Freddie Gibbs Says He Is Better Rapper Than Young Jeezy

Exclusive: The Gary, Indiana-native also discusses his upcoming Madlib collaboration, "Cocaine Pinata" and reveals plans to release sequel to "ESGN."

Freddie Gibbs spoke about his fallout with Young Jeezy yesterday (December 9). In an exclusive conversation with HipHopDX during the release party for E-40’s Block Brochure: Welcome To The Soil 4, 5 & 6, Gibbs said that part of the reason why their business relationship soured was because the CTE frontman is less talented than him.

“Jeezy, he can’t rap better than me,” Gibbs explained, before comparing Young Jeezy to a washed-up professional basketball player:

“That’s why the nigga was afraid. He wasn’t ready to be in boss mode. He still wanted to be in rapper mode. He’s like a nigga in the NBA that’s about to retire and [is] on his last leg, while a young nigga like me is just killing niggas. I’m like Paul George on these niggas right now. He’s on his last leg so I’ma go ahead and kick the nigga in the grave while he’s standing on the edge.”

Gibb’s comment comes one day after he took to Twitter and hinted towards plans to release a diss track aimed at the Atlanta, Georgia-based rapper.


Freddie Gibbs also spoke exclusively with DX about his upcoming Madlib-produced release, Cocaine Piñata as well as the follow up to 2013’s ESGN.

Cocaine Piñata is going to show y’all niggas that I rap the best,” Gibbs said. “That was just me going in the studio with Madlib, fucking around and showing you niggas I can rap the best, because if I can rap over that, I can get on any other beat and crush you.

“My next shit, ESGN 2,” he continued. “All I gotta say about that is, I just did a rehearsal with Alchemist for the whole week, so you already know how that shit’s gonna turn out. I was at rehearsal with Alchemist and Oh No for the whole week. Me, Alchemist and Oh No [are] about to get into the lab. So that Devil’s Palace shit is still fucking coming. That shit is an urban legend. Don’t forget about that, now…2014 is mine, nigga.”

Freddie Gibbs first began speaking about Devil’s Palace in late 2009 prior to the release of his Str8 Kill No Filla mixtape. Reportedly, the project was intended to be a collaborative EP with Alchemist. In a 2010 interview with HipHopDX, Gibbs stated that Devil's Palace was initially delayed because the two could not schedule time to complete the release.

Freddie Gibbs attended E-40’s Block Brochure: Welcome To The Soil 4, 5 & 6 release party at Los Angeles nightclub, Tru Hollywood. Notable attendees included Warren G, Krizz Kaliko, Glasses Malone, Gary Payton, Mistah FAB, Donovan McNabb, DJ Vlad, Steve Lobel, among others.  

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  • Popeye

    Listen to this you idiots: Gibbs is one of the best technical rappers out there.

  • BigGhostFace

    Gangsta Gibbs a beast

  • Anonymous

    All I see is him being the second coming of Young Buck, and we all know what happened to him

  • Rebecca Zavala

    til I saw the draft that said $4669, I did not believe brothers friend could trully bringing in money in their spare time from their computer.. there friend brother has done this for less than 7 months and just now paid the dept on their place and purchased themselves a Alfa Romeo. check this... Why? Because he ain't hip-hop. Niggas in the streets listen to real shit like Benzino, M.O.P., Kool G Rap etc. Street niggas are waiting on that new Benzino record, and don't give a fuck about Eminem!

  • 666

  • 666

  • 666

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    You're both irrelevant

  • dazeone

    Yeah Gibbs is a beast but Jeezy got the hits that Gibbs probally penned a few...hope the lyrics shine through because he deserves the shine

  • Stanucci

    At least Gucci is a real street nigga. Fake niggas: * Nas never sold drugs. Remember when Jay-Z said "i showed you your first tech at Large professors tour" * Mobb Deep were at the school of arts. So when did they there robberies and shootouts???????? * Ice Cube never was a gangbanger and was bullied at school according to his old forgotten homies. * Jay-Z has ZERO respect in the streets, just ask Cam'ron! * 2Pac never sold drugs. Suge Knight was the muscles behind 2pac because without him 2pac was a coward. * Eminem never killed someone or was a serial killer. His image was made up by Interscipe Records to sell records. Lol the angry frustrated white kid. * Snoop has NO respect out in LA and was never a gangmember. * T.I. is a snitch how can you get away with housearest for illegal weapons without snitching? Normally you 10 years!

