Gucci Mane Ordered By Federal Indictment To Turn Over Firearms

Gucci Mane has been ordered by the Fed's to turn over his firearms in relation to past weapons and assault arrests.

According to a federal indictment obtained by TMZ, Atlanta, Georgia rapper Gucci Mane has been ordered to give up his firearms.

Gucci reportedly owns a .40 caliber Glock and a .45 caliber Taurus. The Fed's are demanding their transfer, along with any ammunition because of Guwop's prior weapons charges. In mid-September, Gucci was arrested on multiple charges including weed and weapons possession. When the police approached Gucci Mane during the eventual arrest, he started “cursing and threatening them.”

Gucci Mane also has a pending assault case from back in May of this year. He was accused of hitting a soldier over the head with a champagne bottle at a night club in March. Gucci pleaded not guilty to the aggravated assault charge.

Gucci Mane's problems outside of the studio have also affected his music career. Back in September, Gucci Mane was reportedly dropped from Atlantic Records after he went on a long rant via Twitter where he called out numerous rappers, former managers and even people in the media. 

Read TMZ's full report on the matter here.

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  • GBtha G

    fuck the feds.really.tho I aint no guccis fan but hows dat nigga gonna protect himself??? or they wanna slay him like what they did to Pac?????? fuck yall madafakaz also who posted trash why should be so judgemental??? fuck yall again. u betta mind yo monkey biz.u look n sound miserable even tho u were born in da madafakin usa...........

    • Anonymous

      hes mentally unstable and should not be anywhere near a firearm. if hes scared and needs to protect himself maybe he should hire some security or get the fuck outta ATL

  • paulbchilds

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  • Tonya Nickel

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  • start thinking:

    EA = Eat ass

  • Anonymous

    The fuck is he doing with an EA tattoo. lol

  • OnlyHipHop

    Gucci is a horrible rapper. All his songs are the same and material. dude claims to keep it real but just helps to perpetuate black male stereotypes. He is terrible when it comes to a mic. Dude is a loser. Get this fuckery out of here. True Hip Hop heads pay no attention to him.

    • Anonymous

      All rappers keep to the same script. J.cole. lil wayne. the game. dre. eminem... you name it they all say the same shit over and over... and as for perpetuating black male stereotypes, hes not responsible for that, all black males are... and look around at most black males most of them perpetuate ignorance i.e. starting fights, stealing, dressing gangster, being loud, and selling drugs. too many black males do this shit , and thats why the stereotype isnt just a stereotype... its the truth.

  • Gucci The ROAT

    Gucci The Realest Of All Time: - Sold drugs. - Killed a man who tried to rob him. Ask Young Jeezy. - Exposed Young Jeezy as a fraud. - Beats up so called fans. - Throws bitches out of his car while driving. These are facts! Fuck the studiogangstas: Rick Ross, Mobb Deep, Nas, Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, 2Pac, Big L etc.

  • Anon

    You know this is a slippery slope. After he turns over his firearms, he's eventually going to get his hands on more and then just get busted for them.

  • Really?

    Really? This nappy headed dirty spaz has EA tatooed on his neck? What the fuck for real...

  • fuccya

    Haha get well Gucci. Will ya ever?

  • dentaldamboy

    Hey Gerald. I love you. Where are you?

  • D-Banger

    So Gucci gotta give up his ammo over some bad apples, but George Zimmerman keeps his piece after he shot an unarmed kid?! GTFO!!!

    • Anonymous

      All we know for sure is that George Zimmerman was following Trayvon Martin, there was some kind of confrontation, and as soon as anyone noticed George was losing the fight. That wouldn't have been enough to get him off in any state but Florida... We got some fucked up laws down here, theyre more likely to make you a felon if you get caught with 20+ grams of tree then for murder.

    • Anonymous

      1. unarmed & smashing the guy's head on the cement repeatedly 2. Gucci is a felon, what bad apples? he's a moron That's life. NEXT!

  • Trill Guwop

    Fuck no Gucci! We gona ride on these niggas!! Fuck um all!!!

  • Snidely Whiplash

    The thug lives in the free state of Georgia. There is no gun registration in Georgia so the feds should have no clue what firearms he illegally owns. He's a felon, with a cocaine possession conviction and aggravated assault charges, the criminal has no business owning a firearm. He might make a good piss boy.

  • Anonymous

    isnt he locked up?

  • Strapped

    Gucci was legally allowed to have gunz ? Thought they would of been handed over soon as he tatted the ice cream cone on his fuckin face

    • Anonymous

      or when he beat a nicca with a pool cue or when he pushed a bitch out of his moving vehicle or when he smashed a bottle over a mans head

  • Anonymous

    it's pretty scary to think they only getting around to this now... you would think he would have lost that right a few charges ago

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