Kanye West Says He Dislikes Beats For Biggie's "Juicy" & "Big Poppa"

Kanye West also compares himself to Prince, Lauryn Hill, OutKast's Andre 3000, Tupac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G. and Miles Davis.

During a recent Kanye West interview, the producer-rapper-designer spoke about the instrumentals for tracks in The Notorious B.I.G.'s catalog while discussing Hip Hop's changes over the years.

"Everything goes in phases and cycles and stuff," Kanye West said during an interview with Atlanta radio station V103. "You got Run-DMC and then you started going into Rakim and then Rakim and KRS-One. That opened a little gate, a door for [A] Tribe [Called Quest] to come in. And then you had on the other side N.W.A. and then Snoop [Dogg] came through and then that opened up the door for what [Dr.] Dre was doing. Then you had Biggie come back and Biggie used to actually like the Tribe sound more, the [DJ Premier] sound. Puff was the one who was like - of course, you know the story - Puff was like 'You gotta rap on "Juicy." You gotta rap on this.' Biggie was so cold. We the geminis. I'm just like Biggie.

"Man that 'Juicy' beat, I don’t like that beat man, and I don’t like the beat for ['Big Poppa']," West continued. "I don’t like the Dr. Dre worm noise on the chorus at all, to this day when they play it. And I don't imagine Biggie liked it that much either. But Biggie was so cold, that he could make you like anything."

Kanye West Compares Himself To Prince, Lauryn Hill and Tupac Shakur

During the interview, West also compared himself to The Notorious B.I.G. and several other artists.

"People just saw me perform for 80 percent of the show without seeing my face," West said. "They was like, 'We paid all this money to see him and he didn't show his face for 80 percent of it and we still cool with that.' That's some gemini shit right there. That's some Prince, Lauryn Hill, [Andre] 3000, 'Pac, Biggie Smalls, Miles Davis, Kanye West gemini shit. Biggie Smalls made you think that that 'Big Poppa' beat was cold. It was not a cold beat." 

Kanye West Discusses Screaming In Interview With Sway Calloway

Beyond discussing the production behind The Notorious B.I.G. selections, West also spoke about his recent interview with Shade 45's Sway Calloway, an interview that has become a point of discussion due to an argument and the brief shouting that ensued during the conversation. 

"It was so funny," West said. "With 'The Breakfast Club,' I'm so prepped for anything. But with Sway, it was like...I think it was more my fault to get turnt up. But I get frustrated with dumb-ass questions. How could you give me an example of how you failed at something and you gon' tell me how I'm gonna succeed at something?" 

The interview can be viewed below.

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  • Me

    Not everyone relates to music the same way. Juicy was one of my favorite songs from the time I heard it in 3rd grade. I was a little 1st generation Latino with an illegal parent who just graduated from a university and catching flak from his teachers in the barrio. The intro, the lyrics, everything spoke to my experience and neighborhood. Imagine, a song made by a black man on the east coast speaking to the experience of Latino kids on the west coast. And now we have people hear saying that wasn't valid? Haha, you are full of yourselves and borderline hip hop snobs. We aren't talking about popularity like Solja Boy, but people actually relating to lyrics. -and as a former Kanye fan I think his talk is based on insecurity.

  • Someone

    Kanye, why you gotta be such a huge dick?

  • Anonymous

    this gay clown searches to be a GOD but like wiz khalifa says u aren't god man ... knaye, honey u are criticizing one of the most rapper of all times ... YOU ... HAHAHAHAHHAHAH the jelaousy is a bad thing u know ? die to kanye RIP for big poppa, kanye fuck u and your ugly and fake bitch kim, im so sorry for your poor daughter

  • Kim Kardashian

    Who said a women can"t change a man? Me and mom rule men!!!

  • Andy

    Man yall say you are tired of hearing him but you are here listening lol. He's doing something right.. Plus I swear everyone gets fucking butthurt when anyone shares their opinions anymore.

  • Anonymous

    It's too funny! This clown is gonna have the whole world despising his sorry ass, the way the whole world hates his whore wife. I just hope he's the next casualty of rap violence. Would anybody actually care? Or would we all crack a little smile?

  • David Bunz

    Well I've disliked Kanye's beats for every one of his solo albums since his first two. dude makes whack music that ain't even hip-hop. dude can't even freestyle, but he "loves hip-hip". shit, i can freestyle and i love hip-hop. but i also don't claim "rapper" status or "best artist in the last decade" status

  • Anonymous

    lol Kanye trolling media

    • Anonymous

      We can't be the only ones who see it!

