Red Bull BC One Breakdancing Competition Livestream

The 10th annual Red Bull BC One Breakdancing Competition livestream from Seoul, South Korea.

Red Bull BC One is slated to air live tomorrow (November 30) from Seoul, South Korea. 

Red Bull BC One is a one-on-one B-Boy competition that is held annually. Thousands participate in national cyphers for a slot in six finals held around the world. Winners receive a ticket to the Red Bull BC One World Finals where 16 B-Boys compete to be crowned champion. 

To celebrate a decade of Red Bull BC One, all previous World Champions are set to return to battle in Seoul.

In 2004, the first Red Bull BC One World Finals were held in Switzerland. The competition has also been held in various other countries over the years, including Brazil, South Africa, Japan and Russia. 

The competition is slated to be livestreaming on on November 30 from 4am-6am CST. Viewers can re-play the competition on-demand via

Four B-Boys from the United States are slated to participate in the event. Roxrite, Ronnie, Gravity and Omar are among the U.S. representatives.  

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