Hip Hop Album Sales: Week Ending 12/1/2013

Eminem's "MMLP2" falls to #2, Hopsin's "Knock Madness" cracks the Top 100 and the AMAs appear to impact the charts.

This week on Billboard's Top 200 albums chart, Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP 2 lands at #2, this time losing the #1 spot to One Direction. Additionally, Hopsin's Knock Madness breaks into the Top 100 and the American Music Awards appear to impact the charts. 

Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP 2 Lands At #2

Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP 2 sold approximately 199,000 units this week. That wasn't enough to top Midnight Memories, One Direction's new album, which sold approximately 547,000 units in its first week. To date, Eminem has sold about 1,323,000 copies of his most recent project. Mathers helped promote The Marshall Mathers 2 last week by unveiling a music video for "Rap God." He is reportedly also prepping a music video for "The Monster," a single of his that features Rihanna. For the first time in several weeks, Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP 2 was the only Eminem album in the Top 200. In the first week of MMLP2's release, Eminem had eight albums make the list. "Rap God" can be viewed below. 

Hopsin's Knock Madness Breaks Into Top 100

Panorama City, California representative Hopsin's Knock Madness landed at #76. The Funk Volume release sold approximately 12,260 units this week. In total, the album has moved more than 16,000 copies. The #76 placement is an improvement from last week's placement at #132.

Fellow Funk Volume emcee SwizZz recently spoke with HipHopDX about Hopsin's Knock Madness and why he feels it's a significant release. "Knock Madness is an important album for a lot of reasons," SwizZz said. "Knock Madness really has the potential to take Hop's career to a new height. From a Hip Hop perspective, Knock Madness is important because it truly provides a fresh breath of air to today's Rap game. Hopsin's creativity and artistry can't be denied. He's the consummate artist, for real. Critics might not like his image, or preferred style, but no one can refute that he can rap his ass off." 

Hopsin's Knock Madness can be streamed below.

AMAs Appear To Impact Charts

The American Music Awards (AMAs) appeared to have an influence on the charts this week. Pitbull, the host of this year's program, for instance, went from having no projects in the Top 200 last week to having two in the Top 100 this week. Pitbull appeared on the charts this week with Global Warming (#93) and Meltdown (#95). Pitbull sold approximately 10,000 copies of each project. Rihanna, who took home an AMA Icon award, also experienced an increase in sales. Her Unapologetic collection went from #178 to #116 selling approximately 8,700 units for the week. The AMA's Favorite Rap-Hip Hop Artist winners, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, also found a jump in sales. Their album, The Heist, which also earned the duo an AMA for Favorite Rap-Hip Hop Album, went from #52 to #30 this week. This year's Favorite Male Artist at the AMAs, Justin Timberlake, also saw his 20/20 Experience Complete collection go from #22 to #11. The 20/20 Experience's first installment also jumped from #88 to #36. 

Rihanna's AMA performance of "Diamonds" can be viewed below.

Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 12/1/2013  

#1. Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP 2 - 199,000 (1,323,000)

#10. Various - Now 48 - 63,000 (254,520)

#11. Justin Timberlake - 20/20 Experience Complete - 77,000 (633,000)

#12. Drake - Nothing Was The Same - 74,000 (1,203,000)

#30. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - The Heist - 26,000 (1,172,000)

#36. Justin Timberlake - 20/20 Experience - 23,000 (2,373,000) 

#45. Yo Gotti - I Am - 19,000 (67,000)

#66. 2 Chainz - B.O.A.T.S. II #MeTime - 14,000 (186,000)

#76. Hopsin - Knock Madness - 12,000 (16,000)

#93. Pitbull - Global Warming -  10,400 (355,000)

#95. Pitbull - Meltdown 10,000 (10,000)

#124. Kendrick Lamar - good kid, m.A.A.d. city - 7,800 (1,099,000)

#158. Jay Z - Magna Carta...Holy Grail - 6,400 (1,071,000)

* data comes from Nielsen Soundscan, rounded to nearest thousand for units above 10,000, nearest hundred for units below 10,000. Each week, HipHopDX presents top albums in Hip Hop/related, and five notables.

Will Eminem remain at the top of the Rap charts next week? Stay tuned to HipHopDX.

Last Week's Album Sales.

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  • Luke

    Poor Hopsin, his entire fan base are savy music rippers... 16,000 records with the buzz of someone going gold. what a shame..