    • Anonymous

      For real. It's like everyone is oblivious to that. He is pulling the same stunts that internet trolls pull for attention, it is is working! Kanye West says some ignorant shit and it's instantly the biggest news article on this site.

  • AnonymousMofo

    kanye has turned into an egotistical overrated douche shit bag..i cant stand any of his interviews,he always talking about how he changed fashion..nobody gives a fuck..we only care about his music,we dont every want to see kanye kardashian on out tv screen,iam tired of hearing him comparing him self to legends and innovators..even jay z doesnt put himself in a super legendary status...u cant go around and be telling everyone dat u r a genious..the listeners will say dat not ur dumb gay ass

  • Top 5 Worst Rap Lines Ever Written

    1 - I beat the pussy up like Emmett Till (by: Lil Wayne) 2 - She got a big booty, so I call her Big Booty (by: 2 Chainz) 3 - I move caine like a cripple (by: Pusha-T) 4 - The doctor said I have blood clots, but I ain't Jamaican, man (by: Kanye West) 5 - I is whatever you say I is, Jada Pinkett want me to father her kids (by: Paul Wall)

  • Ant

    Im done with this dude. he puts himself in these lanes...no one else. he is in the HOV with Kim K and you need 3 people...but no one else wants to get in the car with them. Bama

  • sam snead

    Not in the same league as Biggie or 3 stacks lyrics wise, Not an icon like 2pac, I'm sick of hearing this guy speak.

  • LetYouTellIt

    First off Sway should have punched his A**. How can he say Sway failed and he failed as well. Attitude will make him subject to ridicule. Greatness should be determined by the listeners. Addidas is ok but he can't put a high price tag on them jawns.

  • PATHH88

    Juicy beat is so so, Big Poppa is TERRIBLE...gimme Big over Who Shot Ya? over Dead Wrong, over Machine Gun Funk, over Warning ANY DAY over Big Poppa- that is straight garbage, and Juicy is only so so cos the rhymes distract you, the tales of aspiration etc make you forget the beat... Kanye aint made a better beat than The Truth (B Sigel), Biggie over the Truth would have been crazy...

    • d mac

      the beat made Juicy though, be clear, the recognizable sample to get them to pay attention to said aspirations, young and old, men and women Big Poppa the same, Warning too, the Walk On By Isaac Hayes sample, big club hits, dance and rap reciting music Give Puff that credit, look at Only You and what they did to that Rock, Skate, Roll, Bounce bassline Question though, what if Puba would have really touched that Who Shot Ya beat before Biggie on that Mary J skit?

  • Whorida

    Juicy, Big Poppa and One More Chance all had Puffy's stench of oversampling. Juicy had great lyrics though. However, Easy Mo Bee's songs on the album were the best.

  • the butcher

    This guy is so up his own and people buy into it

  • xx009


  • xx009


  • xx009


  • CatherineAdams8109

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  • Anonymous

    ''And then you had on the other side N.W.A. and then Snoop [Dogg] came through and then that opened up the door for what [Dr.] Dre was doing'' Dr Dre was already doing it and he opened up the door for Snoop. Kanye west doesnt understand why biggie music was so good at that time like many artist of today dont appriciate it

  • Kanye legend of assholes

    Biggie had a fuckin good ear for BEATS! His lyrics, flow and beat were ONE! Most rappers sound like they rapping next to the beat.

  • I need Attention

    No MR West you aint like Biggie. You are an arogant asshole and Biggie would shit on you if he lived. Those beats are classic! One song of Biggie shits on all of your albums!

  • fanatic

    Kayne's right, imagine the topbeats in 93 / 94 ....come clean, award tour, throw ya gunz, times up, the whole wu tang sound etc people like pete rock, diamond and showbiz were creating dopeass eastcoast beats...then a hardcore rapper like biggie comes out with juicy and big poppa.... you know how he wanted to choose the machine gun easy moe bee beat ...thats what was rulling in 94 ...gotta give props to biggie to sound comfortable on those beats anyway ...thats why those songs are classics nowadays ....imagine a krs one on juicy ...that shit would have never worked out.

