Roc Marciano "Marci Beaucoup" Release Date, Cover Art, Tracklist & Album Stream

Roc Marciano drops the tracklisting for "Marci Beaucoup."

Roc Marciano has revealed the release date and tracklisting for Marci Beaucoup, his upcoming album set to be released December 10.

In March, Roc spoke with HipHopDX about this. 

"This is going to be an album where I’m doing all of the production and I’m featuring a lot of artists that I work with," Roc said. "Every song is me featuring artists that I fuck with in the business. Most of this album is to feature my production." 

Marciano discussed details regarding this self-produced album featuring extensive guests to XXL in a video interview.

“It’s really not different," Marciano said of his project. "My approach to making music is pretty much the same no matter where I’m putting the project out at. I think it’s just going to be exciting for the people just to hear other artists rapping over my beats because I don’t do feature-heavy projects as far as concerning my own projects."

The project features Cormega, Evidence and Action Bronson.

(December 3) 

UPDATE: Roc Marciano's Marci Beaucoup is available for streaming. 

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  • sonny rene

    HHDX better review this album... Roc Marci is the best rapper/producer alive.

  • adrian street

    After giving this a thorough listen (Numerous playthroughs and blunts) i actually felt it the most when the album's tracks played randomly and not in the order it was released. I don't know what order it was in because i was doing something else at the same time, but it sounded like fire..When i listened to it again in the normal order, it sounded lackluster again. Sounds rushed, like he only made 15 songs with none for the cutting room floor and they all made the album. should have took "pimpire strikes back" and "Marci Beaucoup", selected 15 songs altogether from both for the album, and use the rest for the mixtape.

  • poppa large

    Roc should do an album with apollo brown. now thats real production meets real lyricsim.

    • adrian street

      Or Gangrene... The Alc/ roc marc is slated to drop, but sometimes ALC on a whole project doesn't work. But Gangrene's style with Roc Marciano has always worked..

  • @ sensaye

    Joint sounding like a Man Bites Dog compilation. I was suprised as sh*t to hear SAS, and after burning the hell out of Confucius, it's about that time for that Roc/Ka album. Weed don't help family, this ain't it. @ poppa you a funny dude, lol 1 donnis mac

  • poppa large

    get better production or retire Roc! 3 albums now and a mixtape with lacking production. wtf?? people arnt content with a loop of some old prog rock with nothing else added and weak chops and weak mixdown. and why is a pimp rapping with evidence? oh he's on man bites dog..right. ha ha

  • Anonymous

    fuck this shit it wont play for me spotify hates canadians

  • @ sensaye @ poppa @ adrian

    just got home & waiting for my green b4 I listen....but word? maaaan listen, y'all naming the same songs, got me leery! lol donnis mac

    • Sensaye Sixkiller

      Word. Let me know what you think after you listen to it. ..I can't wait to go home and puff. I'll listen to it again high and probably think the shit is brilliant.

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    I just listened to it. It was disappointing. It was worse than The Pimpire Strikes Back, which was his weakest album before this one. Look, I wouldn't be checkin' for it in the first place if the nigga wasn't mad nice, so don't gimmie the 'go listen to Miley Cyrus and then jump off a bridge and kill yourself you loser!" or whatever the fuck you sensitive ass niggas respond with. He said it was gonna have a guest on every song, so I was ready for that, but the guest appearances are weak. The ONLY guest appearance on there that I thought worked well was Evidence, and it's ironic 'cause I've always thought he was pretty weak. The beats are ok. I like his creativity. His drums are dope. Some of his loops are nice and some of them don't work. I like his dusty grimy sound, but some of these songs are just poorly engineered and should have been re-recorded. Niggas are off-beat and shit. The other artists he brought in can't flow on his shit. His man KA needs to either drink a cup of coffee, or sell his rhymes to someone, because the nigga got dope rhymes and just has no feeling behind any of them. The standout songs on the album are "Love Means", "Soul Music", "Confucius", and "War Scars". Oh, and there's NO substance. It's straight up notebook rhymin'. 'Grocery list' rhyming, as one of the niggas under me said. I like that style, but doing it too much dulls it a little. I'm critiquin' the nigga as a fan, and I'll be checkin' for his next project and the 10 that come after that, but this one is lackluster. Diary of a crack hustler. The gat buster. Cold as Luca Brassi before they killed that fat fucker. You livin' in my shadow like Shaq's brother. The dining room in my crib looks like the last supper...This nigga got me in grocery list rhyme mode. Peace.

  • Anonymous

    this dude sounds like he was sleeping while he recorded those verses.

  • Shirley Phillips

    until I looked at the paycheck that said $5639, I did not believe mother in law woz realey erning money in there spare time from their computer.. there aunts neighbour has done this for only about 6 months and resently cleard the mortgage on there cottage and got a great Mercedes-Benz S-class. More Info... hey said it sold 701k copies this week. Don't be mad just because she's more talented than you will ever be.

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    You can't listen to it unless you got a gay ass facebook account? that's wack. I thought this shit was for 'the streets'. I thought it was gonna me through my night at work...damn. He's one of the only MCs I really look forward to hearing new material from. The kid is nice.

  • poppa large

    Roc is way 2 dope but this album is weak. his weakest yet! production blows except for 4 or 5 songs( and dont tell me it dosnt and that i dont understand the style cause i do but theres nothing to most of the beats), too many guests too. like i keep saying. Roc is dope but needs better production.

