DJ Envy Recalls Nas Pulling A Gun On Him

DJ Envy says an attempt to give Nas a mixtape at the start of his career was taken as a threat by the Queens rapper.

According to Power 105.1 personality DJ Envy, it was at the start of his music career when he was involved in an unexpected encounter with an artist who would later become one of Hip Hop’s most celebrated emcees. DJ Envy shared his story, which involved Queensbridge rapper Nas, during VladTV's True Hip Hop Stories segment.

While sharing the story of his encounter with Nas, DJ Envy revealed that it was at a time when he wasn’t having much luck with the circulation of his mixtapes and happened to come across Nas after leaving an event at Nassau Coliseum.

“This was when mixtapes was big. And I was—And this was when nobody would take my mixtapes,” Envy said. “I mean, I was trying to sell mixtapes to everybody. And at the time Clue was popping and all they wanted was Clue. So, I remember coming out the Coliseum and I seen Nas and I think it was a Lexus. So, I seen him I was like, ‘Oh shit, that’s Nas.’ So, now I got my mixtapes and I’m running up the block. I’m like ‘This is Nas. I’m in Queens. You don’t see this. This is Nas.’ It’s me and my mans with me and I’m like ‘Yo Nas, hold up. I got something for you.’ So Nas, he stops and he looks at me and he tells the girls to get in the car. He says ‘What you got for me?’”

DJ Envy continued his story as he shared the details of Nas pulling a gun on him after his “I got something for you” comment was taken as more of a threat from the Queens lyricist.

“I go in my bag and when I come up [from] my bag, Nas has a gun on me,” DJ Envy said. “‘What the fuck you got for me? What you mean you got something for me?’ I’m sitting there like—I dropped my bag and everything. I’m like, ‘A mixtape. It’s just a mixtape. I swear, it’s just a mixtape. Look, look, look. Mixtape, mixtape.’ And Nas gave me the look…He did one of these ‘Yo, you know shit is real out here, man. You don’t come up to nobody and say ‘you got something for me,’ man. Gimme that mixtape.’ He took the mixtape, put the gun back in his pants, went in his car, and drove off.’ And after that I’ve never approached another artist with, ‘I got something for you.’ Never again.”

Currently a member of New York City radio station Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, DJ Envy was signed to Desert Storm Records in the early 2000s and has worked with a variety of artists as president of BLOK Entertainment.

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  • Jason

    Nas is a real G. You got to be careful trying to approach him.

  • Robizle

    I Buy Nas Album's! Last one was ok. Kinda diverse but he's got bars.

  • cordero

    Man, Dj Envy just helped a lot of brothers out here avoid getting merked due to the words they use and how they approach people. I am glad he shared that shit cause i can see how it could be misunderstood saying "i got something for you"

  • SK18

    This simply validates that Nas got himself a gun and he's willing to use it. Pac got shot and killed in the streets, Big was shot and killed in the streets. Yeah Pac and BIG were in cars, but this dude was walking. Nas was a mark after Pac died, at least in California he was. Dudes on that level and needs to be cautions. What would you have done if you were Nas? You saw 2 Chainz run for his life. Sheeeeeeeet!

    • Anonymous

      Ross had a gun on him and he was so scared he crashed into a fucking building and they wasnt even shooting at him lol

  • And 1

    I really think you new guys got Nas confused. Nas is a 8th grade drop out who ran the streets before your favorite rappers. His brother was a also a goon. He went at all the greats and ruined a lot of careers. Shut down radio stations, labels and magazines. He by far has more heart than any rapper. He acts like a 40 mature man and not like the oldheads who still trying to hang around teens and turn up..

  • Shirley Phillips

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    GUCCI MANE is the realest rapper and heres why. 1) all other rappers rap about being gangster shooting and killing but they havent done it. 2) Eminem raps about killing he hasnt. 3)Jay z raps in open letter about sending shots he hasnt. 4)Nas raps about how he is a queens thug but he wasn't. 5)Most of the rappers rap about stuff they havent done yet you all support them and say its real rap. 6)When rick ross does it you all claim he is fake and say its fake rap. This shows that hiphop fans are hypocritical and all these real hiphop fan wanna be's are just some unjustified haters whose opinions are just as irrelevent as the swag fag rapper fans. GUCCI MANE KILLED A MAN HE WAS A DRUG DEALER BEFORE RAPPER HE HAS STREET CREDENTIALS HE IS THE ONLY RAPPER THAT RAPS ABOUT FACTS THERE FORE BIG GUWOP IS THE REALEST RAPPER IN THE RAP GAME AND THATS A FACT!