    • Anonymous

      First of all kanye is not right. Second of all your actually right. The east coast sound at the time was dope. You had the raw boom bap beats and the jazz boom bap beats. Biggie rapped on mostly those beats. Example The What, Respect, machine Gun funk, suicidal thoughts etc. But you can't say big poppa and juicy aren't two of the best beats. Juicy fruit by mtume is a classic. And the sample is crazy that's why pete rock loved it so much. Kanye is crazy man. He don't know what he is talking about. And also after agreeing with everything you said there is one thing I disagree with. Krs one would have murdered that juicy beat. That would have been nice. Black moon and wu tang clan probably brought that mid 90s east coast sound to the streets. But Biggie brought it to the world. He changed hip hop. Big did for the east coast what snoop did for the west coast.

  • Anonymous

    This coming from someone who has never made a better beat then juicy or big poppa. Ever. Especially kanye of the last 5 or 6 years who couldn't make a hot beat. Big poppa is a classic one of the great tracks of all time. Juicy aswell. Juicy is a classic. And just because he loved the pete rock juicy beat more doesn't mean he didn't like the album version. He just thought it was more commercial. Kanye you a joke looking for attention. You released 3 great albums and haven't released a good one since. Fucking clown.

  • KanyeIsRight

    Play the Big Poppa instrumental and tell me that beat is tight.....NO IT'S NOT.

  • kanye west

    I be knowing this for a long time now son its in the bible im a christian

  • kanye west

    its like when eve pulled out princes rib and shoved it up adams ass but when steve jobs pulled it out of adams ass it had turned into an Iphone with Disney movies built into that shit I wanna change the law and procreate with chicks with adamsapples cause I like fabrics n shit nigga haha

  • kanye west

    hey man why didn't you just name the kid southerly winds heading west or wicked witch of the west or rose west the 2nd or death to the west or you know something better than north west it aint that funny nigga haha

  • r1cka1me1da

    those beats were tight idk what crack this mans smokin

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, and Kanye is light years behind Kendrick as a lyricist/rapper.

  • Anonymous

    I'm just like Biggie I'm just like Tupac I'm just like Steve Jobs I'm just like Jesus Christ I'm just like Michangelo I'm just like Michael Jordan I'm just like Michael Jackson I'm just like The Beatles I'm just like Marlon Brando with my bulldog jaws I'm just like Mr. peanut with my peanut ass head Stfu Kanye, stop comparing your wack ass self to legends, be just like you, a gay sissy ass whiny faggot. Lol

  • dd

    Kanye West is so Dumb, Obama is not black can someone explain to me how is he black

    • Anonymous

      Because of the color of his skin? Because his fathers black? Obama black, Mariah Carey White. Both African American. Bob marley is black. Malcolm x is black. Tiger woods is black. All have a white parent. Let's put it this way. If there was a whites only shop obama wouldn't be allowed in.

  • drake is a gay

    hi haters i never miss you fuckers

  • kanyeeze

    He speaks the truth. some of biggies beats were garbage.

  • Rich

    Lol peanut shaped head ass nigga, stfu Kanye, witcho gay ass!! Enuff is enuff, lol. Smh

  • Rich

    Will sumbody pleaz tell dis Vito Corleone biscuit jaw havin mudafucka to stfu already?

    • Q

      IF this guy were to read your comment he would say 'I'm like Vito Corleone' in his next interview. Kanye is gassed up. Too many 'yes-men' in his camp. Whoever is influencing him is destroying his character and exposing him for the wackiness that he really is.

  • Oz. F

    On any other day I would've said this niggas hyping himself too hard, but after seeing him perform live after Kendrick on the Yeezus tour its clear nobody got shit on Kanye's live performances. Kendrick is a raw spitter but he's lightyears behind Kanye on putting on a show.

    • kanye west

      nigga please he could pull the eifel tower out ov his ass I still wouln't go to his show this niggas gay French fashion gay uber fucking gay get the picture cause im an artist I create

    • Anonymous

      Who gives a fuck about his live performances? Who judges talent based on that? Its about music and lyrics. Kendrick is the next great emcee, Kanye is average at best, he's really only a dope producer.

  • Sal


  • Hitemup

    Someone slap some sense to the head of this mother fucker. Inflated ego vs. average skills, this nutjob is really starting to annoy the hell out of me. Good producer, so-so rapper, a sick delusional sad human being. Fuck this moron.

