignorant bitter ass fuck, Brand Nubian was weak compared to a lot of their contemporaries anyways. I'll take Tribe, De La, PE, Beastie Boys and Jungle Brothers over them.

  • Anonymous

    of course he wouldn't have same goes for most of todays rappers

  • Danny

    it's easy to make assumptions when you know that they can't be proven or disproved.. really going to bring up kendrick? he has talent and all this moron cares about is acting "hard"... -_-

  • tonytoca

    im starting to wonder about this guy hes trying a little to hard to be the alpha male maybe he hiding the bitch within himself

  • RC

    All respect to Lord Jamar but thanks for stating the obvious, try to give us some answers to make his fake ass irrelevant in 2014, besides time.

  • Anonymous

    Like every musical genre hip hop has evolved, for better or for worse. No matter what genre you choose there are acts from one time period who would've never made it in another. Hip hop is going to keep evolving and acts which work now might not be accepted in the future and things that work in the future might not have worked now. Regardless of what I think of drake, I find it strange that lord jamar thinks he's skilled but still criticises him for not being able to make it in a time period he never came out in.

  • Anonymous

    Lord Jamar needs sto shut the fuck up! Kid-n-Play, Kwame, Biz Markie, most of the Native Tongue Posse, Rob Base, Kurtis Blow, etc, etc... wasn't holding down any street blocks or were "alpha-males" Real talk and no jokes, Lord jamal needs to walk up out of that closet. He know too much about men.


    Real talk, half of these new niggas would have been food in the 90s, Jamar is one of the last true Hip Hop greats left with a real voice of truth, he's saying what we're all thinking about you faggot ass niggas that destroyed the game

  • Anonymous

    On the flipside of that coin, alot of those rappers wouldnt stand a chance if they came out today. And you could take this argument to any genre of music. Music marks a time period and the culture of the times that created it. One of the reasons Public Enemy was so successful was that they came out in the Reagan/Bush Era and there was alot more anger in the black community. If they released "Fight the Power" today, with a black President in the white house and Urban culture having impacted everything that exists, it wouldn't resonate the same way. We live in a much more delicate time period now, the trends and styles that dominate are Tight jeans, black kids embracing their inner weirdo by rocking colorful Mohawks and skateboarding. You really think 2pac's "Thug Life" movement would resonate with todays youth......... They'd laugh it off with a bunch of "U MAD??" memes and he wouldn't sell shit.

  • Anonymous

    and Lord Jamar would have been deemed a useless negro slave in the 1800s. point?

  • Anonymous

    Gotta agree with him on this. Growing up during that era of hiphop, I tell people that all the time. He never woulda lasted.

  • Harlem Hippo

    Dear Lord Jamar, we all understand you have your opinion and rightfully so. But you are on the current path to evicting yourself out the house of hip hop due to lack of respect to this bizarre era of hip hop. If "White Rappers" and other People surrounding the culture are terrorizing the house you partially built then don't just belittle the the youth of the hip hop and rap. Come back and show the roots. I will be waiting for your next album that will hopefully show you accepting and embracing the current state of hip hop/rap while putting your Brand Nubian roots into it. The way you have responded to this change is the same way your mother/role models reacted when you picked up the mic and started doing hip hop. Accept it and help to en-better it.

    • Tito El Bambino

      lol nigga I already gave up on this mothafucka and I suggest you do the same. Slow Down's still my shit though.

  • Fuck New Rochelle, Said By A Proud Christian Inglewood Nigga

    And all you HHDX niccas should concentrate your hate on Vlad for allowing this punk nigga to emerge and talk incoherent shit each and every week

  • Fuck New Rochelle, Said By A Proud Christian Inglewood Nigga

    LMAO at this punk bitch calling Kendrick "soft" nigga grew up in the hood and from what I've heard you from fuckin New Rochelle aka softest place on earth so fuck u and all your stupid five percenter shit

  • TMZ

    Trinidad James Disses The whole New York Including Jay-Z !! http://tinyurl.com/cr7zz89

  • Joel

    All this guys does is criticize young rappers. FFS, I don't see him making any music or money. The game has changed, either move on and get on with it or f*ck off! I'm not a Drake fan much either, but I can appreciate his talent and why many people like him. Really wish HHDX would stop giving oxygen to this guy.

  • lordjamarisafoo

    This guy is a joke no shit he wouldnt of made it 30 years ago. he wouldve had a diffrent style. this guy is such a pricjk

  • Anonymous

    Why does this website continue to feature his near incoherent rambling as "news" every day? It's so tired...

