Diddy, Jay Z & Dr. Dre Among Forbes' "The World's Highest-Paid Musicians 2013"

Diddy, Jay Z and Dr. Dre are the only Rap acts counted among Forbes' list.

Diddy, Jay Z and Dr. Dre are among the Top 25 highest-paid musicians, according to Forbes’ “The World’s Highest-Paid Musicians 2013.”

Diddy ranks #12 on the list with earnings of $50 million, according to forbes.com. Sean Combs pulls in much of his money through his Ciroc vodka.

Jay Z lands at #19 with earnings of $42 million and Dr. Dre earned the #21 slot with $40 million, the story says.

Madonna is the highest paid musician, earning more than $125 during the last year, Forbes says. The singer made the majority of her income came from her “MDNA Tour,” which grossed $305 million, forbes.com says.

“With touring being the biggest revenue stream, if there’s an opportunity for an artist to go out, if there’s an opportunity for a promoter to curate a festival, people are doing it,” Kevin Liles, a former Def Jam Recordings executive who now manages Big Sean, Trey Songz and others, said to forbes.com.

Forbes says it compiled its list by looking at income earned June 1, 2012 through June 1, 2013. It says it used such sources as Pollstar, the RIAA, Nielsen SoundScan and music industry insiders to compile data, while also considering concert ticket sales, music royalties, merchandise sales and endorsements, among other revenue streams.

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  • Anonymous

    I typed 'musician definition' into Google and this is what they gave me: "a person who plays a musical instrument, esp. as a profession, or is musically talented." I would say anyone who has made a penny off their music has to be somewhat musically talented. Diddy has made multi-millions. He is very talented.

  • Anonymous

    Yes Diddy is considered a musician, he's dropped more studio albums than 50-Cent and has multiple production credits in his catalog. Diddys success is special, he has been in the game forever.

  • Jackpot

    Chingy ain't on this list...yet. Next year, he'll smoke all these niggas when he makes his triumphant return to music. #FullDekk

  • Anonymous

    where is my nigga 50

  • Elizabeth Talbott

    til I saw the paycheck four $8056, I be certain that my brother was like really making money in there spare time at their computer.. there dads buddy had bean doing this 4 only about 10 months and just now cleared the dept on their condo and purchased a great new GMC. over at this website... www.Fb39.com Now, thanks to the laziness & shiftlessness of the black man, rap music is being used as a severe copout to escape their life in the ghetto instead of working hard, going to college, and earning a degree.

  • ripley

    You know who is the "Highest" musician of all time? --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJAWHu10AzI

  • Anonymous

    "You made it up." No I didn't.

  • Notaboutmusic

    Dr. Dre is a musician?? Shiiit, I'd forgot all about that, with all this selling headphones bullshit. As for Diddy, same thing. Dude is more known for forcing his dancing ass in other folks videos or consuming expensive champagne at clubs than his music.

  • Pfft

    N*ggers didn't invent hip hop: it was the white man. Mel Gibson is the true inventor of this art form. One day while walking down the street, Mr Gibson was cornered in an alley and jumped by a gang of burly black man. One of those men was known as Africa Bambatta. He stole some poetry that he was writing for a college English literature class along with a demo tape & planned on reciting poetry to the beat of fast paced drums, but sadly, that tape was destroyed and now his dream and discovery(along with the truth) will never see fruition. Now, thanks to the laziness & shiftlessness of the black man, rap music is being used as a severe copout to escape their life in the ghetto instead of working hard, going to college, and earning a degree.

  • Anonymous

    not surprising really they are all middle aged men who have been in the industry years and years

  • Anonymous

    Rapacts?????? Is Diddy a rap act? When did he dropp a record Is Dr Dre a rap act. Nigga didnt release an album since 1999

    • lowprofile

      diddy's last album was last train to paris which came out on December 13th 2010 and has been featured hit songs as well as remixes to hits every year since then, he may not be the most talented musician but he is active in some way or another

    • Anonymous

      Active or not they are rap acts. The article does not say rich off music alone.