  • 666


  • Dent@ld@mb0y

    You YMCMB haters are fucking idiots. Because I'm an accountant for Cash Money Records, I spend a lot of time with Birdman. He told me that in 96, Biggie was looking to get out of his contract with Bad Boy so he could sign with Cash Money. If Cash Money is right for Biggie, then it's clearly the top record label. Unfortunately, Jay-Z and Diddy found out about Biggie's upcoming departure and had him shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YMCMB for life. We got the game by the clit.

  • fuck kanye

    somebody shoot this fucking faggot.

  • George Rugamas

    Okay Kanye...I'll Give You Big Poppa...esp...since it tried to use a lil West Coast Influence on the sample...But JUICY....that chick on the HOOK Is Dope...That Beat Is Bangin....That's why Songs like AZ's SugarHill Became one of his greatest hits...Kanye...i really fucked wit you in the beginning...but EVER YEAR YOUR HEAD GETS BIGGER AND BIGGER I THINK YOUR ABOUT TO XPLODE...before you Ever Mention Your Name Next To One of the GReatest Hip-Hop ICONs EVER...(which by the way your lucky that Jay-Z doesn't disown You For That Remark)...Think about Giving You Child a real name...(NORTH WEST pfffff!!!)...every year i get more and more disgusted with you...i fuck with your old shit and sum of your new shit...But Here's a reality check...the only reason you pop..is because ...You Make DOPE Beats...1...Your Rimes Have The Occasional Witty Punchline 2...the Jay-Z Co-sign is 3...Other Than That...Your Annoying Ass Voice will never Come close to the GREAT CHRISTOPHER WALLACE...stay in ya place..MAN CHILD...temper tantrum throwing ass ...it's probably theonly reason Kim Iswith You Cuz You Begged Her Till she finally Gave In

  • Nuff said...

    ok, i dont think i like kanye no more. He kinda make it hard to like him. His last few albums were shit, and he says the most outlandish backward assed shit..

  • j

    Big Poppa was always my least favorite track from Ready to Die

  • luuuc

    Kanye doesn't like the worm sound on Big Poppa? Fuck me. He probably doesn't like the worm sound on Funky Worm either. Idiot. Secondly, hey Kanye, I don't like how for about 5 years every one of your samples was taking some R&B track and speeding it up to sound like a fuckin' chipmunk, so maybe shut the fuck up and look in your own embarrassing catalog first you egotistical overrated douche.

  • fuck up

    your beats are gay and soft for all your songs i hate tham

  • Anonymous

    imo biggie and kanye are in to differnt genres

  • NONO

    Now the fools who didn't have the bravery back then are trying to speak now? It's funny how celebrities can make people say "me too".. ..and Puff new what great music was. Kanye "used to" know that too. LOL!!!!!!!!!

  • Sniperk

    Wow... I actually agree with Kanye on this one. I hate "Juicy"... hated when it came out... hate it now. That is when you can tell if someone is a casual Biggie fan when they say their favorite song is wack-ass "Juicy". Don't get me wrong... I like the uplifting message of the song and Biggie has a way of phrasing things so it sounds dope. But... We were pumping "Unbelievable" at the time. DJ Premier... Biggie Smalls... if that doesn't get your party started then you need to stop listening to hiphop.

  • Anonymous

    I don't like those distorted beats on yeesus or the gayfish fashion idea of selling out blacks to make a gay clothing line

    • CaliRob

      not just to make a gay clothing line.. but at the same time release a cd with songs about how "we" are the new slaves to corporation and shit like that, all while he is making high fashion? selling shoes for 6k? If you gave a fuck about destroying materialism Kanye why you making clothes nobody can afford? why aren't you giving your ridiculously expensive shit away to the kids killing eachother in the city you supposedly love (chi) so they can buy expensive shit? Why you having a baby with a fucking reality tv star? You got all these issues you rant about because YOU sold out and you know it... But don't ever think "we" are anything like you

  • Rozay West

    If I see this nigga on the street Im whooping his ass. Ill take the beating from his security. Worth it. Coming from a former kanye fan

    • CaliRob

      Because he's a fucking art major.. just like Drake he starting to believe his own hype.. i'm just mad like all his other longtime fans who thought he was a good voice of reason and he sold us all out

    • Fuck Kanye

      I'm with you homie! Amazing how he can go to another radio station and say sway's question are dumbass but when sway stepped up to you and even said that they can turn off the cameras the punk pussy bitch backed down!

