Jay Z Ranks His Albums From Best To Worst

"Reasonable Doubt" tops Jay Z's list, but what does Hov think of the rest of his projects?

On his 44th birthday (December 4), Jay Z has decided to reveal his own opinion on what his best—and worst—albums are.

On his lifeandtimes.com website, Hov posted an image of all of his projects, in cassette form, stacked on top of each other. The order had the album he felt was best, Reasonable Doubt, on top, and the album he liked least, Kingdom Come, on the bottom:

Jay also wrote a brief take on each project beneath the image:

"1. Reasonable Doubt (Classic)
2. The Blueprint (Classic)
3. The Black Album (Classic)
4. Vol. 2 (Classic)
5. American Gangster (4 1/2, cohesive)
6. Magna Carta (Fuckwit, Tom Ford, Oceans, Beach, On the Run, Grail)
7. Vol. 1 (Sunshine kills this album…fuck… Streets, Where I’m from, You Must Love Me…)
8. BP3 (Sorry critics, it’s good. Empire (Gave Frank a run for his money))
9. Dynasty (Intro alone…)
10. Vol. 3 (Pimp C verse alone… oh, So Ghetto)
11. BP2 (Too many songs. Fucking Guru and Hip Hop, ha)
12. Kingdom Come (First game back, don’t shoot me)"

While Reasonable Doubt and The Blueprint are generally regarded as his top releases, Jay reiterated his long-held criticism of his In My Lifetime, Vol. 1 album, released in 1997. Even in 1998, Jay Z admitted he didn't enjoy recording the project as much. "The album to me — this album wasn't fun to me like Reasonable Doubt, because it was like, it seemed really slow to me, and I didn't set out to do that, just looking back now and listening to it now."

Jay Z's Vol. 2, which he ranks as his fourth-best album, was the Brooklyn emcee's breakthrough album, selling 4 million units and making Hov a household name. Meanwhile, Jay admitted that Blueprint 2, his 2002 sequel to one of his best-regarded album, was bloated, as the project was a double album. Jay also made special mention of Pimp C, referring to the late UGK rapper's verse on "Big Pimpin'" from his album, Vol. 3...The Life and Times of Shawn Carter. Incidentally, Hov just released "Tom Ford (Remix)," which features Pimp C.

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  • FromHolland

    I listened more to Kingdome come then I did to his last album (magna)....Kingdome has a couple of nice tracks, like the ones produced by Just Blaze or Dre. My favourite is The black album. Every once in a while I have a week/2weeks when I put the cd in my car or listen to it on my headphones. Like almost every track on it. Especially the Kanye and 9th Wonder songs.

  • W. Hillz

    How are all of you going to pass the fact that MCHG is better than BP3?? Like BP3 had waay waay better verses and songs than MCHG!! I agree the songs he mentioned on MCHG are dope, but c'mon Forever Young, So Ambitious, Run this Town, Thank You!! Really??

  • 901DATSME

    Vol 3 was a underrated Album

  • sun_god7

    Kingdom Come was better than Magna Carta.

  • Daddy

    I have to say I loved the Dynasty that is def higher on my list but this is Jay's list so it's cool to see what he thinks of his own work!

  • ja

    Resonable Doubts and the Black Album are the best and only ones I listen to out the collection. I like the kingdom come album. Beats were hard as fu kkk

  • RR

    I think the way Jay ranked them is just about perfect. I don't think any us disagree on the fact that Reasonable Doubt, Blueprint and The Black Album are his Top 3 albums in any order. Only thing I would have changed from his list is I'd rank The Dynasty album a little higher.

  • KuKu

    The Black Album to me, is his best work.

  • Anonymous

    1.Reasdonable Doubt 2.The Blueprint 3.The Black Album 4.In My Lifetime Vol.1 5.American Gangster 6.Vol.2 Hard Knock Life 7.Watch The Throne 8.The Dynasty 9.Vol.3 10.Blueprint 2 11.Kingdom Come 12.Magna Carta Holy Grail

  • s

    Man I loved that vintage pre 2002 jay-z flow.. Not to say the rest are bad. RD, Vol 1, Vol 2 ..

  • Anonymous

    This list got me to immediately delete Kingdom Come from my iTunes but that's all.

  • jeanyiz

    Vol. 3 is my favorite. ESSENTIAL HOV.

  • jdotmalik

    The Blueprint = 10.0 Reasonable Doubt = 9.8 (Ain't No Nigga was meh) Vol. 2 = 9.3 = (He should've not even put JD on this) The Black Album = 9.2 (Classic but can't replay like the first 3) American Gangster = 8.8 (Slept on heavy, Hello BK was meh) Vol. 1 = 8.5 (Agree with Jay, Sunshine was garbage) Blueprint 2 = 7.5 (It was alot of good shit up here, a few wack shit up here. Hovi Baby, Show You How, SomeHowSomeWay, Watcher 2, BP2 and Poppin Tags = Hot) Vol. 3 = 7.2 (Amil ruined S.Carter, a few rappers who shouldnt be up here) Magna Carta = 6.8 (Most songs got played out too quick) Blueprint 3 = 6 solid (Mainstream songs killed this album) Kingdom Come = 5.8-6.0 (Wasn't the 96-03 Hov that we all knew)

  • COCO

    The Blueprint > Reasonable Doubt

  • imho

    reasonable doubt black album AG blueprint vol 1 all classics/ great albums

  • johnjohnphenom

    The blueprint The black album Reasonable doubt Vol.3 Vol.2 American gangster Vol.1 The dynasty Blueprint 3 Kingdom come Watch the thrown Blueprint 2 Best of both worlds Unfinished business Magna shifty holy fuck

  • Anonymous

    those are cds... not cassettes... see the digipak? pretty sure they didnt make digipak cassettes fuck-nigga-who-wrote-this-article

  • Anonymous

    Magna Carta sucks, deserves 9th or 10th

  • All

    I have the above albums and I play them every time... Hov's music are not for kids that's my advice for y'all. Thanks

  • Anonymous

    I think he's right about himself.

