Justin Bieber & Chance The Rapper Release "Confident" Collaboration

UPDATE #2: Justin Bieber's Chance The Rapper collaboration is available.

Justin Bieber and Chance The Rapper have hinted towards a collaboration.

Chance and Bieber alluded to this collaborative selection and Bieber also named him alongside Big Sean, Diplo, Lil Wayne and R. Kelly in a separate Twitter post with the hashtag #journals. 

The Twitter posts can be viewed below.

Although it is unclear if Bieber will sing or rap on the selection, the act recently spoke with Complex about his decision to rap on tracks. 

“I just rap for fun. It’s nothing to take seriously,” Bieber said in an interview with Complex. “On my new album, I’m going to do a little bit of rapping.”

(December 3) 

UPDATE: Justin Bieber's Chance The Rapper collaboration is reportedly titled "Confident." It is set to premiere on Justin Bieber's Twitter account Monday (December 9) at midnight. The cover art for the track can be viewed below.

The announcement was made via Twitter. 

(December 5)

UPDATE #2: "Confident" is now available.  

The track can be heard below via 2dopeboyz.com

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  • Anonymous

    I don't like either artist at all, but I checked it out on a whim and it's not that bad. Then again, I never really had a problem with Justin Bieber himself. I just thought his music was terrible because of the overly poppy production. My issue was never really with his voice. I hope he goes the way of Justin Timberlake as he gets older. But this is pretty catchy...and I only like one other song by Chance so I'm not biased at all.

  • 666 devils

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  • hhdx users are WOAT

    Lol @ all of these retarded white kids getting mad because Chance did a song with Bieber. I dont even fuck with either artist and I see this as a good thing for Chance. But of course, the retarded users on HHDX will hate on anything and everything.

    • Anonymous

      no one was talking about 50 or ross and how is ross becoming more popular? lol this aint 2011 his shit just got pushed back after 2 flop singles and a flop remix and ross got a song with lady gaga coming soon!!!

    • Anonymous

      hhdx users are WOAT is obviously dentalbitch in disguise. dentalbitch, everything you say is a lie. Bieber sucks and Ross is becoming irrelevant. 50 is still relevant if people are still talking about him.

    • hhdx users are WOAT

      I know they are white kids because they are still mad that 50 is becoming irrelevant while Rick Ross has become popular. The funny thing is that bieber and 50 cent likely will collaborate in the future. Bieber is dope.

    • Anonymous

      how you know its white kids getting mad

    • Anonymous

      It's a shit song and people are saying so. Deal with it.

  • Eye Control

    Chance The Rapper will make next year's MTV's Hottest MC's list, but he will fall behind Rick Ross, who I think is still the hottest MC in the game. The Real top 10 hip-hop albums of all time: 10. Outkast - ATLiens 9. Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP 8. Snoop Dogg - Doggystyle 7. Jay-Z - Reasonable Doubt 6. Biggie Smalls - Ready To Fly 5. 2pac - All Eyez On Me 4. Rick Ross - Deeper Than Rap 3. Rick Ross - Teflon Don 2. Rick Ross - God Forgives, I Don't. 1. Rick Ross - Mastermind

  • TimBrrr

    The fact is JB has gone 10 for 10 with this Music Mondays. JB was discovered on YouTube signing R&B, not pop music.Now he is finally making the kind of music he listened to and wants to record. This ain't the same 15 yr old from 2009 who made that pop music. Some of you need to let go of the past! 2014 is soon!!

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  • anon

    can we all just be pleased that someone like chance is getting the recognition he deserves? yeah, working with bieber is a bit... shitty, but any publicity is good publicity!

  • Anonymous

    chance's part was ass...

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  • festivemarc

    It disgusts me how narrow minded everyone is these days

  • festivemarc

    Anyone who Thinks he's a sell out, how is he when he likes Justin's music and is doing it cause he wants to and not for the money. Anyone who no longer like chances songs because of what he likes is dumb and doesn't deserve and opinion on music

  • Anonymous

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WM0yR0-_z_Y Listen to the second verse on this and tell me he dont rap like kanye

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    ellen degeneres looks great in that picture

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    This will be terrible.

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  • Anonymous

    so whiteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Anonymous

    hahahah......wannabee rappers.

  • Anonymous

    Justin Biever is cool

  • Com

    Confidence Ft. Ghostwriting from Chance The Rapper

  • Anonymous

    im catching a lot of beta-assed jealousy when it comes to bieber hate.

  • Amber Cole

    I can tolerate Bieber raps but the day these legends work with him (Jay, Em, Nas) i'll kill myself

  • ETK

    that's too much acid for you, Chance

  • dentaldamboy

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  • dentaldamboy

    Justin's running the game right now. My favorite rappers, wayne and drake are working with him and your favorite rapper are working with him. Drake and Bieber were lifelong brothers .

  • Anonymous

    Chance sold out worse than Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa.

  • Anonymous

    Losin respect for Chance fast. First nigga says working with Lil Wayne was his favorite accomplishment now this shit SMH

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  • Anonymous


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