ScHoolboy Q Says Nas' "It Was Written" Is Better Than "Illmatic"

ScHoolboy Q also says Jay Z is the best rapper of all time.

ScHoolboy Q, who is prepping for the 2014 release of Oxymoron, recently discussed his appreciation and respect for Nas.

"I was like a die-hard Nas fan," Q says in an interview with The Process. "It Was Written is my favorite Nas album. It Was Written was the best. It was the best one."

Q was asked to elaborate on this statement, because many critics have dubbed Illmatic Nas' crowning achievement. For instance, Illmatic has been named #11 in Rolling Stone's "100 Best Debut Albums Of All Time" list and it was one of the publication's "Top 500 Albums Of All Time." 

"[It Was Written is] still one of my favorite albums ever," Q says. "Illmatic is third for me. Illmatic does sound like a mixtape to me, a hard mixtape." 

ScHoolboy Q Says Jay Z Is "The Best Rapper Ever"

Beyond praising Nas, Q also discussed his admiration for Jay Z.

"Once I really heard Jay, I was like, 'Wow, this nigga is the best rapper ever," Q says. "Dead or alive. I don't care what nobody say." 

ScHoolboy says Jay Z may be the best rapper, but adds that Nas has had stronger albums, in his opinion. 

In November, ScHoolboy Q said Jay Z beat Nas in their battle.

“Honestly, I think Jay Z won,” Q said in an interview with Vlad TV. “Everybody say Nas won, but honestly I think Jay won. I mean Nas is my favorite rapper, but Jay Z he was pretty scandalous. He didn’t let it go. When Nas kinda was letting it go, Jay Z didn’t let it go. He was still throwing a little [jab] out there. And like adding people to his roster. Nas was going simply at Jay. Like one time he mentioned someone else…Jay felt some type of way after ‘Ether.’ You know what I’m saying?”

More from Q's Process interview can be viewed below.



  • phillipkslick

    He's 3 years younger than me, what the hell does he mean people his age range weren't that hip to Nas?

  • Anonymous

    Eminem >>>>>> Nas & Jay-Z

  • Anonymous

    This is just a way for Schoolboy Q to differentiate himself from Kendrick Lamar. At this point, I'm done entertaining his antics. Let's wait until your album drop to see who's project is better, GKMC or Oxymoron. That's the shit I want to see. Q needs to hop on some of these features and stop doing all of these dayum sensless interviews. Give us the music!

  • Anonymous

    Schoolboy Q needs stfu already, why do they keep asking this guys opinions on rappers? He's just another weed carrier rapper, Jay is certainly not the "best ever". As a lyricist he's no comparison for rappers like Killah Priest, Nas, Pun, Eminem etc.

  • Johnny Blaze

    They told me that I could do no wrong Til I karate chopped him in the eye now they tell me Im too strong smoke a blunt while I got the blues on shit, ill even fuck your bitch when I got shoes on cuz when i hear the door open and an angry voice im jumpin over your bitch, the dog, and the lazy boys

  • Anonymous

    Is this guy deaf? or fucking LD? even though im one of the rare dudes that prefers stillmatic over illmatic, but still. I mean fuck, IWW wasnt even as good as Gods Son or The Lost Tapes. It was a dope album, of couyrse, its fucking NAS, but this dudes fucked up

  • Unknown

    It was written does not come close to Illmatic, some other rappers said the same thing. It was written was a watered down version of Illmatic which gave Nas more commercial success. Jay Z of today is very overrated, his songs are mediocre now he lost his hunger but people fall for this nonsense that Jay is the best of all time, which is false.. Once upon a time Jay was up there with the best but that was like over 15 years ago but not anymore.

    • Do Yourself a favor...

      And listen to American Gangster. It's a damn good album, only weak joint is Hello Brooklyn with Lil Wayne

    • Unknown

      The Black album was half decent but still nothing special compare to his debut. American Gangster I have not heard properly cause I have gone off Jay Z at that point. Reasonable doubt was considered by many as a classic but still not as good as Illmatic, 36 chambers, Only built 4 Cuban linx, Infamous, Biggie debut and others.. You the bitch for getting all stressed over such a minor issue.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with some of that, but 15 years, really? you're telling me you weren't feeling The Black Album or American Gangster? come on you deaf son of a bitch. Yeah, they werent no Reasonable Doubt, but shit nothing is considering thats STILL the BEST hip hop album of all...and I can say that while telling you that Jay is not on my top 10 rappers list.

