E-40 Questions Authenticity Of Recent Mac Dre Tributes

Exclusive: E-40 recalls connecting Los Angeles and the Bay Area with "Function," and says rappers are capitalizing of off Mac Dre's legacy with their recent hits.

Yo Gotti’s Jeezy-assisted single, “Act Right” entered Billboard magazine’s “Hot 100” chart this week, joining Drake’s 2011 single, “The Motto” on the list of recent, charting songs to pay homage to slain Bay Area rapper Mac Dre. But fellow Bay Area emcee, E-40 questioned the motives of such artists.

“Man, you know my words carry a lot of weight. I have nothing against none of them dudes, right? They just capitalizing off a great rapper that was from the Bay and passed away,” E-40 said during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “They know that the Bay had love for him, so why not say his name? Can I say that they listened to him before he passed or even after? Can I say that they can quote his lyrics? I don’t know. But hey, they did come to the Bay and shoot the videos and invite the whole Bay out. It opened a lot of people to the sound when Drake did it. And with Yo Gotti, I hear it everywhere. So to each his own, man. I ain’t mad at it. It is what it is.”

Mac Dre, born Andre Hicks, was killed in 2004 in Kansas City, Missouri when a gunman fired into a van in which Hicks was riding. Known for his signature slang, E-40 added that he often feels the Bay Area gets overlooked in terms of trendsetting. Additionally, 40 praised Richmond, California emcees Calvin T and Magic Mike as influences. And he often speaks out in support of his hometown Vallejo and the surrounding Bay Area, E-40 pointed out the need for West Coast unity and how his 2012 single “Function” fit into that agenda.

The West Coast hadn’t been on for a minute,” E-40 said. “We all the way on now, and everybody wanna get some West Coast slaps…I wanted to bring the Bay Area and Lala together, because we all West Coast. It was just God that did it, because ‘Function’ wasn’t a violent song. It was just a slap, and it’s not going nowhere. I think it’s in there, ‘cause it’s played everywhere. I was glad to be with the youngsters, and I truly believe in them. All of them told me, ‘Right on, Unc.’”

After emerging on the scene with his Mr. Flamboyant EP in 1989 E-40 will continue his 21-year career in Hip Hop with the release of Block Brochure: Welcome To The Soil 4, 5 & 6 on December 10. In addition to the single “Plush,” E-40 explained that the albums will feature singles that either sample and/or interpolate “Stairway to Heaven” by the O’Jays, “Doo Wah Ditty” by Roger Troutman and Zapp among others.

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  • The Truth

    So.... For the RECORD, E-40's first came along in 1991, not 1989..... Mr. Flamboyant dropped in 1991.... NOT 1989, so EDIT THAT, because First came THE MAC, then came MAC DRE, then came E-40. I listen to E-40, I fucks with him, but let's get this shit TREALLY straight, MAC DRE was here first, and all that OTHER NIGGAZ MAKIN MONEY OFF MAC DRE shit, is really funny cause E-40 the nigga who probably MAKING THE MOST OFF OF HIS DEATH. Not hating, just STATING THE FACTS, so when you listen to that song "707" on that nigga new album, just remember, it ain't the order he put it in, because before Snoop Dogg, Biggie AND Pac, It was MAC DRE AND HE RAN WITH THE ROMP, He was California Livin', the Bay was home, AND THAT WAS WAY BACK BEFORE E-40 WAS ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yadddddaaaadddaaaa? Rest In Peace to the best rapper that EVER FUCKIN LIVED, and if you disagree with me, y'all got your own opinion, but I'm finna state a fact.... REST IN PEACE TO THE REALEST TREALEST RAPPER THAT EVER LIVED NIGGA DID 5 IN LOMPOC FOR NOT SNITCHIN NIGGA AND THEN RECORDED THE FIRST ALBUM EVER IN JAIL!!!!!!!!!!! AND WHILE THE NIGGA WAS MAKIN ALBUMS FROM HIS CELL THAT NIGGA E-40 WAS GETTIN FAT TALKIN SHIT TO A REAL NIGGA IN JAIL, I don't get it, E-40 claimed he "pretended he was a bank robber to get fame" i dunno who does 5 YEARS for pretending? That nigga E-40 on probation, that nigga aint FEDERAL NIGGA. Real recognize real, and I'm REAL FAMILIAR with Mac Dre, E-40? He cool, ain't knockin him..... But don't talk shit to niggaz in jail for some real shit and yo fat ass eatin off my nigga after he die........ Tell the truth nigga, 707 started with the Mac, Mac Dre, then you....... Stop talkin bout my nigga on yo album if you don't like other niggaz doin it........ Or better yet, give Mac Wanda a percentage of your fuckin record label, because the nigga she popped out the only reason you even thought you could be sick wid it. Show some respect nigga, and if you gonna talk about shit that didn't happen or you didn't do then at least give back to the niggaz that really did, nigga the Rick Ross of the bay.....