    • Anonymous

      Please shut the fuck up and stop sucking Gucci's dick. Nas probably murked a nigga too. Many people say that he murked Ill Will's killer but he never got caught like a real G unlike Gucci.

    • hiphopheead

      who cares... this is rap music, i like people who are good rappers not just fuckin thugs... if you just had to be hard to rap the best rappers would be horrible mc's

  • Anonymous

    Your lost for reacting like a ho to a simple statement.

  • Z

    Wow you suckers on the comment section are some bitches... I'm starting to dislike HipHopDx.. Trolling little bitches

    • HP

      ^Agreed this site has gone to trash .. Full of race baiting articles to get the keyboard warriors/trools from the burbs angry as they know they are easily influenced and will flock to the page if you mention race in an article which helps their S.E.O and page ranks which equals more advertising dollars

    • Soulman

      The site is comment section is dead. Its white racist kids from burbs trolling the hell outta every article.

  • Gucci the only true real nigga

    hahahaha nas aint a real gangster. He is nothing compared to the realness of big gucci. Gucci is the true pioneer of real gangsters rapping

    • Anonymous

      STFU...all u suckas new in the game dont know mane?????????? really....yo...on the real...real G's never get caught. But go ahead...keep thinking that. True pioneer????????? Now I know ur new in the game.

  • Rebecca Zavala

    til I saw the draft that said $4669, I did not believe brothers friend could trully bringing in money in their spare time from their computer.. there friend brother has done this for less than 7 months and just now paid the dept on their place and purchased themselves a Alfa Romeo. check this... Why? Because he ain't hip-hop. Niggas in the streets listen to real shit like Benzino, M.O.P., Kool G Rap etc. Street niggas are waiting on that new Benzino record, and don't give a fuck about Eminem!

    • Anonymous

      Posting a comment to obviously troll to attract attention to your scammy site? Guess it worked, I replied. Not clicking that shit, though.

  • Anonymous

    That fake mafia don never pulled no gun lol

  • 666

  • Kev

    2014 - Illmatic 20 YEARS

  • riv216

    you know sh*t is real out here kid!!... lol come check out my new music video, search --> RIV - The Clever Pt. 3 on youtube, and watch in 720/1080p HD

  • Anonymous

    Nas ended 50s career on Queens Get The Money.

  • C.V

    Nas is a real G ...bitches

  • LOL

    Why didn't Envy's bitch ass just say he was holding a mixtape?

  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

    Dudes go 'full retard' on here. For those who can read and have a sence of humor; go check it out and have a great big laugh. You have it all...from Cam killing Nas his career to "pullin a gun on an unarmed person" and offcourse on of the best "Nas is related to Pablo Escobars crime fam"

  • Dopeish

    That was the funniest story i've heard in a while

  • Stanucci

    Nas never pulled a gun in his life, the only crime nas ever did was parking his car wrong! Long Live Gucci The ROAT

  • insanemacbeth

    funny story, l.o.l.

  • Anonymous

    Nas and JayZ ran a train on Beyonce

  • Chasing a dream

    Make money watching YouTube commercials

  • Hip Hop Fan

    That's some funny shit!

  • Anonymous

    well we all know his nickname was Nas Escobar! so off course Nas is a hardcore criminal. Nas was affiliated with the Pablo escobar family.


    At least Gucci is a real street nigga. Fake niggas: * Nas never sold drugs. Remember when Jay-Z said "i showed you your first tech at Large professors tour" * Mobb Deep were at the school of arts. So when did they there robberies and shootouts???????? * Ice Cube never was a gangbanger and was bullied at school according to his old forgotten homies. * Jay-Z has ZERO respect in the streets, just ask Cam'ron! * 2Pac never sold drugs. Suge Knight was the muscles behind 2pac because without him 2pac was a coward. * Eminem never killed someone or was a serial killer. His image was made up by Interscipe Records to sell records. Lol the angry frustrated white kid. * Snoop has NO respect out in LA and was never a gangmember. * T.I. is a snitch how can you get away with housearest for illegal weapons without snitching? Normally you 10 years!