    • Uncle Sam

      the eminem one makes no sense lol, even he admitted that he makes up that image to piss people off. Common you think he would be free if he was a serial killer? fuckin idiot

  • Anonymous

    why even mention that youre a better rapper than jeezy thats making you look stupid and butthurt cuz jeezy can barely rhyme and you signed to him...jeezys songs are 1000x better than any gibbs song though

  • Anonymous

    Your albums garbage, I bought ur shit man I listened to it now its in the trash can!!!! JEEZY HA HA

  • fuccya

    Dam his music video with Tyson's fight was long on repeat some other night, while erbodys eyes were busy with xbox and i even askd friends next day (coz we saw Gibbs in, i guess, C-Mo video), they remembered the video of fight, not the music, so didnt i. The fuck.

  • Anonymous

    Yes Gibbs is a better rapper but it's about who can make better songs.


    Id say Jeezy the so-called sno-man done got called out by a real pusha-man and Jeezy in trouble if F.Gibbs BFK blows up in the next yr I never really thought Jeezy was that good of a MC and I do believe Gibbs is a better MC if the radio wasnt so polluted w/wack hip-PoP

  • leather facesss

  • jasonnns

  • dayday

    Best Thing Freddie Gibbs could have done was to be honored to be in Jeezy's presence and shut fuck up & do what ever he says to be down. Niggaz don't listen to Freddie's mixtapes, EP's collab albums or whatever. Who,When,Why ? Stop Lieing! Freddie had high profile features on big time artist songs & collab ? Still he Ain't hittin ! That Shit is Bunk, Boo-Boo and Shitty at Best Now he gon diss Jeezy! He Ain't Shit period!

  • dayday

    Don't No Muthaphukkas listen to Freddie Gibbs Outside of Indiana!!!! Shut the Fuck Up That Shit Ain't Bangin to Nobody East West South! Really Nigga !1hundred

  • yungnatty

    Kurupt was a better lyricist than snoop lloyd banks was a better lyricist than 50 My point is the fact that your a better lyricist is irrelevant, this hiphop MUSIC keyword "MUSIC" it matters how you sound not how you put your bars down. If your music aint on point, you dont matter.

  • Fuck Gary

    Now this nigga's becoming a nuisance.

  • TMZ

    Trinidad James Disses The whole New York Including Jay-Z !!

  • jasonnns

  • Anonymous

    I mean this is obvious isnt it?

  • Brick

    And fuck the misspelled word I put, I bet I can count 5 million without a money counter and do mis a beat!

  • Brick

    Shot out to Blu Divinci , I fuck with real niggas music, fuck that hidding behide fake ass name, I know it's for the dollar why jeezy sold his sold and make the sacrifices but when it ran it gone pour on your ass, do bring your bitch ass back in the hood talking about hiding your yams at auntie house cause I'm gone take your shit, you keep them sissy ass security guard around you and try to dress the like homies but you can tell them niggas some dick in the booty ass force field to keep a nigga from getting in that ass!

  • Brick

    Kick Jeezy right in the ass when you put them feet on him, he can't fight! All the fuck niggas who run with him should know that by now, that why he invited yall fuck niggas to the events when he go to real hoods but when he get round them industry nigga like Jay z he leave y'all bitch ass at cheap motels and shit, y'all hoe nigga some losers , one time for my nigga Freedie Gibbs, coming from Kinky B brother fuck with us when you want to know the truth behind that hoe ass flaw ass snitching ass nigga, ably aint lying about that nigga. He cooperated in the BMF situation. I know that for a fact, I m in hem streets and My Laywer told me he got footage! All you. Jeezy fans sleep on that!

