Trae The Truth Addresses Radio Ban, Details "I Am King" Mixtape

Trae the Truth also reveals he has his own radio show.

Recently, Trae the Truth stopped by for an interview with Power 105.1's "The Breakfast Club," where the rapper revealed that he had started his own radio show.

"Me and Tony Rock with DJ Skee," he said. "'Banned Radio.'"

The title, of course, refers to a ban originating from a dispute in 2009 where the Houston rapper had a disagreement with a radio personality, resulting in his ban from KBXX "97.9 The Box." "It's been four years. ...It ain't seem like they trying to [make amends], but it don't bother me," said Trae. "When you come from where I come from, you adapt to the situation, so you wouldn't know that I would be banned right now."

Trae also spoke about his latest project, I Am King, a mixtape which will be the third project he releases under his ABN Ent. imprint with T.I.'s Grand Hustle Records. "The whole tape gonna be crazy with everybody. The tape is kind of the whole industry embracing me, showing people why they do deal with me. I don't really cry over spilled milk; I deal with it and keep it pushing."

Trae continued, "A lot of people mad because they say it should be an album, but I feel like we working on a Hustle Gang album, so I ain't in a rush to put out my album. I'm releasing 20 tracks on there, of course... I got Diddy... Tip, Jeezy, Krayzie Bone, Lupe Fiasco, Wiz Khalifa, Jadakiss, even got Floyd Mayweather."

Watch the interview below:

Trae the Truth's last studio album was 2011's Street King, and several of his projects have been released under legendary Houston Hip Hop label Rap-A-Lot. In 2012, Trae was shot outside of a Houston strip club. The shooting resulted in three dead and two wounded.

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  • Pimpin don't hurt you

    I'm giving these tracks to this Trae kid -->

  • Ghetto Sam

    Trae tha Truth is a trill o.g. and a real fuckin nigga. Unlike the rest of yall bitch ass niggas. Makes me sick even speakin to yall niggas. Time for me to gtfo this bitch. Fuck yall. I hate yall niggas. Peace.

  • Anonymous

    Trae dope as fuck but nigga reminds me of Eeyore from winnie the poo

  • TRE

    dudes voice is so deep i fucked around and blew my sub woofer

  • Anonymous

    Mel Gibson once battled Chingy in a freestyle battle and lost.

  • Anonymous

    Tip will string poor Trae The Goof around till the day he drops him. Guess the obvious question is why sign him in the first place. There's not much demand for a dude who sounds like he's chewing on a bag of marbles.

  • Anonymous

    "I am king" is a lazy, played out kinda title. Errbody say they the king of this n that. Fuck all that come with sumthin different. Trae got a lotta cold ass music though

  • Barbara Herrera

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  • Pfft

    Negros didn't invent hip hop: it was the white man. Mel Gibson is the true inventor of this art form. One day while walking down the street, Mr Gibson was cornered in an alley and jumped by a gang of burly black man. One of those men was known as Africa Bambatta. He stole some poetry that he was writing for an English literature class along with a demo tape. He planned on reciting poetry to the beat of fast paced drums, but sadly, that tape was destroyed and now his dream and discovery(along with the truth) will never see fruition. Now, thanks to the laziness & shiftlessness of the black man, rap music is being used as a severe copout to escape their life in the ghetto instead of working hard, going to college, and earning a degree.

  • Anonymous

    nobody playing trae on the radio anyway

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