  • Anonymous

    How do you guys rank the TDE cast between Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Isaiah Rashad, Jay Rock, and Ab-Soul?

  • Anonymous

    Dynasty had hideous production

  • Anonymous

    Kingdom Come was great

  • poppa large

    its those new cassettes that look like cd's.

  • B

    Only 2 albums worth listening to completely...Reasonable Doubt & American Gangster, other than some songs here & there, no reason to listen to the other albums.

  • insanemacbeth

    the real JAY is 'STREETS IS WATCHING' JAY, though. and we ALL know it.

  • Mignon Trapp

    uptil I saw the draft four $5518, I have faith that...my... sister had been realie taking home money in their spare time from there pretty old laptop.. there sisters roommate has been doing this 4 less than eighteen months and by now repaid the loans on there home and bought a top of the range Lexus LS400. have a peek at this site... www.Fb39.com but was good and by far the best album of 2012. So far Kendrick got 2 classics with S.80 being one of the greatest pieces of music of this decade.

  • DrewDown91

    1. The Blueprint (Classic) 2. The Black Album (Classic, Grey Album anyone?) 3. Reasonable Doubt (It is starting to sound a little dated) 4. American Gangster (great execution) 5. Vol. 2 (Nothing can be classic with Jermaine Dupri on it) 6. STREETS IS WATCHING (ANYONE ELSE THINK THIS NEEDS A MENTION) 7. Vol. 3 (Opened this up and bumped so ghetto on repeat) 8. BP3 (Still feeling this) 9. Magna Carta (Still growing on me) 10. Dynasty (Intro + all Freeway verses. Fire) 11. Vol. 1 (Shit is soft, made no sense following RD) 12. Kingdom Come (Too much hype, pissed I bought this, WTF) 13. BP2 (Trash shoud have never been called BP2)

  • Fuck New Orleans

    "some one rank lil wayne" Here it go: 1 - Tha Carter III (Classic) 2 - Tha Carter II ("Fly In" and "Hustler Muzik") 3 - Tha Carter ("Go DJ" alone) 4 - 500 Degreez ("Way of Life" alone) 5 - I Am Not a Human Being ("Right Above It" alone) 6 - Tha Carter IV ("How to Love" alone) 7 - Rebirth ("Prom Queen" alone) 8 - Tha Block Is Hot (Garbage) 9 - Lights Out (Garbage) 10 - I Am Not a Human Being II (Garbage)

  • Anonymous

    .......... i liked sunshine doe

  • nonymous

    Vol. II for me was my early intro to Jay and it was a revelation. That album was dope as fuck and I still go back to it. There are great tracks and as far as I'm concerned, it was a cornerstone of rap that was being released in 98. But the Black Album is a stand out. This was the album Jay was suppose to retire to (and probably should have). That album is not only a classic rap album, but a classic music album period. And if you want to understand the level of zero fucks hov gives and the accolades he lavishes on others practicing this craft, just listen to "A Star is Born." You have a rapper who spends his time on the entire track just shouting out other greats in the game. You have to be boss as fuck to just stand in a booth and just big up all these other guys doing the same thing as you.


    how the fuck is jay still alive after Game "ja ruled" his career on 300bars?

  • Anonymous

    Jay Z makes music for white people and sells out by working with pop artists. Rick Ross keeps his shit to the streets and is successful by working with only hiphop R&B artists.

    • frmmtl

      What the fuck were you smoking when you wrote that? It must've been some bad crack cuz to say that that fat motherfucker rick ross, a former prison guard and all round poser is better then hov must either mean you know fuck all about rap or are brain dead.

    • Anonymous

      Good joke, dentalbitch.

  • Anonymous

    Port of Miami destroys every Jay Z album.

  • Y'allONrock

    Jay has been on Reasonable Doubt's d for a minute. It's his second best cd. That ish aint better than Blueprint - GTFO. Kingdom Come, Holy Grail, and BP2 are all straight garbage. Seriously. I didn't like Vol2 but I can't deny thats where Jay got hot. But how often you really wanna listen to Bleek, Foxy, Amil, and J Dupri how about never. So I got him with 2 classics, 3 trashcans, and 7 in betweens. I still can't believe that nigguh think Tom Ford is hot that ish sounds like something Lil B would make. No disrespect to the BasedGod.

