Rich Homie Quan Explains Importance Of Feeding The Streets

Rich Homie Quan says he's helped feed the needy this entire month as part of his "feed the streets" campaign.

Atlanta rapper Rich Homie Quan serves as one of a number of Hip Hop acts who have given back this holiday week. But according to Quan, he’s helped feed the hungry and homeless this entire month in the hopes of adding a literal twist to his typically music-oriented “feed the streets” campaign.

While speaking with, the Southern lyricist revealed that he’s helped in collecting goods in his hometown of Atlanta and even volunteered to feed the hungry while in New York.

“When I’m dropping a tape we just been giving back anyway,” said Quan. “This whole month. Like in Atlanta we been feeding. We got all the kids bringing back canned goods, and all the high schools in Atlanta. You know what I mean? We got all the high schools participating and bringing canned goods. So, we can give back. So, everyone can feel excited about this mixtape. Then up here we feeding the hungry today…This whole month our campaign been ‘feed the streets.’ Not just with music, but literally feeding the streets. God blesses you to bless others.”

Quan’s interview comes on the heels of the release of his I Promise I Will Never Stop Going In mixtape. Released this week, the 17-track project is hosted by DJ Drama and includes production from The Yardeez, FKI, and more.

Well-known for his Yung Carter-produced track “Type Of Way,” Quan recently spoke on a perceived feud with fellow Atlanta artist Future. During an appearance on “RapFix Live” last week, Quan commented on his record “A Nigga” and shot down any rumors of the song dissing Future.

"In that, where did I diss Future?" said Quan. "I never dissed him. I never disrespected him as a man. I never disrespected him as a man, but, you know, blogs will take stuff and blow it out of proportion...It's clarification. There's no beef."


  • Amanda Lucus

    before I looked at the draft that said $5113, I have faith father in law woz like really earning money part time from their laptop.. there brothers friend started doing this for less than twenty one months and as of now paid the loans on there home and bought Ford Focus. this link... Yeah, and he and Meek were just photographed together a few weeks back. The only one getting caught up in his feelings is...Drake. I know, it's hard to believe that Drake got emotional.

  • Rich Homie Quaneisha

    Hey, nigga, I'm not trying to listen to your garbage excuse you call music. all I want to do is eat my turkey & yams in peace. Last thing I wanna do is throw up after listening to your mix tape.


    this nigga stays sneak dissing future then get on some 'nah i never dissed that man' shit..thats weak..n he sound like hes crying on every song..and this nigga weigh 110 soakin wet in boots..fuck that nigga, nigga

  • Anonymous


  • Rich Homie Quan

    yo i wanna feed the streets. it breaks my heart when i see all these cracks in the road, and light poles. we needa feed these streets. its gonna be my personal goals to give food to every street, we needa plump this asphalt up.

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