    • teewalk1300

      I hope yall aint on here pretending to be brick but fr fr everybody gets whats coming to them pookie loc....#1300

    • Anonymous

      if this is kinky b you lost at life if youve now been reduced to talking shit on a hip hop websites comments section

    • Real

      Nice story! Lying ass nigga. your lawyer aint told you anything about another mans case. You anit shit

  • Kizman

    BIG fan of BOTH these dudes, but Gibbs is lyrically better than Jeezy. The only song Jeezy got that is on Gibbs level is FAME and thats b/c of the JL-beat and the Ti feature...

  • Anonymous

    Mane would somebody pleaseeeeeeeee tell this nigga get off of jeezy's dick man foreal. All year when you see this nigga in a interview on some hip hop site.......THE ONLY THING HE TALKING ABOUT IS JEEZY!!!!! NIGGA!!! HELP ME!

  • belize boy

    my nigga gibbs go hard but jezzy first album was classic and my nigga gibbs still got but in alot wrk in but i can see him doing big things and don't know why worry bout this nigga jezzy that's last thing should be on his mind he remember what happen to game with that 50 cent shit and if like real nigga music listen to my latest mixtape real as i am 254 in this bitch fwm

  • Anonymous

    Gibbs would rape Jeezy, orally,anally and vaginally

  • Anonymous

    he is. but not as business savy

  • mtume

    someone put madlib's boiler room set online n it had a bunch of trax from the pinantas album n i heard the track he talmbout. he ethers snow...said they were rolling 30 deep n saw gucci by himself n jeezy was too shook to do anything. 'lib got that shit taken down tho it was on soundcloud n mixcloud but gone now

  • YonkersBornAndRaised

    you fags hating on Gibbs because of his beef with Jeezy don't have the audacity to say shit cause you don't know what happened to Gibbs there. Plus he has no choice, but to go this route since people are always asking him about it in interviews, but Jeezy doesn't have to go through that b.s. cuz he is already a solidified industry rapper. So put yourself in Gibbs' shoes for a moment and see that the only way to move forward is to do something that'll make Jeezy own up for what he is done. If you don't realize that then you ain't a real fan or you probably have that fraud ass nigga's dick stick up your ahole (just ask Pimp C about his street credibility). And for the record, Gibbs was already established long before he met Jeezy, just look up his discography.

    • Anonymous

      look at every rapper who signed to another rapper and dissed them after no one gave a fuck about them...they go nowhere and gibbs is already on the road there if he keeps this up

  • Mary Fields

    up to I saw the receipt 4 $4436, I did not believe sister was really receiving money parttime at there labtop.. there great aunt has been doing this 4 only about nine months and a short time ago repaid the morgage on there mini mansion and bought Cadillac. Get the facts... Rozay will NEVER sell a gazillion albums but he can say none pf his albums had Eminem on them which is something the washed up Gorilla cant say.

  • Culls

    I mess with Jeezy but there aren't too many rappers that can match Gibbs technically. Anyone on here that disagrees hasn't listened to Gibbs, 'Sittin Low' with him and Jeezy is a prime example. I've heard some of the unreleased Cocaine Pinata tracks from a recent MadLib show and I don't doubt that album is going to be classic.

  • abu_maryam

    I do not get why people are so queasy about Gibbs' anger. Angry Gibbs is pretty reliable to bring some insane tracks. Based on the three EPs Gibbs has done with Madlib, Pinata is easily going to among the top hip hop albums in 2014.

  • Gibbs is one the best new niggas out

    Thug motivation 1 & 2 were fuckin dope and Trap or Die 1& 2 .But I haven't been feelin jeezy for a minute tho his songs be soundin too similar and his voice sounds different

  • real talk

    If he rapped as much as he talked bad about the hand that feed him then maybe he'd be relevant in rap. Jeezy sold albums, has hits that were on the radio. Gibbs needs to focus on his situation and his own music. Young has nothing to prove, but this kid does. Cant name ONE of his songs or even better, find someone who actual listens to him. (outside of Indiana)

  • Anonymous


  • Belize

    Why gibbs? What u gonna gain from this?

  • Anonymous

    thats true but you not gonna get anywhere in life hating

  • OUCH!

    Dude is really looking like a lil b!!tch right now.

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