  • Nick T

    Reasonable Doubt Reasonable doubt is Jay-zs crown jewel, his masterpiece album. Its ridiculous to argue that Reasonable Doubt isnt one of hip-hops greatest classics, and almost impossible to overstate the importance of the album, or its influence. The jazzy and sophisticated production, and Jays impeccable delivery and lyricism combine to make this Jays best album, and one of hip-hops best albums. Indeed, this is one of the only albums ever held in the same regard as Illmatic, which is quite fitting, considering its status as a debut album, and the lyricism rampant throughout the album. Reasonable Doubt has a track for almost anyones musical palate, bringing us tracks such as the incredible B.I.G feature, [[Jay-Z Brooklyns Finest]], straight-up banger Cant Knock the Hustle (Remix), flawless pattern rhyming in Opportunity Knocks, and one of hip-hops classic songs, Nas sample Dead Presidents. The Blueprint Its very hard to have worse timing that Jay-Z did with his release of The Blueprint. With a release date of September 11, 2001, TBP coincided with one of the most tragic events in recent history. Taking this into account, it is incredible that the album was the commercial success it was. With rave reviews, and a double-platinum sales number, The Blueprint was one of the most critically successful hip-hop albums of all time. With such depth in production, it is seen by many as the most well-produced of Jays albums, and one of hip-hops only modern masterpieces, and a classic for years to come. The Blueprint brought us some of Jays most popular songs, and showed his emotional depth, with emotionally moving songs like Song Cry and Never Change, while still managing to drop triumphant overtures like U Dont Know, incredible features in Renegade, and a scathing diss on superstar Nas, Takeover, seen by many as one of popular raps ultimate disses. The Black Album Many people see The Black Album as being Jays best album, and its hard to disagree. Jay brings the heat on every track, and displays his lyricism, consciousness and depth on every track. He promised for The Black Album to be his last, and it is everything a finale should be, triumphant, but sad. Jay sets this mood the whole album, making for one of his most thematically consistent albums. The Black Album is also one of Jays most musically flawless albums, making it almost impossible to call any of the tracks weak, stacking the album 14-deep with tracks that would make any MC envious. With said lyrical consistency, its almost impossible to pick out the best tracks off the album, with almost every track at a heroic level. Defiant 99 Problems is one of his most famous tracks, it was almost impossible to escape the presence of Encore, and Jay released arguably his best song to date, the scathing 2:55 that is Public Service Announcement. He completes the album with emotional Moment of Clarity and December 4th, and perfectly illustrates the end of his career with haunting What More Can I Say American Gangster Easily one of Jays most underrated albums, American Gangster is often overlooked as just another part of Jays immense discography. However, in reality, American Gangster was actually an incredibly critically acclaimed concept album, named after the Denzel Washington movie of the same name. Laced with Mafioso themes and imagery, Jay-z paints a picture about the life of crime, and delves into the persona and mindset of a criminal. The dark, melancholy tone of the album spawned a fair amount of creative production, that went surprisingly well with both Jays execution, and the grim subject matter. This album brought severely underlooked gems like Blue Magic, incredibly triumphant anthems like Roc Boys (And The Winner Is), and great collabs with teammate Beanie Seigel in Ignorant Shit, along with a surprising collab with former enemy Nas, Success. Hard Knock Life, Vol. 2 Hard-Knock life was basically the start of Jays career. Although he had a much-more dense album in Reasonable Doubt, this was much more popular, shown by the sheer amount of sales. The production included several top-notch beats, with flow and passion that had never been seen before from Jay. Hard Knock Life perfectly blended popular likability with tales of the street and classic Jay-Z consciousness, and ended up being one of the best popular rap albums of all time. Hard Knock ended up being on both sides of the spectrum track-wise, with well-known jams like classic Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem) and massive cut Reservoir Dogs, juxtaposed with mostly-unknown bangers like Nigga What Nigga Who and Ride or Die. In My Lifetime, Vol. 1 Although not many people see Vol. 1 as being one of Jays most important works, its a great piece of work nonetheless. This is the follow-up to Reasonable Doubt, so Jay was expected to release another incredible piece, and the unreasonable expectations may have degraded the albums success. However, this doesnt degrade from the fact that at points in the album, Jay returns to his Reasonable Doubt form, as on as he ever had been, triumphant and effective as he had ever been. Hard tracks like Streets Is Watching, Imaginary Player, and Where Im From were all throwbacks to his Reasonable Doubt form, showing that his skill on the debut wasnt just fluke, and foreshadowing towards the incredible works to come. The Blueprint 2 It is widely regarded that this was one of Jays weakest and most watered down albums. However, for a double album, Jay provided a valiant effort. Considering he dropped an astonishing 25 tracks, with a large handful of unforgettable songs, its easy to forgive him for the ever-present gaffes throughout the album. Altogether, this album has a great deal of potential, and would have scored a lot higher as a single album. As stated before, Jay laid out some of his best tracks on The Blueprint 2, be it the incredible rock banger Guns & Roses, the killer Hovi Baby and restless club banger Excuse Me Miss, and the amount of good tracks buried in the album is lost on many of even Jays most dedicated fans. Watch the Throne Jay and Kanye have some of the most off-the-hook lyrical chemistry in recent times. Easily the most-anticipated album of 2011, Watch the Throne flew off store shelves everywhere, dominating the radio with several of its singles. Jay and Kanye had almost unreal chemistry together, switching verses on every song, and feeding off each others energy. Although Jay seemed to sit back and let Ye take the spotlight on many of the tracks, it is obvious that Jay still displays a lot of skill throughout the album, still conquering his fair share of tracks, almost overcomingly at points. Although WTT needs no introduction, Jay-Z released an incredible sentimental verse in Made in America, great back-and-fourth banter over a smooth dubstep beat on Watch Me, and goes hard as a motherfucker on You guessed it HAM The Blueprint 3 Even as Jays 9th best effort, BP3 was still stellar at the least, dominating the radio with track after track. Jay rocked the pop-rap effort over and over on the album, introducing an entirely new style while still keeping elements of his older albums, coming to a great combination of both forms. This album garners a lot of respect from me for introducing a mainstream audience to one of raps greats, and presumably getting many non-traditional demographics to adapt rap. No matter what anyone says, Jays most-played songs on the album seem to stay spectacular after repeated listenings on overzealous radio stations. Empire State of Mind and Rihanna-aided Run This Town seemed to be omnipresent on the radio, both with excellent musical composition, with the great song D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune) condemning much of radios propensity to over-synthesise their music, and abolishing most hip-hop fans fear of Jay selling out. The Life and Times of S. Carter Vol. 3 It is at this point at which Jays discography goes from great to good. Although the life and times had a few good moments, it was altogether predictable, as Jay brought nothing new to the table. In lieu of this, the album was okay, with some good production, and good flow from Jay, although lacking some of the primal passion Jay has exhibited so many times before. Life and Times still had a few good songs, with love anthem Big Pimpin', one of the times most clever pieces, and Dope man was also a stand-out, as one of the only other songs on the album worthy of repeat time for me. Kingdom Come I dont have much to say about Kingdom Come, as I never really got into listening to it, even as a big Jay fan. Not many of the songs caught my attention throughout the first few plays, and it never ended up beckoning to me again. Ive never seen any overly favourable reviews of the album, and it is almost always being denounced or put-down, so I have no reason to re-listen. Although a weak album, Kingdom Come still came out with a few Characteristic Jay-Z songs, like his confession-themed Lost One and (misleadingly-titled) uber-deep Beach Chair.

  • dave

    Those are some thin cassettes!