  • Dr.Kavokian

    Yo Gotti,very impressive numbers considering the fact that He doesnt have single on Billboard Hot 100.....Kinda Shows That Epic Records Have A good Marketing Strategy (well,I wouldnt be surpriesd If This is all L.A. Reid's doings.Low Budget so they might have made some profit and My Prediction (and hopefully for Gotti's Sake) is That He At laest manages to go 100k....For me he would definately be successful if this LP does that.With Back-To-Back Albums going 100k....You have already got yourself a niche market.As Long As He doesnt Screw up his next Albums otherwise he looks like a good investment and with the right funding I Would back him up Any Day

  • Anonymous

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    Yeezus did around 19k this week born sinner 7k

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  • Jeff Eastland (First Dirt )

    Thought Hopsin would sell a lil' more than that, to be honest...considering he has a pretty solid fanbase. Albiet independently. Just gotta keep grindin' though..he'll be alright gwillis2@email.itt-tech.edu

  • Anonymous

    em outsell faggot drake

  • Anonymous

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WM0yR0-_z_Y Listen to the second verse on this and tell me he dont rap like kanye

  • dentaldamboy

    Miley Cyrus is the next madonna. She has a big ass and makes dope songs.

  • Free BIg Guwop

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  • Crip4Life

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  • pitbull the GOAT of pop music

    Whose name is globally known? Whose name on the check and they're adding an O? Whose name on the blimp when the world is yours? Whose name on the schools, slam fo' sho'! I know it's hard to understand how a boy grew to a man Man turned to a brand But guess what, here I am Jenny from the block, let's rock

  • Anonymous

    I'm sure Britney Spears isn't crying over her sales, Chris. She'll still tour and make a shitload of money.

  • Aubrey Graham

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  • youngsta

    reasons why drake is better than eminem: - makes songs with his family while eminem disses his mom and later apologizes - outshines eminem on forever "last name ever, first name greatest" is seen everywhere - take care is better than anything em has made, including his 1st three albums - drake talks about real things in his life while em makes up shit about killing and rape - all of drake's work is critically acclaimed while em receives mixed reviews for his work - and his shoes are awesome while em's are awful drake owns eminem! #NWTS #OVO

    • Anonymous

      hah fucking bitch. what a moron

    • Trolls be Trollin

      1. Spends money he earned from Degrassi as a teen while Eminem had none. Both are speaking from their hearts. Eminem even admitted he dissed his mother because Nate was taken by the state. 2. That wasn't even Drake's best line on the song, and his flow was tired and uninspired. 3. Nothing was the Same was better than Take Care, and SSLP shits all over that album. 4. You just contradicted your first point. Oh, and Drake rapped about being Crip when he never gangbanged in his life. Eminem made his career venting his frustrations on the mic. 4. MMLP1 and TES both went diamond, got critical acclaim, and is on the list of classics. 5. What are you going to argue next, Drake is cool with gays?

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      Eminem killed drake on forever. The first three of eminems albums are better than take care. Drake sings more than he actually raps. Drakes music sells to mostly teenage girls. Drake couldn't see eminem on any level, Aubrey would say it himself. Stan.

    • Anonymous

      You sad sad little boy

    • HIPHOP

      "take care is better than anything em has made, including his 1st three albums" Kill yourself

    • Anonymous

      Good for you.

  • the Grza

    Macklemore & Lewis went from selling like 6,000 last week to 26,000 this week? wtf? I know there was a small spike from Black Friday for some, but that's a crazy jump.

    • Anonymous

      It was all Black Friday for him. Most Christmas shopping is for kids. And who is the most kid friendly rapper on this list? Macklemore.

  • J Rich

    my boy hopsin posting huge numbers!! you notice how hes the best looking one too?

  • Anonymous

    At this stage in her career Britney Spears doesn't have to promote anything.

  • .

    Sad thing for hopsin is that his album isnt coming out in stores until January. So until January his numbers won't go very high and even when January comes, I bet most of the people will have forgotten about it.

  • Anonymous

    Not surprised by the numbers since it is the holiday season.

  • Chris Etrata

    I know this isn't hiphop (even though Tip is on the album) but wow, britney spears is flopping with her new album. Won't be no.1 unlike most of her other albums. Billboard is reporting that Garth Brooks will be no. 1. BTW, fuck the guy who gave wrecking ball 5 more minutes of fame and prevented eminem from having a no. 1 single.