  • The Real

    This school boy needs to go back to school if he thinks Jay is the greatest ever. That's why he isn't at Kendrick's level now. Get off of Jay's dick and give props to a true hip hop artist who doesn't rely on others to stay relevant. Nas has showed growth and consistancey, Jay been fell off lyrically. Nas turned the song "Ether" into a verb, the Takeover was weak except for a few bars.

  • Anonymous

    I don't doubt his sincerity, but I bet there are people that say that, and I can guarantee, they haven't heard It Was Written.

  • Nick T

    5 albums better than illmatic madvillany liquid swords 36 chambers ob4cl atliens

    • Johnny Blaze

      you rich sir, you should listen to it again. It took me awhile to catch on, but their is pure genius within that album. 1st time I downloaded it, I deleted it off my labtop right after listening to it. 2nd time, I did the same, but I kept a couple songs on my ipod cause he said some dope shit...3rd time, I saw it in the used section of a record store for 5 bucks so I said fuck it and copped it. Later that night me and a couple homies took about an 8th of shrooms and sometime within that trip, we played Madvillany. Holy fuck were we blown away with the incredibly unique production and the dudes trippy fucking rhymes like " Hold the cold one like he hold a old gun/ like he hold the microphone and stole the show for fun "...and shit like " Got more lyrics than the church got Ooh Lords / And he hold the mic and your attention like two swords Or even one with two blades on it / Hey you, don't touch the mic like it's AIDS on it I suggest you take some shrooms or some sort of psychedelic and see if it changes your perception of this album. If not then fuck it, your missing out Choch

    • Rich

      Madvillainy was mad boring, and too many short tracks, MF DOOM is the most overrated underground rapper ever probably... and so is that album.

  • epic

    A rapper that can't rap giving opinions about rap.

  • nick

    this nigga so dumb jay z best rapper fuck u on pcp and illmatic destroys all his other albums nigga even stillmatic crushed it was written stupid fuck get the fuck outta here

  • Anonymous

    personally, i put it was written just slightly above illmatic mainly because that's where nas started to show his creativity (i gave you power) and broadened his storytelling (the set up, shootouts).. plus, affirmative action is one of the illest posse cuts in my opinion.. but as far as impact and influence in the game goes, illmatic is better.. lots of rappers looked up to it and studied from it.. regardless, both are nas' greatest albums..

  • Anonymous


  • Illmatic > It Was Written

    Why niggas love to say this nowadays

  • Anonymous

    It was written was better and kanye west is the best notable rapper of all time

  • JPipe

    Thats exactly why Nas won, he hit Jay and left Jay in his feelings for the next couple years. Its was written is better IMO too

  • ohjeah

    No It Was Written is not better than Illmatic. Period. Next topic.

  • sorrybut

    This dude is retarded. I dont think he knows anytthing about hiphop

  • Mavis Smith

    just before I saw the bank draft which was of $7049, I have faith neighbours mother was like they say trully earning money part-time on their laptop.. there sisters roommate had bean doing this 4 only 9 months and resantly paid the mortgage on there villa and purchased a great new Volkswagen Golf GTI. published here... I listened to it twice and I'm going to stand by my opinion. Not everybody gonna like the same shit. Different people like different things. AAAAAAARGH!!

  • subz

    .....also nas destroyed jayz verse for verse. Ethered him to the floor.

  • subz

    I am lp is better than it was written. The songs on the lp were soo deep. It send chills down your spin. Ny state part 2 set the ball rolling, small world was soooo deep, lyrics were excellent. We will survive deciated to the two greatest rappers. Ghetto prisoners giving the people inside hope. Now which rapper does that.

  • abstractlife

    I've been saying this for years. IWW is Nas best work ever

    • L-Boogie

      I guess it depends whta type of subject matter you like from Nas the most. I always liked his street conscious subject matter the most so Illmatic and Stillmatic are my favorites followed by Lost Tapes and God's Son.

  • Anonymous

    Stillmatic over both.

  • 7 classics NAS got the best albums.

    Lost TAPES > IWW Illmatic > IWW IAM > IWW Stillmatic > IWW Godson > IWW IWW x HHID

    • Fuck Queensbridge

      Let me rate this nigga shit: Illmatic - Classic It Was Written - If I Ruled the World, The Message, Street Dreams I Am - Good Nastradamus - Wack Stillmatic - Classic God's Son - I Made You Look alone Street's Disciple - Wack Hip Hop Is Dead - GARBAGE Untitled - Wack Distant Relatives - Wack Life Is Good - Life is good, but the album's not

    • Black De La Rocha

      I Am and God's Son? Nah, the production ain't up to par.

