Havoc Shares "The Infamous Producer Kit" & Explains Production Roots

Exclusive: Mobb Deep's Havoc shares his producer kit.

As a rapper and producer, Mobb Deep's Havoc created a critically acclaimed career. Now, Hav is sharing some of what helped his musical status grow with his "The Infamous Producer Kit," which contains more than 200 sounds used on Mobb Deep's albums, including Hell On Earth and The Infamous. 

The Kit, which is available for pre-order via Nature Sounds, includes drum sounds that Havoc has used on several tracks. In a statement to HipHopDX, Havoc explained how he became infatuated with the drum sounds he has become known for. 

"Most of my drum sounds come from vinyl," Havoc said. "My father's old records from back in the days. His stash that he had. A stash that my grandmother had at her crib. I didn't really know what I was doing, but when I was listening to music I knew the elements that I needed to grab. So when I hear certain drum breaks on a records, I just grab it from the vinyl, I found in my father's stash or my grandmother's stash." 

The vinyl-pulled drums provide Havoc with a particular sound he is fond of, he said. 

"I look for that gritty sound," Havoc said. "I don't want nothing too clean, too sharp and perfect. When music started evolving, people started getting more towards a cleaner, more digital sound. It always boggled me, I was like, 'You like that? That crispy clean sound?' It just bothered me. It still seems weird to me. I try to go with the flow, but I don't know, it just don't got that sound to me. I just like my drums to sound grimy and hard." 

The grimy sound came from New York, according to Havoc, who said he discovered his sound by looking around and looking within.

"I asked myself, 'What do I like? what do we like?'" Havoc said. "It ain't nothing bright and happy, party and bullshit. It's that dark, grimy sound, walking to the store to get a 40 [ounce bottle of beer]. I just put that into music. The description of those cold winter days, being broke, a shootout happening next to me and I almost got hit. I just put that into the music, the sound. It just happened. It wasn't something I planned. I just translated my surroundings into music." 

Havoc recently previewed the kit in a video for Nature Sounds

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  • ScummyRedrick

    Check out that SICK ass nig Talent Display and shady records' Cashis on their song together pretty ill talent display is also on that havoc/hiphopdx competition

  • jasonnns


  • papi

    most don't know that q-tip is actually a big part of the gritty drum sound that havoc is known for, apart from the obvious influence he actually mixed a lot of the shit on the infamous album. he talks about it on his Red Bull Music Academy lecture, it's def worth a watch

  • Es Que Mi Cama Huele A Ti

    Only shit made by Havoc worth listening to is the Infamous album. Other that, fuck this nigga and all his shit.

  • J

    wow awesome as up and coming producer this is good to see a legend do this and to see he is using Fl Studio is great Check out my beats soundcloud.com/j-philosophy Home of the $100 exclusives through Hip Hop Dx

  • X

    The man, the myth, the legend. First four Mobb albums are among the all time greats

  • TMZ

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  • Anonymous

    Damn why nigga give away his crazy dope sounds???

  • Anonymous

    Havoc a top producer all time

  • Anonymous


  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    One of my all time favorite producers. I love those '94-'98 beats the most. They sounded like they were being made in a trainyard somewhere. It was just grimy. The snares, the kicks, the way he filtered the samples and his horns. You can tell Q-Tip had a major influence on his beats. It seems like he doesn't even really try any more though. Alchemist and Sid Roams have kind of become the newer version of Havoc. That Albert Einstein album is way underrated, that shit is fire. I don't think Hav' did any of the beats on there. I always wanted Nas to do an album with nothing but Havoc beats. "More Trife Life", "Man Down", "Crime Connection", "Right Back at You", "Apostles Warning", "The Start of Your Ending", "Live Nigga Rap", some of my favorite Havoc beats to name a few. Peace.

    • Sensaye Sixkiller

      I live in New York asshole. What the fuck makes a trainyard so foreign? Maybe if you got out of the burbs you'd notice a few of them.

    • Anonymous

      @Anon 1, you are exactly what is wrong with this music and culture of ours. Outsiders, I don't mean people living overseas, outsiders, you know who you are, like you think you know every fucking thing. By the by, there are still train fucking yards in the States. Abandoned or not, dumb fuck.

    • Anonymous

      @Sensaye, agreed. Havoc brought that raw NY vibe on The Infamous and Hell On Earth. Those gritty beats are unique.

    • Anonymous

      the fuck is so non american about a train yard?

    • Doublespeak

      @Anonymous - yeah, you know that there are other countries outside of America and they are just as relevant you stupid fuck.

    • Anonymous

      u definitely live outside america. train yard? hahahaha.

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