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  • Anonymous

    So... how was everyone's Thanksgiving?

  • Anonymous

    MMLP2 huge increase in sales this week.. interesting. Also Hop did some decent numbers.

  • Anonymous

    seriously 12,000 copies second week (after moving 3,000 in his first week) is a big flop because he won't be selling more than 2000 next week and so forth. that nigga should find a way to release his albums on youtube because thats were most of his fans are.j

  • bizzalls


    • pickle

      is it in best buy? ill go buy like 6 copies

    • Anonymous

      The Heist, the only other indie album on the list, more than doubled Hopsin's sales this week an is over a year old. If he can't outsell a year old Macklemore album than I don't really see what is so impressive. Sounds like you were wrong, not right.

  • Anonymous

    flopsin flopped again.

  • HitsDailyDouble Sales Projection

    Britney Spears (RCA) 115-125k Jake Owen (RCA Nashville) 40-45k The Sound of Music (Sony Masterworks) 30-40k Jenni Rivera (Fonovisa) 20-25k

  • Insider Information

    After doing some research, I found out that Cash Money has a company that they use to buy records so that their (top 3) artist look like they legitimately sold a lot of records in the first few weeks. The company buys anywhere from 300k - 500k albums in the first week of a few of there biggest releases, so that there artist can look like they are selling a lot of records. The mantra is to build the hype with the sales, and on the back end the hype brings more people to shows. That is how Cash Money (ie: Birdman) recoups the money he puts into the company to buy the albums. A study of the statistics (and further verification of this front company) show that the numbers do not match up. When non Cash Money artist sell 700k - 1 million in the first week they normally top out at around 5 million; however, Cash Money artists barely pass the 2 million mark. This is not a bad business practice, as the amount is considered part of the budget in making the album. For example, Def Jam gave Kanye West $25 million to make MBDTF, and the album failed to sell as they expected. Cash Money, on the other hand, uses part of the budget to buy their own records, and it helps to keep the "false" hype going. The only issue is that the artist has to pay that money back from show revenues. However, this mantra is coming a little undone, as with recent albums, even with the company's buying power, artist's are failing to reach that 1 million mark. However, show turnouts are still in the high range, but several artist (one big name in particular) is becoming annoyed at the use of this tactic, as it takes away money he/she makes from shows. Another artist tried to deviate from this mantra on his/her second album, but realized that the sales were not that great without the backing of the front company. That artist has since fell back into the fold, and should see an extraordinary jump in sales on his/her next release. -The information is out there, believe it if you choose-

    • Get a job

      You are a sick minded individual and need to seek psychiatric help. If you were telling the truth, you would have named this so called company and posted real proof.

    • Anonymous

      That explanation makes no sense you insider dipshit. Labels are in it to make money, and the numbers don't lie. $200 million singles. Platinum and gold albums. They don't need to buy up their own shit in bulk cause then they'd be losing money.

    • Anonymous

      lol, not even gonna waste my time pointing out the flaws

    • Anonymous

      #TRUTH ... the down South movment is sham! and now they have a bunch of fake hip hop followers, messing the game up. BRING BACK THAT EAST COAST RAP!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Who gives a f*ck. I buy albums because I choose to support the artists not because Soundscan hypes the shit. I don't buy Cash Money albums anyway, I download them shits for free on the Internet and then burn them to CD. Artists ain't overly concerned with album sales because they don't make no money off the damn albums anyway, they get money from concerts, shows, walk-throughs, and afterparty events. If Drake is in his feelings because he's getting raped by Baby and Slim then he should have done his homework and signed somewhere else without a history of bad business and rape. We got artists touring off their mixtapes without a deal so fuck these labels.

    • Anonymous

      Get some pussy.

  • dentaldamboy

    Drake has the biggest 1st week sales in hiphop. Eminem is pop so he don't count.

    • Anonymous

      hhhhh disney rapper hhh


      HMMMM...So PLEASE, tell me how Eminem is Pop, but Drake is not? NO, YOU ABSOLUTE FUCKIN MORON. DRAKE is Pop because he is also a fuckin SINGER. He's not JUST a hip hop artist. He's an R&B/Hip hop artist. Eminem is a hip hop artist. Dumb muthafucka. Eminem SHIT on Drake's first week sales. AND, Eminem has been in the game for what, 16 plus years now?? Drake has only been in the game for like 3 years or some shit. Will Drake be selling 800,000 copies first week, 13 YEARS FROM NOW?? Damn I just ethered the shit outta you!