  • This Dude

    His albums are all black and white talk about creative.

  • Mr. Tibbs

    The best period. Enuff said. Lil Wayne? Lol.

  • gr

    I like this list. I personally would put Vol.3 right under Vol. 2 simply because back when I was into buying music, I bought Vol. 3 following the Vol 2. wave and was not disappointed that I spent my money. But that's me as a part of the audience vs. the person who created it lol

  • Fish

    Ask him again in a year when he's no longer trying to push units of Magna Carta and he will put it in it's rightful place at the bottom of the list.

    • Anonymous

      same thoughts homie.

    • fredricxea576

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  • R.O.D.

    Kingdom Come, The Blueprint III & The Dynasty are Jay-Z's WORST albums....Reasonable Doubt, The Blueprint, The Black Album, American Gangster & vol 2 & 3 are Jays better albums with MCHG being a good album ( Production was Great Lyrics weren't His best)Vol 1 i didn't really care for & Blueprint II was cool (Still Better than BP3) This is my opinion. Jay isn't the same dude tho def showing chinks in the armor.



  • Anonymous

    Holy Grail is the worst, Blueprint 2 and 3 both suck, way too many pop beats.

  • Anonymous

    I actually liked Kingdom Come & I thought American Gangsta was wack to me. In my opiniom

  • Anonymous

    The second clock turns to 2014 i can delete holy grail from my iTunes!

  • Anonymous

    His best songs are Renegade and Brooklyn's Finest.

  • Marshall

    SSLP - Classic Infinite - Classic MMLP - Classic TES - Classic Devils Night - Classic MMLP - 4.5(Dope as fuck) Relapse - 4.0 (Underrated) HTS - 4.0 (Dope Shit) Recovery - 3.5 (Dope hits, but flooded with pop tracks) Encore -3.5(Good) D12 World - Wack

    • Anonymous

      Anybody who seriously puts Infinite in the discography like it should be compared next to any of Eminem's real albums needs to calm down. The shit was just some underground sounding release, nothing special whatsoever. Also, anything after The Eminem Show and before MMLP 2 is basically trash. I can't think of one song on Recovery or Relapse that I like listening to now.

    • Anonymous

      solo em albums Eminem Show MMLP S.S Lp/EP Recovery Infinite Encore Relapse basing this on lyrics, flows, choruses, concept records, creativity, and production. NOT JUDGING BY COMMERCIAL SUCCESS

    • Anonymous

      Infinite - 4.0 (Production, delivery could be better, lyrically unbelievable) SSEP/LP - Classic MMLP - Classic TES - Near Classic (Basically a slightly weaker, rehashed MMLP) Devil's Night - 4.5 (Seriously underrated) D12 World - 3 Encore - 1.5 (Yeah there's some great songs on here .. but some of the worst songs of all time on here) Relapse - 3.25 (accents + Insane, Bagpipes from Baghdad, Same Song and Dance sorta ruined one of Em's best albums lyrically and creatively) Recovery - 3.75 (Love the subject matter, rhyme schemes and most of the punchlines but too many weak lines and overall too much pop production to be rated higher) HTS - 4.5 MMLP 2 - 4

  • Anonymous

    Jay z thinks VOL 2 is a classic ? Nigga fuck off with that trash. TBP, BA, RD, AG....the rest are average albums !

  • IMHO

    1- REasonable Doubt (clasic) 2- American gangster (most slept on classic ever) 3- Black Album (classic) 4- Blueprint (classic) 5- Hard knock life (great album/classic) 6- Blueprint 2.1 (double disc got 2 much wack shit would of been better if 2.1 was the actual CD) 7- Vol 1 8- BP3 9- MCHG 10- Vol 3 11- Dynasty x- Kingdom come ( wish lost ones was on another CD one of my fav jayz songs of all time) but his list tells me 2 things.. hes still got an ear for good hiphop albums/ music and he knows his last few releases minus american gangster been ASS. and he needs 2 get back with it and release another classic.

  • Robert S. Proffitt

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  • SDK

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  • SDK

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  • SDK

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  • Jackpot

    Jackpot- classic Powerballin- classic Hood star- great Hate It or Love It- good Success & Failure- great No Risk,No Reward- future classic #FullDekk

  • Jackpot

    Jay got his hit songs but his only real classic is Reasonable Doubt. Chingy's Jackpot shits on the rest of his discography. 2014 is Chingy's year! #FullDekk

  • Socorro Steele

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  • Real

    KC was one of his best period!

  • KC

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    • RealTalk1000

      ya I like Kingdom Come album, not sure why alot of people hated on it.

    • Larry Lou

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  • hiphopfan

    blueprint 2 was dope i don't care what anybody says. His flow was on point

  • Anonymous

    some one rank lil wayne

  • Anonymous

    Funny thing is I actually liked Kingdom Come. It had some good joints on it, and like he says..he had been away from rap for a bit...He calls his other albums "classic" because that is what people always say, the general public..what else should he believe? He sounds like an insecure guy. Anthing a critic has said he rides with. BP2 was a cool album. follow at noles506

  • tricknigga.com

    The nigga himself gave his list, so y'all lists are irrelevant.

  • Anonymous

    American Gangster is a classic album because all black artists have to do a blaxploitation soundtrack to solidify their position as an artist (i.e. Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Isaac Hayes, Quincey Jones, Curtis Mayfield, Earth Wind and Fire)

  • poppa large

    he made this list right before x-mas to help boost old album sales. all those albums look so good all in a pile dont they? ha ha. gotta get the whole collection.lol

    • poppa large

      smart ass. collectors do. i know people who do and i know a lot of hip hop and rap fans still buy cd's. especially if its one of someones favorite artists then they buy cd's. oh, you didn't know? you just download cause your a fake supporter or non supporter of hip hop. freeloader.

    • Anonymous

      Album sales? Who buys albums?