  • Chris Etrata

    "I created earth. I am Jesus Reincarnated," Kayne west will say. But seriously his ego is way bigger than his talent, no matter how good he is. He's great when he just focused on the music.

  • Betty Gregory

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  • BeatzGrymm

    This dude don't give a damn about ya'll hating him! He proly don't even look at this site! Stop wastin your energy hatin!!!

    • NONO

      Everything about him says that he does care. What you think he's been ranting about all of this time. ...and who the fuck thinks that Kanye looks at this site. Those comments are for you to see, not Kanye..LOL

  • George "OG" Zimmerman

    Give me 5 black rappers ya want eliminated. Look at my name...you know i'll do it

  • Anonymous

    hes way out of touch with reality.

  • 666 crazy devils

    666 mother suckers fuckers

  • Anonymous

    3 GOOD SONGS KANYE AND THATS IT! Jesus Walks, Stronger, and All of the Lights.

    • no..

      ^^ and stronger wasn't even one of his best songs... every single song on the college dropout was anywhere from very cold to an absolute masterpiece, most of mbdtf and late registration, some of graduation, even a couple songs from 808s and yeezus were completely solid. shut the fuck up, go beyond your radio and go buy The College Dropout, or perhaps MBDTF as it sounds like you're more of a fan of ye's more intense, techno-sounding heavier beats over his more soulful beats (yes, jesus walks had very little soul compared to most of college dropout), then come back and say he's had 3 good songs.

    • Anonymous

      if you think thats true, you're going to hell, straight

  • kennyken

    this dude gives himself too much credit for being a genius. I don't know him that much but his music hasn't been very impressive to me...he still has good lyrics though.

    • Anonymous

      Went to his concert a couple nights ago and that nigga is def a genius. Find out the hidden messages in this whole yeezus thing and you will see this nigga is way smarter than we give him credit for.

  • Anonymous

    I used to skip through Juicy too. Puff made Biggie make that song for the white people and females... Biggie didn't even like that song! Those were the "soft ass n!gga" songs! I still skip through that song! LoL...

    • CaliRob

      nothing wrong with him getting paid tho right? His fans know who he was as a rapper... he knew that

    • Boligrapho

      this guy is just too big headed. hes not the coldest his music is something i can imagine only girls would listen to but they don't some how grown men find his music entertaining. just a lot of music for clubs and bitches. kanye is a let down and seriously can't wait for his down fall and im not even speaking out of jealousy i just think the guys new music is just fucking terrible.

    • Anonymous

      same homie and i'm white!!!

  • Anonymous

    Now I ask, who gives a fuck what this hipster hack thinks???

  • Phoebe Canales

    before I looked at the paycheck which was of $8320, I be certain that...my... neighbours mother woz actualie earning money parttime online.. there neighbor has done this less than seventeen months and by now paid for the depts on there appartment and bought a gorgeous BMW 5-series. check it out... www.Fb39.com I even remember hearing BG from Cash Money say it in an interview, "Nas could rap but I didn't like those beats." Plain in simple, I might like "Gimme the Loot" or "Everyday Struggle" and you might, but I know most people can't relate.

  • Anonymous

    I like those 2 beats better than ANYTHING this weak ass nigga done produced

  • Anonymous

    still better than all the yeezus beats

  • George "OG" Zimmerman

    Ayo lets play this game again... Kanye West or Soulja Boy

  • CHI

    Dumb ass questions?? Damn why you gotta play Sway like that?

  • tonytoca

    i like most of kanyes music but this dude needs a good ass beating to bring his ego back to reality

  • V for Vibes

    kanye is a genius, i'm glad he's opening doors and not taking the common set to make it better for artist like us. forget the haters kanye, they'll thank you later. all these little boys smh, probably don't even KNOW what The Zeitgeist Movement is.



  • Enlightened

    Ready to Die sold close to 2 million right out the gate. Illmatic sold 200,000 out the gate (and slowly crawled to platinum a decade later when people kept going back to buy it). What's the difference between Ready to Die and Illmatic? Those two songs. Those two songs saved Biggie's album from going double wood like Nas, Jay-Z, Bootcamp Click, etc. when they came out. One thing a lot of New York heads and fans could never understand is that 90% of the country does not relate to those type of beats. You put any DJ Premier record on in 90% of the country and you are going to instantly stop the party or get your ass thrown out of somebody's car. You ask 90% of the country what they thought about Illmatic. I even remember hearing BG from Cash Money say it in an interview, "Nas could rap but I didn't like those beats." Plain in simple, I might like "Gimme the Loot" or "Everyday Struggle" and you might, but I know most people can't relate. People can say what they want to say about Puffy, he ain't my favorite person, but that muthafucka knew what he was doing.

