Hopsin Says 2012 Arrest Was Unfair & Racially Motivated

Hopsin recalls breaking down in the back of a police truck following his arrest in Orlando last year.

During a recent interview with Hardknock TV, Los Angeles rapper Hopsin shared the details of an arrest he says took place at the hands of a racist cop last year in Orlando, Florida. While sharing the story of his August 2012 arrest, Hopsin says he was in his “purest form” around the time the incident happened and was intent on spreading only positive energy.

According to Hopsin, he had just intervened in what would have been a fight between two men and was taking a picture with a fan when a local police officer drove by and informed Hopsin and others to move from where they were.

“After I released the ‘Illmind 5’ thing, I was in my purest form ever,” said Hopsin. “I didn’t cuss. I didn’t do anything…I felt like I was an angel. I didn’t think I was better than other people, but I was just trying to only spread positive energy. People came up, I gave them a hug. I gave them a smile. Everything was cool…Everybody left on a good note. No fight happened. And then a girl came up after that, said can she have a picture. I took a picture with her. My business partner Dame he had the camera about to take a picture. A cop rides by on his bike like ‘Everybody move. Watch out.’ Whatever. And he kinda just almost hit us. And then a minute later he came back. He stopped and put the little kickstand down. And was like ‘Did you hear what I said, guys?’”

Hopsin says the moment intensified when the police officer parked his bike and began to speak directly to him, asking the rapper if he had heard his request to clear the sidewalk. The exchange ultimately resulted in Hopsin being the only one to be arrested by the officer.

“He gets up off his bike. He’s talking to both of us at first,” he said. “He’s like ‘You guys didn’t hear me? I just rode through on the bike. You didn’t see me come through?’ ‘Yeah we saw you, but we didn’t hear you say clear the sidewalk. We’re just standing on the sidewalk. We didn’t know that was a bad thing.’ So, I was mainly talking and then he starts looking at me and he’s like ‘So, you saw me come through and you didn’t clear the sidewalk? And you didn’t hear me?’ And I was like ‘no.’ And then I’m kinda looking at him and I’m like ‘What’s going on here? Are you serious right now? I’m on the sidewalk. There’s nothing even going on.’ And then he looks at me and he’s like ‘You know you’re breaking the law right now, right?’ And then right when he said that my heart dropped. And then I saw a look in his eyes where he was like that—it’s like a racist twinkling…And my heard dropped, but I was like I kinda had a little smirk on my face…He pulls out the handcuffs and just only arrests me. Literally, only arrests me. And I did nothing at all.”

The Funk Volume rapper later revealed that the arrest and the way he was treated after being handcuffed brought him to tears. He also expressed his belief that those who are black are likely to go to jail whether they’re innocent or guilty.

“They put me in a little box in the back of a truck,” said Hopsin. “It looked like a little doggy thing you would take a dog in. And they put me in the back and I had to literally put my head between my legs and crouch down in there and the shit was like that small. My back started hurting. I was there for like 30 minutes. They didn’t give a fuck. And I was like ‘Why would they put me in this little tank.’ I started crying in there. I was crying. I was crying because they took—I wasn’t a human anymore. I was an animal…In situations if you’re dark-skinned; if you’re black you’re going to jail, period. It doesn’t fuckin matter.”

Hopsin is currently preparing for the release of his third studio album, Knock Madness. While speaking exclusively with HipHopDX last month, the rapper referred to the album as a “moment of truth.”

“People say I say the same things over and over,” he said. “But in reality, I haven’t released an album in three years, so people haven’t really seen what I can do or who I am. Everybody in my XXL Freshmen thing I think did their thing. I haven’t come out with mine yet. This is my time. From all the hype you’ve ever seen from Hopsin, this is that moment of truth.”

Knock Madness is currently scheduled for release on November 26. The album will include guest appearances from Tech N9ne, Jarren Benton, and more.

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  • BoggyB

    Technically you're not even supposed to ride a bike on the side walk, so fuck that. You can't arrest someone for not moving out of the way of your illegal activity

  • Anonymous

    Chingy never stands on a sidewalk, nor does he cry.

  • Jeannie Cole

    before I looked at the draft which was of $8969, I be certain that...my... friend woz like they say realie receiving money parttime on their apple laptop.. there sisters neighbour started doing this for under 22 months and a short time ago paid the morgage on there home and bought themselves a Citron DS. look at more info... www.Fb39.com Taylor didnt say any of what youre writing about..stick to the facts and stop writing these untrues. Your articles are trash to benefit yourself at the expense of your subjects. SHAME ON YOU!