  • Anonymous

    Lord Jamar has reemerged in the new era as an Internet troll.

  • Anonymous

    bullshit... some of the softest Hip Hop tracks that ive ever heard come from that era.. this guy is officially a hater and is losing points daily.. if anything, Lord Jamar can't and won't make it in modern times

    • HUH

      Naw..These days Lord Jamar is one club beat away from a hit. You could be soft back in the day, but this feminine male stuff wouldn't play back then You don't have to like it, but he's telling the truth

  • okay

    i get what hes saying and it might be true but fact of the matter is its irrelevant cause hiphop has changed. You could say whatever about drake but he made it in this era because there is a market for an artist like him. Its like saying 2pac wouldnt make it in the mid 2000's (if he was a new artist) cause all that was hot were those horrible dance songs and no one gave a shit about lyrics.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga just say kendricks weak? nigga would kill ur ass in that environment, no one gives a shit about you and you tryin to attack a young nigga getting his. Drake i agree with 100% put pay your respect to kendrick fuckin bitch.

  • Anonymous

    Suckers go straight to sales, "Jamar's old & bitter", and other fvckboy talk, but can we stick to the topic? In the days of The Message, Criminal Minded (BDP), My Melody, A Touch Of Jazz (yes Jeff & Fresh), Night Of The Living Baseheads, You Gots To Chill, Road To The Riches, Young Gifted & Black, Kill At Will EP, GasFace, You Fakin' The Funk, Saturdays, Just To Get A Rep..... Drake could have put out "Wu-Tang Forever"? No. He would have done Coming Home and be known as a R&B dude who couldn't fvck with New Edition or Jodeci and Teddy Riley would have ignored him.

    • forget sales than

      people act like hiphop shouldnt grow musically...can you imagine 50 years from now hiphop STILL sounding like the mid 90s?? im pretty sure we would be out of samples by that point (LOL). Who cares if drake sings or if there was a time when he couldnt put out wu-tang forever. Alot of you guys trying to dictate what is and isnt hiphop honestly feel left out because listening to the older stuff brings yall back to a different, probably better time in your life, whereas the new music you cant relate to the same. Everything fades its just part of life and evolution. Michael Jackson died looking like a white woman...now (regardless of the cause of his skin change)just because he didnt look the same when he died as he did when he made thriller doesnt mean he aint the same person my point: hiphop is hiphop, it may look different, may sound different, but it is still hip hop.

    • youngsta

      drakes music is better than all that bullshit you listed.

  • Hoodgrown

    And you have a problem with people talking about black empowerment and trying to uplift us?

  • chillthrillz

    it amazing how niggas be on these blogs talking mad reckless about the next man and inviting him to their dick...the reason this era is so fucking wack is because non descript niggas who probably never had a music collection,,,think they know what the fuck,,,,but not one of you niggas would ever step to lord jamar if you seen him in person,,,,not that hes all hard and shit ,,,but niggas sound mad pussy on these blogs,,,,

  • sam snead

    Lord Jamar reminds me of that dirty uncle you got, that stay in your grandmas basement. Drake is weak, I don't listen to that crap but it's not like the group Jamar was in was like NWA, they were on that black power and african motherland tip

  • mean205

    This dude talking about Alpha Males like he knows about being one. Meanwhile this hoe ass nigga is always running his mouth about people behind their back. I mean don't get confused, I say fuck Drake as well, but this dude has got plenty of bitch tendencies himself.

  • chillthrillz

    kurtis blow made day dreaming,,,in like 81,,,however he didnt sing on the whole damn album,,,drake said he will never do a whole hiphop album so he is basically rap/r&b artist

  • hosnimubarak

    and so fucking what? de la soul wouldn't be making music in the 60s because there was no hip hop. move along, kid

  • Anonymous

    LL COOL J anyone? Jamar is on some dick man...

  • Anonymous

    I don't like Drake, like Jamar even less. And if he wants to talk about what Kendrick Lamar is in hip hop and rap today, he could try being half as skilled as him, and not so desperate for interviews and any chance to chat shit.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks 4 pointing out the obvious.

  • Anonymous

    drake is a lot of the reason why rap is so soft and wack now. niggas like tyga drake big sean are fucking tight clothes wearing ass faggots

    • naw

      it goes alittle deeper then drake. kanye was really the artist to make a lane for rappers that didnt make "hard" rap in this era, and started to change the fashion in hiphop as well.