    • Anonymous

      Still wrong. Eminem has the biggest 1st week sales in hip-hop.

    • Anonymous

      u mean drake's is hip pop and em is Hip Hip....u must be new to the game...lol

  • Jackpot

    Breaking news! Chingy's highly acclaimed debut Jackpot is now certified 2x diamond and is now the highest selling rap album ever. Go pick that shit up as well as Chingy's other wonderful masterpieces: Powerballin, Hoodstar, Hate It or Love It and Success & Failure. And look out for his new album No Risk, No Reward coming June 2014. Get ready niggaz! #FullDekk

  • Anonymous

    flopsin fell off before he even got on.

  • Anonymous

    That yo gotti album is fire go pick that one up it lives up to the hype!

  • Your Real Baby Daddy

    Oh and how the fuck did Future get a deal? This dude sounds like T-Pain with 8 active cold sores. Nah, for real, how did he get a deal? He has to have a picture of a record exec blowing a dude in a porta potty.. That's the only thing that makes sense..

  • Your Real Baby Daddy

    Okay son okay.. Who in the Hell is buying Drakes album? Show yourself son! I don't hear nobody bumping his music. Who is listening to this garbage? If I wanna hear R&B I'll check out Trey Songs or somebody.. This dude is pure wackiness.. LOL.. Gets all emotional when other MC's come at him but never responds on records... The entire cm/ym roster is full of weak MC's and has beens. Busta Rhymes? LMAOOOoooooooooo... Stop It! When your best MC kisses men and wears tights and your 2nd best MC cries on every song you aint respected... Clown ass dudes! Manny Fresh gave them dudes cred, when he left they became a gang of Brown Sugar Ass Niggaz! Dudes getting their face and headz tatted up to be scary..... GTFOH!! Brown Sugar Niggaz!

  • Anonymous

    without samsung...does jay z only sell 71,000? Or is that new numbers after the first million sold to samsung?

  • Anonymous

    This isnt very interesting. We need someone to come out and flop so we can all laugh at them

  • benn!

    eminem killing y'all niggas, hes already murder yo asses in week 4

    • ^^^

      You're wrong, bitch.

    • youngsta

      drake raps about fucking hoes while eminem raps about raping hoes. so you're going to side with a rapist? shame on you.

    • Rich

      You lames need to get off Drizzy nuttz, cause the kid is a shamm. His delivery and subject matter is always the same, hoes, money, ex-girlfriends who work at strip clubs or hooters, blah, blah, blah, and fucking blah. While Eminem is a true Hip-Hop head, and I have to say besides Kendrick currently, is better than most if not all black rappers right now. So color and ethnicity is a small subject to short thinkers.

    • ^^^

      *Buzzer* Wrong. Drake ain't killing shit, Eminem is.

    • youngsta

      eminem ain't killing shit. drizzy drake does right and kills everything. #NWTS

    • Anonymous

      but remember...Em didn't start going really in, when he started rapping like JJ Fad's 'Supersonic'....so without US....just ordinary bland people #blackcultureRULES

  • Anonymous

    where are these numbers coming from? theyre different on hitsdailydouble

  • Anonymous

    Hopsin would've sold more, if he put any money on marketing. Still he sold more than I expected, which is good.

  • EarthToneDaProducer

    Pitbull got 2 albums on the charts?? Impressive...

  • OUCH!

    #2 Eminem MMLP2 195,195 #11 JT 20/20 Experience 2 of 2 77,491 #12 Drake NWTS 71,581 #15 Mary J Blige AMC 55,604 #29 Macklemore/Ryan Heist 25,559 #32 JT 20/20 Experience 22,353 #37 Yo Gotti I am 20,292

  • sxxx9


  • sxxx9


  • sxxx9


  • Anonymous

    who the fuck is buying old pitbull albums LMAO i feel bad for you son

  • shuttaman

    Macklemore at 7k but he is above the 20/20 experience who did 23k? Macklemore had 25,559which equals a 247% increase due to black friday. Get your fucking shit together, bitch. Anyways shame that kendrick Lamar did not get that black friday boost like Macklmore wack ass did.

  • Anonymous

    really surprised to see 2 chainz putting up numbers like that still. 14k is great for him 3 months later

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