  • Jeff Eastland (First Dirt )

    Interesting that Jay would put his first album as his best... Be on the lookout for 60East new mixtape "Mood Muzik" dropping Dec.10th exclusively on groundsounds.com IG: @60east @firstdirt @groundsounds twitter: @60eastFD @firstdirt @GroundSounds

  • MrYepp

    To me, American Gangster is my favorite Jay album But really Jigga? You put your very first album above every other project you dropped since then? What does that say about a rapper who has been in the game for that long?...

    • Anonymous

      The Blueprint is Jay-Z's best and Stillmatic is Nas' best the only reason those are considered the best is because they are the listeners first exposure to the person and they get old overtime so when you listen to their first album you get the good feeling of when you first listened to them and what you felt, when you listen to there newer work the person starts to get old by that time and you've already grown such a huge bond with that first album especially if there is a drop off for a couple albums after that first album which there was with Nas and Jay-Z. And then younger people just hear talk that these are there best albums and it just automatically sounds better to them. Its not that there debut were the best, its just how it all came out, I have no doubt that if The Blueprint was Jay-Z's first album everyone would know that at his best album.

    • MrYepp

      The first one is always the most influental for them, of course. It is the reason they came in the game in the first place But basically saying about yourself your first album is the best one, you kinda make the impression you pretty much sucked after that...that's wack to me

    • Rap Boss

      So many Rappers their first album is the best for example Nas,Snoop,Wu Tang. It's very hard to top your first album.

  • Anonymous

    "to the blind and dumb 1 cassette the rest Cd's which are both dinosaurs" ^ that's more likely the special Kingdom Come that came with the DVD than it being a cassette. CD and cassette jewel cases don't have the same width, length, or height. You look like an utter fool trying to defend that obvious mistake and calling others blind & dumb.

  • L-Boogie

    The Dynasty album is so underrated it's not even funny. I'd put rank that album right up there with Vol. 2

  • Anonymous

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WM0yR0-_z_Y Listen to the second verse on this and tell me he dont rap like kanye

  • Anonymous

    how i'd rank jay's albums: reasonable doubt blueprint black album american gangster vol 3 magna carta vol 1 bp3 dynasty vol 2 kingdom come bp2 i thought this was a very interesting thing to see from jay.. now i'm curious to see how nas would rank his albums..

  • Paradisal Sins

    NaS CLASSICS: Illmatic It Was Written Stillmatic The Lost Tapes God's Son Hip Hop Is Dead Untitled Life is Good

  • Anonymous

    how is that cassette form. i see more CDs

  • Nas - 5/6 classic's

    Illmatic - Classic Iam - Classic Stillmatic - Classic Gods Son - Classic HHID - Classic Lost Tapes - Classic

  • Jay - 3 classic's

    Blueprint - Classic Black Album - Classic RD - Classic (sorta) AG - Classic ( or 4.5 - hello brooklyn was wack as fuck )

  • insanemacbeth

    i think JAY's havin' a laugh, really. i think he has a great body of work. both 'KINGDOM COME', and 'VOL: 3' are great albums. if anything? 'VOL: 2', and 'DYNASTY' albums were a likkle weak. just my thoughts. obviously, JAY is the best, to judge his work.

  • Anonymous

    JayZs worst albums are the ones where he tries to cat to the white listeners.

  • Anonymous

    Jayz knows his core fanbase! His Top 5 are the albums that don't include the obligatory white POPover songs and his least favorite is "Kingdom Come" where it starts and ends with the obligatory white POPover artists. Blueprint 1, Black Album, American Gangster , & Vol 2 & Reasonable Doubt are Hood classics without a doubt where JayZ catered to his base without using the formulaic gimmicks to popover. When Dynasty dropped we looked at it as a compilation type project for Roc artists and not really a traditional JayZ album so I don't knock it too much. I enjoyed Magna Carter except for that corny Timberlake shit to start the album, I might actually put Vol 3 over BP3 though.

  • Anonymous

    The Black Album is the best one. Not feeling any other Jay-Z albums. Eminem should've produced the whole album.. 'Moment Of Clarity' is THE best song by Jay.

    • Anonymous

      The beat on Moment of Clarity outshines every other Jay-Z songs.. Em and Jay should make a collab album. With minimal Jay-Z rapping. :)

    • dashing28

      Actually it's one of the lower songs on that album, let alone in Jay-z's catalog. 99 Problems, Lucifer, Encore, PSA, December 4th, Dirt off Your Shoulder> Moment of Clarity

  • xx009


  • Alex

    What about "Best of Both Worlds" pt. 1 and 2

  • poppa large

    your all so busy debating which albums are the best you probably didnt realize that he made this list right before x-mas to help boost old album sales. all those albums look so good all in a pile dont they? ha ha. gotta get the whole collection.lol


    So by The Camel's logic, if Reasonable Doubt is his best album then that means he is far from the greatest. So many other classic albums shit mercilessly over Reasonable Doubt. And since RD is heavily influenced by Illmatic, NaS has yet another one up over the Camel.

    • Doublespeak

      OB4CL came out in 1995. However, Ironman was released in 1996, which is better than Reasonable Doubt. I'm not hating though; I see RD as a classic and Jay's best.

    • KanYeezuS

      Illmatic is the greatest album ever and far superior to anything any other rapper has ever released. Its not fair to compare it to Reasonable Doubt.

    • OB4CL >>>> RD - that's not even in question then or now.

      RD wasn't a classic until Jay keep calling it one when he ws about to retire circa 2004. It has too many weak flaws to classic in my eyes. Also it came in 96 - you know how many albums from that year shitted on RD??? OB4CL Fugees It Was Written Jay's only classics are the Black album, Blueprint and maybe AG. I love Jay but Vol 2 is soo not and never was a classic

    • Anonymous

      I always thought RD was dope but the subject matter makes it more of a OB4CL with less over your head references.

    • killa

      you on some shit.. RD = Classic!

    • Anonymous

      While I agree with you, the argument makes little sense. "since RD is heavily influenced by Illmatic, NaS has yet another one up over the Camel." By that logic Illmatic is second to Paid in Full, as it was heavily influenced by it.