  • Anonymous

    the first guy def got a point

  • Anonymous

    they always were bad artist

  • Anonymous

    Lord Jamar never made it...ever. People on this site are going to bandwagon this dude because he talked shit about Drake.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^talks about how Jamar made it but doesn't name any albums, if this dude comes back to this comment, he'll have wikipedia up, and making it seem like he actually knew Lord Jamar's shit.

    • Anonymous

      He definitely made it. made great hip hop for years. just cuz he dont sell like drake now dont mean shit. most the rapeprs selling big nuimbers is wack

    • Anonymous

      I don't even like Drake, but Jamar can suck a dick.

  • jeezy

    its young jizzle from the bottom of the map got a 50 round clip on the bottom of the strap. suck me off jamar!!

  • Drizzaveli

    If michael jackson could make it in the 80's, Drake definitely could have made it

  • Anonymous


  • djvladisthedevil


  • Anonymous

    Lord Jamar Is Right, Drake Is Weak And Soft. Would NOT Have Made It In 90s Or 80s, He Woulda Got Shot

  • Anonymous

    i been saying this fo a min, FUCK DRAKE

  • Anonymous

    dude knows what he saying

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Lord Jamar is wrong. He just sounds stupid. Plenty of soft rap in the 80s and 90s that was huge . Fat Boys, PM Dawn, MC Hammer, Beastie Boys, De La Soul to name a few. I mean, LL Cool J wrote "I Need Love" and Biz Markie wrote "Just a Friend". Soft as shit and bigger than any Brand Nubian track

    • donnis mac

      who made more $ talk from someone who don't know how much either act signed for or their royalty rate & publishing percentage is pussy boy talk bring your A game when you address me, you ain't speaking to one of these daily clowns begging for attention

    • chillthrillz

      @anon5,,,how is this pussy boy talk,,,,it felt good to type that shit right,,,,that the reason why you are anonymous,,,,shut your ass up ,,,you aint a music consumer you a internet instigator,,,trying to be relevant on a blog,,,,,and fuck you and pm dawns money,,,,

    • Anonymous

      "Pm dawn got crushed but prob made more $ than Brand Nubian. Brand Nubian never dominated for a second." ^ this is pussy boy talk

    • chillthrillz

      a lot of the artist you named had a wide body of work with different styles on different records,,,drake has a lane that was more like pm dawn then any other artist you named,,,drake isnt that versatile as for as styles and or content,,,all the artist you named had different records that stood out,,,drake dosent

    • Anonymous

      Pm dawn got crushed but prob made more $ than Brand Nubian. Brand Nubian never dominated for a second.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      PM Dawn was your best example of comparison for Drake and they got rushed by BDP onstage and were never heard of again

  • Anonymous

    Lord Jamar needs to shut the fuck up about others and do something productive with himself... sick of seeing Lord Jamar talking about every other mother fucker going... ain't nobody saying shit about Lord Jamar why is this dude trying to be relevant by talking about those with more limelight than him. I aint sticking up for Drake but seriously Jamar needs to shut the fuck up and make some music or something. This shit is mad boring.

  • Anonymous

    And Brand Nubian wouldn't make it in this era. Same applies to most artist, in different times the audience has a different preference.

  • Jahorse

    There goes Jamar talkin bout the good ol days again. I feel bad for the guy. You aren't going to have any future if you are going to live in the past.

  • Edubb

    Say what you want he speaks the truth. Thats why all you pussy ass Drake feelings are hurt. Nevermind that he did give Drake props for being a good mc. He didnt say Drake was garbage he just said Drake wouldnt have made it in another era and thats true!! Fuckin pussy ass little kids need to grow up!!!

    • Jahorse

      I don't think anybody is hurt because I think anybody that follows VladTV is used to Jamar talking out his ass. At this point I just find it amusing. I'm always excited when I see Jamar said something new because I know it'll be good for a laugh.

  • Troof

    This "grown man" is so insecure in his masculinity he has to focus on what other males are wearing or if they're singing on their tracks. This dude is probably a closeted booty bandit but can't come to terms with it.

  • Anonymous

    These two are worse than tobacco chewing southern racists sitting on a porch in 1940 talking about N's.

  • Anonymous

    Lord Jamar, please shut the fuck up.