  • Anonymous

    Where is Eminem?? All them record sales and not on top of this list? LMAO....How Ironic

  • eFy

    Diddy, Jay Z and Dr. Dre are the only Rap acts counted among Forbes' list. every fucking yr

  • D Boy

    quick question to the straight fellaz, if jay z offered u a million dollars to fuck u in the ass would u say no? and be real on this one

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  • Anonymous

    T.I. should make an album with Just Blaze and DJ Stomp, with Travis Barker on drums, no pop/R&B features...

  • Women ruin hip-hop!!

    If ban women from buying shit, his album will lose 80% of sales. Women consistently fuck up all forms of music, not just hip hop. Look at the people who get shine now? Drake? Lil Wayne? Justin Bieber? I mean, you could virtually name any really big artist who's doing big numbers and they have a significant female fanbase. Because women are idiots and only just by what they find attractive, not actual talent. Even soulja boy is still around because of his female fanbase.You'll never see a dude buy a chicks album just because he finds her attractive, but women do this type of shit all the time. Ban woman from music, and you've fixed a good chunk of the issue!

    • Anonymous

      So women aren't supposed to buy albums that they like simply because you don't like 3 dudes?

    • white M

      women, FAGS and NIGGAS have worst music taste-

    • fuccya

      Their point is to sell, they give a fuck bout music. So they sell to anyone, last thing they wanna do is to ban someone from buyin, thatd be ridiculous. I even wonder why they dont sell music "for" pets... yet

  • Dentaldamboy

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  • COCA

    The singer made the majority of her income came from her MDNA Tour.

  • fuccya

    Man thats just a list of popstars and sellouts. How the fuck can you call yourself a musician if someone wrote both music and lyrics for ya? Crazy

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  • Anonymous

    but lady gaga and madonna albums flopped

  • Ricky Rozay

    most of these rappers aint REAL niggas. Word, Nas bankrupt never was a drug runner, Lil Wayne aint no blood, Jeezy aint no BMF, 50 a snitch, Game a stripper, 2pac a ballerina, Drake was gay. None of these niggas real you guys. If they was all real they all be dead now. Like it or not Ross is the new Biggie. BAWSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • SpeedoMonkey

      Who cares if Nas was what he said he was or not, he's a talented rapper. We buy music for how it sounds, not for who makes it. So what if he didn't have a common background of rappers by selling drugs or such? Should he have to, to be able to pick up a mic? So what if Lil Wayne isn't in the Bloods? Maybe that's a good thing. Why would you want gang activity? Sure, I don't really like Lil Wayne, but face it. Rappers sometimes say they're things in which they actually aren't. Sometimes it's a metaphor. Sometimes, they want to make a song someone can relate to. So what if Jeezy isn't in the BMF? Should you have to sell drugs to be able to rap? What about 50 Cent being a snitch? Sometimes, you're better off when you tell the truth. Game being a stripper? Maybe he had to make ends meet so that he could afford to pick up a mic, if any of this is even true. 2pac being a ballerina? Maybe, he wanted to dabble in another art form. He definitely had more balls than you, considering he admitted to doing it, and just the plain out obvious fact of him even performing the action of doing it. So what if Drake's gay? His music may even be a complete sell-out half the time, but sometimes he has had meaning, and it does sound alright sometimes. Sexuality shouldn't have to do with someone's skill. Neither should someone's past life or situations. Sure, you can bring it up. You can talk all about it. But maybe, just maybe, some of these rappers always WANTED this type of life, but couldn't get it. Maybe, they wanted to fit in with the other rappers. And I agree, it can be seen as wrong to not be honest to your fans. But some of these, such as 2pac, were just that. Honest. And at the end of the day, it's the art we're buying, not the artist. Now good day to you, sir. Write me back when you've lived an honest, truthful life and you can pick up a mic and make something worthy of listening to. Cause so far, you haven't been too good at that.

    • Anonymous

      this hoe been posting the same comment for like 3 years its funny cause i dont think anyone mentioned officer ricky did they?

    • stg

      even u aint REAL talking that shit boy

  • A Trillionaire

    Isn't this list supposed to be reserved for musicians? Diddy is a mother fuckin hustler in every sense of the word, but even he himself would never claim to be a musician. Give him a guitar and all he'll know what to do with it is sell the mother fucker. They need to change the title of this list because the semantics is off. Highest paid people in the music industry, perhaps?