  • xx009


  • xx009


  • dentaldamboy

    BTW Tha Block is hot: Good debut Lights out: underated followup 500 degrees: Dope Tha Carter: Almost a classic Tha Carter 2: Even Better Tha Carter 3: Classic Rebirth: Classic IANAHB: Classic Tha Carter 4: Classic IANAHB2: Classic (Wayne's best album to date.

    • ChuckNiddy

      Not talkin sales bro, don't give a shit about that. K dot had a better CD, that is stated by pretty much any hip hop head you ask. How can you say k dot is wack cause he is pop? Did you listen to any Wayne CD in the last 5 years? He is a pop artist. I would like to clarify I like Weezy, I am listening to Carter 2 right now, but he does not make classics (at least compared to Jay). Also again the Rebirth is trash, every song is bad. You will never hear it in a club, and hip hop heads don't fuck with it at all.

    • Aaron

      Lil Wayne's albums have never been classics. C1 and C2 may be the only decent ones. Lil Wayne is the mixtape rapper, and he's even bad at that.

    • Anonymous

      Recovery sold 4 million, more than any Wayne album.

    • The Real

      Tha Block is Hot: average Lights Out: average 500 Degrees: average Tha Carter: average Tha Carter 2: good Tha Carter 3: average Rebirth: trash INAHB: trash Tha Carter 4: trash INAHB2: trash

    • Anonymous

      1. None of Wayne's albums are classic. The only good album he has is C2. Everything else is forgettable garbage. 2. There's nothing pop about Kendrick's album. He's a great artist and GKMC is a great album. 3. Wayne also makes pop music; hell, that's all he makes nowadays. 4. Rebirth sucked, get over it. It's a shitty pop-rock album that disgraces rock music. 5. Eminem is hip-hop, more hip-hop than Wayne will ever. 6. Recovery and MMLP2 both outsold C3 and C4.

    • anonymous

      "BTW, even with Eminem being pop, Wayne's Tha Carter 3 and 4 still sold more than recovery and MMLP2." Considering they are older albums what did you expect? duh

    • dentaldamboy

      BTW, even with Eminem being pop, Wayne's Tha Carter 3 and 4 still sold more than recovery and MMLP2.

    • dentaldamboy

      @ChuckNiddy Both Carter 3 and Carter 2 are classics. That's a fact stated by others. K Dot is wack and was only successful because it was a pop album. Wayne keeps his music to hiphop/R&B. Rebirth is a dope rock experiement. Shame that you never opened up.

    • ChuckNiddy

      I disagree with you so much. Carter 3 is a classic and carter 2 is almost there? I bump Wayne don't get me wrong, I have IMNHB on my phone right now, but a classic? I mean let's be real it hasn't even been out a year, I wouldn't even call Kendricks shit classic yet, because he don't have that longevity yet, but he will probably get there. I have never heard a Wayne verse that was better than any verse on RD. It is one of the best CD's of all time.. Lastly and I kinda think your just trolling with this one but the Rebirth, a classic? are you a 15 year old white kid? I am just curious.

    • killa

      they definitely aint classics..far from it, thats for sure.

    • Anonymous

      lmfaooooo foreal!!!!!

    • dentaldamboy

      Why can't you just respect my opinion? I'm curious to know what you think of wayne's albums.

    • mjeh

      Oh man, you are trying sooooooooooooooo hard like every day. I mean for real, are you really that hungry for some internet attention. Damn kids these days are lame

  • dentaldamboy

    His albums before his "retirement" were ok, nothing that special but ok. After he came out of retirement, he became wacker and wacker with only his ymcmb and mmg features saving the day.

  • Kondo

    Fuck outta here, BP3 was straight garbage start to finish, not one good jawn on the whole shit.

    • Anonymous

      there was clearly quite a few run this town thank you doa on to the next one empire... Jay (or Nas) doesn't make wack albums. Just less good than the others.

    • PhillyMu

      Whaddup Philly brethren. I don't see the word "jawn" written in comment sections that often, so I had to holla back. BP3 wasn't garbage start to finish tho, that's pretty harsh. Run This Town was dope as fuck!

  • Anonymous

    magna carta is probably his best work ever not as much money made no real singles but that is why it is gonna outlast the others those old records were great when they came out but hardly listenable to now saying RD is his greatest is pretty ballsy (hmmnn no singles really as well) just says that he has never gotten better than his first release which is pathetic and almost true he always made the commercial hits It's like this Hey I have a shitload of albums and they all cost a shitload of money and misguided production to boot but this cheap one before I was any thing is better than them all So all that money couldnt make a real good record and I should have stayed small and underground and broke ass gangsta rapper and made better music' I was surprised by carta It has real good lyrics and dirty lo fi real hip hop rugged feel

    • LOL

      'Reasonable Doubt no singles really' boy are you like 12 years old? It had 'Dead Presidents', 'Can't knock the Hustle', 'Ain't no nigga' and 'Feelin' it'. The first four albums in this list are definitely in the correct position as far as album ratings go. As for you hailing Magna Carta as a classic album and a work of art you must be smoking crack. You can have them shitty southern sounding 808 beats and his shitty simple rhyming schemes and couplets. I don't wanna hear a 40 year old man brag about how rich he is or how much 'swag' he got. Its embarrassing.

  • Anonymous

    to the blind and dumb 1 cassette the rest Cd's which are both dinosaurs

  • the sleeping guy

    wait he didn't considered is mash-up album with linkin park?

  • HipHop DX

    Lil Wayne's Tha Carter III > Your favorite Jay-Z assisted album

  • TYBO2020


  • JayJ

    Vol. 3 is so underrated. Listen to that production. That is one of the grittiest albums he has ever put out he got to the core of hip hop on that one.

  • D.Dot

    It's not cassette form, it's CD form.

