DJ Quik Details His Next Album's Sound

DJ Quik also says he wants to sound "youthful" and "naive."

DJ Quik is prepping work for his next full-length album and he recently spoke about the mentality that he is set to take on with the project.

"I just got a budget opened for me for my ninth album, my ninth studio album," DJ Quik said during an interview on Extended Play. "I'm channeling DJ Quik from 1989. I'm sampling my old shit and thinking like the old DJ Quik from 1989. I'm biting me from then. I won't be impressed until I sound as youthful and naive as I used to. I don't want the smarts anymore. Smarts don't really work. Smarts are boring. In music, sometimes, you just gotta throw caution to the wind, say, 'What the fuck,' and do what you feel."  

During a recent interview with HipHopDX, DJ Quik confirmed rumors of his upcoming retirement

"My voice is going out," Quik said. "This is my last year. I’ve toured for three…four years straight to get to this point. And now I got my son here, and that mothafucka gonna take over. I don’t need no Grammy. I don’t need no American Music Award, because I helped invent that shit. If anything, when I die, posthumously raise $30,000 and pay for the mothafuckas to vote to get me a key and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I’m good, and I don’t need nothing else. DJ Quik is a beast. I’m the best. I’m smart, I’m fly, and I’m cute. I wear Yves Saint Laurent cologne and shit that people can’t even pronounce. I don’t play with these mothafuckas." 

More from Quik's Extended Play interview can be found below.

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  • JoJo$

    Dj quick is an all-time old school keeping it hood and honestly as real as it gets genius of a rapper/producer etc... He managed to keep it gangsta but also tells a lil story to his songs and its brilliant uncut and he has been my favorite since quick is the name! ( my fav. Album) (than of course way ll fonky!!) he spits licks that are legit and sick!! And I know every song word for word! Let me tell you everyone knows me from way back in highschool because I was the blonde white girl putting dj quick in the stereo at the keggers lol!!! I listen to his music daily! It brings me to my roots I grew up in the hood and I can relate to the songs.. I will continue to listen to his music 'til the day I die!!! :) nobody could ever come close to replace quick or his music, he is a legend and one of those rappers that will be known to go down in history O.G. Style representing true freakin hip hop!!!!!.....

  • Anonymous

    the fact is...quik is making another album! all his music is timeless and smooth and well composed. way too excited for this

  • micheal myersss

  • rabbit mask demons

    666 devils

  • micheal myers devils

  • Anonymous

    !st of All, Dre i the greatest because of the impact of his multiple accomplishments.... But DJ Quik is very deserving of the award. Haters will be like, "if dre is the greatest then he deserves the award", and you have a valid argument. But one could also argue that the nod goes to Quik cause of the fact that he plays more instruments than dre, and his sound always has a unique mixture of sampling and live instrumentation thats not always in dres music.... and if it is there in dres music, its somebody else on the instrument, not dre. Also Quilks last 4 projects have been excellent. He just doesnt get enough on he radio to be popular for some reason

  • jasonnns

  • Anonymous

    Did this grown ass nigga just call himself cute? Nigga, you 50, lose that shit.

  • wgklgwkl

    the fuck? Didn't this nigga retire like a month ago

  • Pat

    what Victoria explained I am stunned that some people can make $6905 in 1 month on the internet. you can find out

  • Anonymous

    QUIK HAD A FEW GOOD ONES,BUT daz Dillinger or ant banks are waaaaay better producers overall

  • Fuck New York

    he sure did Fuck Compton

  • Shante Strong

    until I looked at the bank draft saying $5501, I didn't believe brothers friend was like they say really earning money part-time from there computar.. there friends cousin haz done this 4 only 10 months and resently cleared the depts on there cottage and bought a great Buick. try here... www.Fb39.Com How is Yeezus not nominated for album of the year but Macklemore's is? These awards are so trash its honestly sad that they are considered to be so prestigious among popular culture.

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    With Dre pretty much not putting any music out in over ten years. Quik has surpassed him as the best hip-hop producer in West Coast history, and could be argued as one of the greatest producers hip-hop history. I love Quik's sound. It's crisp, clean, and glossy without being corny. He's the type of dude that is in control of his sound, even if there's 30 niggas in the studio with him, you can tell he's true to his vision and has confidence in his expertise.

    • Anonymous

      I would agree with Quik being one of the best producers in hip-hop history, but I think you're reaching with saying he's the best in West Coast history. If Quik had the impact and notoriety that Dre had, maybe. I respect your opinion though.

  • lucky

    we need the whole crew amg,2nd2none,el debarge,sugar free,hic, Playa Hamm on ur new album . and yes, sample dope funk songs . bring that real west coast sound back

  • Fuck Compton

    Didn't this goddamn negro say a couple days ago he was gonna retire?

    • Andres Tardio

      DJ Quik Announces Retirement From Remixing, Engineering & Mixing by Andres Tardio posted October 29, 2013 at 12:45PM EDT | 34 comments DJ Quik Announces Retirement From Remixing, Engineering & Mixing DJ Quik says he is selling all of his production equipment and that he will no longer remix or engineer any projects. DJ Quik announced that he is retiring from remixing, engineering and mixing in a Twitter update yesterday (October 28). In his Twitter update, Quik announced that he is selling all of his production equipment. He also said he is not going to remix or engineer any projects moving forward. Quik also posted an image of the MPC3000 that he is looking to sell. In subsequent Twitter updates, Quik also wonders if he should burn the MPC onstage. DJ Quik emerged in 1991 with his debut album, Quik Is The Name, which was released through Profile Records. His most recent release came in 2011 with The Book of David. Quik has remixed, engineered and/or produced for various artists, including Tupac, Murs, Salley, Kurupt, Snoop Dogg and Jay Z. In a recent interview with, Quik said he would sell his backup MPC3000 after his drum machine was stolen. "I ain't even gonna charge more than $3,000 for it," Quik said. "I ain't even gon' be stupid. If y'all gotta steal it, then y'all can have it. I'd rather give it to you mothafuckas." -It was two months ago, but you get my point.

  • Anonymous

    One of the most underrated ever but crazy as hell. Still hoping he can get AMGEN, suga free, hi c et all on the album


    YES I knew he couldn't leave the game alone and retire, The "Quik is The Name" sound and aura returns....

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