  • Anonymous

    IWW is classic minus (NAS is coming LOL) He right tho - Nas has more classic albums. That's why Jay was trying act like Vol.2 was classic.... Nah Nigga. Not even!

  • Anonymous

    it was written was darker illmatic was a bit brighter and we all know dark music better

  • Anonymous

    Illmatic was better, just because it was released first, and literally 5 songs off of it are 5 of the best rap songs ever. It Was Written competes lyrically but as a whole it's not as good, and you have to consider how much Illmatic rose the bar. Both are classics though.

  • Anonymous

    i used to like this site but now its all bullshit

  • riv216

    Any real Nas fan know it was written was better than illmatic yo.... if illmatic had more tracks...then it would be another story... people sleep on the I Am...album too! that sh*t may arguably be one of Nas's best albums too... come check out my new music video, search --> RIV - The Clever Pt. 3 on youtube, and watch in 720/1080p HD

  • Latonya Bell

    before I saw the check which had said $8979, I accept neighbour was truley taking home money in their spare time on their apple laptop.. there great aunt has done this for only 18 months and as of now cleard the morgage on there house and bought a great new Citron DS. original site... if you compare this album to anything else out there it's unique and exactly what Kanye West tried (and failed) to do with Yeezus

  • RC

    There's a legitimate argument for a close 2nd place but bettter no...four words "Classic DJ Premier Production". It Was Written had one Primo cut, you just can't top Illmatic not even Nas himself.

  • Anonymous

    Illmatic>>>> it even made Dre get on It Was Written cut it out

  • Jason

    Best Rappers Of All Time 1. Nas/Eminem 2. 2Pac 3. BIG

  • WTF are you smoking

    Neither Illmatic or It was written are the best albums of all time. They are ok albums that got way too much attention. The best album I would say is IANAHB2 followed closely by Tha Carter 4. Rick Ross, Drake, Miley Cyrus, amongst many rappers are better than Nas.

  • shuttaman

    Oh god this fucking shermhead, you my nigga q BUT ILLMATIC IS THE BEST RAP ALBUM OF ALL TIMES AND EVEN THE FUTURE

  • Not Impressed

    I've seen a couple of articles on this dude and it seems like he just says things to be "different" and get attention. I'm not a fan of contrians. Lupe Fiasco is another one, in fact, he was the first one who started the whole "It Was Written is better" campaign. Now all these little hiphop nerd kids who used to pretend to like Illmatic to fit in, feel comfortable saying it's better too. Illmatic is not like a mixtape, it's for many reasons the greatest hiphop album of all time. If you don't "get" why Illmatic is so great I would suggest picking up Micheal Eric Dyson's book, "Born To Use Mics" You will learn a lot about the significance of that LP. It Was Written is a great album and a classic too, but it's more watered down and geared towards mainstream consumption. The lyrics don't have the same depth to them and the beats don't have that same allure/purity. It sounds a certain way now because it's 2013, but it was meant for casual hiphop listeners at the time.

  • Anonymous

    how can someone say that in his top three LP's of all time are 2 nas LP's and in the next sentence, Jay-Z is the best of all time?? Nas ethered this nigga out the way how can jay-z be better than nas, nas also murdered this nigga on the no love lost track in 1996 so fuck all you jigga dicksucker, nas murders the bitch whenever he wants, Jay fell off after Black album

  • insanemacbeth

    100% COsign about NAS' best album being 'IT WAS WRITTEN'.

  • lallyhbk

    100 % agree with him, but..... Stillmatic is Nas best album ever, I been to 2 Nas concert one in NYC hammerstein in 2008 and recently went to a another concert in CT at the MGM theater and majority of song, Nas perform is from the Stillmatic album #Fact!!!!!!!

  • ja

    I hate when young niggas try to talk about something they don't know anything about. NaS smoked Jay Z. It is what it is. You can't rewrite history. This is why I don't buy nothing from these new rappers. new rappers just sucking Jay z balls trying to get a verse.

  • spaz

    This dude is either mentally retarded or the greatest Hip Hop troll in the game

  • Anonymous

    Nigga look like a 60 year old version of LL Cool J in the Video

  • Ghandi Capone

    That's the weed talking

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