  • Tre

    "pull over? nope nope with a car full of smoke and a trunk full of dope? i hit the gasser, go faster.. all you hear is duel exhaust, flow master" T.I.P Andre Hicks

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  • Barbara Waterbury

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  • Roots

    E40 is by far one of the best mcs i have ever heard i've been following hiphop for twenty years and i found E40 2years ago by far i rate him and the truth he spits higher than any mc out now

  • Tonya Nickel

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  • Fuck Vallejo

    LMAO stop bitching nigga, you should be grateful mothafuckas still remember that cunt

  • Gucci The ROAT

    Gucci The Realest Of All Time: - Sold drugs. - Killed a man who tried to rob him. Ask Young Jeezy. - Exposed Young Jeezy as a fraud. - Beats up so called fans. - Throws bitches out of his car while driving. These are facts! Fuck the studiogangstas: Rick Ross, Mobb Deep, Nas, Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, 2Pac, Big L etc.

  • fuccya

    Sometimes cant stand his rapping, almost sound like talking to me. But anyway nigga works hard - 3 good quality albums a year full of nice features and good beats is some crazy shit.


    BIRDMAN has the WORST record of paying royalties to his artists! SLAVERY '360' deals RAPIN' the artists, writers & producers in EVERY DIRECTION! Just so he can buy another overpriced foreign car that he doesn't even drive! Any idiot can be rough & tough, doesn't take BRAINS, but to fairly compensate THE PEOPLE that are makin' him his money, THAT is righteous & godfearing, to do NOT is never respected! See you & all the other YMCB heinous swindlers, I mean 'accountants' in HELL! All blinged out & nobody cares! GOD's watching......

  • dentaldamboy

    As an accountant for YMCMB, I can personally confirm that E-40 does not want war with us. My boss, Birdman, is a 5 star general in the Blood Army. There is a reason why Drake is spelled with a 'k' instead of the normal way with a 'c'. Drake is affiliated. Birdman can have E-40 eliminated any time he wants. Back in 96, Biggie got into some beef with E-40 in the Bay. E-40 and a bunch of goons rolled up on BIG and held them at gunpoint. Diddy called Birdman frantically begging for help. Bidman made one call and within minute a brigade of red soldiers where pistol-whipping E-40 and his band of pussies. One of them lost both eyes and all of his teeth. Shit was epic.

    • Anonymous

      Drake has always been spelled with a 'K' in it, you stupid motherfucker.

    • Anonymous

      "You stupid." - Tommy from Martin

    • dentaldamboy

      FALSE, E-40 and his band of pussies ambushed Biggie in 96 after a concert in Sacramento where Biggie first performed the song 'who shot ya'. Like most YMCMB haters, you are a liar. Lime most YMCMB fans and ALL YMCMB employees, I am intelligent and well-informed.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ fuck outta here wit that shit, this happened in 95 way before the car accident.

    • dentaldamboy

      What was Biggie supposed to do? The guy was disabled after his car accident and unarmed. Pussy as E-40 ran up on a fucking invalid. E-40 fucked up and Birdman made him suffer the consequences.

    • Anonymous

      E-40 made Biggy bow down and kiss the ring. Birdman would voluntarily get on his knees and polish E-40s royal penis if given the chance.

  • Hill Billy Jim

    when this guy raps he sounds like he has a dick in his mouth. fuck e 40 and fuck the bay.

  • -

    There is no doubt about it that these fake ass rappers are capitalizing off of Mac Dre's death. Does anyone on earth for even a slight second think these fake pop rappers like Drake would ever mention Mac Dre's name if he wasn't dead? Please!!! Stop supporting these fake pop rappers because they are watered down actors with music that doesn't even sound like hip hop at all. It's pop music made for simple people who follow people and want to fit in with what's popular here and now. Fake is in, drake is a pop singer, not a hip hop artist. First he borrowed from Mac Dre, next Wu-Tang, next he'll borrow again from a real artist and keep it real fake as usual.

  • kennyken

    deeply rooted in the streets. highly respected, too. and talented. waiting on the new album jack

  • Anonymous

    E-40 is a real ass nigga

  • Free Killa Sin

    Always thought e-40 was the most annoying mc around raps like a fuckin turkey

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