Bun B Criticizes Houston Senator Ted Cruz

Bun B says senator Ted Cruz' anti-Obamacare filibuster was a "gross overuse of power"

Houston rapper and Rice University guest lecturer Bun B didn’t hold back when asked to share his thoughts on Houston senator Ted Cruz during an interview with Complex.com. Bun referred to the Canadian-born politician, who may be most known for his lengthy (21 hours and 19 minutes) critique of President Barack Obama’s healthcare law, as an “asshole.”

“I think I can speak for most reasonable people when I say that Ted Cruz is an asshole,” said Bun B. “To me, as far as I’m concerned in my position. Very seldom do I really like to get deep into politics cause most people don’t like politics and their entertainment together. Just speaking as an individual that’s a registered voter, gross overuse of power on his part. Sometimes a filibuster is a good thing and sometimes it’s not. But it’s a part of the political process. And I’m sure being on this side of the issue; I feel a certain way the same way that if the party I claimed were to go in to filibuster with people on the other side would feel. It’s just a part of the process.”

Despite Bun’s critique of Cruz, he still managed to express his respect for the political system in the United States and even ended his commentary with a brief mention of the mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford. Ford made headlines recently after admitting to using crack cocaine while in a “drunken stupor.”

“You just have to not let these kind of situations get you disenfranchised about the voting process and the political system in America,” said the rapper. “It doesn’t always work for you, but it works. It gets us by. You could be living in a lot worst countries than America. You could be in Canada with the crack mayor.”

Bun B’s commentary on Cruz comes weeks after the Houstonian spoke exclusively with HipHopDX about his Trill O.G. album, touring overseas, and what he’s observed while working with the younger generation of artists.

“I will say the new generation is more business oriented,” said Bun. “They’re in a much better position to take advantage of corporate subsidies and merchandising. They’re more in tune with that type of thing and making the money off of the music. But they still need to know how to maintain and make sure they’re a mainstay in the industry. So I look at the new wave, and the new generation is taking advantage of social media and these different outlets that are available…I still just watch how different cats handle different situations, and it gives me a little bit of insight how the younger generation interacts with each other.”


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  • d mac

    you can't see the obstruction.....the COMPANIES cut people off, because the DEREGULATION of health insurance costs is here. Why would a self employed person want expensive COBRA when they can enroll with their STATE plan or federal? Your company can't mandate Blue Cross and you must pay that because there are OTHER alternatives at different prices. The point of it is YOU get to choose, not follow suit or have none, the normal way it has been. You've never heard of doctors been accused of INSURANCE fraud? Do you know a hip replacement, the SAME procedure, can cost from $23-350k? They have laws for PRICE GOUGING at the gas pump, why not healthcare? The irony is most of you sit and see Flo price check insurance and all of her antics with the lizard out there politicking too and STILL cannot see what this health insurance thing is about. State Farm had it on lock BEFORE deregulation began. Keep believing those clowns, the people who know about health costs know this is a GOOD thing. They KNOW about a long hospital stay that can bankrupt you and you lose your home, you worrying about a tax. If you can't understand now, I can't help you, you lost. If you don't remember the Chris Rock movie about a "black" president and remember who killed him, you ain't paying attention to the message, you too busy being entertained

  • Amanda Lucus

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  • Anonymous

    And Bun B doesnt know what hes talking about. It wasnt a filibuster. Harry Reid, the democrat senate majority leader gave Ted Cruz floor time to speak for 20 hours. It was a non event. What Ted Cruz did do was lead the government shutdown. These are two different things.

  • Ted Cruz

    I bought a bun b at Subway recently.

  • Anonymous

    Houston Senator Ted Cruz? What the fuck are you talking about?

  • Anonymous

    Bun said absolutely nothing in his statement. I think he should stick to making increasingly bad albums. There will never be another Ridin Dirty. Sorry

  • Anonymous

    won the election i meny

  • sam snead

    If you want change you should vote for the third party, I have usually voted for the DEMS in the past but I'm done with that. Each president is bought out by the time he gets in office. They have all passed agendas that have screwed us, in retrospect the country would have been better off if Perot had one the election in the early 90's because he ran against NAFTA which was created during the Reagan admin and passed by Clinton. The large corporations are in control of these crooks and they want a one world state with one currency where they make all the decisions

  • sam snead

    won the election I ment

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  • Zeal

    If Obama wasn't black, Bun B wouldn't be attacking Cruz. I'm sick of people blindly defending Obama just because of his skin color.

    • Anonymous

      STFU white bitch, how is Obama "Black" if he came out of a white womb and pussy? His mother is a white bitch so are you telling me that white genes are so weak that a Black male can pump a baby in a white bitch and instead of the baby being white like its mother it's Black all of a sudden? Obama has received more death threats than any other president because whites view him as being non-white and they are the worlds biggest race-haters.

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  • spaz

    " You could be living in a lot worst countries than America. You could be in Canada with the crack mayor. Not sure if he's stupid or just trolling

    • Conrad

      @anonymous The US MI complex has been around forever. The US views an attack on N.America as an attack on the US. That has been their policy from time. So if the US is going to spend 50% of its budget on defence of the continent, why would Canada (which has a well respected military force btw) drop that kind of money too?

    • Anonymous

      All the benefits Canada has over the United States is due to their lack of need for military funding because they have the United States protecting them from all danger. Canada is a worse country than America, and Toronto does have a crack smoking mayor.

  • Anonymous

    Houston Senator? When did Houston become a State?

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  • april

    Texas senator. Theres no such thing as a Houston senator.

  • da1

    he's an asshole becuase he was callin affordable care what it is. and going against immigration reform hmm.

    • Anonymous

      ^Tell that to the millions of people that lost their healthcare because of this horrendous bill and the millions more that are expected to lose their healthcare. Also, now they, along with the people who couldn't afford healthcare before (and certainly can't now, because the cheapest plans have been eliminated), who now have to pay a TAX for not being able to afford healthcare.

    • @ da1, aka kool-aid drinker

      so a glitch on a website instead of the actual insurance is "calling it what it is"? lol, you goobers don't even see how you're being bamboozled

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