Jay Z Dedicates "Forever Young" To Nelson Mandela

Jay Z pays tribute to Nelson Mandela in concert.

During his Magna Carta Tour, Jay Z has dedicated "Forever Young" to the memory and legacy of Nelson Mandela

Jay Z most recently made this dedication during his Los Angeles, California tour stop yesterday (December 9). Mandela's image was displayed as Jay Z ran through "Forever Young," a selection pulled from Jay Z's Blueprint 3 album, which was released in 2009. 

Mandela, a South African activist and an iconic leader of the anti-apartheid movement, passed away Thursday (December 5). He was 95.

Jay also paid tribute to Mandela during his San Diego, California tour stop. 

"You can do any mothafuckin' thing you set your mind to," Jay said, explaining that Mandela is an example of triumph through struggle.

A video of the San Diego tribute can be viewed below, courtesy of YouTube user djpivotik.

Jay's Los Angeles tribute can be viewed below, courtesy of Los Angeles Times' Gerrick Kennedy's Instagram account.  

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  • TMZ

    Trinidad James Disses The whole New York Including Jay-Z !! http://tinyurl.com/cr7zz89

  • ThinkBeforeYouHate

    I don't know why people hate on this song so much and then like Tom Ford or Fuckwithmeyouknowigotit. The song was the last song of the Blueprint albums, about Jay finally leaving his street roots. The fact is, Jay transcended Hip Hop with Empire State of Mind, just like Mandela transcended Apartheid. Jay raps about real simple dreams (drinks, cars, girls) which is a throwback to the first two Blueprints. But now the old Jay is gone and so is Mandela, but they will always exist through their work, hence "forever young."

  • Below fools

    If you hate on this them you don't and will never understand the concept of the song Forever Young.. Since your father and grandfather is no body you fool below will be no body too. So stay nobody and for speaking lame your names will forever remain nameless. ROC!

  • Mary Fields

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  • Optimus Rhyme

    Jay should have just made a new song cuz Forever Young is terrawful.

  • Anonymous

    Shawn Carter about as deep as bum piss in the gutter... What the fuck is he dedicating a dogshit song to Mandela for except to try-- pathetically-- to make himself look 'good'? Drop dead.

  • Anonymous

    Ignorant fuck. Leave Mandela out of your bullshit, or go back to 'owning' the Nets... Cooooootastic!

  • Ella Hukill

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  • Anonymous

    too bad Jay looks like 55

  • foo gee

    how can you dedicate a song which has already been commercialized for 3+ years?

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