KOTD Says "Blackout 4" Will Be Innovative

KOTD says it will roll out information for "Blackout 4" in an innovative manner.

King of the Dot (KOTD) has announced details regarding its "Blackout 4" event, slated to take place in Toronto, Canada. The event will be different from others in the way the information for the battles will be released, according to Organik, KOTD's co-founder and host. 

"We've been sitting around contemplating what we're gonna do with this event and how we're gonna top all the other ones that we do," Organik said in a video blog via King of the Dot. "For this one single event, we're gonna have some fun with it, man. We're gonna make it a mystery event. The public, you guys, will be blacked out from information." 

The only confirmed battle for the event so far is the title match, set to feature KOTD's champion Pat Stay who has accepted the challenge to battle Dizaster, a battle rapper who has held the title before.

Otherwise, the match-ups will not be announced.

"For the rest of the event, we're gonna kind of keep y'all out of the loop as far as information goes and leave you guys to put the pieces of the puzzle together," Organik said. "We're gonna be announcing battlers individually, but not who they are facing. Who they are facing, that'll come out on the day of the event. You've gotta be at the event or order in the pay-per-view to find out who is battling who. I promise y'all, if you know our history, this is the best King of the Dot event we've put together yet." 

Organik said that the decision to announce the match-ups at the event is one that is meant to be a change of pace from the norm.

"We had to do something to make this exciting," Organik said. "We're playing around. We're innovating."

The announcement video blog for "Blackout 4" can be found below, followed by the promo for the title match between Dizaster and Pat Stay. 

Photo By: Tanya O.

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