  • Anonymous

    Sour grapes. Lord J is approaching his 50's recognizing that God-body dude's are either dead or jail birds. You can't maintain a nine to five talking all that 5% nonsense. Holding on to the past too tight is a detriment when you can't accept the present, but more importantly, when you're no longer presently relevant.

    • do the knowledge

      @anon,,,its called having knowledge of self ,,,there are brothers that have knowledge of self and work amongst 85ers,,,,a real god moves and survives just like everybody else,,,we just dont fall victim to the ways and actions of savages,,,we dont co sign unrighteousness the reason you think you dont find them in corporate america is because some have there own business or work and raise their seeds and build in their immediate ciphers like their family or friends,,it not a popularity contest,,,the schools are still active in mecca and medina,,,,because its not in the spotlight dosent mean that we are not active,,,,rakim said it,,,ONE THING I DONT NEED IS A SPOTLIGHT CAUSE I ALREADY GOT LIGHT,,,,the real gods show and prove and live righteously yeah there are far and few in between but we still active,,,peace

    • Anonymous

      Show me one God that has a respectable nine to five, showing up to work talking about Yacub growing people in test tubes. I'm from Brooklyn, the so called land of "Medina." I grew up among 5%'s, and they were all jail dudes and wannabees. You don't find 5%'s in corporate America, the military, elite college campuses, etc.

    • @2nd Anon

      ooooh Im so scared of ur threats over the net, fuckin keyboard warrior faggot. U aint ever even been up north< probably sum white kid from the burbs

    • Anonymous

      You need to watch your mouth, dumb fuck, most God-bodies in their 40s, in jail or dead ?Do you fucking know how long the Gods, Earths and Babies have been around. Say that shit in a hood up north, and see what happens. Fucking fruit.

  • dentaldamboy

    Drake is NOT SOFT. He just doesn't rap about killing gangsters. He's more alternative hiphop.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, Drake IS soft. This is a guy who talks about saving strippers and going through girls' purses and phones. If that's not soft, then I don't know what is.

  • Terry Crews


  • Sexually Confused and Disgruntled Man

    Sounds like Jamar wants some of that masculine Black and Latino DICK

  • Anonymous


  • Tee

    I remember fresh prince pops in th 80's-90's, de la soul and tribe too... Lord is oldschool, in the bad way

    • Anonymous

      ^ idk even where to begin with this comment

    • Anonymous

      "It was started by alpha males! Tough black and latino men!" - Smash Cut To: Dr. Dre Wearing Velvet Tracksuit standing beside Tupac Wearing A Kimono Or Some Shit. Narrator: "The 1970's and 80's, two decades that black guys would rather forget."

  • Anonymous

    WTf Jamar and bieber gonna remix a song toghetter? like a dream come true!!!

  • Anonymous

    It's not 80's or 90's anymore.. It's about to be 2014.

  • Anonymous

    niggaz wana bash Kanye West but not Poor Jamar faggot ass??? dude is corny

  • aj

    Remember Nate Dogg he was the best hiphop singer

  • Anonymous

    HE'S RIGHT BONE THUGS N HARMONY COULDN'T HAVE EXISTED BACK THEN.....................................................

    • 0078

      Bone Thugs still made gangsta music and were thugs (some homeless) who came from nothing. Drake on the other hand is a spoilt, soft, feminine, kyke who sings and raps about tochy-feely subjects, thats some straight fag shit right there.

    • Anonymous

      That's not an equal comparison - them dude's were thugs.

  • Champagne Papi Life

    Who gives a fuck if Drake would not of fit in the 80's or 90's? Jamar's bitter ass doesn't fit now. Drake and 40 are right up there with Eric B and Rakim. Hip-hop spread across the globe and influenced people from all walks of life, hence the diversity of artists. There will always be hard street dudes, but Drake ain't pretending that he sold crack or anything like that. He makes his own original music, based off his own life experiences, that a lot people relate to.

    • Anonymous

      Amen. Dude's need to get off Drake's back and let him be him. So what if he can pollinate a flower with his breath.

    • Anonymous

      "Drake and 40 are right up there with Eric B and Rakim. He makes his own original music, based off his own life experiences, that a lot people relate to." You are high on crack, meth, and Molly if you really believe that, Drake stan.

    • Anonymous

      >Drake and 40 are right up there with Eric B and Rakim. ahahahahahahahahaha. i literally lol'd - thanks for that.

  • kot

    lord jamar can't make it now and never will

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