    • Anonymous

      "i showed you your first tech" tech?...know how i know youre a loser aside from the trolling?

    • fuccya

      Well, if Hov could lie then so could the Great Nas _Escobar_. Being a criminal rappin about crime - real, doesnt mean good or bad, well "real" is sure good for the game - no lie. Rappin about shit you never did - simply acting. "ain't broke a law in your life, yet every time you rap you rap about the guns and knives, just take a good look at the nigga, and you'll capture, the fact that the bastard is simply just an actor" "rap aint shit if it aint real, kid" Every modern rapper ive heard claims to be real, yet everyday we live to see some shit turn up to be another lie.

    • gucci sucks

      Why would you take what jay z said as fact. They were in beef, rappers make up shit all the time when they are beefing. stop being so gullible. And how does being a criminal made you "real" in the rap game. Grow up.

    • YourMom'sFavoriteWhiteGuy

      Hahaha your musical beliefs make as much sense as Santa. But then again... hip hop was grown and nurtured by a fat white guy with a beard. Lol, have a good day.

  • fuccya

    You know you a "gangsta" when you pull a strap on unarmed person. Toughest shit to do...

    • Anonymous

      fuccya we can tell you never been out on the streets

    • Anonymous

      its one thing for rappers to lie about themselves to make them look more tough which they do all the time but for a rapper to lie about another rapper pulling a gun on them? and dj envy isnt even a rapper hes a dj what would he get out of lying about nas pulling a gun on him?

    • fuccya

      Well how can i know, those thugs attacking me are just sum internet gangstas believing anything their fav rapper says. I mean rappers dont even need to beef no more, you do it online for them.

    • Anonymous

      dont feed the trolls...he thinks dj envy made it up but also calls nas a coward for pulling a gun on someone who ran up on him n said "i got something for u" lmao

    • Anonymous

      this was way back in the 90s fucktard.

    • Anonymous

      nas obviously didn't know he was unarmed.. he thought envy was reaching for a gun/weapon.. if some stranger came up to me saying "i got something for you" and reached in their bag, i'd be cautious too..

    • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

      fuccya just went 'Full Retard' Some of these sperm heads on here are just too stupid to recognize their own reflexion in the mirror...funny trollin fuc boys -HA!

    • fuccya

      You never get used to the fact that most this bullshit is fictional, dont you? Real things dont need to pop up in the news time and time again for some rapper to stay relevant.

    • um

      He was obviously feeling threatened. I don't believe in guns being legal but sadly, random shootings are actually a real problem in many areas in america. You cant blame him for being overly cautious. He wasn't doing it to be "gangsta", he was doing it to defend himself.

  • RC

    You don't mess with Nasty Nas, even Jay had to throw in the towel. Money is fleeting but respect last forever.

  • Fuck Queens

    LOL this shit's such a lie, Nas probably told Envy to say some gangsta shit about him in exchange for a blowjob

  • Pat

    OLD NEWS. Saw this shit MONTHS AGO. funny tho

  • TMZ

    Trinidad James Disses The whole New York Including Jay-Z !!

  • Anonymous

    Biggie was a fag just like every rapper is a fag except chris brown.

  • Killa Cam

    Camron ended Nas career!!!!!!!!!!

  • The truth

    I blame boring repetitive ass beats, monotone ass raps and total delusion and arrogance for the death of New York hiphop. Jadakiss can't pick beats for shit. There's no soul in eastcoast hiphop. Everything is about acting like you too good. Eastcoast muffucas as a whole are rude as fuck. That's why the south took over. Cause the south is the essence from which all African Americans emerged. You conceited eastcoast ass niggas won't realize the error of your ways until you humble yourselves.

    • Oh really?

