The Step Brothers puts its best feet forward, while Daz Dillinger revisits some of that funky stuff.

Step Brothers – “Step Masters” 

“We came here to blow your mind,” Evidence says on the hook to “Step Masters,” the first single off Lord Steppington, his upcoming joint project with Alchemist under their Step Brothers moniker. The Rhymesayers single features both emcees rhyming over infectiously knocking and fun production. The song is a sign of the great chemistry that exists between Evidence and Alchemist, who go way back. The track also adds some old school flavor (and a shout out to Jimmy Castor), reminiscent of a time when your music came out of “ghetto blasters” instead of iPhones and Droids. Evidence and Alchemist came here to blow your mind and “Step Masters” is the perfect party-starter for what’s sure to be one of next year’s most celebrated RSE releases. – Andres Tardio (@AndresWrites)

Watch the video for the Step Brothers’ “Step Masters”

Daz Dillinger – “Cutie Pie (Remix)”

Daz Dillinger lives and rides for the funk. The DPG general has been crafting sonic gems built off the funk foundation laid down by the genre’s premier practitioners prior to his joining forces with Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Kurupt to reshape Rap. With “Cutie Pie (Remix),” Dat Brotha Daz crafts an ode to his brand of West Coast living using One Way’s “Cutie Pie” as his soundbed. The Long Beach rapper-producer spends his mic time flowing smoothly and confidently about his affinity for premium smoke, his hustling homegirls and riding clean, among other things. Tha Dogg Pound built its sound paying homage to the funk, something Daz does with aplomb on “Cutie Pie (Remix).” – Soren Baker (@SorenBaker)

Listen to Daz Dillinger’s “Cutie Pie (Remix)”

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