  • Ceejum

    So this supposedly happened to him a while ago, but now that his solo project is coming out, he decides it is time to tell everyone his discrimination story. Hmmmmmm funny of the timing. I don't believe a word of it. I did read it though, and now I know he has an album coming out. So he succeeded with his little "story".

    • DatGuy

      He already talked about all this last year you stupidass hater https://www.facebook.com/hellohopsin/posts/523550774327388

  • Anonymous

    lol, I've been in that same van he's talking about, he's lucky it was just 30 minutes, they always bring all the current arrests to that van, wait until its full and then take you to county in it. I sat in that think 4 hours once

  • Anonymous

    in my years of living and understanding how society works, everything has told me that if youre a male and you wear colored eye contacts than you more than likely live a homosexual lifestyle. I mean unless you are in actor of course. whats your excuse Hopsin?

    • JRich

      He has em on in performances and videos...so that would be acting. I don't think the nigga just wakes up and throws them on every morning, lmao.

  • don'tbemadbut...

    You get upset when the police arrest you for 'racially motivated' reasons. But then niggas are running around playing the 'knockout' game on old ass people. Stop acting pieces of shit and maybe you'll stop getting treated like one.

  • Anonymous

    "There's a time limit on most sidewalks. The average person gets ten minutes to stand in one spot before a cop can tell you to move." ^ I called the homie and asked about this and he said he never heard of that procedure I've stood in places for more than 10 minutes and no cop has ever asked me to move. In different hoods and states, public or private.

    • Anonymous

      You could be standing in the doorway of a store or business and if somebody thinks you've been there to long, or thinks you look suspect, they can call the police. I'm not standing up for the police here, but how hard would it have been for Hopsin to just move? Not hard at all. He was trying to act hard and ended up crying lol

  • HipHopHead

    I hate racist cops & cops who abuse their power. When a cop gets hurt or dies, it doesn't sadden me, it quenches a thirst. For those of you who say to cry means you're soft you're just not man enough to realize that you're a human and we have emotions & actions comes out of those emotions. If you were being treated like you were less than human i'm sure you would cry too but you don't have to worry cause you're probably an ignorant white privileged white person who acts like the world is your playground. Well you are the true bitch and hope you feel what it's like to have racism affect you. Hopsin is still dope and I can respect him because nobody should be mistreated based on the content of their skin, nobody. We're all humans. If you think that's wrong go find a gun & shoot yourself then please. Hate Ignorant fucks.

  • Anonymous

    "Get out the sidewalk and go where? Isn't that where pedestrians belong?" There's a time limit on most sidewalks. The average person gets ten minutes to stand in one spot before a cop can tell you to move.

  • Anonymous

    "Why would they put me in this little tank... I started crying in there. I was crying. I was crying because they took" If you ain't built for a simple ride downtown then you aren't built for hip hop.

  • dave

    And there you have it... Your favorite rapper is softer than a baby's ass

  • Anonymous

    LOL these fagboys stikcing up for the cop, really?

  • Anonymous

    Hopsin is the shit

  • bswag

    Is he retard or what? Cop told him like 5 times to get out of sidewalk and he was just talking about taking pictures. SMH. Yea but race card surely works as excuse for being dumba55.Shit like that makes black men look bad.

  • Rob Ford

    So he gets asked by a cop to leave... He's only taking a picture with a fan, then the cop comes back a few minutes later, and has to repeat himself - and he's still there taking that same picture? Sounds like maybe it wasn't due to his skin color, but rather the fact he looks so weird with those contact lenses, and disobeyed the police's first warnings. Who knows? Two sides to every story. You would have hoped that his buddy "Dame" would have used the camera to video the whole ordeal. That way he'd have proof of what actually happened.

  • Lucia Dixon

    before I looked at the receipt ov $9951, I didnt believe that my friends brother woz like they say really bringing home money in their spare time from there computar.. there friends cousin started doing this for only about twentey months and just now paid for the morgage on their apartment and got themselves a Mercedes-Benz S-class. read more... www.Fb39.com When he said he shed a tear for Jay-Z I scheme he was just be sarcastic. This guy has way more substance than most of the so called rappers out there today

  • JRich

    Best rapper ever! No homo, but Id prolly give him head.

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