Lil Scrappy Accused Of Trashing Texas Hotel Room

Lil Scrappy says he's not guilty of leaving McAllen, Texas hotel room in complete disarray.

For the second time since the spring Lil Scrappy has made headlines for something other than music.

TMZ is reporting that the former Warner Bros. Records sensation has been accused of leaving a McAllen, Texas hotel room in complete disarray after a wild party that followed a show he performed at.

The show's promoter paid for the Atlanta native's stay in McAllen and told TMZ that police were called to the hotel because of loud noise and subsequently discovered the room completely trashed. Drink splatter was allegedly found all over the walls, the hotel phone was damaged and buffalo wing sauce was strewn all over the carpet. A bill of $2,000 was slapped on the promoter and now, he wants Scrappy to reimburse him the money.

Lil Scrappy replied by saying he was only at the party for a few minutes and believes he is not obligated to pay for anything because he claims he didn't vandalize the room.

This isn't the first time Scrappy has allegedly caused controversy this year. In August, Lil Scrappy was arrested after a fight at a Georgia gas station. The fight allegedly started because a man was disrespecting his girlfriend. In April, Scrappy turned himself in to police after refusing to take a drug test. The mandatory drug test stemmed from a 2008 marijuana possession conviction. In October of 2012, he was arrested and imprisoned for violating his probation.

Lil Scrappy's last studio album release was 2012's sophomore effort Tha Gru$tle, which peaked at #72 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums list.

Read TMZ's full story on the incident here.

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  • Scroz

    thats why he is my role model

  • sxxx9

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  • Anonymous

    "when he runs his credit card it doesnt say Lil Scrappy" Very true. It says broke ass rapper.

  • xx009

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  • Anonymous

    whhat do you expect when you rent a room to a nigga named lil scrappy? The beds to be made and the towels to be folded?

    • ^

      Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's... Captain Obvious here to save the day once again! Thank you so much, you've rescued a completely innocuous half-joke and turned it into a semi-realistic interpretation of actual events! The world is in your debt.

    • Anonymous

      when he runs his credit card it doesnt say Lil Scrappy

  • jb

    Who gives a fuck lol like this dude is the first artist to fuck up a hotel room? Hhdx is really reaching with this one.

  • Anonymous

    50 snitches again. He's making up lies to cover his crew.

  • Anonymous

    Eye witnesses are saying Scrappy was guilty of all the malicious crimes mentioned in this article.

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