    • adrian street

      @ Poppa Large I feel you on most of your comments. Roc Marciano is the best rapper out in my opinion, but the production on this project was weak. a few nice beats here and there but they weren't a good platform for him and his guests to spit on. This is his weakest project to date and thats going back to the "U.N or U out " days. Lyrically its good, but then again the beats dont serve the rhymes justice so it makes it "sound" lyrically flat. Some of the choices of loops are odd and kind of overpower the rappers. I dont know, maybe it will grow on me (even my girlfriend said "is this his mixtape?") but im not a dick rider so its last place like "iron flag". lol

  • marc

    he said before this album that it is about hearing other people on his production. dope ass album. this combined with his mixtape the pimpire strikes back made this a strong finish to 2013 for hip hop. roc marciano is the coldest cat spittin right now

  • DontYouHearIt

    He's got true faggot flow, listen closer

  • junMaf*ckn

    Roc 1 Of The Illest Doing It. And He Playing By His Own Rules.

  • Anonymous

    grocery list rappin

  • Adrian Street

    Unfortunately this album isnt as good as i expected. but thats because of the production. odd choices of loops

  • Shaun

    That Confucius beat is krazy!! Another dope project from Roc. .

  • sonny rene

    I'm calling it right now, Marci Beaucoup will be the best hip hop album in 2013 and it won't even be close. Roc stays busy, after Marci Beaucoup is released, his got the Metal Clergy album with Ka coming, as well as Scorched Earth Policy which is produced in it's entirety by The Arch Druids and last but not least an untitled album with The Alchemist which should be an instant classic if it turns out as good as it looks on paper. It's Roc Marci season!

    • YO GOTTI

      Are you the same nigga that said "because the internet" was gonna be the album of the year? because that title seems to be thrown around a lot every time an underground or independent artist releases an album.

  • Chris

    This is looking like a mixtape with all these features. I think it will still be good though

  • Anonymous

    to all the haters out there the hate is making you blind. Theres not enough good talent out there that is making street music anymore. Only the vets in the game and a few select handfull guys and Roc Marciano is one of them is keeping it alive.

  • Luciano

    Who the fuc is this nobody nigga

  • killa cal

    Roc Marciano is wacc!!! and overrated boring at best

  • Anonymous

    Dope features but I'd prefer more solo tracks.. Marc is the nicest nigga in the game right now and he doesn't need all these dudes rhyming with him.. Reloaded/Marcberg are classics and they didn't need so many features BUT Gulity/Marc is a perfect combo and they go together well like they did on Chewbaca Evidence/Marc is nice AG/Marc is nice Gangrene/Marc is great Mega/Marc is always welcome Marc/Ka is always a good combo but they should save the collabs for the album they got coming and does that say Blu Bad Buelle Chris or Blu and Buelle Chris? Blu/Marc would be interesting Track names sound amazing though, real mafia shit. Taking it back with 456, track called Drug Lords, Soul Music, Physc Ward and Squeeze by Roc Marc can't disappoint All the features are nice like I said but Marc being my fav emcee, I like hearing him himself but the album should be another classic nonetheless Oh ya and his production will obvs be on point

  • TaZzZ

    This man knows how to put ppl on his projects right... He don't have to. Marcberg banged str8 through, no expensive features necessary

  • Betty Gregory

    uptil I saw the check ov $6889, I have faith friend woz like truly bringing home money in their spare time from their laptop.. there sisters neighbour had bean doing this for less than 9 months and a short time ago cleared the loans on there cottage and purchased a new Citron 2CV. try here>>> The random 25 minute video of Childish Gambo just chillin and talking to people, makes real fuckin sense why we need that. Even the 14 second trailer was fucked up.

  • Eric Tracklist looks awesome to be honest, feature heavy but it is the perfect guest list to balance out Roc....real pumped for the album...more above

  • Phoebe Canales

    before I looked at the paycheck which was of $8320, I be certain neighbours mother woz actualie earning money parttime online.. there neighbor has done this less than seventeen months and by now paid for the depts on there appartment and bought a gorgeous BMW 5-series. check it out... I even remember hearing BG from Cash Money say it in an interview, "Nas could rap but I didn't like those beats." Plain in simple, I might like "Gimme the Loot" or "Everyday Struggle" and you might, but I know most people can't relate.

  • looksdope

    roc marciano is a beast on the boards and in the booth. pimpire strikes back was dope as fuck and was just a mixtape so this album should be straight fire.

  • Anonymous

    hell yea! Roc Marciano! and Action Bronson, Freeway, Cormega, Boldu James, Ka, Evidence, etc etc DAAAAMN!!!!

  • poppa large

    not feeling the features except for A.G.(d.i.t.c.) and maybe a couple others. hope the production isnt too sleepy(laid back) and/or lacking hard drums again. Roc is dope. the production just needs to get to is level.

  • Anonymous

    Dope Roc Marci is the truth

  • Mitch

    Who's Knowledge The Pirate? Haven't seen S.A.S. mentioned since their Dipset days...

  • DJ

    Too many features....uuuugggghhhhh

  • abu_maryam

    Been counting days until this release! Can't wait. Marciano is crazy ill and Reloaded still gets mad rotation from me. It's funny how despite the fact that most of the album is self-produced (maybe with a couple of beats from ALC, presumably), Alchemist's fingerprints are all over this thing: Bronson, Boldy James, Evidence and Oh No are all artists that he have strong relationships with him and for example there can be no doubts that Bronson's connection to ALC is a huge factor in getting his collabos with a lot of artists, at least initially.

  • Pete

    I love some roc Marciano. Dude is very talented. Can't wait

  • Anonymous

    no willie the kid but he got fatsion bronson on there! lame

    • TaZzZ

      Bronson a monster son, Willie is literally a Marci clone. Same laid back cadence and nonsequiters, except less entertaining. Willie boring... AB>Willie all day

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