  • Trollhunter

    JAY-Z got it all wrong 1)Reasonable Doubt Classic(not a weak song on here) 2)The Blueprint (his most personal,closest to his heart,production was genius) 3)American Gangster(Jiggas most cohesive album to date, the production was also genius,he rap about street shit I'd missed) 4)Black Album (the production wasn't cohesive enough, production was dope but felt "Shipped in", didn't get that cinematic feel listening to it end to end) 5)In My LifeTime Vol 1 (Streets is watching,Imaginary Player, where I'm from,Lucky Me,you must love me...need I say more) THE REST NOT RANKED Vol 2 was wack-Way too commercial for my liking Magna Carta is Jiggas most overrated album to date,cant see why people love it..it's sorta trash BP2 woulda been great if it was trimmed down Vol 3:Solid album but it felt like Jiggas "Orphan" album BP3: Not my cup of tea, but it was hugely successful commercially WTT:I actually really enjoyed this album but it's not solo so. Dynasty: Has Highlights on there but its wack overall

  • Anonymous

    Top 10 albums of all time in order 1. Yeezus 2. Cruel Summer 3. Watch the Throne 4. MBDTF 5 808's & Heartbreak 6 Graduation 7 Late Registration 8 College Dropout 9 No Love Lost - Joe Budden 10 Padded Room - Joe Budden

  • janetrlail

    upto I saw the check which said $6844, I accept that my brothers friend woz like actualy bringing in money parttime on there computar.. there great aunt has been doing this for only about and as of now repayed the debts on their cottage and purchased a brand new Alfa Romeo. navigate to this web-site WWW.Ring77.COM I am an experienced designer who went to a top art college. So I know what i am talking about. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Jay-Z is too cool to write longer and quality sentences

  • Anonymous

    this is such an old way of thinking...the way life works is time goes on and you're moving...as your moving closer you see things clearer...since art is a reflection of how sm(art) you are at a moment in time it doesn't make sense to say the quality of an older album is better than a new one unless a person suffers brain damage that sets them back...jay-zs verses on mchg and watch the throne are far better than what he did in 1996

  • room2roam

    funny thing is i cant remember anyone calling reasonable doubt a classic before jay himself labeled it as one. its not a classic to me. the only classic he has IMO is the black album. i really enjoyed the blueprint when he first put it out but i dont enjoy it as much nowadays. i really love his mtv unplugged album he did with the roots as his backup. to me that was a classic version of the blueprint. i'll always listen to that one. Just my opinion which means about as much as yours:)_

    • Anon 2

      ^^ sorry bruh/ Yeah co-sign

    • room2roam

      did any of you actually READ my comment. i said its not a classic to me and I also stated that I dont remember anyone calling the album classic until Jay said it in one of his songs. I cant remember the song but he referred to RD and followed that line up by saying it "should've been a classic" and then most ppl started calling it a classic. This was a while ago, maybe even 10yrs ago. again IMO its not a classic and again IMO the black album is definitely a classic. to me a classic is a piece thats timeless. something i'll be able to listen to 10, 20, even 30yrs down the line and still enjoy it like I did when it was new material. for me, when it comes to jay, 2 albums come to mind. the MTV unplugged and the Black Album. many of the other ones I enjoy but I dont consider them classics. MY OPINION which means about as much as yours:)

    • Anonymous

      RD wasn't a classic until Jay keep calling it one when he ws about to retire circa 2004. It has too many weak flaws to classic in my eyes. Also it came in 96 - you know how many albums from that year shitted on RD??? Jay's only classics are the Black album, Blueprint and maybe AG. I love Jay but Vol 2 is soo not and never was a classic.

    • cold

      RD is a classic are you dumb!?.. been considered classic for over 10 years now.. its not commerical, probably why you didnt know that.

    • Anonymous

      RD was a classic from jump, that's when he slowed his flow up and avoided becoming a gimmicky speed rapper, because that's were his career was heading.

    • the maestro

      Jay the only one to consider RD a classic? It was WIDELY considered a classic by the time Blueprint came out, and was still considered his best work by many even after Blueprint came out. Black Album is good but no classic.

  • Anonymous

    no one fuckin cares about yall list. no one asked yall ur opinions, they just posted jay zs

  • w h o k n o w s

    I agree with the list except I wouldn't call Vol. 2 a classic... his biggest album to date for that Annie shit but it's 4.5 at best

  • poppa large

    he only has 4 good albums.

  • Nahright

    Its more like reasonable doubt, vol 1 and vol 2 the rest suck, horrible, trash, and american gangster shouldnt even count half assed mixtape


    PIL 2 > ALL OF JAY-Z

  • Afan

    Top 10 between Nas biggie snoop 2pac, mobb deep, AZ and jay z 1. Illmatic - Nas 2. Ready to die - biggie 3. Doggystyle - snoop doggy dogg 4. Life after Death - Biggie 5. Reasonable Doubt - jay z 6. The Infamous - mobb deep 7. It was written - Nas 8. Me against the world - 2pac 8. Hell On Earth - mobb deep 9. The blueprint - jay z 10. Doe or Die - AZ

  • Afan

    1. reasonable doubt 2. the blueprint 3. the black album 4. The dynasty roc la familia 5. the blueprint 2 6. Vol. 2 Hard knock life 7. American Gansgter 8. Vol. 1 my lifetime 9. Vol 3. life and times 10. Kingdom comes 11. Watch the throne 12. the blueprint 3 13. magna carta..holy grail

  • bobdabigkat

    lil wayne best albums n order..... tha carter 2- classic tha carter - classic tha carter 3- pretty good tha carter 4- ok iam not a human being- ok tha block is hot - young classic 500 degrees - ok iam not a human being 2- ...ok lights out- ...ok rebirth- trash

  • miguel

    nice not sure i agree with the placement of american gangsta tho should be one spot up. but anyways check out this post about Kanye. Will he ever be marginalized? Freshblogdaily.com

  • ssk

    reasonable doubt the blueprint the black album american gangster the blueprint 2 in my lifetime the dynasty hard knock life life and times the blueprint 3 magna carta..holy grail watch the throne kingdom come


    At least Gucci is a real street nigga. Fake niggas: * Nas never sold drugs. Remember when Jay-Z said "i showed you your first tech at Large professors tour" * Mobb Deep were at the school of arts. So when did they there robberies and shootouts???????? * Ice Cube never was a gangbanger and was bullied at school according to his old forgotten homies. * Jay-Z has ZERO respect in the streets, just ask Cam'ron! * 2Pac never sold drugs. Suge Knight was the mussles behind 2pac because without him 2pac was a coward. * Eminem never killed someone or was a serial killer. His image was made up by Interscipe Records to sell records. Lol the angry frustrated white kid. * Snoop sold some drugs but was just a SMALL soldier. * T.I. is a snitch how can you get away with housearest for illegal weapons without snitching? Normally you 10 years! * Young Jeezy was already exposed by Gucci as a fraud.

