"RiFF RAFF REALM" Debuts On Complex TV

The oeNEON iCON artist releases the first episode of his new web series, "RiFF RAFF REALM."

RiFF RAFF’s new web series, “RiFF RAFF REALM,” debuted on Complex TV today (November 21).

In the premiere episode, the Houston-native highlights his favorite sneaker of the week and interviews daredevil Brad Thunderberry.

He also reviews various pictures of hair-dos with hairstylist Yasmine during a segment entitled “Funza Zone.”

Watch episode 1 of “RiFF RAFF REALM” below.  


  • Anonymous

    who ever hears this niggas bullshit music needs help realtalk

  • Anonymous

    to this day i know so little about riff raff. he seems from afar, someone i'd listen to and look into the things they're telling me to find that it's all really fuckin' stupid and they should be doing something else with their lives.

  • Anonymous


  • CeceliaGMui

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  • Anonymous

    they should take the shoe segment out lol..seen a video of Riff Raff at flight club, boy aint know shit

  • Jackpot

    Riff Raff better watch his back because that nigga Chingy gonna make his huge comeback next year. Jackpot is the best hip hop album of all time. All eyez on Chingy. #FullDekk


    I'm a hard guy to get along with Get on a song with When shit be going right, well I just flip it to the wrong shit The team that I belong to The artists I put on with Don't ever ask for nothing cause them niggas got their own shit Me and patty are like a mouth of hot peppers Black Ferrari with the red seats, I call it "playing checkers" I'm never doing verses, I'm forever giving lectures If you trying to meet with money I'll be happy to connect ya Life is better than it's ever been Scheduling million-dollar meetings with the President Someone cut the lights on! Where is Thomas Edison? Got a a new condo, watch me as I settle in I deserve a MTV show for me and my people And if you trying to zone, I got a whole Swisher Sweet full Rappers are liars and their women are deceitful Add until they subtract me, I'll never be your equal Last Place patty is the nigga in the lead now Weezy told me just write every single thing you need down And he got it for me and I'm as happy can be now Bout to start ballin' like I'm coming off a rebound Yea, and I should have the most bragging rights Because the nigga spit crack, bag it tight Hate when rappers say they trying to get their swagger right Cause I dunn came on more fire than a dragon fight Fuck you pussy ass hater you should do you You ain't heard of me then you should go and get a Blue's Clue? Oops! I mean a red clue Wayne's here, Soo-woo! Bet he felt like the end of a pool cue But I ain't banging, I ain't waving no flag I'm ATF but they ain't seeing no badge It's Heartbreak nwa, I hate to see him so sad I can son you, see a little me in your dad I'm the same yellow boy that used to play up on the SportsIllustated Can pocket 20 thousand to be anywhere they ask me Cash like Johnny, Banks like Ashley Burnin' like a Camel Light; stupid ho, ash me But don't ask me shit about me And no the game really ain't shit without me She might have to pay me but I dick her down free Wanna know if it's the truth then pull the zipper down and see No homo though


      Kinda got the feeling I was blessed All I do is smoke weed & have one minute worth of sex Don't drive a car but I rely on public transportation I'll cut you worse than a knife, man fuck a laceration I'm not the best rapper, and I certainly will not deny it I take a twinkee from your fridge, bitch, and deep fry it Legend in the game like Rakim or Kool G Rap Oh who am I kidding? My rhymes are as profound as taking a crap Shit, you know I still live with my mama I'll move out when I'm 40, so please no more drama Until then I'll sit on the couch, play video games till I leach off my folks Then I'll show my little brother the ropes

    • DRAKE

      Im pretty fuckin sure dis is no lie.

    • Anonymous

      You don't have a Ferrari. You don't schedule million dollar meetings with anyone. "Rappers liars" as a diss in the middle of your lies? Stop being generic rapper #9,745 and start being honest.

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