  • deea

    those beats were westcoast..but whatever

  • Anonymous

    You're also like a stretched-out vagina.

  • Anonymous

    I really think Kanye is a talented artist, but his mouth is so damn big and he is so damn conceited. I get being confident and sh*t, but how often are you going to compare yourself to other greats? Let your talents speak for themselves and please stfu! You are so damn annoying now it's not even funny. The Juicy beat and Big Poppa beats were fine by the way. GTFOH



  • hip hop god

    You learn from your mistakes maybe Sway was dropping you some knowledge you arrogant ignorant lime(sucking)light sucker

  • Anonymous

    check out the grandreport. they suck major dick there too.

  • evan

    The beats sound like 1994, but the album came out in 1994 so what do you expect? If you don't like them do a remix or something. If I was going to complain about something I'd complain about Puff talking constantly.

  • joeschoo

    The hook on Juicy is lame, but the beat to big Poppa was awesome for a commercial beat. I listened to Yeezus and broke the disc in five piecces

  • barrydavillain

    Blasphemy! Fuck this clown!

  • Anonymous

    i hate both of those beats too honestly.

  • Kayne

    I need butthole right now

  • Anonymous

    Those are my skip tracks from that album too. I think heavy rotation is what made me not like those tracks.

  • Anonymous

    day after day, dumber and dumber egocentric prick.

  • Anonymous

    Yeezus just rose again.

  • Anonymous

    "Thats some Gemini shit right there" Ayye, represent

  • Anonymous

    I can't fuckin stand this guy.

  • Anonymous

    Its just another one of those "Look at me" moments from Kanye. And because he gets coverage, like this article here, he's gonna keep on with it.

  • Anonymous

    And this is why he isn't real Hip Hop, because he hates it.

    • dtrain7

      Biggie sounds the best on unbelievable to me as he rips it... But Juicy and big Poppa were also dope... His second album had terrible cross over sounds IMO....Kanye is an overrated pop star...He gets no play in whip from me....

    • dashing

      B/c he disliked the beat??? GTFOH. He's 100% right. Biggie sounded dopest on "Everyday Struggle" "Warning" and "The What" and shit like that. Those joints,"Juicy" and "Big Poppa" which are now considered classics, were the commercial singles Puff was pushing to make Biggie more mainstream. It's like saying he didn't like "Aint no Nigga" beat but he liked "Dead Presidents". Some beats were more authentic to who Biggie was and the hard drums and more aggressive stuff was more what Biggie preferred to do. He was so dope though that he could do the party shit with ease.

  • Anonymous

    hate this dude more each day!!!!!

  • Young Guwop

    Kanye suffers from diarrhea of the mouth and need to STFU!!! He's just an attention whore and will say damn near anything just stay in the spotlight.

  • Anonymous

    last week he was andy warhol,this week he biggie AND pac...next week he gonna be the new version of mankind itself!....i heard he just spoke to jesus?eyes and ears the fuk open people.

    • Kanye West


    • gucci

      hes not saying he is those persons, not like he is pac, exactly like nobody is kanye, what he is saying is he wanna be as big as those mentioned...

    • Anonymous

      2 weeks ago he was walt disney

  • ColeWorld

    Just wish Kanye would go back to focusing on music and shut the hell up. None of the greats were great because they proclaimed themselves great. They worked their asses off and proved to people they were great. Not sure why Kanye feels everyone is just supposed to give him his own shoe line, clothing line, etc. He talks about people being slaves to all these brands that most people haven't even heard of. I would say 95% of Americans have no idea what the hell he is even talking about. I shop at wal-mart for my clothes...at the end of the day, who really gives a shit what brand you're wearing? If you think the brand makes the person, you got some serious shit going on in your head. Serious insecurity issues. Not sure why Kanye keeps equating money to freedom...especially when he's already rich as fuck. FOCUS ON THE MUSIC. FOCUS ON MAKING PEOPLE HAPPY. That's the legacy to leave behind.

  • Anonymous


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