  • Anonymous

    Okay douchebag and now stop rapping. We getting bored with your lyrics about how much money you have and how much drugs you sold.

  • isaiah

    go to youtube and type up coa big i hands up

  • Sell

    He should clear wrap that stack of CDs and another in cassettes and sell like 1000 of them at 200 each

  • ultimatecryses

    i was gonna say kingdom come was the only one i didnt buy

  • anonymous

    Only a true douchebag would go through and rank his own projects.

  • deejay


  • Anonymous

    Jayz knows his core fanbase! His Top 5 are the albums that don't include the obligatory white POPover songs and his least favorite is "Kingdom Come" where it starts and ends with the obligatory white POPover artists. Blueprint 1, Black Album, American Gangster , & Vol 2 & Reasonable Doubt are Hood classics without a doubt where JayZ catered to his base without using the formulaic gimmicks to popover. When Dynasty dropped we looked at it as a compilation type project for Roc artists and not really a traditional JayZ album so I don't knock it too much. I enjoyed Magna Carter except for that corny Timberlake shit to start the album, I might actually put Vol 3 over BP3 though.

  • YallNiggas

    You people are really giving Jay Z a hard time because of the order he places his albums? you should be "if anything" appreciative of the fact he decided to release this music in the first place, and when he decides to choose where he thinks his work falls into place, to chew his fucking head off, get some lives and listen to the music man and take it for what it is

  • Whorida

    "1. Reasonable Doubt 2. Black Album 3. Blueprint 4. In My Lifetime 1 5. American Gangster

  • Anonymous

    my top 5 in order... 1. Reasonable Doubt 2. Blueprint 3. Black Album 4. American Gangster 5. Kingdom Come

  • Kizman

    KC wasnt even a bad album (6.5/10 imo). Lost Ones, beach chair, prelude and trouble were all great songs. Waaaaaaay better than Vol 3 and BP3

  • Anonymous

    Holy Grail is trash...... Only placed it there so he wouldn't kill it's sales.

  • Anonymous

    i love how people on here are saying that's not the right order. THERE IS NO 'RIGHT' ORDER. I'm sure being the person that made the music, you have a much different view of your own work...hence why he has albums that aren't at the top that should be and vice versa. LA Reid has been quoted as saying he almost forced jay to make kingdom come. remember in school when u were forced to write a paper on something....exactly.

  • Anonymous

    Watch The Throne They're going way over one's head and you don't even see it

  • kennyken

    jigga is lost, that's not the right order in my opinion. I wasn't that crazy about blueprint. and I did like kingdom come. vol 2 should be 3 or 4. and if hiphopdx delete my post again I'm not coming on this site no more.

  • Anonymous

    I liked Kingdom Come..... better then any of the shit he's done since.

  • Anonymous

    I fucking hated Vol. 2, really he has 3 AMAZING ALBUMS, don't really like the rest of his work.

  • Anonymous

    D.O.A. was tight too

  • Riff Raff

    I honestly like jay-z in BP3 not top 5 of his but up there. I know alot of ppl hate on it(cuz its more mainstream and its one of his newer albums)but it had some really good tracks.Forever Young, Empire state of mind, jockin jay-z, Run this town, On to the next one, a star is born ft j.cole. Holy grail was butt though.

  • bleh

    Vol 1 should be higher.

  • Trollhunter

    JAY-Z got it all wrong 1)Reasonable Doubt 2)The Blueprint 3)American Gangster 4)Black Album (the production wasn't cohesive enough)

  • Anonymous

    Black Album > Blueprint. It's like twice as good lyrically and only slightly worse production wise. Also Vol 2 shouldn't be anywhere near the top, definitely not a classic lmao. AG is 4th, MCHG is probably 5th.

  • Anonymous

    I have all of them. Good music period.

  • are you retarded?

    The picture is CD cases, not cassettes...

  • trizzle

    Vol. 2 belongs where it is, but it's not a classic. And BP3? Really Hov? No... move that and Magna Carta down a few slots. And "Sunshine" wasn't the only thing killing Vol. 1 ("I Know What Girls Like???")

  • VS

    1. Black Album 2. Bluepring 3. Reasonable Doubt.

  • Anonymous

    Vol. 2 is borderline wack. The production is horrible on at least half the songs. Vol. 1 is a lot doper than anyone will admit. So many classics on there. 1. Reasonable Doubt 2. Black Album 3. Blueprint 4. American Gangster 5. Vol. 1

  • Roman Cooper's broken glasses

    those are cd, not cassette cases I see you Hov, make them spend that holiday money by posting a picture of your music catalog

  • Anonymous

    I like the black album better than blueprint

  • Anonymous

    PACER $$D:u should stop wearing rocaware and throw away that copy of magna carta holy grail

    • PACER $$d


  • Anonymous

    Well i disagree with him especially on Vol2, I hate this album. I ll put black album in 2nd as well.

  • PACER $$D

    the most overrated rapper in the game wack ass jay z...all his albums have been trash...I had the original reasonable doubt cd and sold that garbage...3 good songs on a cd isn't called a classic album....trash....west coast tupac shitted on this fool with no response cuz hes a pussy and didn't want LA all over his ass....but respect jay's hussle do ur thing

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