    • Anonymous

      No, all musicians do not play instruments in the sense of a piano or guitar. Vocals can make you as much of a musician as a piece of metal. A singer doesn't need a product to make music nor does a rapper. Get off you high horse with that bullshit.

    • A Trillionaire

      I said Diddy wasn't a musician, never said he wasn't an icon. I agree that he is an icon. And if given the choice of whether to like it or not, I would have to say I like that Diddy is an icon. He introduced us to Biggie and Bad Boy still has a couple dope artist on their roster. But he isn't a musician. Musicians play instruments. REAL instruments. Quit being dumb.

    • Puff

      No Way Out sold 7mil in USA alone, Diddy is an icon wether you like it or not...

  • Puff

    Diddy's 1st album was a classic!

  • shyne

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  • shyne

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  • Anonymous

    cant wait for rappers only list

  • Zeal

    Drake used 2013 as a year for prepping his new album and label. I expect him to be in the 15-20 mill bracket next year.

  • xxxxxx

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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    Eminem on the LOW has been smashing all these broads. Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, Britney Spears, Christina, Angela Yee, etc


    Ayo all these blacks are acting up. Im about to get my George Zimmerman on and start capping fools. Now let us begin.. Round 1: Who dies? Kanye or Weezy

  • dentaldamboy

    Let me break down my name for future references. dick eating nigga that also likes drake's ass. . . must bite onto you drizzy!!

  • East

    Kayne West is a trillionaire. How can you not see that? He speaks out his mind and they're all true. He's the realest god I've seen.

  • Knowshon Moreno

    Diddy deserves to be #1, he's got two decades in the game surviving with the times while the other moguls have fallen off. I look at Suge Knight, Master P, J Prince, Tony Draper and Irv Gotti and appreciate Diddy a lot more for his longevity in the game. Bad Boy might not be on top like they once were but they still selling records even with NY HipHop not being as popular as it once was.

  • dentaldamboy

    Will you shut up fakes? YOu're probably anaymous accusing me of bullshit.

  • Anonymous

    Quick question, if you bought the clean version of an album when you were a kid on ITunes because you weren't allowed to listen to it explicit, then is there anyway that you can turn that around now that your older and you want the explicit version. I'm not talking about myself I just want to know.

  • dentaldamboy

    "It doesn't exist. There's no information about it on the internet." I said he showed his oil drills to me.

  • Anonymous

    The money Madonna and paul McCartney the rolling stones make from touring makes the rap baller stuff laughable bugattis aint shit

  • Anonymous

    "nicki and wayne arent selling millions no more" They sell millions of singles and make millions of dollars. Loser types are in such a rush to act like Cash Money is falling off that they dont even make sense.

    • Anonymous

      Your comment is a fail, stanley, since Wayne's last album didn't sell a million and only had one platinum single. Stay dickriding.

    • Anonymous

      This dumb bitch acting like Wayne last solo album aint sell a million, and like they don't have platinum singles. You ain't getting s cut of their money so why attack them bitch?

    • Anonymous

      Nobody believes your lies, dentalbitch. You're a broke, unemployed troll on the internet.

    • dentaldamboy

      Actually I do, hating nigga. I'm the fucking accountant for YMCMB so I get paid millions every year.

    • Anonymous

      Yet their recent albums ain't selling millions, groupie stan. You ain't getting a cut of their money, so why defend them?

  • dentaidamboy

    Someone give me 5 reasons why I shouldn't kill myself please.

  • V-Nasty is God

    Puffy and Dr. Dre are still considered musicians? Wow, I thought they were vodka and headphone sponsors.

    • Anonymous

      Idiots Dre just produced songs on 2 albums that drop this year alone. Did you guys not hear Diddy on two tracks this year? So yes they are still considered musicians..#Haters

    • Anonymous

      Dr. Dre has taken a break from music he aint producing shit anymore he just has that beats by dre contract feeding him cash money.

    • ARO

      lmfaoo I knw right I can see why Dr. Dre might still be considered a musician cause he still records and produces but Diddy? Get tha fuck outta here tht nigga can't rap to save his life

    • Anonymous

      They've done music in the past year, just not solo stuff.

  • dentaldamboy

    Birdman's Oil Business alone is 500 million.

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