      Roam2roam ur an idiot! I stay in the south, pro era, underachievers, flatbush zombies all came thru town recently and all there shows were packed house they get just as much love if not more than trinidad james in his own home,

    • trill281

      Nigga im from da south, rep the south proudly, but ALOT of the new shit comin out the south I aint fuckin with, alot of rappers aint even trying anymore, just comin up with the same bullshit, they think just cuz a beat sound good they lyrics dont matter!

    • room2roam

      ^you just proved his point without even trying. no one knows these ppl. they are local..regional at best

    • jiggatronnn

      East coast hip-hop is dead? Obviously you're sleeping. Pro Era? Underachievers? Flatbush Zombies? Bishop Nehru? Dillon Cooper? Ratking? Just to name a few...East Coast hip-hop is thriving

    • Anonymous


  • Yo

    Shit mad crazy out fete b don't play dat shit home grille

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick and Nas collab?

  • FUCK NY!

    You niggas still stuff ya pants into ya socks.

  • Anonymous

    I hate this bitch leaving all the replies switching ur words around. Instead of copying and pasting get more fuckin creative and create your own dis fag.

  • Ja Fool

    I honestly blame 50 for NY hip hop being dead right now. He dissed just about all of new york's hot rappers and drove his legion of dick riding fans to basically boycott Ja, Lox, Nas, Fat Joe, Camron and even tried to sink Jay-Z's ship. After his hype died down there was basically nothing in the spotlight but Weezy and Rick Ross. Ja may have done a song with Bobby Brown but atleast he wasn't cuddling with a shirtless Souljah Boy on the cover of XXL.

    • Anonymous

      The Nas Jay beef added a whole layer of meaning to Stillmatic and The Blueprint so I don't know how that would hurt NY Hip Hop. If everyone cared about sticking to their roots, I would love to hear some old NY beef again. All these NY rappers wanna be trap stars though. NY rap these days is illogical.

    • Anonymous

      ^ that's a joke, right?..

    • Anonymous

      I honestly blame Nas for NY hip hop being dead right now.

    • Anonymous

      Everyone in NY beefed with each other son 50 just happened to be the hottest in the city, they did it to themselves Nas beefed with Jay and The Roc Jada And D-Block Beefed with the Roc Nas Beefed with Dipset Jay Beefed with Dipset Tru Life beefed with Mobb Deep and Dipset Uncle Murda was beefing with Papoose Maino was beefing with Lil Cease Gravy and Tragedy Khadafi niccas want to blame 50 but nahh all these niccas was beefing with each other son

  • sam snead

    Shit Nas spit a round out of a 45 or something, the kick back would would prolly push him back as far as the man he shoots

    • sam snead

      Your just dumb, If nas spit a round out of a 45 or something high caliber it would push him back about as far as the person he shoots. You know why??? Cuz Nas is like 5'6 160 lbs, maybe smaller. Source- front row of a concert. Now sit down son, you to ignorant to comprehend

    • HUH

      Look at you trying to talk about something somebody told Like a true lil

  • Anonymous

    Nas is fucking this dude so he made DJ Envy tell this story to Vlad so he can keep fucking him..

  • HAHA

    fuckin please great artist but he couldn't bust a fucking grape in a food fight. what bullshit

  • Anonymous

    Im glad he shared that story cus niggas always thinkin NaS was not about that business. Just cus he wasnt no pablo escobar (no pun) didnt mean he was weak. NaS a honorary G in my book

  • Anonymous

    Nas is fucking this dude so he made DJ Envy tell this story to Vlad so he can keep fucking him.

  • Anonymous

    remember when he tried to kill himself in his garage with the car running

  • Get it Right

    He's talking about the Coliseum on 165th in Queens not the Nassau Coliseum. How you call yourselves a hip hop site and don't know about the Collie.

    • Anonymous

      He's talking about the Coliseum on 165th in Brooklyn not Barclays Coliseum. How you call yourselves a rock music site and don't know about the Collie.

  • Your Baby Daddy

    Nas shoulda shot ya b!itch ass.

  • Anonymous

    Nas almost killed DJ Envy

  • Anonymous

    I got something for you LOL fuckin idiot. If dude said that shit on my blocc they would have to rename this chump DJ Endvy

  • Dino

    Hahaha that's funny as hell. Cool story.

  • jimjim

    nas went illmatic on his ass should have shot his ass

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